rena komine

Rena Komine and Taguchi were spotted dating again, for the third time, but they did not disguise themselves. Therefore, it was said that they were probably already married.

Rena Komine has opened a new salon in Daikanyama. Rumours say that this probably means she’s gonna get married soon.

According to a reporter, Rena Komine hasn’t been working as an artiste for a while, but it doesn’t seem to bother her. And if she chose to open a salon, it could mean that she’s intending to get married to Taguchi. However, bc Taguchi is a Johnny’s, it may be a lil difficult. Therefore, for them to get married, it’s either Taguchi withdraws from KT or the agency. Furthermore, Taguchi does not have many jobs (dramas/shows) to begin with, hence there’s a very high possibility (he would quit).