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Pairs Skating Elements: Throw Jumps

Please read the singles jump guide before reading this one. Jumps in pairs skating are the same as jumps in singles.

Throw jumps are jumps where the male skater of the pair throws the female skater into a jump. They are abbreviated on protocols with a “Th” after the name of the jump and have lower base values than normal jumps of the same name. Each short program has one throw jump and each free program has two. There are six types of throw jumps, the same as in singles skating: toeloop (T), salchow (S), loop (Lo), flip (F), lutz (Lz), axel (A). Throw flips and lutzes are considered as essentially the same jump with the same base value. Pairs are not allowed to do both a throw flip and lutz of the same number of revolutions in the same program. In elite senior level skating, triple throw jumps are the norm. Some teams have landed quad throws in competition.

As in singles skating, all throw jumps land on a backwards outside edge (usually on the right foot) and the only difference between the jumps is the entry. The axel is the only jump with a forward entry.

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Proposal on ice.

Figure skater John Baldwin proposes to his partner Rena Inoue.

“I saw him on one knee and thought he was going to tell me how proud he was – and then he asked me to marry him. Then I started crying and I said yes.”  - Rena Inoue

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