rena heartstep

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New reference sheet for Rena! In case someone feels the urge to draw fan art

Information about Rena:

Name: Renaphin Heartstep (Rena is totally fine.)
About 20 years old

  • Father - Weavin’ Grey
  • Older Brother - Lightning Jack (Weatherpony)

Character traits:

  • shy
  • more of a loner
  • sensitive
  • creative, musical
  • calm
  • intelligent, educated
  • cares a lot for others

Sexual orientation: Lesbian. Nevertheless she can find herself attracted to stallions and accepts/ respects them as dancing partners.
Is in a happy relationship with Thunder Bow.

Cutie Mark: A heartbeat. It stands for her love for music and dance. Her special talent is rather feeling the music than dancing to it.