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Digimon Adventure tri. (デジモンアドベンチャー tri.)

Digimon Adventure tri. spreads from earlier Animedia issues were collected together as pin-ups in the recent Animedia Deluxe+ vol. 3 (Amazon US | eBay), which included art by character designer Atsuya Uki (敦哉宇木).

It’s been ages since I’ve drawn this lady, even though my original Comic was pretty scrappy, it’s still my favourite Miraculous project.

While I don’t consider my Fox!Alya an ml spoiler since it predates all the season 2 spoilers by a lot, I’m still dropping the tag words in, just incase people don’t want to see it.

In other news I crushed my finger at work. It’s super sore but thankfully not affecting my ability to draw by too much. Hopefully not broken, but it’s pretty swollen.


So fyi, I brought my art stuff including my tablet to Korea in case I had a lot of time of waiting. Tonight, that happened because I was so dead tired from the rest of the day, I chose to skip out on even more window shopping with the family (I wasn’t the only one xD)

In the meantime, I doodled and managed to finally draw my dear friend @portentous-offerings‘s Rena Rouge from her Fox!Alya AU <3 Admittedly, it took awhile to get my art gears going xD

I got some metallic paint recently, and all those gold and copper tones seemed perfect for this lady. I’m thinking I might use a warm grey copic for her skin though. Because I’m concerned that leaving it is white washing her.

Rena Rouge is the name I made up for my interpretation of Fox!Alya. 

Comic here:

Her design has changed a little since I did this comic, since they reveals the design of the fox Kwami. It gave me a good stylistic cue to cover her mole in a way that felt appropriate.

On a personal note, sorry for the silence. Been super worn out by my day job, (and politics as well - though that can also be considered a personal problem)

I missed my stream the other day, so I’ll try to make up for it next Sunday.