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“What’re you doing?” Rey asks perfunctorily, and the shiver running through her lithe limbs is nothing if not obvious. She’s shaking like a leaf in the wind, her dress all but glued to her skin and the bag he’d worked so carefully to keep waterproof bared to the elements as she wraps her arms around her torso.

“Making sure you’re not dead in a ditch,” he replies flippantly before he can stop himself. What is he doing? He should have been inside, in the now empty room, getting ready for bed. He should not be trekking after a girl he barely knows in the middle of the night with his belongings in tow, trying to shield her from the rain.

°stucky things i didn’t expect to see in cw bc theyre super gay°

~elevator eye sex~

°steve holding a soaking wet bucky back to chest

°sam giving their heart eyes a Wtf is this look

°steve forcing bucky to admit why he pulled him from the river bc love

°steve looking back at bucky as they take him away like if he takes his eyes off bucky he’ll disappear for good this time

°bucky SMILING

°buckys tiny journal of steve things

°the wrinkled and bookmarked brochure

°the two of them reminiscing over good times even though the world is after them

°steve becoming a fugitive and criminal for bucky

°sam p.much telling them both that the accords bs isnt the real war, the other is and this is why theyre fighting (it’s personal)

~desperate must-touch-you shoulder squeeze and silent reminder of vows~

°steve being salty over bucky flirting w/a girl in front of him over 70 years ago and bucky giving him a ‘god I fucking love you’ look over it

°bucky remembering newspaper in steves shoes but not that girls name, sadly smiling over remembering tiny steve like he did back in '43

°bucky actually admitting he doesnt (and prob never has) felt like he was worth fighting for

°steves heartbreaking reaction to that, how he takes a min to figure out what bucky needs to hear vs what steve wants to say

°bucky pinning steve to the ground with his body

°bucky jealously and bitterly watching the staron kiss

°steve keeping his hands in his pockets @ the end bc otherwise he’d touch bucky

°steve watching bucky on every camera angle when zemo was in there

°steve nearly killing tony bc he hurt bucky

°bucky nearly killing tony bc he hurt steve

°the two of them being a power couple in general

°your bucky

°steve confiding in wanda that the mere mention of buckys name makes him feel 16 again

°bucky and steve leaving together as a unit while an injured tony watches

°bucky pointing a gun @ tony just in case he tried shit

°bucky automatically aiming that gun within seconds of the first time tony hurts steve

°nat letting them run away together and telling steve she knows how much bucky means to him

°steve SMILING and meaning it

°both instinctively pulling the other behind steves shield

°bucky no longer kills people etc but he rejoins the fight w/steve just like he did in '43

°missions w/just the two of them including the jet that they stole

°the two of them breaking so many laws together

°tony realizing he’s only just now seeing the real steve and it’s only bc of bucky (“the whole world was wrong about you”)

°steve asking bucky (prob for the 3rd time or so) if he really wants to go back into cryo

°steve stealing an suv and chasing after bucky in hopes of getting to him before t'challa/rhodey etc

°steve telling bucky to run (while steve fights off men who are chasing bucky)

°steve in buckys apartment; his safe place. bucky not kicking him out or attacking

°steve cautiously inching closer to him in the apt

°steve cockily looking @ bucky after scott gropes him

°bucky on steves left, always

°steve letting bucky physically hurt him again yet still loving him the same as he always has

°steve sneaking bucky into wakanda and p.much asking t'challa to 'please keep him safe for me’

°the contrast of sams 'yeeeeah!’ face and buckys 'kill me’ expression @ the staron kiss

°steve dropping who he is and almost everyone in his life just to keep bucky

°steve verbally defending bucky to tony even as he knew about buckys victims and the starks; steve loving bucky unconditionally

°buckys tearing up when steve calls him his friend

°steves entire attitude of 'bucky has never did anything wrong ever, in his whole life’ much to the irritation of team iron man and the gov

~the airport eye sex and heavy breathing~

°sharing the shield like a cute lil murderous couple and seamlessly working together like they’d never stopped

°sharon seeing how sad and desperately steve was watching bucky on the cameras and pressing the audio button for him

i could go on tbh. what it all comes down to is this movie was not about staron or buckynat, it was about steve and bucky choosing each other over and over. it was steve proving to bucky just how important and loved he is; how he was worth every sacrifice. and in the end it was about selflessly loving one another enough to let go even though it hurt like hell. truly a stucky movie 💯

Tempest - Mermaid!Kylo x Reader - 2/5

Chapter summary: Kylo returns to your father’s dock in hopes of seeing you again and he makes you an offer: you can live your life with him in the sea, but there’s a catch.

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You were grateful that your father’s dock was far enough removed from his yard where you could spend some time there alone without anyone questioning your being there but also without having to even speak to your family. You sat on the edge with your jeans rolled up, letting your feet sit in the water as it crashed up on the rocks, occasionally reaching up over the dock and splashing at your lap.

You saw a large splash in the distance; it almost looked like a dolphin, but in the darkness it was hard to tell. Part of you hoped it was Kylo - after all, he told you that you would see each other again - but you knew that was not likely after he narrowly escaped your father’s lab.

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Happy 25th Anniversary to Nickelodeon animation!

August is wrapping up and we’re ending it on a RIDICULOUS note! Pig took a sec to show Ren and Stimpy how many pickles he could fit in his mouth. 

How many pickles can YOU fit in your mouth!? 

Goodbye August, and happy 25th anniversary, Nicktoons! We couldn’t be here without you. Really, we literally could not…

Artwork by Dustin D’arnault and colors by @mymallorygallery.