DMMD Art Headcanons
  • Aoba:Digital art. Graphic design with very bright, vivid colors, even on more sad and personal pieces. They mostly make no sense and are just there for the aesthetic, though.
  • Ren:Practices the glitch effect often, again in digital art. Doesn't use as many bright colors as Aoba, though.
  • Koujaku:Sticks to traditional-style painting, even on more modern work. Excels in backgrounds, but the people are decent too.
  • Noiz:One of those artists that paints on anything and everything using anything and everything, even blood. His pieces are deeper and more personal. kind of depresses everyone to some extent.
  • Mink:Traditional sculptures mainly, as well as traditional jewelry, blankets, and clothing. Also the occasional social justice and environmentalist pieces.
  • Clear:All artwork is very ocean based. Works mainly with glass sculptures and watercolor pieces.
  • Mizuki:Tattoos (a mix between tribal and gothic) and the occasional portraits and sketches of lovers as they sleep in his bed.
  • Sei:Either very light and cutesy or dark and traumatizing. There is no in between.

The Appa and Momo Show!  This is a parody of Ren and Stimpy, for those too young to know that ridiculous cartoon. 

A rare digital for me.  With halftones and everything.  I was doing so for a venture that proved fruitless.  Instead, it’s in my stores below.  I’ll also be adding it to Inkster Inc (a newer shirt company who also does tote bags!), so look for it to pop up there.

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*Don’t remove my text/source from my artwork or repost without permission. Thank you for respecting my hard work & livelihood!  (1000 curses on those who ignore me)