Just wanted to show the Noir boys in their Shields uniforms (with Yamato to make it an even number)~ And just realized that Ryoichi and Will are labelled as ‘childhood friends’ in the large Shields and Noir relationship chart. Also the direction of the arrow labelled ‘senpai’ between Yamato and Ryoichi is pointing in the wrong direction… Ryoichi is the senpai, not Yamato. Then when you go into the detailed relationship chart, it says Will is the one Ryoichi trusts the most while Ryoichi is the one Will is working together with to achieve their shared dream. This is significant in the event story. Oh, and Ryoichi treats Eisuke as his ‘partner-in-crime’ while Eisuke finds him ‘interesting/amusing’.

Episode 0: The Decision to Rebel event story

This story happens several years after Yamato joins Shields. Yamato is having lunch with Yuzuki as always when their conversation turns to Will’s recent promotion to leader of the 3rd Corps. Yamato is feeling quite jealous of Will as Will joined Shields one year after him yet is already the leader of his corps. (Will has joined Shields for 2 years and 10 months. Yamato has been keeping track apparently! He’s probably jealous of Will and Ryoichi’s bromance! XD) Then he tells Yuzuki that he’ll be leader of his corps someday too.

After lunch, Yamato bumps into Ryoichi and Will in the corridor, he tries to hide his jealousy as he congratulates Will on his promotion but Ryoichi sees right through him and calls him out on it. Yamato admits he’s jealous and Will just smiles and thanks him.

Later that day, Yamato looks everywhere for Ryoichi but can’t find him anywhere. Turns out Ryoichi is prone to running off on secret missions on his own… As much as Yamato respects and admires his leader and mentor, he can’t help but feels quite annoyed with that. He eventually ends up in the war room and finds Ishigami who tells him there’s no record of Ryoichi leaving the headquarters.

Meanwhile, Ryoichi has somehow managed to sneak out of Shields undetected on his own personal secret mission. He’s out to find out more about the Royal Family’s evil schemes. He then finds out that his own father is taking part in these schemes…

Later that day, Ryoichi returns to Shields and Yamato realizes that something doesn’t seem quite right with him. Ryoichi, however, just brushes off his concerns. Then it’s time for a meeting of the leaders of the different corps. During the meeting, the leaders report on the work of their respective corps. Since Kenshin is nowhere to be found (as always!) Satsuki fills in for him. Satsuki reports that he’s very concerned about Ren. Ren has been asked by the Royal Family to help with their research. Ren was very happy and honoured at first but now he’s very troubled by the true nature of the research. However, he’s sworn to secrecy and unable to talk to anyone about it…

Kirisawa feels sorry for Ren but then remarks that there’s nothing they can do about it because they work for the Royal Family and are under their control… That remark stirs something within Ryoichi but only Will seems to notice. (Since they’re good friends and have known each other forever!) After the meeting, Will approaches Ryoichi and asks what’s troubling him and Ryoichi tells him…

Some time passes, Yamato is once again looking everywhere for Ryoichi as they were supposed to train together when he spots Ryoichi and Will deep in discussion in the corridor but they walk off before he can approach them.

Later that day, Will brings Ryoichi to an abandoned mansion he’s found to be the headquarters of the new organization they’re putting together. (Noir is their baby! XD;;) Ryoichi is very pleased with it. Then he opens the door to the main hall and finds assembled there some of the other Shields’ members they’ve managed to convince to join them - Eisuke, Nobunaga, Goto, Ishigami and Ren. Ryoichi hands them all the information and evidence he has on the Royal Family’s evil doings so far to help them decide whether or not they want to join him in stopping them, as Shields is powerless to do anything.

After a bit of silence in which the boys try to absorb the magnitude of all the evidence Ryoichi has presented to them, everyone agrees to join him in his fight. Then they ask him what the plan is. Ryoichi’s plan for stopping the Royal Family is to completely destroy Iris (Iris is the name of the world Shields is in.) so that it can start anew!! (Ryoichi, isn’t that a bit of an overkill though…? Also dramatic much? ^^;; And once again I’m tempted to rename my player character, Kamui…)

Anyway, Goto immediately objects to that plan as he cannot just stand aside and let Ryoichi kill all the innocent people of Iris! Ryoichi reassures him that he has a plan to move all the citizens to another dimension when they destroy Iris. That seems to placate Goto. Then Ryoichi says they’ll need to steal the seven gems that Shields is guarding and use their power to destroy the world and they will now be known as ‘Noir’.

After establishing Noir, Ryoichi returns to Shields one last time to train with Yamato. At the end of their training session, Yamato jokes how it felt more like a test than training and Ryoichi just smiles and goes ‘You’ve grown stronger, Yamato.’ Then he thinks how for his plan to work, they need someone to stay behind at Shields to be the ‘hero’ and he decides to cast his dear apprentice Yamato in that role (without telling Yamato anything…). And with that the new Noir members all disappear together.

The next day, the different corps report missing members then the main monitor in the war room suddenly lights up showing Ryoichi in his new Noir uniform announcing that he’s going to destroy the world! Yamato stares at this both extremely shocked and hurt by Ryoichi’s apparent betrayal. But those feelings are soon replaced by anger and determination to stop Noir! (Also he finally gets his wish and gets to be leader of his corps…) And so starts the main story of Love Scramble.


An Anniversary for You ~Night Party~

Following from the ‘Day Party’ part of the story, Ryoichi is still carrying you in his arms, princess-style and he announces to Shields that he’s come to take you away. Yamato and Yuzuki step forward ready to stop him when the lights go off again! Ryoichi then escapes with you to the back staircase and up to the roof where a helicopter is waiting! Yamato and Yuzuki give chase but are too late… 

Inside the helicopter, Will is waiting for you and you’re taken to the Tres Spades Hotel. Will takes you to one of the rooms where Eisuke is waiting with a team of beauticians and a red ballgown. They give you a makeover and your makeup is more elegant and sexier than the pure and innocent look Akito gave you earlier. Will then comes back to escort you to the ballroom where the other Noir members are waiting. You think that the atmosphere of the Noir’s party is more grown-up than the Shields’ party. 

Noir reminisce about the past year during which Ryoichi steps closer to you as if to kiss you. You close your eyes but nothing happens. When you open your eyes again, Ryoichi just laughs and remarks that your face is now as red as your dress, and adds that you’re fun to tease~ You’re then asked if you’ve been to the Tres Spade Hotel before. You say you have and it was the first time you’d witnessed a Black Market Auction which really scared you. Eisuke smirks and says you shook like a frightened puppy then.

After that, you hear a familiar voice call out to you. Ryoichi says he has a surprise for you. Everything goes dark then you find yourself in some sort of time and space warp with Leon. Leon says Noir had asked for his help. 

The next thing you know, you’re on Shin’s pirate ship. The entire crew greet you and wish you happy anniversary. Then you’re whisked off to another place - in front of a restaurant where Takuto is waiting for you. You have a meal with him. Then it’s off to the next place - a live concert! Haru is performing on stage. He sees you and dedicates his next song to you~! The next place is a bar where you have drinks with Nomura, then to a shrine where Miyabi gives you some sushi he’s made just for you. The last place you’re sent to is the ‘demon house’ where Kakeru and Haruhito are waiting along with a few of the other demons. Then Kakeru and Haruhito each take one of your hands and take you for ‘a walk in the sky’. You soon find yourself high in the sky with an amazing night view of the city and you spot the Tres Spade Hotel. Then the demon duo say it’s time for you to go back. They fly you above the hotel and suddenly let go of your hands!!

Fortunately, Saizo is there to catch you! Yukimura and Subaru then rush up to make sure you’re alright. You’re then led back down to the ballroom where the all the Shields and Noir members are now assembled. Yamato hurries over to check that you’re unharmed. Then you and Shields find out that it was Ryoichi’s plan all along to get Shields and Noir together to celebrate your anniversary… (Couldn’t you just have called Yamato or something and planned this like a normal person, Ryoichi…?)

Anyway, now that all that is out of the way, the joint Noir-Shield’s party starts and everyone is soon enjoying themselves. Ryoichi again pretends to try to kiss you just to make Yamato jealous~ :3c Yamato stops Ryoichi but refuses to admits he’s jealous. Then Edward suggests it’s time for a group photo! Kota gets the camera ready. Everyone starts the countdown but just as the camera is about to snap the photo, Rabi flies in front of the camera and completely ruins the shot…! Yuzuki gets really angry at Rabi but you just laugh and think this is the best anniversary ever. End!

MC Wearing Her Guy's Shirt


You dug through the clothes drawer. A towel was wrapped around your figure, having just stepped out of the shower. Due to your recently busy schedule, you were behind on laundry. Now you didn’t have any clothes to wear. Dirty clothes weren’t an option. You sighed. Then Ren’s white shirt peeking out of the closet caught your eye. Biting your lip, you decided it was the best choice.
      After tossing the wet clothes into the dryer, you headed off into the kitchen to prepare dinner. Ren’s shirt just barely covered your underwear.
      Dinner was almost finished, when you heard Ren’s voice call out, “I’m home” You panicked. There was no way to get to the bedroom or bathroom without him seeing you. You were trapped. “Something smells good” Ren followed his nose into the kitchen. He froze when he saw you. You felt your face flush. “Is that my shirt?” He asks, pointing to your torso. You jumped to explain the situation. “I was a little behind on laundry and didn’t have anything to wear after taking a shower. I thought I’d wear your shirt until the clothes were done” As if on cue, the dryer went off, signaling the completion of it’s cycle. “I’m okay with it” Ren said. You were surprised at his agreement with your wardrobe choice. You rushed past him, mumbling, “I’m going to go get the clothes” Ren grabbed your wrist. “Wait” He said. He leaned closer and whispered in your ear. “You should wear my shirt more often. It looks good” He pulled back. “I’ll let you finish the laundry” He said. Ren went back into the kitchen with an almost seductive smile on his face. You knew your cheeks were still bright red and went to get the now dry clothes.


A month. He had been gone for a month. The new show Yuta booked took him off on location. You had missed him from the first day he was gone. Having just finished a brief conversation with him, you place your phone on the bedside table. You looked at the photo in a frame. It was you and Yuta smiling and doing peace signs with your fingers. It was taken when you two began the scary wife show. Because it had become such a special memory, Yuta decided to place the picture in a frame. You smile at it. Then you noticed one of Yuta’s hoodies on a hanger. He had left it saying that you could wear it if you get lonely. You thought he was joking, but it was still here after he left, and you knew he was serious. You decided to take him up on that offer. Taking the blue hoodie off the hanger, you slid your arms into the baggy sleeves. It was warm and held Yuta’s scent, which you happily breathed in. You laid down on the bed and pretended that it was your husband holding you. In no time, you drifted off to sleep.
      You were awoken by the feeling of the bed shifting. You drowsily opened your eyes to see Yuta sitting on the edge of the bed, gazing at you lovingly. “Yuta!” You exclaim, sitting up. “Sorry, I must’ve woken you up” He apologized. “Don’t worry about that! Why are you home early?” You ask. “You don’t seem very happy to see me” He pouted. “I’m sorry!” You stand, Yuta following suit, and embraced him. “I’ve missed you” You say into his shoulder. He repeats the same phrase back to you. “I worked really hard and spent extra hours working. And we were able to finish early” He said. “Awww, Yuta” You purred. You squeezed him a bit tighter, filled with gratitude for such a sweet husband. He pulled back and gestured to the hoodie you were wearing, which matched his. “You look so cute in that” He says. No mirror required to know that your cheeks just turned pink. “I should start lending you my hoodies. You look so cute” He flashed you his boyish smile. “I’m not cute” You blush and cross your arms. The sleeves covered your hands when you did that. “You’re just making yourself look cuter” Yuta teased. You gave up and accepted his kiss on your forehead.


Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, you buttoned up the white shirt Yamato usually wore to bed. You two had gotten into a fight. Yamato’s been sleeping on the couch. Secretly, you missed him. You wished you had apologized right away. Unfortunately, the fight had been going on for a couple days. You two were locked in a cold war. You didn't back down now because then Yamato’s point would be proven, and knowing him, he would hold it over your head for a while. You wanted him to come kiss you, sweep you off your feet and toss you onto the bed. There was no way he’d do that now though. In order to soothe your heart a little, you decided to sleep in one of his nightshirts tonight. After all, there was no way he’d see you. Since this war began, Yamato made it a point to get up first, make breakfast for the two of you, then leave before you awoke. Enveloped in the smooth material, you peeked around the corner to confirm your husband’s unconsciousness, then walked into the bedroom. You slid into bed and did your best to fall asleep.
      It was tough trying to drift off with the man you’d grown so used to sleeping beside gone. The electronic clock read 2:31 am. By now, you were just laying here, eyes closed, waiting for sleep to come. Suddenly, you heard the door open quietly. Assuming it was Yamato, you kept your eyes closed. Light footsteps made their way over to you. They stopped. You felt a hand run through your hair. It was the lightest touch. He was being careful not to wake you. Since you didn’t stir, he must’ve thought you were passed out. “I miss you Pouty” He whispered. You almost opened your eyes at his sentence, but forced them to stay closed. “I want to share a bed again” His hand moved to your cheek. “I want to make up” He withdrew his hand. The footsteps started once more, getting quieter as they walked away from you and out of the bedroom. You heard the door click shut. Immediately, you sat up. He feels the same way you do. You hurried to get out of bed and open the bedroom door. Yamato wasn’t visible. Moving closer toward the living room, you saw the light in the kitchen on and heard water. Running into the room, Yamato was getting a drink of water. He saw you and almost choked on his clear drink. “Pouty!” He exclaimed. “You want to make up?” You ask. His cheeks flushed. “Y-You heard that?!” He asked, to which you nodded. He put down his glass as you walked over to him, embracing him in a hug. “I’ve missed you too” You confess. He wraps his arms around you. That was considered the end to your feud. Although you never did admit he was right. So technically you won…


Saeki had been talking about how ‘soft’ and 'light’ his new white shirt was. You decided to try it on to see if this shirt was as great as he made it out to be. After bringing him his usual cup of coffee and making sure he would be busy for a while, you went into the bedroom. Taking the white fabric in hand, you took off your blouse and replaced it with the shirt. Running your hands over the material, you couldn’t deny it was very soft and had a relaxing feel to it.
      You walked around the room, loving how the shirt’s hem swayed around your thighs. The pajama shorts you were wearing barely poked out from the bottom. “Alright, that’s enough” You said to yourself, admitting you’d gotten enough enjoyment out of the shirt. Once the top two buttons we undone, you began undoing the third. Suddenly, the door flew open. “Honey, where’s my…” Saeki stopped when he laid eyes on you. Saeki had gotten you to wear one of his shirts before. To see you do it voluntarily must’ve been a treat for his eyes. “Wow, Honey, are you trying to seduce me?” He smirked, walking closer to you. “N-No! I just wanted to try it on to see if it felt as great as you said it did” You quickly explained. You continued backing up to avoid him until your back hit the wall. Saeki put his hands against it on each side of you, pining you so you were unable to escape. “You look very alluring right now, Honey. This is a good look for you” He says lowly, sending a shiver down your spine. “Um, don’t you have to work on your script?” You said in an attempt you drive him away. He dropped his arms and looked away, pouting. “You’re right. I don’t want to just leave you. It feels like a wasted opportunity” He says. Saeki waited a beat before looking back up at you with that same smirk of his. “I guess you’ll have to come with me” He says, taking your wrist in his grasp. Before you could protest, your husband whisked you away into his study. He had a very hard time focusing on his script after that.


As you stood there ironing Takao’s shirt that he wore to work, you received a text saying he was on his way home now. You sent a reply then went back to ironing. You couldn’t help but notice the shirt’s crisp feeling. It was warm from the iron. You always thought Takao looked so handsome whenever he wore his suit. The playful part of your mind got the best of you, and you slipped the shirt on over your current top. You walked around the living room, having fun with wearing your husband’s shirt. It was comfortable and you understood how Takao could wear this almost everyday. You, however, hadn’t planned for him to get home so quickly. He walked though the door. “I’m home” He said. While he was taking his shoes off, you tried to unbutton the shirt as fast as you could. Before you could get to the last button, Takao turned and saw you. “You’re wearing my shirt?” He asks. “I-I was just trying it on for a second” You blush as you slide off the blue shirt. “You don’t have to be embarrassed” He said. Looking up, you see your husband’s warm smile. “I have no problem with you wearing my shirt” He walks up to you, casually running a hand though your hair. You felt the heat in your cheeks begin to fade. “You should actually do it more often. You look cute” He says, then walks off into the bedroom to change. As embarrassing as it was, you don’t regret letting your playful side come out.


Thanks for reading this! Sorry if Takao’s was bad, I wasn’t sure how to portray him in this scenario. And Yamato’s and Yuta’s were a bit long, but I started writing them and couldn’t stop. I like the way theirs turned out. :)

Voltage Love Triangles (to name a few)

Ichigo Sato vs. Haruki Tanemura

Akito Kakiuchi vs. Ren Shibasaki

Takamune Kitami vs. Ayato Hidaka

Soji Higashiyama vs. Genji Higashiyama


~Will’s Birthday Story~

It starts with you being at Noir’s headquarters and you run into Will and Ryoichi. You find out that it’ll be Will’s birthday soon but he’s very busy with all the preparations for his birthday ball. Then Will invites you to the ball (as his date??). You refuse at first as you don’t want to cause him any trouble but he insists so you agree to it. 

Fast forward to the day of the ball. Everything goes smoothly. You are dazzled by how grand it is. Will shows you around and introduces you to people etc. You have great fun then you retire to your room for the night.

The next morning, Will comes to escort you back to Iris but you say there’s a place you want to take him to first. You lead him to a field of flowers by the sea. Will is delighted by the scenery, then some of the other Noir members appear to wish Will a happy birthday. Turns out you’d secretly planned this with Ryoichi. Will is very delighted that his friends are here. You have a little celebration. 

After a while, everyone drifts off to do their own things - Eisuke is busy on the phone, Katsuragi and Ryoichi are discussing Ryoichi’s novels, Ren is napping… XD;; (Silly Ren~) Will asks you to go somewhere with him since the others are all busy. He takes your hand and leads you away from the others. Then he thanks you for his little birthday surprise and says how much he appreciates it as thanks to you he could finally step away from his official duties for a bit and have some private time and he’d like you to stay a while longer with him. You agree to it. End. 

(I’ll do the Night Party side of the Anniversary event story later…)