MFW Kids Causing Misunderstandings

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He had just gotten back from sorting out some royal business. While walking back to his room, a high voice called him. “Daddy!” Ren met eyes with his short, blonde daughter; Melody. She came running over. She reached up toward him, meaning she wanted to be picked up. He rested her on his side. “I was waiting for you” She said. “Thank you, Melody. What’s Mommy doing?” He asked, continuing the walk to his room. “She’s on the phone. She’s talking about how hard it is to be your wife” Melody stated. “Really?” Ren asked, confused and a bit hurt. He figured his daughter must be getting it wrong. “Yeah” She replied. Ren scooped down and picked up her coloring book, which she had left when she ran over, off the floor. He went inside and sent Melody to go color. “Welcome back” You stood to greet him. “_____, you would tell me if you were unhappy, right?” He asked. You were confused at his sudden question. “Yeah, of course” You responded. “Okay” Ren smiled. “I’m going to take a shower” He walked into the bathroom. You brushed off his strange question and sat down again.
Ren was getting dressed when he heard your voice, not that he was listening in though. “Yeah, it goes, the rules here are hard to follow. I had to adjust to an entirely different way of life. It’s hard to live your life one way, then suddenly have to change pretty much everything about you. Now I have to be prim and proper in front of everyone I meet. There have been times when I regretted meeting and marrying a prince. I had to move away from my family” Your words struck him like a knife through the heart. He opened the door, dressed in only his shirt and pants. “What are you saying?” He asked as he approached you. Surprised by his actions, and the facial expression that accompanied them, you hurriedly got off the phone. Putting the book that was in your hands down, you got up and spoke, “What’s wrong, Ren?” He looked you in the eye. “You were saying that you regretted meeting and marrying me” He responded. His voice was lowering in volume with each word. “I never said that” You said. “I heard you” He insisted. “Ren, you don’t understa-” He cut in. “Tell me the truth. Do you wish you had never met me?” He demanded, eyes beginning to water. Taken aback by his emotional state, you went silent for a moment. “No” You shook your head. “Then why were you saying that stuff on the phone?” He questioned. It took a moment before what he meant clicked in your mind. You began to giggle. “Oh Ren” You leaned down to pick up your book. “You know that princess from the kingdom north of us?” He nodded. “She married into royalty and wrote a book about her experience. I’ve been reading it and told my mom about it. I was reading some of it to her” You hand him the book, pointing to a sentence that read, ‘There have been times when I regretted meeting and marrying a prince’. Ren blushed. “I would never say that. I love you” You reach out and hug him. He hugs back, squeezing you tightly. Ren leans back and pulls you in for a kiss. “Gross!” A girly voice squealed. Both of you turn to see Melody hiding behind her hands, causing you two to laugh.


He walked through the front door. “Welcome home Yuta” You give him a smile. “Thanks” He returns it and kisses your cheek. “Hi Hana” He says, taking a seat beside his daughter on the couch. You went off to take a bath. Yuta looked at the object in her little hands. His mind recognized it as your phone. She was looking at a picture of you smiling with another man. The image triggered his jealous side. “What are you looking at?” He asked. “Mommy and me were shopping and she met this man. They took this picture and she gave him her phone number” She answered. “What?” Yuta exclaimed. “Can I see the picture Hana?” He asked. You walked out of the bathroom, hair damp, just in time to see Yuta basically glaring at your phone, Hana climbing up onto his shoulder to see the screen too. You trotted over. Surprisingly, neither seemed to notice you. “What are you doing Daddy?” Hana asked. “Yeah, what ARE you doing Daddy?” You repeat, giving Yuta a bit of a scare. He stood and showed you the picture. “Who is this guy? Why did you give him your phone number?” He asked. “Yuta-” He interrupted. “Are you angry with me or something?” He asked. “No!” You rush to correct him. “Then why did you-” You cup his face in your hands. “Listen” He instantly calms down. “The guy in the picture is my cousin” You said. “Your…cousin?” He questions. “Yeah. We ran into each other while Hana and I were out shopping. We rarely see each other so we took this picture. I gave him my number in case he needed anything” You explain. “Oh…” Yuta said. You lower your hands to his shoulders. “Sorry. I just don’t like seeing you with other men” He blushes. “It’s okay Yuta” You smiled. “Is this my fault?” Hana suddenly asked, looking confused. “No it’s not” Yuta answered with a smile. You giggle at how fast his mood changed.


You greet Yamato when he gets home. Raiden goes running into his arms. “Mommy kissed a guy on TV today!” He exclaims. “Raiden!” You exclaimed out of surprise. “What?!” Yamato’s eyes contained shock, jealously, and anger. “Yeah, she did!” The little boy added, not realizing the storm that was brewing in his father. Yamato put his son down and pulled you into the bedroom for privacy. Once the door was shut, Yamato became visibly upset. “What is his talking about?” He demanded. You covered his mouth with your hands, shushing him. “He can hear you!” You whisper-yelled. “I don’t care. Why is he saying you kissed another man?” He said. “He misunderstood me” You said. “What?” Yamato’s eyebrows knitted together. “We were watching a movie together and this couple kissed. Raiden pointed at the girl and said, ‘That looks like you Mommy’. We really did look alike so I said, 'That could be me’. He must’ve thought I was confirming that I was the one kissing the guy” You explained. Yamato took a moment to let your explanation sink in. “That’s a weird story” He said with a smirk. “It’s the truth!” You exclaimed. “Now look who’s being loud. Quiet. He’s in the next room” Yamato teased. “That’s what I said to you!” You said, quieting down a bit. He laughed. “By the way…” He cupped your face, planting a passionate kiss on your lips. “Don’t forget you’re mine” He smiled. Leaving you dazed from the kiss, he left the bedroom.


“Honey! Angel! I’m home!” Saeki called. After your daughter was born, he decided her nickname was 'angel’. He called you honey, he called her angel. The little black-haired angel herself smiled at her father from her place at the dining table, where she was coloring with crayons. “Daddy! Guess what!” She called. “What?” He asked, walking up to her. “Mommy’s going on a date!” She said. Saeki’s demeanor went from calm to surprised in milliseconds. He hadn’t set up a date with you. He found you in the bathroom, doing the finishing touches on your outfit, which consisted of a dark purple silk blouse, a beige jacket and matching pencil skirt. “Are you going on a date, Honey?” He asked, keeping his cool. “Uh-huh. Did Leila rat me out? I told her not to tell you” You sighed. He could practically feel his heart cracking into pieces. “With who?” He forced the words from his throat. You stood, grabbing your clutch and smiling. “I’ll tell you when I get back” You brushed past your husband. A sudden force prevented you from taking another step. Saeki had taken a strong hold of your wrist. “Honey, please don’t leave me” He said. The emotion his voice held was enough to paralyze you. “I couldn’t handle it if you left me” He said, pulling you in for a tight embrace. “S-Saeki?” You stammered. “Please don’t go” He said into your hair. “Saeki, I’m only going on a lunch date” You said. “What?” He asked, taking your shoulders. He pushed you back so he could look into your eyes. Those brown orbs seemed to be searching your soul through your irises. “I-I got a job offer. I’m going to my first interview. I was going to surprise you. That’s why I said lunch date. So you wouldn’t know” You explained. The usually cool and collected face you were used to vanished, melting into one of embarrassment. His cheeks flushed pink. “Oh…” He released your shoulders. You held back a giggle. “Sorry…” He looked away and turned his back, walking toward the bedroom. “Good luck with your interview. Knock 'em dead, Honey” He said. You allow a giggle to escape and headed off to your interview.


It had been a long day. He was ready to collapse on the bed, pull you close and call it a night. He walked into the living room, only to have his son meet him halfway. “Daddy! Mommy has a surprise for you” He smiles. “She does?” The tall father questioned. “Uh-huh! She’s waiting for you in the bedroom!” Ichiro pointed to the room. The door was cracked open and a faint light lingered from within. Takao, curious as to what this 'surprise’ was, set his son down and worked his way to the dimly-lit room. His mind wandered and started to fill with slightly pervy thoughts, though he immediately dismissed them. He paused and placed his large hand upon the knob. “What are you waiting for, Daddy?” Ichiro asked innocently. “Nothing” He said. Takao took a breath and pushed open the door. You were laying on the bed, blankets covering you up to your waist. A magazine covered your abdomen. Takao’s breath hitches when he laid eyes on your bare shoulders peeking over the top of the papers. “Oh, hi Takao” You greeted. “H-Hi” He replied. “Is Ichiro still watching TV?” You asked. You had left him to watch his favorite show while you prepped your husband’s surprise. “Y-Yeah. He said you had a s-surprise for me” He said nervously. “Yeah” You responded. Takao’s nervousness caught you off guard. This was a simple surprise. Why was he stuttering? You slid out of the covers. “Um…” He refused to make eye contact. When he finally looked at you, his eyes widened, he wasn’t expecting you to be fully dressed in your pajamas. You handed him a postcard. “What’s this?” He asked, taking it. “My parents went on a trip and sent us a postcard. I wanted to surprise you with it” You explained. “Oh” Takao blushed. “What were you expecting the surprise to be?” You smiled. “Um…nothing” He rubbed the back of his neck and smiled nervously. “I’m going to take a shower” He hurried into the bathroom. You shrugged and went to check on Ichiro.

Hope you enjoyed! Sorry if this wasn’t what you had in mind Anon. I did my best! And sorry the last one wasn’t dramatic like the others, I’ve just always imagined that scene happening in my head. Thanks for reading!



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