My Forged Wedding - Long Island Butlers Substory Jpn ver.

Look at all the hotties in waiter/butler suits (ノ)´∀`(ヾ)

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Voltage Dreamcast

(mostly MFW guys because I love them too much)

Yamato Kougami - Koki from ViViD (because hot damn)

Ren Shibasaki - Haruma Miura (might recognize him as Eren from AOT) 

Takao Maruyama - Mokomichi Hayami (you should see him with glasses on omfg hes perfect) 

Saeki Takamasa - Yuki Kimisawa (he’s played as Kakashi on Naruto Stage Play & his sexy glare ahhh)

Kunihiko Aikawa - Tetsuji Tamayama (he played Takumi Ichinose in the NANA live action movies)

Yuta Kajima - Tegoshi Yuya (the cuteness he has is a perfect fit for Yuta!)

Asahi Kakyouin - Kamenashi Kazuya (the glare he has just reminds me of Asahi spot on hah)