My Forged Wedding - Long Island Butlers Substory Jpn ver.

Look at all the hotties in waiter/butler suits (ノ)´∀`(ヾ)

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The high-school event is giving short story of each guys ^^

Translated by cracking Japanese so read at your own risk^^

Kunihiko : Kunihiko-nii san ^^ he is your senior who went to male-only high school. One day you accidentally met him and go home together, he ask you to come to his school festival, in the school festival Kunihiko got tease by his friends for bringing girl with him and asked if you’re his girlfriend. ^^ He later went to bathroom and leave you alone, so you got hit on by a random guys but he come back and saves you in time(he look like he has some connection in school too haha) , after that you both went to watch the fireworks when he confess to you that he like you and give you a kiss.

Yamato : One day you received a love letter asking you to meet him at the building when school ends, you keep it secret but the letter fall from your bag and Yamato, who sit next to you pick it up. He can’t believe you get a love letter so he makes fun of you, but later he remain silent and didn’t heard the teacher calling him, so you quickly whisper and wonder what’s got into him. You decided to decline the guy down because you like Yamato, and come back to classroom only to found out Yamato has been waiting there, saying he forgot something and he ask you how is goes. You told him that you declined and again Yamato make fun of you that only hopeles person would fall in love with you, you then say because you have a person you liked so you declined. So Yamato continue joking if that person was him and you was surprise that he know, Yamato then surprise too that you like him so when you was trying to run away after confess he grab your hand and say his plan to confess first was ruined,so he confess and give you a kiss in empty class room^^

Takao : He is 2nd year and your senior, also a president of committee of the club you’re in. You always follow him after the committee conference to rhe library because you love to see him studying after class, also you can being there studying too. When you trying to get some book but can’t grab it because it’s too high Takao comw and grab it for you, so he asked you if you’re studying. So you say yes and tell him.about the problem you didn’t understand, and he offer to be your tutor. Time passed and you thank him for tutor you but he say it’s okay because he like how you trying so hard both at club and studying. The reason he coming to library is because he spotted you always come here, so for seeing your cute face just a little bit more he come to library too. He then confess and ask if you can keep him company studying in the library after this, and you say yes and he give you a gentle , quick kiss.

Ren : Ren is your junior who really love to take care of the flower bed, and you and him have to take care of it together. He show you the bud was about to bloom but his face were so close, so you excuse yourself by saying you gonna go get the fertilizers. The fertilizer is heavy and you can’t caery it alone, then while you’re trying to lift it Ren coming from your behind and lift it for you. He say even if he is younger than you he still a man so he asked you to trust him more. The day after that you come to the flower bed as usual to found out Ren was sleeping there, so you watching him for a while because wake him.up because it’s getting late. He then grab your wrist and hugs you, and calling your name say he like you, then he surprise that it isn’t a dream and blush madly. So you confess you like him too and he give you a kiss before calling you by your name.

Yuta : Yuta is your classmates, he help you carry the paper from the teacher that you carries because it’s too much for a girl to handle it, so you offer him a lunchbox as token of appreciation. He accepted it so next day you cooked extra for him, to only get tease by your classmate asking if you two are couple. You blush and Yuta brush it off because take your hand and lead you too the roof top, wherw you have lunch together. Yuta then suddenly held his hand out and pick the rice from your face, so thing goes awkward. You who already like Yuta then decided to confess and he confess back, that he has been always like you. So the two of you promisr that from now on you’ll have lunch together, and he give you a kiss.

Saeki : Saeki is very popular amount of all the girls and he always get the sweet from the girls as present, so you really didn’t have chance to give him your special pudding (in Gree version Saeki like pudding) one day when you’re getting scold by mistake by the teacher who like to pick on fresh man, Saeki come to the rescue and help you. He notice that you’re his junior so he ask your name and you thank him for saving you. Later you’re searching for him because you want to give him your homemade pudding, but you accidentally strip down on the stairs and Saeki save you. Worry if he would get injuries you bring him to the infirmary room, the teacher isn’t there so you help him take a look at his injure. He then ask if those pudding was for him and you say yes. So he thank you, and praise that you’re always working hard which make he impressed, he asked if you can be his girlfriend because he always like you from the first time, you were shock so he give you a little kiss to help you decided. When you say yes he then stand up and drag you out for the date, only to you found out that he pretend to be injured because he want a time a lone with you^^


I know it’s long but doesn’t that prove just how much these guys are constantly bickering? Put these two together and they’re definitely better than anyone in Fukumimi… the perfect comedy duo! I love how Ren is constantly discriminating against Saeki!

The petty arguments between these two always made me start to be intrigued and interested in Saeki… When I first played MFW, I only had eyes for Ren, but these fights is what lead me to place Takamasa Saeki into my list of ‘Top 5 Otome Guys’! xD