That was a rather simple event story.

Basically Mitsuhide sees Iori wearing glasses and he thinks they look really cool and wants a pair too! So shopping trip time for you, Mitsuhide, Iori, Joshua and Akito!

You bump into Ren, who was part of Shields but has since switched sides to Noir, and there’s some tension and awkwardness at first but everyone manages to remain civil with each other.

After Mitsuhide and Joshua get glasses, you all decide to get some ramen. However, the steam from the ramen fogs up Mitsuhide and Joshua’s glasses and they are at a loss for what to do… ^^;;

Then you all return to headquarters and Iori teaches Mitsuhide how to wipe his new glasses. Mitsuhide is a very serious student and he starts wiping his glasses the way he’s been taught but then Rabi (their fluffy pink mascot creature) flies out of nowhere and bumps into him… The glasses fly from his hands and shatter… Cue kicked puppy look from Mitsuhide… Akito immediately tries to cheer him up by saying they can easily get a new pair and that’s what you all end up doing. End.

Voltage Dreamcast

(mostly MFW guys because I love them too much)

Yamato Kougami - Koki from ViViD (because hot damn)

Ren Shibasaki - Haruma Miura (might recognize him as Eren from AOT) 

Takao Maruyama - Mokomichi Hayami (you should see him with glasses on omfg hes perfect) 

Saeki Takamasa - Yuki Kimisawa (he’s played as Kakashi on Naruto Stage Play & his sexy glare ahhh)

Kunihiko Aikawa - Tetsuji Tamayama (he played Takumi Ichinose in the NANA live action movies)

Yuta Kajima - Tegoshi Yuya (the cuteness he has is a perfect fit for Yuta!)

Asahi Kakyouin - Kamenashi Kazuya (the glare he has just reminds me of Asahi spot on hah)