“A Magi is someone who selects royalty. Before long, this world will need to select a king… a person who has mastered magic. A person that others will flock to because of his righteousness. A king like no other. This person must be sought out, found and then chosen. He will be trained by the wise and then elevated to become a king of unprecedented grandeur. To even take the place of beloved Solomon.”

Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.270:

“The image is a work in progress. It’s a Gyokuen-centered piece for volume 26.

It occurred to me ‘this is a shounen magazine, so let’s draw a cute girl’. In the draft stage she had her robes parted, and I thought none of those who would see her would like her. I then dressed her up as normal. I think I chose the wrong character.

Magi was on a break last week and will be back in this week’s issue.”