ren also waved at me so thats also a thing

Story Time! By a starstruck Lo/\e

Okay, gather around munchkins cuz ima bout to tell yall about my water incident at the nu'est concert in dallas (i still cry over this TBH)

So a little backstory: my parents took me and 2 of my friends to see nu'est when they came to dallas back in 2015?? (Note: this was the first time they have EVER done something like this for me so YOU CAN BET I CRIED MULTIPLE TIMES DURING THAT WHOLE TRIP; i cried 4 times the day OF the concert) so we had vip tickets, which meant we got to get something signed by them and take a picture with them too (i posted the pic a while back, i’ll reblog it again if yall want me to, i look so scared tho 😂)
this happened after the concert (which was so good and they sounded so good and ARON NOTICED ME WITH MY FANSIGN TWICE BITCH HOW) and a friend that we met there bought us some waters. With no caps for some reason.
….This is an important factor to the story.
So my phone case was signed by minhyun, ren, and jr (ren told me he loved me and i was SHELL SHOCKED, and Jonghyun looked so tired DAMN IT) so then it was aron’s turn. We said hi to each other and he was signing when i went, oh, i got you something. I put my OPEN water down and grabbed the stuffed dinosaur plushie that has a letter to him on its back (theres a whole other story to that plushie but long story short: my friend and i didnt see the gift bin outside so the security guard told us it was okay to give it to them in person). Now, to people new to me, in case i never made it clear enough: aron is my bias in nu'est. he is my LOVE. He was my ultimate for 2 ½ YEARS (damn you jeongmin, why did you push him off), especially when we were at this concert. I was completely paralyzed; he was gorgeous (i mean, they ALL were, but my heart exploded when i got to aron) so you CANT BLAME ME for what happened next. (It was also my first concert too S O)
He looked up, saw the plushie, said “oh, thank you”, and took it from my hand (sadly not in the cliche “we touched hands and there was a spark” way). I dont even remember if i said welcome?? But anyway, he passed my phone case to baekho and i was about to say hi when i was like, oh my water
I reached out to grab it, but instead of GRABBING IT LIKE I WANTED TO, i literally just, bumped it with my palm. And everything happened so fast.
okay not in front but it was a little to the side, thankfully it was where the tables were connected so the water kinda gathered there
I never picked up a water bottle SO FAST IN MY LIFE. My cheeks were on FIRE, and i kept saying, oh my god im so sorry im really sorry.
Poor aron, i felt like he felt me cuz he was like, “oh no its okay its okay” the manager that they had was behind and had the “oh god” face. They cleaned it up and i just kept apologizing and honestly, i was CLOSE. TO CRYING. Thankfully only the tablecloth got wet. I walked over to baekho and his smile was so beautiful and pure that i legit forgot any sorrow i had in me. But then when he handed me back my phone and i walked away, i wanted to tear up, but i DIDNT.

The end lmao, this still haunts me
My friend is like, “he’ll always remember you as the girl who spilled water” and I JUST DONT
Is this my legacy

PS: On the upside, my other friend, who was behind me in the line THANK THE LORD, said that while i was contemplating dying right there, aron looked at the plushie and said “rawr” while moving it on the table before giving it the manager for safe keeping. MY BABE ISNT HE PRECIOUS