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You Know What I Want?

I want to see Nora’s feelings after Pyrrha died. We got to see Jaune’s and Ruby’s but everyone keeps ignoring how Nora felt. Pyrrha was probably the first female friend Nora has ever had and they most likely talked about their feelings and their lives in general since Nora knew how Pyrrha felt about Jaune (when she dragged Ren away to win him another prize when she saw Jaune and Pyrrha alone). I want to see Nora have like a panic attack or a night terror where where she is crying and hyperventilating and either Ren or Jaune have to rush in and comfort her until she falls back asleep or calms down enough to talk.


Rey woke up in an empty bed. Hands searching her lover’s side of the bed but he wasn’t there. She got up on one of her elbows to turn and look behind her. The room was illuminated only by the star light streaming through the view-port. He was standing there by the large floor to ceiling window. Legs parted, hands clasped behind, his back facing her and their bed.

The stars are moving but they are not in hyperspace. The destroyer is slowly orbiting the planetary system below. A blue green planet of mass population. Mostly people without consequence, simple traders, merchant and farmers. It’s a First Order world. And they are currently restocking their supplies and changing personnel before jumping into hyperspace towards their destination.

“Kylo?” Rey croaked out, voice rough from sleep.

“Yes, love?” he said without turning back. The tense muscles of his back visibly relaxed a little, hands dropping on his sides.

“Why are you not in bed? What happened?” Rey said now fully sitting up on their bed.

“I feel a disturbance in the force. Like something is about to happen.” Kylo replied. Still facing the view port.

Rey pulled her legs out from under the covers, and placed them on the cold black floor of their quarters. Still sitting in bed, she placed her elbows on her knees and leaned forward.

“Is that good or bad?” she said, tracing her lips with her thumbs and looking up at his back.

“It depends on your definition of those words, sweetheart,” he said head slightly turned to one side.

Rey could see his sharp profile, shadowed by the star light coming from behind him through the viewport. He was beautiful even in the dim light and Rey wanted him back in her arms.

She got up and padded towards him stopping at an arm’s length away.

“What I meant was is it good or bad for us?” she reached out with her hand placed them on his back, right between his shoulder blades. She felt him shiver a little and that filled her with pride. Even after all these years together, she still affected him like that.

“It’s the weapon. They are charging it again. And you know the next target,” Kylo said, his breathing a bit rugged as Rey started to run her fingers lightly down his spine. She reached down to his tailbone and came back up again.

“Yes, I do know. Why? Do you regret it?” she stepped closer. Burying her face on his back, and reaching around to place one hand over his heart. Her body was now flushed against his. Her bare nipples, hard and bushing against the rough, scarred surface of his bare back.

She could feel his heart beating faster than usual.

“It will be the end of them if the intel we gathered is correct. The weapon will take out a whole planetary system and wipe out the last remnants of my mother’s foolish rebellion,” Kylo whispered.

Rey’s other hand was tracing his chest. Moving down his muscular torso, over his belly, down to his rapidly hardening member. She runs her fingers over his length, teasing but not touching it properly.

“But I asked do you regret it, my love?” Rey whispered against his ears, standing on her tiptoes, breath hot against his skin. She placed a opened mouth kiss on his neck right below his ear as she wrapped her tiny hand around his hard cock.

Kylo’s heart was now beating very fast, almost as if it’s trying to escape from its cage. Rey’s hand over his chest curled into claws, nails digging in his flesh.

Kylo turned his face toward her to look at her face over his shoulder. His eyes were dark as they met her yellow eyes, filled with desire, like he would devour her if he could. Rey couldn’t blame him, she felt the same, her fist tightened as she started moving it up and down his length, just the right amount of pressure that she knows he likes.

“No. I regret nothing,” Kylo managed to breathe out.

Rey leaned up, hand reaching behind his neck, fingers tightening in his hair. She brought her lips just a breath away from his soft pillowy ones. And said, “Good, because you made your choice already,” before claiming his lips in a hungry and passionate kiss.

This came out of nowhere, one moment i was angrily brushing my teeth, next I was writing this down. Should I continue this? Or just leave it as it is?

Thanks again to my amazing beta, @ns0241, she is my rock.

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I think Ren and Noiz both trying new things together would be cute.  Since they both have so much to learn after living isolated/as an ALLmate I think the little things would get Ren excited (like the inside of a dreamsicle being white instead of orange like the outside).  Noiz tries not to get drawn into it but…well…

Also this ask…has been in my box for over a year…I am so sorry.

listen… feel free to choose to not take medication all you want but the second you start shaming other people for wanting to safely and consensually medicate to cope with their mental illness is the second you become an asshole. save all of your rhetoric about how you’re “not really feeling” and you’re “numb to the world” because i don’t want it. those are your experiences and you don’t get to project them onto others.