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First comes the day 
then comes the night. 
After the darkness 
shines through the light. 
The difference, they say, 
Is only made right 
By the resolving of gray 
Through refined Jedi sight. 

- Journal of the Whills, 7:477

The Last Jedi - Teaser Trailer Audio
The Last Jedi - Teaser Trailer Audio

Remember Rey’s Forceback and how it had all these voices layered with the music? Some of them were clear, like Yoda’s, but others were almost hidden behind the sound effects.

Well, watching the teaser trailer yet again I realised they’d done something similar to that. I don’t have any software to clean the audio, but I listened carefully several times and I found some interesting stuff.

Luke says (with the Force theme in the background):

Breathe. Just breathe. Now, reach out… What do you see?

Rey’s theme begins.

It’s only a whisper masked by the music, but there’s Leia’s voice saying “Help me, Obi Wan”.

We see Leia,

and Rey says:


The music changes; it’s Kylo’s motif now mixed with Vader’s breathing and behind that, there’s Obi Wan’s (Alec Guiness’) voice saying “Seduced by the Dark Side”.

We see Kylo’s shattered mask,

and Rey says:


The music rises to a crescendo, into something new, in between of what we heard before and Yoda’s voice tells us “Surrounds us…binds us”.

We see the books and a gloved hand touching the Jedi Order symbol on one of them,

and Rey says:

The balance.

We hear a lightsaber’s ignition.

Luke says:

It’s so much bigger.

Here are my two cents on this—recognizing I just got all this from ten seconds out of a two-minutes trailer and I AM over-analyzing it.

I think many of us got an idea after watching TFA: that the future of the saga (and of the Jedi) would rest on Rey and Kylo Ren’s shoulders—or rather on the shoulders of their dynamic, and that this dynamic would unfold towards a middle ground. Not to light, not to darkness, but to balance.

Now, considering the hints in the teaser:

-the use of the music when talking about ‘light’ (Rey’s theme) and ‘darkness’ (Kylo Ren’s motif),

-how inserting voices and phrases that have been said before gives this bit an eerily similar feel to Rey’s forceback, which was the first connection Rey and Kylo had (Yoda’s phrase it’s the same we hear in the forceback),

-the choice of said voices and phrases and how they paint a background for the images (Vader’s breathing through his mask while we see Kylo’s shattered, Yoda speaking again of the nature of the Force while we see the books). Also, there’s a lot of focus on Obi Wan again (we hear his voice, Leia talks to him, so there ya go Rey Kenobi theorists).

It’s all interwoven, masterfully. The editing work is amazing and it’s already been said, nothing we see is random. I believe this teaser is not the exception to the rule.

Further, this has only cemented the ideas that TFA gave me. Whether we get a romance between Rey and Kylo remains to be seen; but there will be Reylo, in one way or another.

Two things I’d like to put out there:
1. Thanks to this lovely close up cap from @mummiesandlightsabers, you can clearly see a streak of blue in Kylo’s eyes. That has to be Rey’s lightsaber.

2. I think it’s possible that Kylo has his lightsaber up in an “en garde” type of position towards Rey, ready to fight her but then she says something to startle him. She might say something like “I don’t want to kill you” or “I need your help” (to get into the jedi temple or something).
When he hears this, he starts to lower his lightsaber and that could be what we see here. While still unsure about her intentions, he starts to turn the lightsaber to lower it, since the cross-guards would burn his sides unless he rotated them before lowering. He could be hesitating and brings it down slowly.

Look at the bridge of his nose. You can clearly see his wrist is starting to descend before they cut the camera. I think he’s rotating the saber to bring it down to his side and negotiate with Rey.
Just my thoughts! Enjoy

Really solid work by @messypandas! I especially love the off-set title at the bottom. Well done, sire!

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Who is he picking up his Saber against?

Is it a symbolic “picking up the Saber” after he as beaten on the Starkiller Base, by Rey moment.

But who is he picking it up against?

He is picking up the Saber and the Praetorian Guards are standing in front of him, or are at least on the frame.

Could it be the guards and his old master?

We know his loyalties were only to Snoke until he was intrigued by Rey.

We all have been speculating who is he fighting against in the TLJ BTS video, for months.

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Now seeing the guard on the symbolic Saber scene is opening up new possibilities for that speculation.


Force, will you look at these!? I can’t wait for tomorrow!

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And here we are, another year, and we get this glimpse into the next chapter of the Skywalker saga. I really really really look forward to seeing the next movies, hence this countdown, but nothing gets me more excited for the next movies than these incredibly well put-together trailers!!! 

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