ren tattoo

I finally got around to making a playlist for my art school au, and drew this little thing to go with it. It’s been awhile, Kylux kisses… we meet again.

Listen for some some gomi boy art school vibes etc~

Got the REBEL SCUM 5x5 prints in to toss in to some orders off my Etsy! Might list them for sale alone as well, we’ll see.

3rd and final preview of the Force Awakens flash sheet I’m finishing up! This Rey piece is probably my favorite. Prints soon!

Another peak at the Force Awakens flash sheet I’m finishing up. Prints will be available!

weirywolf  asked:

I was rereading Waste Isolation the other day (it's one of my favorites) and I'm curious what exactly the tattoo on Ren's back looks like. I assumed it was a radiation warning sign already in use but I don't think I've seen one with six rays; am I missing something obvious?

thank you buddy! i’m glad you reread it and it remained enjoyable. i’m extremely proud of that fic and it means a lot to me! 

the tattoo IS supposed to be a radiation symbol. but i was thinking like this one – technically there are six rays, three black and three yellow. we know to read the image with the yellow as negative space. thinking about it in a different way was another attempt to challenge the assumed universal meaning of images and languages! 

i hope you don’t mind that i post this publicly; i’m very down for any opportunity to talk about this fic (it’s here btw if anyone hasn’t read it)