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I finally got around to making a playlist for my art school au, and drew this little thing to go with it. It’s been awhile, Kylux kisses… we meet again.

Listen for some some gomi boy art school vibes etc~

Hidden Tattoo Headcannons - Kylo Ren

Anonymous said:
Hey babe, :) don’t know if you’re into these sort of request, but how about a small imagine or headcannon for Phasma and/or Kylo waking up next to their s/o and spotting their tattoo, which is normally hidden beneath clothing or armor.

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I choose to write these headcannons with Kylo, I hope that’s okay! Sorry it’s short, i didn’t really know where to take this one (since i didn’t know where the tattoo was).

  • He’d notice the tattoo the first time you stayed over.
  • Your relationship with Kylo was very private, so staying in his quarters for the night was a big deal.
  • You arrived at his door and knocked five times; the secret knock you both had devised.
  • The door opened and you walked in, falling into his chest.
  • He let out a low chuckle and wrapped his strong arms around you.
  • “Rough day?”
  • You leaned away from him, giving him a look.
  • “Hopefully this will make things better.”
  • He leaned down and pressed his full lips to yours.
  • This kiss would be very different from the others; more gentle and soft.
  • You let out a hum as he pulled away.
  • You soon got ready for bed, changing into slightly revealing sleepwear.
  • Kylo watched as you crawled under the covers beside him.
  • Your plans for the night grew muddled, but filled with affection in it’s stead.
  • In the morning, skin exposed, he noticed it.
  • The sunlight streaming in from his window outlined the artwork beautifully against your skin.
  • He shifted to get a better view, leaning over you slightly.
  • His movements woke you, turning to face him.
  • Once you had gotten comfortable, his eyes landed on the inked portion of skin once again..
  • “What’s this?”
  • His cold fingers gently traced the design, causing you to shiver.
  • “A tattoo,” you whispered dryly, causing a ‘Hmrf’ out of Kylo.
  • A moment passed quietly as Kylo’s fingertip went over the ink.
  • He asked once more about what it was and you gave in.
  • You told him of the meaning, when you got it and why.
  • He listened intently, meeting your eyes only a few times as his gaze was glued to the new discovery he made on your skin.
  • When you finished, you smiled to yourself as he admired the art.
  • He leaned down, pressing a kiss to the inked skin.
  • “It’s a shame that your uniform covers it up.” You nodded at his words.
  • After that night, you noticed that Kylo changed slightly.
  • In public you’d find his masks eyes, or his own, watching you.
  • In private, he grew more touchy-feely.
  • Even when it was covered, his hands would graze over the area of your tattoo.
  • This habit soon leaked over into your public lives.
  • Hux took special note of it, until he realized there was no point in reporting it.
  • Kylo Ren would do what he wants, when he wants to. And Snoke would let him.
  • “Just dial it down. The First Order doesn’t need mindless distractions.”
  • While you tried to tone your affections down, Kylo did the opposite.
  • You spent more nights over in his room where he would take his time, admiring each inch of skin to the best of his abilities.
  • Every night, his dark eyes would fall on the patch of marked skin, marveling in it’s beauty.
  • Your beauty.