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random internet person: “I’m just not that into Skip Beat anymore”


The stages of waiting for Skip Beat to come out summarized in 5 gifs:

Week 1: Knowing that you’re going to have to wait an entire month for a new chapter

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Week 2: The acceptance 

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Week 3: When it’s already 3 weeks in and you know it’s getting painfully close to the 20th

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Week 4: Looking for spoilers like

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When the chapter is released:

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Skip Beat Character Summaries
  • Kyoko: RAGE. ACTING. TEARS. EMBARRASSMENT. MORE RAGE. ★✧✴~❤princesses❤~✴✧★
  • Shou: ultimate fuckboy
  • Ren: *passive-aggressively cares* *angsts*
  • Kanae: I am an emotionless robot I promise why are you laughing I aM AN EMOTIONLESS ROBOT NO ONE CAN TOUCH ME
  • Yashiro: um yes hello this is my OTP aren't they cute I ship them so hard
  • President Lory: I ALSO SHIP IT. I SHIP EVERYONE WITH EVERYONE. LONG LIVE LOVE. *exits in an explosion of fireworks and rose petals*