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"please talk to me" for Kylux maybe?

(You got it! Canonverse for this one.)

Ren’s outbursts are, by and large, exaggerated, mostly by Hux himself, mostly to try and humiliate Ren out of doing it again. They’re costly and look terrible on the First Order, and the subordinates who witness them come away frightened, sure, but maybe not as confident in the self-control abilities of their superiors as they could be. Hux is determined to make them stop for good, but even he has to admit that Ren isn’t the whirlwind rage monster that he is rumored to be.

Except for now. Something, something has sparked a complete takeover of Ren’s senses, making his as violent and careless and bestial as Hux has complained that he is to anyone who will listen.

“Ren. Ren!” In any moment of doubt, Hux will opt for the offense as his defense. “Ren, you are to stop that this once–”

If Ren hears him, he makes no indication of it. The wall paneling is fucked, no doubt about it. “Ren!” He knows better than to get in front of him, in any capacity put himself within Ren’s reach. He’s seen Ren in combat, both practice and real-life, and knows how graceful he is, how skilled. None of that is evident in this. He’s not using his saber as a weapon to duel, he’s just trying to inflict maximum damage, regardless of how clumsy and unmeasured.

Ren pauses, to catch his breath, and Hux makes his move.

“Talk to me. Please talk to me.” The please catches them both completely by surprise. They have maybe never had a conversation that wasn’t directed by commands, or at best, sarcastic requests. It jolts Ren enough to actually obey.

“Snoke is displeased.”

“With what?”

“With me. With everything I’ve done, everything wrong, so many things in so little time after so long of doing everything right-”

“This isn’t going to help anything,” Hux says firmly. 

“It helps me,” Ren says, not a retort, just a simple response. So simple that he maybe sounds sad, though with that vocoder this is all just projection.

“There have to be other ways–” And here Hux thinks he is going to throw all the usual barbs, insult him, demean him, belittle him, grind him under his heel like he has wanted to from the moment they met, and yet he can’t, he can’t do it. “There are other ways you can help yourself. Or maybe. I. Can. Help you.”

It comes out so poorly, sounds so ridiculous. Hux hates the way his uncertainty tastes. It coats his mouth. Until Ren seems to really look at him–again, projection, he really can’t know–and says, “All right.”

Doesn’t ask how. Just agrees.

It is a strange feeling. Not in a bad way.

Incorrect Reylo Quote

Rey: I knew it! This is just some lame attempt to get me to come see you so you can hit on me with a bunch of cheap innuendos, isn’t it?

Kylo Ren: Perish the thought, scavenger girl! This is a perfectly innocent lightsaber challenge!

Rey: Seriously?

Kylo Ren: Seriously.

Rey: You promise there won’t be any flirting?

Kylo Ren: Sith Lord’s honor, scavenger girl.

Rey: Well then. Okay, okay I accept your challenge!

Kylo Ren: Then, I’ll see you later, Rey.

Rey: See you then, for our totally innocent and not at all creepy and perverted battle.

Kylo Ren: We gonna fuck.


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Not sure if you still want headcannons BUT JNPR at the gym. Jaune struggling to keep up to Pyrrha as Nora benches 2000+ pounds with Ren spotting (and he's praying she doesn't need a spotter because he definitely cannot lift that much if it fell). Pyrrha teasing Jaune and saying "On your left" every time she passes him and he screams "OH COME ON!" Jaune drinking from her water bottle because he forgot his and Pyrrha goes red because isn't that like an indirect kiss? <3

Fuckin’ I always want headcanons! And these are super adorable I’m actually crying.

Fanon Kylux: Kylo is always the one pinning for Hux.

Canon Kylux: “Ren had access to a great many aspects of knowledge from which ordinary mortals like himself were excluded, Hux knew. He would have inquired further, but the taller figure had already turned and headed off. Ren’s indifference was far more unsettling than would have been anything as common as a straightforward insult.”