ren plays acnl

n-no I
havent i dont think what is the terrible secret of animal crossing and do I want to know

friend code lemme see here

I sure hope it gets explained what is happening
they forced me to set a property claim and some raccoon is gonna be on my ass for debt what kind of economy runs on bells

I am trying to use the aesthetic effects of a flower in my hair to distract from the fact that the first thing that happened to me was bees mauling my eyes and it isnt working

so this happened today in my town-

someone ruined my little fruit tree and path arrangement

and like

i have this huge ass space of unoccupied land but nooooooo they move right in the middle of my trees and paths

and it turns out-

Blanche is moving in :I

and shes rly rly cute :C

but I really r e a l l y want lucky and ankha (and merengue too)

So if someone really wants Blanche we can negotiate something lol

I might keep her for a while bc I doubt someone will want to trade me lucky/ankha for her…

someone gave ankha away for free yesterday and i missed it fml….

So now my current line up of villagers is-

  • Gigi
  • Rolf
  • Pashmina
  • Poncho
  • BIskit
  • Shep
  • Eunice
  • Bella
  • and now- Blanche.

I let poor Bill move out last week and Im sad bc he was rly nice but i had two jock villagers and i rather have a second peppy or snooty villager.

Im willing to let go of Poncho, and maybe Shep for my dreamies too ; n ;

In other news Renee is camping in my town and shes p. cute too tbh-