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I’m crazy into black dusty backgrounds, the mother-son dynamic of Princess Leia and her son and Daughter lyrics … So I combine that shit.


You know shit just got real when MBC suddenly reuploaded NU’EST Hello (교차편집) stage mix. In 60 frames per second. 60 freaking frames per second! RISE NU’EST! 


Day 4: On a Date. 

Whilst on Arkanis conducting a routine inspection of the Academy there, Kylo and Hux stop for picnic, and Kylo tries his very best to be romantic. Poor sod, probably no one ever taught him how to give someone else a flower, Snoke certainly wouldn’t have. 

Part of my Kylux 30 Day OTP Challenge.

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KyokoRen Week | Day 6: MAGIC

The Babysitter - Part 1

A/N: SMUT (AT THE END). Just sayin’. (Also - He’s named Anakin after his grandfather… wowowowowo). I’ll do a part 2 but that’ll be it for this fic. Because it’ll just be smut. So, if you hate smut, you might not want to read this. JUST SAYIN’!


Anakin giggled as you ran after him with the large T-Rex. He could certainly run fast even with his tiny legs! You watched as he ran underneath what looked like a table.

That wasn’t a table!

“Ahhhh!” you shouted.

Your eyes connected with Ben’s eyes. There wasn’t anything you could do. The pairing of your socks against the slippery wood floors meant there was no way of stopping. You turned your head to the side before the collision with his hard chest.


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Person B wants a family, but hasn’t found the right person. They choose to get themselves artificially inseminated and find a profile of a nice person and go through with it. The procedure’s a success. Fast forward to nine months later, Person B is in labor and Person A finds them (can be neighbor or first responder due to person B calling 911). Person A takes B to the hospital and B delivers their baby(ies) safely and falls asleep. They wake to find person A holding their baby and smiling and the two are acquainted and person A takes a shine to B and their child(ren). They bond more and more over the months following B’s delivery and one day, A goes to donate sperm and B realizes A is actually the parent of their child(ren). What happens next is up to you.

Fear that Hux is going to know he’s a Solo.
Fear that Snoke isn’t going to accept Ren.
Fear that someone is going to see past her silver bucket.

Someone save these children honestly.

For the discontinued Kylux Pastel Pink Lightsabers fic by @obi-wan-kenobabe​. I’d link to the fic, but it’s gone. TAT

Liquid Sanity - Part 3

Part 1
Part 2

A/N: Yo. Here is the newest part of the series. Smut. This is smut. -winks seductively and face plants on the floor-. This is what happens when I’m hungover. Anyways, ugh, shut up, Emma, let the people read!

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kyluxtrashcompactor  asked:

Kylux, 38 :D

“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” - I cheated a bit and split up the line a little.

Hux could have been convinced that some crucial part of the ship was malfunctioning based solely on how everything seemed to be spinning but the nausea, the tingling in his left cheek and, the dull, pulsing pain behind his eyes made it quite obvious that the disturbance was his alone.

He blinked, forcing his eyes to refocus and recoiled a touch when he realized that Kylo Ren was staring down at him like some overgrown scavenging bird, his forearms hooked under Hux’s shoulders.

“You fainted.”

Hux scowled at this, struggling to free himself from Ren’s hold.

“Absurd,” he muttered as Ren tipped him back onto his feet. Hux glanced around and was relieved to find that the passageway was deserted save for them.

Ren was watching him closely as he straightened his coat, swaying ever so slightly as a fresh wave of nausea hit him.

“Stress getting to you more than usual General? Or are you just so determined for my attention that you need to fling yourself into my arms?”

Hux’s irritation deepened. He did not need Ren’s quips or completely unveiled implications. What he needed was to lie down somewhere dark and quiet and free of Kylo Ren.

Not deeming anything Ren had to say worthy of response he turned to go seek out such a place, but the about-face put him off balance and he knocked into Ren who caught him once more.

Then the knight leaned in close and in a low tone, which much to Hux’s surprise did not exacerbate his building migraine, said, “Would you like an escort to your quarters so that none of the men see you stumble?”

Hux regarded him for a moment, and resigning himself to laying down somewhere that was merely dark and quiet, nodded his assent.

“Make it as discreet as possible.”  

Ren nodded and they proceeded to travel up the six decks to Hux’s quarters, an invisible hand counteracting every misstep.