ren mccormack

See, we don’t have that much time left. All us teenagers, pretty soon we’re gonna be just like you. We’re gonna have jobs, and bills, and families. And we’re gonna have to worry about our own children, because that is the job of a parent. To worry. I get that, but ours, as teenagers, is to live! To play our music way too loud and to act like idiots! And to make mistakes.
—  Footloose (2011), Craig Brewer
I want to be Ariel

No, not Disney’s Ariel. I mean Ariel from Footloose. I want to be that badass girl in the red boots going against the grain because she wants out. I want to be passionate. But I also want to be that girl that changes for the good because a boy who’s just as passionate about something shows her a way dammit, I want to be Ariel. When Ren picks her up for prom, that’s when the envy really set in.

It set in deep because I’ve never had a man take one look at me and stammer and stutter and become speechless because of the way I look. Never ever. I’ve never felt a gentle kiss of someone who gave a damn.

Dammit, I want to be Ariel.

One of the best parts of Footloose.
  • Ren: You really are something.
  • Ariel: What do you mean?
  • Ren: I mean the whole package. Minister's kid, Chuck Cranston's girlfriend.
  • Ariel: Guilty.
  • Ren: Just a church goin' gal with some hot red cowboy boots.
  • Ariel: My daddy hates me wearing these boots.
  • Ren: And you love that, don't you? Getting up in his face?
  • Ariel: That way he'll miss me when I'm gone.