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Rey closes her eyes for a long beat. When Rey opens them, she is centred, fortified, and she POUNDS BACK, SINGLE HANDED SWIPES, hitting Ren’s gnarly, spitting saber with incredible FORCE. It’s so fast now, so furious, that Kylo Ren FALLS BACK – She ATTACKS HARDER!


But she stops. Realizing she stands on a greater edge than
         even the cliff – the edge of the dark side.

unpopular opinion time but the rhetoric painting all men as abusive and/or disgusting was a major factor in keeping me in the closet for years after i knew i was a trans man, because i was living in fear that the second i accepted my manhood, i would become that abusive and disgusting person.

there’s a big difference between separating cis and trans men because cis men are “real men” and trans men are “other” and recognizing that trans men have a different relationship with manhood and masculinity than cis men when they’re younger, closeted, and later pre-transition (or if they choose not to transition). ignoring the fact that trans men were raised differently than cis men ignores reality. we were force-fed the same misogyny as women, and despite the fact that it was misdirected that still affects us. i have many “feminine” mannerisms left over from before i realized i was trans, and later, when i was masquerading as female due to the constraints of my environment.

this isn’t to say that trans men will always experience misdirected misogyny or that this makes us “lesser men”, but when making blanket statements about men it’s important to remember that not all men are cishet white men. it’s not radical to call black men abusive or rapists; it’s perpetuating a dangerous stereotype. in the same way, these statements tell trans men that their experiences are identical to that of cis men, when that’s a ridiculous claim. we have different experiences, and they’re both the experiences of men, but they still have profound effects on who we are and how we interact with masculinity.

the trans male community suffers from a misogyny problem just like any other male community, and exempting us from rhetoric regarding misogyny is wrong. however, there’s a way to do it without forcing us deeper into the closet with toxicity. the male experience is varied, and men can be privileged as men and oppressed in other aspects. stop acting like the male experience is exclusive to those that are in the most privileged of positions.


lol I’ve been so busy my guys. I’ve hardly had time to work on commissions, orders, con prep and art for myself oTL I only ever managed the energy/skill/motivation to sketch these two guys and they’re so.. OPPOSITE SPECTRUM HAHAHAAH

Shinso and kylo ren.. I couldn’t draw Poe and I was appalled with myself so I had to settle with these. (I kicked myself later in the day) anyway. I’m mad tired how are you guys

Shinso Hitoshi©BNHA
Kylo Ren©Star Wars

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Ooh this is going to make people angry but you know what? This needs to be addressed.

Long story short: all sides of this Star Wars ship war have mucked up.

We all share a common interest and instead of doing anything such as, oh you know, enjoying that, what is the fandom doing? Sending death threats and insults and calling out individuals all because of a matter of opinion? That’s absurd. Yes, I understand that there are certain aspects of all the arguments that could be construed as insulting to a particular group of people, but that is true for anything. I speak as a biracial woman who is bisexual if anyone cares because it’s clear that some people cannot see past race or gender or sexuality and use that in their arguments. However none of this is an excuse for wanting someone dead. People have different opinions and that is o k a y. Liking a morally corrupt character does not mean you wholly support their actions. Not liking a morally corrupt character does not mean you do not like their narrative. Not liking a character who happens to be a POC does not mean you’re racist. Like a character who happens to be a POC does not mean you’re the most inclusive person to exist.

However, liking a character exclusively because they are a POC is wrong. Not liking a character exclusively because they are a POC is also wrong. Telling POC fans that their opinions don’t matter because they’re POC is wong. Telling POC fans that their opinions only matter because they’re POC is also wrong.

But going after a person if they have done none of the above is worse than anything else because that means you think you’re more important than they are and that’s not okay.

The discourse is unecessary. The name calling is childish. But sending death threats to people based on assumptions you have made of them? That’s down right absurd. There is not a single right side in this argument because truth be told, everyone who is involved in this argument is biased and you know why that is?

It’s because it’s human nature.

I’m not saying that any examples of racism, sexism, or homophobia is a bias – that’s a prejudice and an act of discrimination – but passionately believing that you are correct is okay. You have a right to believe that you are right because there isn’t a “right” answer. Not at this point in time.

The largest argument against Reylo is that it could be incest or that it’s abusive. Yes. Yes it could be. We do not know yet. Does that mean it’s okay to send death threats to people over this? No. Could a single person prefer Reylo because they despise the idea of biracial relationships? Yes. Yes they could. Does that mean that it’s anyone’s place to send them death threats? No. It just means that they’re an asshole and we should leave them alone.

Alternatively, the largest argument against Finnrey is that it does not stop to consider the story’s themes/there is not information to base a conclusion off of and that it’s fetishizing biracial relationships. This is conditionally true. We do not have enough information to base any conclusions off of, and there are repeated motifs in the Star Wars franchise that have been seen time and time again. Does that mean that they will be repeated in this new triology? No. Could a single person like Finnrey exclusively because they are into biracial relationships? Yes. Yes they could. Does that mean that it’s anyone’s place to send them death threats? No. It just means that they’re an asshole and we should leave them alone.

You can dislike a ship and not hate on it. You can like a ship and not agree with the dynamics. You can dislike a ship but enjoy the dynamics. You can dislike a ship and like the story. You can like a ship and hate the story.

But for THE LOVE OF GOD, do NOT send hate to anyone over a ship.



THE HUNGER / JOHN - [(Kyle Maclachlan Fancast)]

You call us the hunger, that’s not entirely inaccurate, ‘cause we are hungry. But it would be more accurate to simply call us dissatisfaction

…But soon. 

You will call us ascendant.