ren makes things


canon kylux, essentially


I sometimes wish I’d stayed inside

my mother.

Never to come out. 


And the last part! Which leads straight to this one.

Feeling lost? Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

(Coffee shop AU)

RWBY signs

Ares: Nora Valkyrie

Taurus: Sun Wukong

Gemini: Pyrrha Nikos

Cancer: Ruby Rose

Leo: Yang Xiao Long

Virgo: Weiss Schnee

Libra: Lie Ren

Scorpio: Winter Schnee

Sagittarius: Qrow

 Capricorn: Blake Belladonna

Aquarius: Jaune Arc

Pieces: Neptune Vasilas

@bona-mana (T  3 T) i was really in love with that reference you posted before… i’m sorry… i stole it… *is weak for beautiful hand poses* (oO  vOo) <3 <3 <3 <3 *whispers* (¬  w ¬) that also might be the piano sheet music for “to zanarkand” hehehe… And!!! your AU is too pretty! (vO [ ]O)v it’s killing me slowly!!! and i’m okay with that!?!?!

okay okay okay I’m so happy right now so many good things are happening. I’m working on m godfather fic for the write a thon (mafia theme guys, they are all in the mafia I’m so pumped), I’m really close to 2.5k followers which is insane, and #bekindtowriters is actually happening and spreading and I couldn’t be more proud that it’s catching on! 


Aaaand here we go! TO BE CONTINUED!

The First Order coffee shop AU has something resembling an actual plot? It’s not just unabashed Kylux fluff?! Unbelievable, right!
This will be three posts in total. Yes, it’s very long. I’ll post the last two parts within the day probably.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

(Coffee shop AU)

Anyone else tired of that whole “Skywalker men are whiny babies, at least the Skywalker women get stuff done and aren’t whiny and stupid.” shit that goes on on tumblr dot com?

Like, I find it so annoying ‘cause most of the time I see it, it’s meant in full seriousness. I can’t even enjoy it in good humor anymore!

We don’t need to tear one group down to uplift another, okay?

Skywalker women are amazing: they are dramatic, capable, caring, powerful, and total fashionista drama queens.

Skywalker men are amazing: they are dramatic, capable, caring, powerful, and total fashionista drama queens.

Just in different ways.

The Skywalkers are also: highly naive, dangerously idealistic, prone to high emotional responses, and have all at least murdered once in their life.

Different reasons for the murders, of course, and shouldn’t be counted the same, but still.