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•  Ren is always cooler and Nora is always hot, so sleeping in the same bed started as a struggle but they compromised by Nora just being Ren’s blanket.

• Nora loves when Ren cooks for her or makes her pancakes, but her favorite time is in the middle of the night when they’re both sleepy. She’ll sit on the counter or hug him while he cooks and talks. But, Ren will actually sit down and eat with her, and it’s when they get to talk to each other about their day away from everyone else.

• When they were kids Ren had his own little bag of lien and he saved it for when Nora was really upset or sad. He would buy her candy or little things to go with the hammer he gave her.

• It’s always thought that Nora has loved Ren forever (boop) , but he knew they would be together-together from the moment they met. He fell in love with her as she grew to be the strong, loud, bubbly girl she is now. That’s why he never complains about her being annoying, it’s one of his favorite things about her.

• Nora thought about dying her hair pink, but she was scared it would look bad with her hair color; so Ren just let Nora dye part of his instead. He’s kept it like that ever since because of how happy it makes her.

• Ren absolutely adores Nora’s freckles and remind her all the time, for the little amout he times talking he talks about her freckles a lot

• For a minute the two considered opening restaurant instead of becoming hunters because they were scared of losing each other. That, and Nora wanted every item on the menu to be a pun.

• Ren likes to purposefully tell people they’re together-together instead of just together because of all the years Nora spent saying they’re not together-together

• When Ren is especially down Nora would find a hill when they were kids for them to look at stars, now they go up to the rooftop

• Nora kissed Ren first on the rooftop under the stars.

It’s been a year since Darkpilot came into our lives! Thank you for all the Benpoe universes <3 @tenukii‘s Benpoe AUs have really been a gift! Prince Ben and the masquerade in Downfall is a favorite. Also Cowboy AU.

Kylo Unhinged

So Kylo Ren in the trailer, right? New scar, still very hot, we’ve analyzed everything right?


We have forgotten to analyze HIS LIGHTSABER. So here we go into the abyss.

So his lightsaber has always been a little unstable right? Just like our fave problematic son. So why make note of it in the trailer?

In the first gif shown below, (Im on mobile and it won’t let me comment under gifs I’m sorry) it shows that his lightsaber; while unstable, is functional. But in the the second gif from the trailer the thing looks like its three seconds from exploding.

We all know that the lightsaber is connected to Kylo and his emotions. So if his lightsaber is so unstable, what does that mean for Kylo?

I think it means that the farther we get into the series, the more confused and unsure of his path he gets. Which is going to enrage Kylo, because even KILLING HIS FATHER didn’t drive him to the dark like he wanted. He still feels the pull to the light. And he’s furious, he’s coming apart at the seams because everything that Snoke had been telling him his entire life was WRONG. And its driving him towards the the middle. Towards the grey

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I love how it’s been nearly a year and a half of the Fandom consecutively moaning “Okay but why is Kylo Ren so fucking hot?”

And none of us actually know why. There’s so many…he’s just so perfect.