ren is shooting that in the air

[The nuckalvee grimm walks forward, it’s tongue slithering along it’s face menacingly]

Ren - [takes a deep breath] You killed my mother…….

Nora- [chiming in] And your dad !

Ren - [closes eyes, tightening his grip on his weapons] Prepare to…..

Yang - Woah woah woah woah WOAH  [walks up from out of nowhere, pushing Ren back gently into Nora’s arm’s]  You’re too close to this one Ren [ rotates arm around to stretch] Let me handle this one

Ren - Yang, it killed my parents and I’m not a doctor 

Blake- [appears next to Yang, brandishing Gambol Shroud] Not with that attitude you’re not

Ruby - I think they just want to fight it 

Yang - [double finger guns at Ruby]

[The nuckalvee’s tentacles shoots from out of nowhere and wraps itself around Yang’s legs, picking her up in the air and slamming her into the ground repeatedly. Her aura glowing brighter with each hit]

Yang- You’re[slam] only [slam] making [slam] me [slam] STRONGER [slam]

Nuckalvee - [pummels Yang faster in a state of panic, squealing with worry]

{Blake springs into action] 

Ruby - [sighs as she watches Blake free Yang]

Nora- [nuzzling Ren contentedly] What’s wrong Ruby ?

Ruby - You have Ren, Yang has Blake, Jaune has his victim complex. Where’s Ruby’s love interest ?

Weiss- [behind Ruby] Right behind you

[Ruby instinctively spins around and hugs Weiss with all her tiny might]

Ruby - I’m never letting your dad take you by falling unconscious AGAIN [kisses Weiss on the forehead]

Weiss- Well I should hope NOT [sighs with annoyance] I hate my family [mutters quickly under her breath] except Winter….

Ruby - Don’t worry ! I’ll make you a new one 

Weiss- [sputters incoherently, face as red as Ruby’s cloak]

Ruby - [glances back at Nora, grinning] That’s her happy face

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Renora Prompt

What if Ren and Nora fight Emerald?

- Emerald remembering how close the two are uses her semblance so Ren only sees black so she can deal with Nora one-on-one

- Ren can’t see anything and all he can hear is Nora screaming for him to help her and asking what’s wrong

- Ren trying the best he can to help shoots around randomly and slices in the air whenever he hear something gets close

- Emerald is able to knock Nora out and decides to deal with Ren first before finishing Nora since she no longer poses a threat

- Meanwhile Ren is losing his mind suddenly not being able to hear Nora as he is yelling out for her to say something

- Emerald then makes Ren see an image of an extremely beaten and bloody Nora dead on the ground

- Emerald walks around him whispering small statements of blame saying he caused this trying to please Cinder by taking away what power the enemies have, and his power is her

- Ren covers his ears and closes his eyes to try and shut all of it out, but he opens his eyes despite his brain yelling at him not to look

- Seeing Nora’s body bloody and with no heartbeat, he just… snaps

- The next time he hears Emerald come near him he reaches out, grabs her neck, and slams her to the ground breaking the illusion

- He glares down at her squeezing her neck as she scratches his arm trying to make him let go, but instead of feeling any sympathy for her he grabs his weapon and stabs her in the leg as she screams out

- While this is happening out of the corner of his eye he sees Nora, the real Nora

- He glares back at Emerald almost like he was trying to stab her just with his glare

- Ren let’s go of her throat but the glare stays as he tells her to run, but he knows she will either get caught or lead them directly to their headquarters with the trail of her blood

- Emerald limps away as Ren sprints to Nora and immediately checks her pulse and physically relaxes

- He hugs her close and runs his hand through her hair as he whispers, “Why do I have to love you so much that even the thought of losing you makes me lose all sense of who I am.”

- And waking up Nora simply replies, “I know right, it sucks huh?”

- Ren just smiles down at her and continues to hold her in his arms

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falling down to his knees and not realizing chewie is shooting at him doesn't mean he's in shock

Look, here’s the actual excerpt from the book. word for word:

Stunned by his own action, Kylo Ren fell to his knees. Following through on the act ought to have made him stronger, a part of him believed. Instead, he found himself weakened. He did not hear the roar of the enraged Wookiee above, but he did feel the sting of the shot from the bowcaster as it slammed into his side, knocking him back on the walkway.

Also, we’re talking about someone who stopped a laser bolt mid air when poe shot at him FROM BEHIND

“All the male characters in RWBY are weak and useless and never get to have badass moments (except Qrow).”

Let me tell you why that’s bullshit.

I’m really tired of people having this attitude and complaining that all the male characters ever do is either not fight or suck at fighting. And then, when Qrow fought Winter, people were saying “Finally, the first badass male character!”

Technically, the first badass male character is Adam.

What just happened in the above gif: Adam shoots his sword at the robot’s face, catches his sword in mid-air, shoots the robot’s head off, then cuts the robot in half.

When the Black Trailer came out, people felt disappointed that Adam outshined Blake.

People were also disappointed that Adam was the one who had a power-up moment in the Black Trailer, instead of Blake. He completely destroyed a giant robot that Blake couldn’t even leave a scratch on.

Adam and Qrow are not the only male characters who have proven themselves not to be weak or incompetent, though.

Remember when Ren took on a King Taijitu (two-headed snake Grimm) all on his own and blew up one of its heads with his bare hands?

Remember Sun’s awesome gunchuck skills in V1E16: Black and White? Note: The writers originally planned for Sun and Neptune to actually help fight the Paladin in V2E4: Painting the Town, evidenced by them stating in the Director’s Commentary that Ruby was originally going to explain Yang’s Semblance to Neptune during that fight. However, Sun’s weapon was using a very old, complicated rig, and Monty had reused an old animation from a previous project for Sun’s fight in Volume 1. Once they finished production on Volume 2, Monty made a new easier-to-use rig for Sun’s weapon.

Moving on… Mercury has consistently proven himself to be anything but weak or incompetent. When he sparred Pyrrha in V2E5: Extracurricular, he put Pyrrha on the defensive. After the very beginning of their spar, he got her to where she was almost constantly blocking. When she tried to get into a position where she could start attacking again, he put a stop to it and even knocked her weapon out of her hand!

Pyrrha is a four-time winner of the Mistral Region Tournament. She’s celebrated as a highly skilled superstar. But Mercury put her on the defensive, and when she moved away and tried to get into the offensive, he stopped her and disarmed her.

In V3E4: Lessons Learned, while Emerald got into position in the forest biome, Mercury faced Coco and Yatsuhashi alone. He managed to dodge and block their attacks and kicked the hell out of both of them.

Mercury withstood an incredibly powerful attack from Yatsuhashi that blasted all of the water out of the geyser biome and shattered the entire biome.

Speaking of which: Yatsuhashi used an attack so powerful that it blasted away all the water and shattered an entire biome made of rock! Yatsuhashi’s attacks may be slow, but he is a serious heavy-hitter. And this isn’t the first time we’ve seen him shatter the ground with one attack. Last time, he shattered cement:

So, please, stop saying that all the male characters suck, are weak and incompetent, and never get to have badass moments.

And remember, the first badass male character in RWBY was Adam, not Qrow.

His Only Omega

Notes: okay, so this is my first A/B/O fan fiction so I’m sorry if I made any mistakes. Also, this is going to be part of a series, so get ready for more sin.

Word count:768

Warnings: kidnapping, violence


It was surprisingly easy to mask her scent, especially in a village full of mostly betas, and a few alphas who had already found mates. She had a large supply of scent blocking herbs in her garden, and rubbing them on her skin daily seemed to work at keeping unwanted alphas, and potentially forced bonding to take place.she was happy with her little cottage close to the outskirts of the village, and was basically the doctor of this area. Her planet was relatively primitive, though, she did have a service bot, whom she called Shurly, that helped her with her patients. She was smaller than most betas, but not small enough to make it obvious that she was, in fact, an omega; most people just saw her as a smaller beta. She was quite happy with her small cottage, that doubled as her office, and her joy in her life was her garden, where she grew everything from food to herbs she used in her treatments.

She was in her garden when they came. People often visualized the First Order coming during the night, but this had happened only a little bit after lunch. She had just finished seeing a patient about a broken leg, and had quickly set and put a cast on in and was now mindlessly tending to her sprouts. That was when the screaming had started. It was far away at first, and she had assumed that it was some of the children playing an annoying game and were chasing each other. She visioned herself, one day having children, but that would mean that she would have to take an alpha. Also, if she were to come out as an omega, she would then be treated as a second class citizen, especially in her village. She sighed and shook her head and continued to weed her plants. Then there were more screaming, then the smell of smoke. This was when she looked up to a sight I sheer horror. The First Order ship that were coming through the atmosphere. She knew she had to act quickly, she grabbed some one her scent blocking herbs, quickly and grabbed a few more essential items and shoved them all into a bag and ran out through a small back gate she had in her garden. Luckily, since her house was on the more outside part of town, it was easier for her to slip into the forest that surrounded her village. She could help but feel terrible for the people that she was leaving behind, but she realized there was little that she could do. Silent tears fell as she ran through the forest. She then heard footsteps coming from behind her. She quickly looked behind her, which, in turn, caused her to trip over a fallen stump. She stayed there, hoping that whoever she heard, wouldn’t find her or that it was another villager trying to escape. She couldn’t get up anyway, her leg hurt to much, and she assumed that it was now broken. She let her head fall and allowed her tears to fall freely. Unfortunately, for her, the footsteps were neither those of a villager, nor was it ones of a storm trooper, no, it was those of the infamous Kylo Ren.

When he had landed, he was overwhelmed by the scent of unclaimed omega. Strange, he thought, he had smelt unclaimed omega before, but it was never that pungent and he could easily ignore it. This, however, awoke his inner alpha and immediately ran towards the source of it. He was originally here for a rumored artifact that was buried somewhere in the woods surrounding this village that was rumored to hold some great power within it. That was now all forgotten as he ran through the forest. He could now smell fear, and something else now, pain? He ran a few more steps and came across a girl. The scent was at it’s fullest now, he could barely control himself from claiming her right there. Fighting of his temptation, he crouched down to her level. She looked up at him, fear evident in her eyes. She tried to move away, but couldn’t, her leg prevented her from going anywhere, it was bent at an odd angle, and when she tried to move, it only caused pain to shoot up her leg. She was shaking now, Kylo felt something stir up in his chest now. A desire to take care of this girl, this omega. He swiped his hand in the air in front of her and she blacked out instantly.

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For @isabella-alana…Happy Birthday doll! Reader is force-sensitive as requested.

“You need to relax,” Kylo Ren instructed quietly.

Y/N sighed in frustration. Her face was scrunched with annoyance.  Kylo Ren, her master, was training her in the ways of the Force. But, so far, she was only able to lift a few light-weight things into the air.

“I…can’t,” she grumbled, “It’s impossible!”

Smirking to himself, Kylo Ren sauntered over to her tense form. It was one of the rare times he wasn’t wearing a helmut. He held back a chuckle as she crossed her arms in annoyance.

“Then try using that frustration. Direct it.”

With a determined nod, she shut her eyes. She grit her teeth as she focused on what was around her. She could sense the base, the trees outside, the incoming Finalizer. Channeling her frustration, Y/N began to force anything not drilled down into the air. A chair, some papers, anything in the room.

Her concentration was interrupted when she felt a warm peck on her neck. She jumped, dropping everything. Her eyes widened before spinning to shoot daggers at Kylo Ren.

“I had it and you distracted me!”
He suckled on her neck. “Is that so?”
“Mmm, yes. You did,” she replied a bit quieter.
He pulled her flush against him. “But, you’re already powerful, love.”
“I could be more if you’d let me,” she hummed.
He chuckled against her skin. “I do enjoy seeing you…angered.”
She bit her lip slightly, opening up her neck.
“You’re so determined, driven,” he complimented, “Yet you look absolutely magnificent. As if none of it was on your mind.”
“Hmm. Jealous, are we?”
She yelped as he nipped her earlobe. “Quite.”

Grabbing his back hairs, she pulled his lips to her own. He hungrily replied while rubbing his hands down her back. After some time, they pulled apart. The pair were both grinning madly.

“Happy birthday, my queen.”

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My Pleasure (Part III) [AU Obi-Wan x Reader]

Prompt by: Anonymous.

A/N: My duel writing sucks??? but i don’t know how to fix it???

Imagine: You find Kylo Ren. You end up battling and you get injured. Obi-Wan comes to your aid.

Warnings: None.

Part I

Part II

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You stare down at the sleeping form below you. You grip the hilt of your lightsaber tighter, turning your knuckles white. Obi-Wan crouches next to you, his breath billowing out in the chilly air.

“We should take him now,” you whisper, glaring down at Kylo Ren. “While he’s asleep.”

Obi shakes his head. “No, we must be patient. It’s highly unlikely that he’s come alone. We don’t know if Hux is here or not.”

You shoot him a withering glance. “We can still take both of them.”

Obi-Wan rolls his eyes. “I know that,” he growls. “But aren’t you wondering why he’s here? On Ando Prime of all places?” You shrug your shoulders. He sighs, “You’re just like Anakin.”

“Is that good or bad?”

He shakes his head. “I don’t know.”

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Guiding Light

“Y/N, I told you to run with BB-8” Poe scolded Y/N. She had appeared out of nowhere shooting a Stormtrooper.

“Since when I listen to you” She smirked and rose from the wall of rock, she  to shoot another Stormtrooper that was about to kill another civilian. “Oh wait… I never do” Y/N stated with a smile.  “What’s the plan?”

“The plan was you to be safe along with BB-8” Poe hissed angrily. “You should ran away while you can” he added taking the pistol from her hand. She tried to reach for it but Poe pushed her away. “Y/N, where are you going? Come back here!”

“Hey” Poe almost shoot Y/N.  He ignored her and continue to watch the scene that developed in front of him.

Y/N shrugged her shoulders, suddenly she saw Poe standing up shooting at the black figure. Her jaw fell open as the blue laser stop in the middle of the air. “Bring them here” a monotonous voice commanded.

Y/N felt something strange. “Scary costume” Poe glared at Y/N. “What?” she asked innocently.

“Really?” Poe mouthed at Y/N.

“Y/N” She face to turn at the sound of her name.

Kylo Ren was surprised to see her there. His guiding light. No. She was dead. He had killed her.

Prisoner (Kylo Ren x Reader part 1/?)

Slowly and steadily, Poe Dameron hovered and lowered the X-Wing over the dusty sands of Jakku. Being in the backseat, you observantly watched as he carefully maneuvered the aircraft. He was teaching you to fly, and for you, it was an honor to be taught by the best pilot in the Resistance. The X-Wing touched the ground with a gentle, THUD. “Is that it?” You asked, turning your head around to the side to speak to him. You saw him nod, “We just have to get the map now. Keep your head down and don’t draw any attention to yourself for your cause. Got it Y/N?” You nodded, grateful that he even wanted you to come with him on such an important mission. With that, Poe lifted the roof of the X-Wing, allowing the two of you to climb out, before BB-8 was lowered from the droid port of the aircraft. You followed Poe over the dunes of Jakku, into a small town, filled with tents and different races that you’ve never seen before. You looked around in curiosity, staring at weird, strange things. “Y/N!” Poe whispered, queuing you to stop looking around and staring so much. “Sorry.” You whispered back before putting your head back down and continued following him. “Stay out here.” He motioned before putting a hand up and heading inside a tent. You did as he asked as you stayed with a beeping BB-8. You heard voices inside of the tent, discussing the map leading to The Last Jedi. You picked up a nearby rod and drew in the sand, scribbling around. Suddenly, you heard distant screams. You jerked your head up and squinted your eyes in the screams’ direction. Your eyes widened as you looked up into the sky. BB-8 blew past you and into the tent, beeping frantically with you following behind. “Poe! The First Order!” You said in a panicked tone. You had never come face to face with The First Order, and only have information based upon the horrifying stories you had heard on various Resistance bases. The old man inside the tent quickly handed Poe something before you all emerged from the tent. “You have to hide!” He said to the man. “And you all have to run!” He replied before you, Poe, and BB-8 reluctantly left the man and the village behind and headed to the X-Wing. “Hurry BB-8!” You exclaimed, sprinting after Poe. You reached the X-Wing, the sound of blasters echoing behind you. “There they are!” You heard a Stormtrooper command before blaster beams whirled past your head. You hopped in the X-Wing, Co-Piloting to Poe as he flipped switches at lightning speed, starting the aircraft. You felt a jolt through the plane, as a beam hit the main engine of the X-Wing. Poe jumped out of the ship to inspect the damage. “Y/N! It’s fried! We have to go!” He called to you from outside. On command, you jumped out of the X-Wing, as Poe handed you the map to Luke Skywalker. “It’ll be much safer with you. Get out of here!” He said, armed with his blaster. “I’m not leaving you Poe.” You said before giving the map to BB-8 and arming yourself. BB-8 rolled away quickly as Poe gave a nod of confirmation to him. “You’ve always been stubborn.” He scoffed under his breath before shooting at Stormtroopers, picking them off one by one with you following suit. You and Poe dove behind a sand dune, as blaster beams soared over your head, you peeped you head up, watching what was going on. A large ship had landed, and all the Stormtroopers had stopped firing. Poe looked up behind you. The doors to the ship opened and a tall Stormtrooper wearing silver walked off of it, accompanied by someone dressed in all black, with a mask on. “Kylo Ren.” You whispered under your breath as fear shook you. The old man from before spoke to him for about two minutes, before Kylo Ren decapitated him with of fail swoop of hit lightsaber. Then, it all happened so fast. Poe stood up, and without even thinking, pulled the trigger of his blaster, shooting at Kylo Ren. “Poe! What the hell are you doi-“ You exclaimed before stopping mid-sentence and widening your eyes at what had happened. Kylo Ren had stopped the beam, in mid-air. You froze where your stood, before two Stormtroopers seized you and Poe, forcing you to kneel in front of Kylo Ren. He and Poe spoke briefly, as you looked down. You didn’t really pay attention, if all the stories about who The First Order captured were true, this wasn’t going to end well for you and Poe at all. The Stormtrooper forced you up, pushing you and Poe onto the ship. “Kill all of them.” You heard the Silver Stormtrooper command behind you as you boarded the ship. Poe and yourself sat in silence, surrounded by enemies on the way to wherever The First Order was taking you. The aircraft suddenly stopped inside a large airbase, and fear gripped you when you knew where you were. They had taken you and Poe to their Star Destroyer. In all the stories you had heard, captives never even made it this far. Maybe you were just lucky. You were shoved off the ship, and pushed down various hallways. Before they took Poe into one room, leaving you alone. “Wait! No! Don’t!” you protested, not wanting to be alone. They took you into a room around the corner. The room had a strange vertical table with cuffs on it. The Stormtrooper forced you into it, as you fought and squirmed around. The Stormtrooper left the cell, shutting the door behind him and guarding it. Your heart raced. You didn’t know what was going to happen. “Hello!?” You shouted at no one. You were completely unsure of what to do, so you just kept making noise, screaming and yelling at the top of your lungs. The Stormtrooper from before came in the room. “Keep it down!” He yelled, hitting his blaster against the floor, making you jump a bit. You shut up. “Hell of a plan Y/N.” you thought to yourself sarcastically. You heard Poe screaming down the hall. You heart beat out of your chest as beads of sweat rolled down your face. About ten minutes later, your cell door opened, and Kylo Ren intimidatingly walked through. “Leave.” He commanded the Stormtroopers as they obeyed. You had never been this scared in your entire life. You put on your toughest face to try and fool him of your true emotions. “I’m not afraid of you.” You choked out, sounding weaker than you had wanted to. “Really?” He said, turning his masked face towards you. “From what I see, this is the most scared that you’ve ever been in your life.” He snarled. You bit your lip. “What do you want from me?” You glared. He shrugged. “We have all of the information we needed from your pilot boyfriend. Now you’re just dead weight.” He said deeply. “He’s not my boy-“ You stopped mid-sentence, realizing that he had called you DEAD weight. “I’m n-not afraid to die.” You stuttered out. “Who said anything about killing you? You could have…” He paused before dragging a hand down your body making you shiver. “Other purposes for me.” He finished. You narrowed your eyes. “I’d rather die than to be a toy to someone who’s face I can’t even see. You have to hide your face behind a mask because you’re afraid of what people will make you out to be. Nothing but a monster.” You hissed out. He paced the room before sitting on a nearby ledge. You squirmed your wrists around in the uncomfortable metal cuffs, not taking your steady eyes off of Kylo Ren. He put his face into his hand slowly, and removed the mask, flipping his dark hair back as he looked at you and smirked a bit. You were taken aback at his face, you didn’t know what you were expecting, but this sure as hell wasn’t it. He had dark brown eyes, with a beautiful Roman nose, and a perfectly sculpted jawline. You involuntarily licked your lips, and took your eyes off him, facing forward. “Sorry. Doesn’t change anything.” You glared as he chuckled a bit. “You’re lying to yourself Y/N.” You jumped as you heard your name. “You don’t know anything about me. Don’t you dare call me by my name.” You growled through your teeth. He smirked and stood in front of you, his face about two inches from yours. “I know enough. Daddy issues, right? Grew up with your Aunt and Uncle, until you decided to run away and join the Resistance like the little girl you still are underneath that body of yours.” His eyes ran up and down your body as you felt his soft breaths on your face. He pulled away. God, what the hell was he doing to you? Is this what they meant when they said seduced by the Darkside? You thought of pulling his dark hair as he did unspeakable things to you, making you dizzy with arousal. You immediately shook the thought as you heard him chuckle again. Your cheeks grew hot. “Stay out of my head! You’re using mind tricks on me!” You said angrily, accusing him of making you think such things, even though you knew he didn’t do anything. He brushed the back of his hand across your cheek, sighing a bit. “Oh, Y/N, there you go again, lying to yourself.” His hand moved from your cheek into the roots of your long hair, he pulled at it slightly as your heart started to race and your breaths moved quicker. “You’re gonna be a fun little toy for me to have aren’t you?” He growled into your ear, as you felt his warm breaths on your neck, sending a shiver down your spine. You didn’t respond, just shut your eyes and bit your lip. “That’s what I thought.” He husked before putting his mask back on, releasing the cuffs, and grabbing you by the arm, forcing you down the hall. He took you corner around corner, before pushing you into a large room, it was mostly steel grey, with a large window looking out into the vast galaxy, with a long black couch and a bed. “This is where you’ll be staying from here on out. You will be guarded every day and night until I feel that you can be trusted. Do you understand me?” He said sternly as you nodded gently. Suddenly, a Stormtrooper barged in. “Sir, the prisoner has escaped.” He said frantically. “Alone?” Kylo asked. “He had help, Sir.” He said. Kylo Ren shook his head, and left you alone in your room. You paced around a bit, opening the closet to reveal a plethora of black tank tops and pants. You shut the closet door an chose to stay in your Resistance clothes. You sat on the big bed and laid back. “What the hell did you get yourself into Y/N?” You sighed gently to yourself.

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