ren is pretty ugly

Ah crap I draft one ask and another that is sort of related to it arrives right after, haha. Sorry for awkward posting, but I prefer answering somewhat related stuff at one go (even though it leads to long replies because I can’t shut up, apologies).

Ren pretty much fell for Hux the moment he started working at First Order. About here. He’s the one who has a hopeless crush throughout ALL the comics, Hux starts developing feelings only after the one where he kisses Ren and the pretty ugly aftermath of it.

The chronology gets a bit complicated since we’ve just drawn things we’ve felt like drawing despite where they might fall in the grander scheme of things (like plot lol), but here’s the approximately correct timeline:

- Almost right after Ren starts working at FOC
Probably what leads to Ren kissing Hux
- The kiss
- Reset!
- The three-part comic I just posted
- This
Maybe this

Now I’m not sure if the last one actually happens right after the one before it, or if Hux actually is enough of a decent person (who learned something from his past mistakes) to let Ren calm down and not take pretty gross advantage of his mental state. The Millicent one does sort of kickstart endgame, the kiss won’t happen long after, and it’s what leads to endgame when it happens (there’s a reason I didn’t draw the actual kiss and just wanted to show the intimacy and how Ren’s not sure if he can touch Hux).

And the comic with the kiss happens pretty early in the timeline. The two hardly even know each other in it yet. It’s part of why Ren gets even more emotional when he yells at Hux at the end of the latest comic and puts emphasis on “you hate me” and rags on him so much about not having feelings, etc. You don’t know yet what resets the situation back to the status quo and why the kiss is not endgame, but like I said in the latest comic’s tags, I’ll draw it at some point. It’s not going to be a very happy comic, though, and boils down to “Hux is an asshole who doesn’t realize how much rejection Ren has been through”, but I like to draw Ren upset and in tears so you know how this will go lol. It will teach Hux an important lesson anyway.

The comics I didn’t link can fit either before or after the kiss, but I like to think those with Hux acting at least somewhat nicer towards Ren are after (like the one in which Ren is sick), and the rest (most “pointless” comics) are before. Point is: Ren crushes on Hux pretty much instantly (but is in denial about it for a long time), Hux only starts feeling genuine attraction after the kiss (and realizing how he shouldn’t have done it), and then they’re both in denial about their feelings, fight a lot because they get under each other’s skins so easily and pine after each other in secret because that trope is where I draw my lifeforce.