ren hakuryuu

So, Ohtaka revealed in a backstage that the djinn equips are an embodiment of what each djinn is thinking of their masters. Ever since then, I’ve been thinking of that and came up with a few headcanons on what the djinn equips reveal about the djinns and how they see their king vessels. They are also based on the thought that the djinns have a high opinion of their kings and are proud of them:

Amon DE: at first, Aladdin was worried that Amon might turn Alibaba into an old man, but it turns out that Amon is more fond of his king than Aladdin had thought. According to this tweet: it’s like Alibaba is Amon’s pride and joy and Amon thought of him like his own grandson when he chose that form for him.

Zagan DE: we can guess from volume 11 omake that Zagan sensed the darkness in Hakuryuu’s heart and it was reflected in the form he chose for him. Also, according to Ohtaka’s notes, Zagan’s DE is a combination of Zagan’s peacock headdress and the image of a black dragon (probably a reference to the fallen white dragon, Hakuryuu, who later falls into depravity). She adds that if Hakuryuu wasn’t a character who bore a grudge against the world, his djinn equip might have been different.

Focalor DE: it was described in the side materials as ‘sinister’ and that the black feathers and wings on his back evoke the image of a black falcon. They also stressed that during his adventures, Sinbad accidentally took in the power of darkness and that at his half-fallen state, he can manipulate both light and darkness. It was hinted that Sinbad getting Focalor might have coincided with the destruction of the first Sindria. Maybe it was just like the case with Zagan and Focalor also took note of the darkness in Sinbad and that’s how his djinn equip ended up looking like that. The encyclopedia also mentions that while Sinbad gets new accessories in all of his djinn equips, his trademark earrings are the only things that remain the same. 

Vinea DE: it’s based on Otohime - a beautiful princess who lives in the Dragon Palace at the bottom of the ocean. I don’t know if this is supposed to be linked to Kougyoku manipulating the element of water like, say, how Sailor Neptune’s hobby is swimming, but she likes to spend her days off in the bath.

Astaroth DE: Kouen is known for his bad fashion sense. On the other hand, according to this paper, Astaroth DE got the approval of even Kouha. He thinks that Kouen looks like the warrior he is and stylish to boot. We can deduce that along with Astaroth acknowledging Kouen’s strength, he probably wanted to help him with how to look fashionable. Astaroth also didn’t get rid of the goatee, which could indicate that he thinks it suits Kouen.

Dantalion DE: Koumei is habitually unkempt and sleep-deprived to the point it affected his skin. We can see Dantalion’s love for her king vessel in how it seems as though she brushed his hair and dressed him up like a doll. She also seems to have taken note of his weak constitution and equipped him with armor for protection.

Leraje DE: Kouha being mistaken for a girl is a running gag in the series and Leraje didn’t hold back on making him look like one. It was also mentioned in the encyclopedia that the DE shows off Kouha’s beautiful skin that he takes great care of.

Paimon DE: according to Ohtaka‘when Hakuei appeared for the first time in full djinn equip, Koumei, who was standing next to her, was dressed in black, and so I made Hakuei’s djinn equip white. It’s a djinn equip with an image like that of a white angel’. The first Magi encyclopedia also described Hakuei as a ’ woman that doesn’t know darkness’, which goes along with Kouen’s comment on her djinn equip that white quite suits her.

And that’s all for now :3