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Duende with Lin? ❤

Duende - Unusual power to attract or charm. 

You had heard the term life of the party before, but you had never been on the arm of a person who was considered so. It was a tad exhausting, to be realistic.

At some point you found home in the corner of the club, tucked into the corner of a booth next to Renee. You half listened to whatever light gossip she was spilling to Chris as you watched the life of the party from a distance.

He weaved easily between bodies, joining conversations seamlessly, leaving with the lightest of jokes before bouncing to the next person. He was handing off people’s favorite drinks that he knew by heart, and calling for songs he knew would get people on the dance floor.

Not that this particular group needed coercion to get on the dance floor.

And he was among them, twirling and twisting to the beat, hand always respectful and eyes only on whoever his partner was. He had dragged you to the floor long ago, but your too-tight shoes had other ideas.

He was happy to stay occupied elsewhere, knowing your aversion to being as social as he liked to be. And you knew better to be jealous. He would be off for the majority of the party, but without fail he would find his way back to you.

He’d tell Renee or whoever that someone was looking for them and slide into the booth as soon as they took off. He was tired and sometimes tipsy but his hands were soft in yours. No matter how energetic he was with others, he would be hyper focused when it came to you. As if every breath you took was magnificent and he needed to bare witness to it.

You would down your final drink and close your shared tab, always more expensive than you had agreed upon but Lin insisted on getting so many rounds for people without hesitation. You would pretend to be angry for a moment, but he would smile and you couldn’t remember why you had rolled your eyes.

His departure would be met with a chorus of boos, but even the life of the party had an early morning. Home long after the sun had set, he would save one last dance for you, clad in pajamas and messy hair with nothing but the sound of traffic outside your symphony.

You loved his soul, you decided, tucking into bed by his side, snuggling close as he attempted to pull you even closer. There was no such thing as too close when it came to Lin.

No new comic tonight, may or may not have one tomorrow/Monday

Soooo I am Going Somewhere today! To visit a friend! And then Ren Fes tomorrow :DDDD am super excited bc I have not Gone Anywhere since…maybe March…>.>;;;;

ANYWAY, because I am Going Places and Doing Things with People this weekend, I may or may not be able to finish this weekend’s comic >.<; I’m bringing my arting computers so I /can/ make progress, but no promises orz


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Part one is here.

Part three is here.

Summary: Your meeting with Kylo Ren yesterday is having extended consequences. At this point, you’re ready to become a space hermit.

Word Count: 2061

Warnings: Language? I guess?

Characters: Kylo Rex x Female!Reader

A/N: So, here we go, Chapter 2! Any ideas for titles? I’m fucking awful at titles. Once I think of one, I’ll be putting the next chapters under those headings, and tagging them with the title as well. Anyway, have fun. EDIT: Find this under “Fix Your Attitude” from now on.

The dread pooling inside of you didn’t evaporate overnight, and as you dragged yourself to your post the next day, it only grew worse. You had thankfully avoided Sam by coming in early–he’d try to get you to talk about what happened yesterday. Besides, you wanted to get a head start on the repair, and maybe get a chance to work on literally any ship under your fleet assignment other than the Command Shuttle.

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Se supone que no estan más con modest? Porque Louis sale con danielle? Y si no es asi ¿que sentido tiene ponerse feliz porque chau contrato si no pueden seguir haciendo nada?

Tienen que entender que Modest! y SYCO son dos cosas DI-FE-REN-TES. Los stunt estan planeados por SYCO, aunque Lounielle es cosa de Azoff. Ya se acabó el contrato con Modest!, un paso importante, en Marzo se termina el otro y ya serían totalmente libres. (Lo cual no quiere decir que al otro día confirmen Larry)