ren faire hair


I went to the New York Renaissance Fair 9/12/1015. I procrastinated so hard that I made my outfit in a week! My mother assembled the clothes, because she’s awesome. I went as Thorin Oakenshield wielding a Keyblade of the Key to Erebor. I thought it was an awesome crossover. 😉 Everyone at the fair loved my outfit. People asked for pictures, wanted to hold my Keyblade, and asked what the hell it was. Haha! I picked up he bracers at the fair. I didn’t have my own, or the time to make them.

I actually really liked how this turned out, despite my difficulty grasping digital media. I mean… I basically just paint and it takes forever. I feel like I’m finally learning some new things, though! 

Aldebaran, art, and design © me! Ren fair monsters © Hauket.