ren fair monster

It’s no secret I like doing casual colored pencil work on black paper. Today’s guest is Fleur!

Caran d'Ache Supracolor/Pablo colored pencils, Faber-Castell colored pencils on 400 series Strathmore black paper.

I actually really liked how this turned out, despite my difficulty grasping digital media. I mean… I basically just paint and it takes forever. I feel like I’m finally learning some new things, though! 

Aldebaran, art, and design © me! Ren fair monsters © Hauket.

Gaaaah, I need to go to sleep. I’m not tired when I should be and this is a problem.

A little WIP shot of the head detail I’m doing for Aldebaran. Got some snazzy new brushes, so let’s hope I get better at this!

I’m going to get back to commissions tomorrow, don’t you fret!

I was going to name him Kasumi(mist), but I could not resist the kiss me puns…

Babe is cecil’s younger brother! He is more into the aesthetic of stuff, and sometimes act as a pissbaby. It is cute, because people often forget how young he is ´v`

Unlike his bro, kisumi communicates just fine (cecil refuses to use telepathy) and sincerely there is only one voice I can think of being his right now,,,, help

Ren fairs belong to KING THUNDER, thanks haile for letting me make his one now i want to draw him 8evr

AHH I got my first Ren Fair monster today! I bought her from a very nice person at DA who needed repair fund.

I’m so happy she’s absolutely gorgeous and I’ve been wanting a ren fair since forever but kept missing out on the auctions;;

Idk a name yet though, I kinda like Abigail but not sure.. maybe something in Elvish to match my kebanzu.

Ren Fair Monsters are a species by Skypunk

Ren fair monster notes

Psychic abilities: ren fair monsters are able to read the minds and communicate via brainwaves with other ren fair monsters as long as they are able to see the other ren fair and focus on them. Ren fair monsters usually speak this way with other ren fairs, but they cannot speak to other species via brainwaves, they also cannot read other species minds. Ren fair monsters can speak verbally, though some have odd quarks and unusual speech patterns and accents due to not needing to speak verbally much around other ren fairs. 

Ren fairs that still use space technology on a regular basis are able to form the tech into any shape. the tech is not used as much anymore because it is sort of engrained into the ren fairs bodies and helps them to not get sick and also helps stabilize their psychic abilities. They also do not require it much on the new world they inhabited, because their way of life is much simpler than it was on their home planet. the default form their tech takes is an orbital pattern around the neck of the user. it tends to shift and break into strips and blobs when the user moved too much, but if they stay still long enough it will form a single perfect ring.

Hierarchy: ren fair monsters don’t have a very strict hierarchy system. Everyone is seen as equals pretty much. There are some leaders though, who tend to be the ones with the best psychic abilities. Their are also two “chosen” ren fairs who are seen as ultimate leaders of the ren fair species. They are able to speak with and read the minds of any creature no matter how far away they are. They also are much larger than most ren fairs and display intergalactic markings and various impossible mutations for any common ren to posses. 

The two chosen ren fair leaders share their power and are consulted about important things, they are also looked to for guidance and are relied on for protection from other attacking species. The chosen light leader represents wisdom, and the chosen dark leader represents safety and strength, but they are both relied on for wisdom, safety and strength. The light leader is usually female, and the dark leader is usually male, but in the past their have been two males, two females, or a female dark leader and a male light leader. The two leaders are reborn when they die, reincarnated. They also almost always form a romantic pair with each other, unless they are both reborn to the same family of ren fairs, because incest is looked down upon in ren fair culture. 

The two leader ren fairs have never produced any offspring, because it is said to be a last resort as the resulting child would be more powerful than even the two leaders powers combined. 

Rarities: Ren fair monsters that display intergalactic freckles are very rare. It is also see has beautiful for a ren fair to have intergalactic freckles of any amount. the presence of intergalactic freckles also usually comes with longer flowing fur, but not always.

Another rare sort of ren fair is a striped pastel ren fair. their bodies tend to gradient from one color to another, with riverlike stripes all over their bodies. Pastel striped ren fair monsters are reserved for close friends only, and cannot be purchased through auctions or customs. 

Social notes: ren fair monsters of any sort are VERY touchy feely and the concept of personal space almost doesn’t exist with them at all. It is not rare for ren fairs that are unfamiliar with each other to lounge in the same spot or cuddle, it is the equilivant of two strangers sitting on the same bench to wait for the bus, the two ren fairs may not socialize but being in close proximity is seen differently by them. ren fair homes are also very open, and it is not uncommon for friends of the owners of the house to just wander in and be social with the owners or other friends of the owners. Ren fair monsters are extremely respectful of others possessions and take the highest care to keep everything in order and not break or make a mess of anything. Ren fairs are also very social and love being around other beings, even if they are not other ren fairs. They also love to trade and haggle when selling things or trying to procure new items. They are also very inquisitive and love listening to stories as well as telling them. 

Ren fair monsters tend to be very active, with bursts of energy and high speed running. They love to climb, run, and swim as much as they love to lounge in the sun or shade.

they are also very creative and enjoy weaving all sorts of items that they wear.