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hey so like if you’re a reylo shipper who also happens to be a person of color, could you please like this?

i wanna find more reylo shippers of color bc i think a lot about how reylo can be seen as racist by people who don’t ship them together (yts ending together, “no way Rey can be with Finn!” rhetoric that’s imbued with anti-Blackness) and like basically i just wanna know if anyone else also stays up and thinks about these things?

bc calling out racism, trying to stop systemic racism is really important to me as a woman of color so i just feel conflicted bc i’m shipping reylo and like it could just end up being a very bad, problematic thing and i just…………wanna talk about this???

as you can tell, i have been having a weird time about this

also can only reylo shippers of color respond to this? anyone can reblog/like but i’m not trying to get into full winded discussions about racism within nerd & fandom cultures, especially not with white ppl

Right Here

“I can see every tear you’ve cried like an ocean in your eyes. All the pain and the scars have left you cold.”

“I can see all the fears you face through a storm that never goes away. Don’t believe all the lies that you’ve been told.”

“ I’ll be right here now to hold you when the sky falls down. I will always be the one who took your place.  When the rain falls I won’t let go. I’ll be right here.”

“I will show you the way back home never leave you all alone. I will stay until the morning comes.”

”I’ll show you how to live again and heal the brokenness within. Let me love you when you come undone.”

“When daybreak seems so far away reach for my hand. When hope and peace begin to fray still I will stand.”

((Ashes Remain))


Commissions are open again :D!!! I’ll be opening up 10 slots so please, in order to request a commission or ask questions, e-mail me at:

Things I will do:

  • Fanart
  • OCs ( reference will be needed, this can include photos, info about their personality, backstory etc.)
  • Very mild gor-e
  • Celebrities or any real person
  • Animals

Things I won’t draw:

  • Heavy go-re
  • n/s/f/w
  • Anthropomorphic Creatures
  • Backgrounds

Additional notes:

  • PayPal only
  • The drawing will be sent  to you in PNG format
  • Please don’t be scared to send me as many references as you can
  • Prices may be adjusted depending on the complexity of the character or the drawing, but I will give you a final quote beforehand
  • the background will remain white unless requested otherwise

Thank you guys so much!!

DODRIO’S “2016 is Finally Dead” THANK YOU!

Hello, my friends! 2016 is finally dead and gee whiz, am I happy about that! It’s been a difficult year of transition and change for everyone worldwide, which is an understatement alone, but I want to thank you all for surviving it with me!

These last four months of creating content (Zoidberg Voice: Hooray! I’m useful!) and interacting with all of you guy’s has really helped and inspired me, especially through my own personal recent struggles, and it means the world to me that we all bring each other so much mutual joy. 

In no particular order, I want to send my love to some friends and mutuals I’ve made! And also blogs I adore, even if we’ve never spoken. You are all wonderful and I appreciate what you do!

@frender  @morticia-smith @krabby-kronicle @soupery @summersmiths @peppa-peggy @ohstephyy @schwubadub @mortyandrick @pop-crash @pi-la @softsanchez @bonnibels @cataclysmicmelody @africant @ren-and-stimpy @bugeyedfreaks @ppgifs @marcys-mareep

In other news! Please check out two new Fan Blogs I’ve created!

@rickandmortydaily and @therenandstimpyshow

I’ll be posting daily Rick and Morty content on the first (GIFs, Screenshots, Videos, Memes, News, etc.) and am looking to add Members there, and will be posting the same type of content, just Ren and Stimpy, on the second!

I am thankful for each and every one of you who follows me and (seriously) send a thought of well wishes and prosperity you’re way every night before sleeping. It’s the least I can do.

Here’s to 2017! May it be filled of prosperity, productivity and security!

5 a.m. [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Inspired by the one time me and some friends went to McDonald’s at 5 a.m. The reader, craving junk food, drags a sleepy Lin out of bed, way too early in the morning. The breakfast menu isn’t up yet. Chaos and shenanigans ensue.

Word counter: 4,474

Warnings: None, just a really sleepy and grumpy Lin. 

Authors Notes: @sunshinemiranda - i cannot believe i got to the chance to collab with ren again??? you guys, this honestly all stemmed from this really cute story she told me and then me (being pushy and annoying as per usual) needed to get in and then this came into being!! we got so attached, we made headcanons for this, unbelievable. i still want to make a prequel. enjoy.

@alexanderhamllton - i got to collab with my girl again, can you guys BELIEVE??? I am so happy with how this turned out, we made a whole lot of headcanons (hence the mixtapes) and we really hope you guys like it! If you want more from this universe PLEASE let us know, because we would love to wirte that! 

askbox | olivia’s masterlistren’s masterlist

Lin wasn’t expecting his phone to ring at 5 in the morning. He wasn’t expecting anything but a solid sleep that he desperately needed after too many late nights full of work. Funny thing was, life had a screwed up talent at ruining expectations.

His phone lit up in the dark, vibrating against the wooden bedside table with a vicious energy. With a groan, he stabbed a button blindly and brought it to his ear without even bothering to emit a greeting. It was too early for that.

“Lin. Listen, it’s 5 am. You wanna go to McDonald’s with me?”

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The situation with these boys is getting worse every month and since they were my first ever favorite foreign group (back when I didn’t know what K-Pop was or meant), I’m asking everyone to fight alongside with us fans to help them.

They’re on the brink of disbandment and even though they’re “veterans” (they formed in 2012), they’re (4/5 members) participating in Produce 101. This was categorized by the idols themselves a desperation move.

Listen to their songs and, if you like them, please like the videos, comment and also share them as much as you can. 

Here are some songs’ links, if you wanna help a sista out:



L.O.\/.E. fighting! <3

ps- i’m sorry i tagged this post with other groups/idols, but it’s just to try and get the word out faster ^^

But can we just talk about ep3 for a minute? And about poor baby Jonghyun?
Not to make anyone sad but, it broke me.

When he saw Minhyun coming in through that door and he just went on and thought ‘Why are you here? Get out.’
He trusts them to do well, even though, it’s not their fault, they are tired and frankly, I hope they don’t give up fighting. Even if MNET is evil, even if the editing makes you like this, don’t give up. We can see the good in you. So others will too.

When they had to pick the leader for Minhyun’s team, and everyone choose Jonghyun, but you could see it in his eyes, he didn’t want to be a leader.

Jonghyun said that he’s afraid to be a leader, because he doesn’t want to fail them, to let them down, like he did with NU'EST and I can’t really cope with that. He didn’t fail NU'EST, he didn’t broke their promise, they are a team. A leader shouldn’t carry all the hardships and all the blame on his shoulders, a leader doesn’t mean it’s all on you. You can ask for help, you can rely on others. You don’t have to apologise to Minki and the others for going up to B Class. They will do better, they will follow you.

This child blames himself for everything and apologises for things he didn’t do or shouldn’t apologise for.

But then Minhyun went on and said, 'I believe in Jonghyun.’ and I felt like crying. Jonghyun shouldn’t carry the burden alone, and yet he does it.

Someone please stop this child, please protect him. Because I can’t stand watching Jonghyun being in pain anymore. I can’t stand watching Minki cry. I can’t stand looking at Minhyun being so tired and I can’t stand looking at Dongho how he almost lost all hope.


hey everyone!! i’m a relatively new reylo-centric blog and i just wanted to say hi to everyone & make my presence known. :)) i’ve been a lurker since TFA came out & i finally caved and made a sideblog. i’m looking for more blogs to follow so if you post reylo/rey/kylo/SW/etc please like or reblog this so i can follow you! happy to be part of the fandom finally!

somewhere, in a Galaxy far, far away...

Hux: Ren, this just came for you *hands over card* 

Ren: Why didn’t you throw it away? *rolls eyes*

Hux: It’s yours. You throw it away. I am not your secretary! 

Ren: Okay, so you gave it to me, good job! Get the fuck out.

*Hux leaves*

Ren: *mumbles* this for sure is from Snoke… but why? It isn’t my Life-Day!

Ren: *opens card* 


Originally posted by reylo-musings

Ren: what in the world… *starts searching archives, sends card to labor to tell if her DNA is on the card*

Ren: so… this is… “Valentines Day”… send gifts, cards or flowers to person you love. Reys DNA was on the card! she at least must’ve touched it at some point. Maybe it really was from her… for me *adds card to his sulk-shrine*

Ren: Rey likes me… by the maker! She likes me! I must show her that I like her back! 

Ren: *doesn’t know what to write*…who is a slimy little subject, always knowing what to say to please others?

Ren: Hux, can you hel-

Hux: How did you get into my quarters?! Get out or I am calling the security guards!

Ren: fine. I am eloquent and literate. I’ll find the right words.

Somewhere else, a few hours later:

Poe: Hey! Rey… this… came for you. By express. *hands over card*

Rey: Oh, thank you! 

Poe: *walks away*

Rey: Oh! It’s from Kylo! *checks if is alone*

Rey: *opens card*


Originally posted by iheartdaisyridley

Rey: I don’t know what I expected…

anonymous asked:

you are one of my favorite writers and i was so happy when you said you would write riverdale scenarios too, i know you said that you have a long list of alec requests that you still need to write but can i pretty please have a Reggie scenario where he is jealous of the reader because she is good friends with Jughead? it is my birthday today so this would really make my day! i love your writing, hands down best writer!!!!!!

AN //
Happy Birthday babe.👸
Enjoy your day and if you’re legal, take it slow on the alcohol.✨

Reginald Reggie Mantle // Expression.

Reginald X Reader.
Genre // Fluff.
Word count // 3.7K

Credits to the rightful owners of these gifs @kulo-ren


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❄️️ snowy modern AU kylux! ❄️️ (-^   v ^-) a commission for the, very lovely, @jesuisbetejesuispatissiere who has had it made for their friend @coffee-without-a-pause to accompany the latest chapter of their fic A Cracked Gift, which you can read >here< ! it was a pleasure to work on this, and a pleasure to work with you jesuisbetejesuispatissiere! <3 (^ ___^) drawing these two is still delightfully comfortable and i look forward to finishing up more past projects of them! <3
Arrow: Katie Cassidy to Return as Series Regular for Season 6, Playing [Spoiler]
Arrow has targeted original cast member Katie Cassidy for another encore — but this time as a series regular, for Season 6.
By Matt Webb Mitovich

Oh yes. I heard.

So let’s talk about it.

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Knowing what our boys are going through right now, I can’t listen to a single Nu'est song without wanting to cry (ESPECIALLY ‘GIVE ME A SHOULDER’ AND ‘THANK YOU’ I actually cried….) but I will continue to listen regardless because they need our support now more than ever… Please guys go support Nu'est on Produce 101 and spread the news about them around/share/listen/like their music like crazy and videos please please please! Our lovely boys are in trouble of disbanding and it’s heartbreaking… PLEASE REBLOG NOT JUST LIKE THIS POST OR THINGS ABOUT THEM IN GENERAL because that doesn’t help them at all or get the word around except maybe if you have your likes to where people can see them but even then people don’t usually check others likes. So please again spread news about them like crazy and help these magnificently talented and unique boys even if you don’t like them that much or even know them because EVERYONE deserves a fighting chance EVERYONE!!

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32. open your eyes + kylux? ty!

open your eyes

Hux was not quite tipsy, not quite there yet. He and Ren were simply sharing a nice bottle of brandy in his quarters to celebrate a victory they’d just been informed of, that was all, just having a chat and a drink, nobody had to know they were kissing harsh and biting like it was a dare, like a game of chicken. 

“I’ve always wanted to know something,” Hux said, soft, when he drew back from the sharp-sour-sweet kiss.   


“What does it feel like?”

“What does what feel like?” Ren asked. There was a little bruise blooming just below his plump lower lip, where Hux had bitten with a bit too much enthusiasm. 

“Hearing everyone’s thoughts.” Hux felt almost like he’d swoon into Ren’s lap, lazy and pleased, unbothered. He closes his eyes and leans against him. “Isn’t it loud? Isn’t it a distratcion? Stars above, Ren, I can barely stand it when someone’s coughing on the bridge.”

“Mm, think of it this way,” Ren answered. “You don’t hear the engines, or the hum of the machines, do you?”

“If I listen for them, I do.”

“It’s exactly the same. If I listen for things, I hear them. Otherwise they just become part of the background.”

Hux smiled. “Do you hear me?”

“Don’t let it get to your head, but I’m always listening for you.”

“What an impossible request. Everything gets to my head. You’ve told me a thousand times.”

“Hux, open your eyes.”

Hux opened his eyes and searched Ren’s face, but his vision was swimming and maybe he’d had more to drink than he thought, maybe–

“We’ve had our victory, General,” Ren said softly. “I’m putting you to bed now.” He paused, lest it sound too sweet. “You lush.”

“I’m celebrating,” Hux protested.

“Celebrate in bed.”

“With pleasure.”

Sleep, Hux, stars.”

“You can listen to me dream,” Hux says gleefully, loving the way it sounds when he says it. Far more poetic than anything he’d say sober. Listen to me, he wanted to say again, but Ren was scooping him up and he closed his eyes again, sighing.

Let’s Start Here (NSFW)

Read on AO3.

Summary: Your breath hitched. No one had ever seen you without clothing before. “O-oh…” you said. “B-but…”

“Shh.” He tugged at your top, and another button popped open. “Go on. Do the next one.”

You weren’t sure what to expect or what to feel–the most you’d ever done was daydream about holding Kylo Ren’s hand. Never kissing. Never stripping. Never…

“Mm.” The corner of his lip quirked. “Keep going.”

Words: 6300

Warnings: EXTREME innocence kink, Medic!Reader, virginity loss, praise kink

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N: This is a work crafted especially for one of my favorite humans and smol beans, @kylooppa. We’ve bonded frequently over our mutual love for innocence kink, and I decided to take this to the next rational level. I hope you enjoyed it, boo–I love you so much.

And I hope the rest of you enjoyed it, too! Thank you!

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