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I’ll Come Back for You Part 1

Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: You and Poe were chosen to help find the only way to find Luke Skywalker. But, the both of you had run into some trouble. 

I do not own anything!!!!

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You watched as Poe was handed the very thing that could change the outcome of battle between the First Order and the Resistance. You and Poe were both chosen by General Leia Organa to obtain the last piece of a map that led to where Luke Skywalker was. To say that you both were capable of handling this mission, which you both knew could end badly, was an understatement. Poe was the best pilot in the Resistance and you, being Leia’s daughter, were one of the best fighters.

You guys were often paired off with one another for missions and got along well, which led to the both of you developing feelings for one another, but refusing to say something. The both of you were very stubborn, often butting heads, which led to many arguments during missions, as well as one of you possibly ending up getting hurt. If one of you did end up getting hurt, the other would be by your side, often bugging you to be careful and make sure to pay more attention. As much as you got on each other’s nerves, that didn’t stop you guys from caring for one another.

Lor San Tekka squeezed Poe’s hand and said,

“This will begin to make things right. I’ve traveled too far and seen too much to ignore the despair in the galaxy.” He pulled away and both you and Poe stared at the missing piece of the map, “Without the Jedi, there can be no balance in the Force.”

“Well, because of you, now we have a chance.” Poe stated.

You grabbed Lor San Tekka’s hand and smiled, “Yes, thank you for this. The Resistance can now finally stop the First Order from causing any more harm. The General has been searching for this for a long time.”

Lor San Tekka smiled back, “Oh, the General? To me,” he winked, “she and you are both royalty, my dear Y/N.”

You heard Poe chuckle softly and say, “Well, they both certainly are.”

You were about to make a witty comment back until Poe’s droid, BB-8, came crashing through, chirping excitedly.

You and Poe looked at one another,

“We’ve got company,” Poe said, you both stood up in a hurry and stepped outside.

You heard all of the villagers shouting in warning. From afar, you could see ships from the First Order coming closer to the village.

“You have to hide,” you heard Poe say and you turned around to look at Lor San Tekka.

“You have to leave,” he replied back. You felt your heart drop as you grabbed his hand.

“Come with us,” you begged, “it’s not safe for you here.”

Lor San Tekka looked at you with sad eyes and smiled, “My dear, it is not my place to come with you. I would only slow the both of you down.”

“But-“you felt Poe grab your arm and you turned to look at him as he nodded to you, his eyes also showing a hint of sadness.

You looked back at Lor San Tekka and lowered your head as you released his hand. You gave him a quick hug and he squeezed you back,

“You need to go, Y/N.”

You pulled away and looked back at Poe and nodded, the both of you began running back for the X-Wing you came in. You heard a bell begin to ring, as well as the First Order ships getting closer, and you saw all of the villagers grabbing their weapons and taking cover. You wished that you could help them, but you knew that if the First Order obtained the missing piece of the map, that it would make things worse than it already was.

You could hear the sounds of blasters going off and you knew that the First Order had arrived. Hearing the villagers screaming and shouting made your heart drop, but you pushed yourself to run faster. You were a little behind Poe and knew that BB-8 was right on your heals when you heard Poe yell,

“C’mon slowpoke and BB-8, hurry!”

You huffed angrily and yelled back, “You are choosing NOW to make fun of me? You are so going to get it when we get back to the base, Dameron.”

You could hear him laughing and BB-8 chirping as you punched him in the arm when the both of you arrived to the X-Wing. The both of you were finally seated in the X-Wing and Poe started the engine. As soon as you had put your helmet on, you felt the ship take a hit from some blasters and you and Poe groaned. They were continuing to shoot and you, with BB-8 chirping, yelled

“Hello Mr. I’m The Best Pilot in the Resistance? Are you ever going to shoot at the Troopers?”

“Yeah, yeah, I see them Y/N/N,” he stated as he pulled up the blasters from the ship and shot back at the Troopers. You knew that he hit them as soon as you saw him get out of the X-Wing to check the damage. You hurried alongside him and you sighed when you saw the damage. You heard the screams of the villagers intensify and you turned around, seeing them become overrun by the Storm Troopers. The smell of smoke surrounded you as you saw the houses being burned down. You shoved Poe’s jacket and said

“We have to help them Poe!”

Before you could turn off to help, Poe grabbed your arm and shook his head. BB-8 rolled next to you and Poe brought you down with him as he handed you the piece of the map. He looked between the both of you and said,

“You take this. It’s safer with the both of you than it is with me.”

“No, Poe I am going to help you,” you said, shaking your head.

“You and BB-8 are the Resistance’s only chance at surviving, Y/N. You both need to get as far as you can from here okay?” He looked at BB-8, “Do you hear me?”

You tried to object, but Poe pulled you in for a hug and whispered to you,

“I’ll come back for you,” he kissed your cheek and you felt your heart race.

Poe pulled away and gave you that sideways smirk that he always gave you and took off running. You looked down at BB-8 and started running away. You got quite a bit away from the village before you felt this weight come over you and you heard how silent it was and turned around. You stopped BB-8 and kneeled down,

“BB-8 you have to take this,” you handed the droid the map, “I need to go help Poe.”

You heard BB-8 chirp at you and you said, “We will come back for you, don’t worry BB-8. Now go, please.”

You watched as BB-8 rolled away before you ran back for the village. The weight that you had felt had begun to feel stronger and darker as well. Your heart dropped as you realized why that was. You hid as you saw Poe in front of you, standing up as if something was holding him back and saw a blast from his blaster being held up in midair.

Typical Dameron, you thought.

You watched as two Troopers grabbed him and took him back to a tall, dark figure and push him down in front of him. You knew instantly who it was and felt your stomach churn. You hadn’t seen your brother in so many years, and you felt as hurt as the day he left. You continued to watch as they lifted up Poe and began to walk him back to one of the ships. You then saw the Troopers lift their blasters and kill the remaining villagers that they had grouped up. Before you could stop yourself, you shot up and ran towards them,

“No! Stop!” You felt something stop you and you couldn’t move. You looked towards the tall figure walking towards you and if you could clench your fists, you would have.

“It’s been a long time, little sister,” said the robotic voice of Kylo Ren, “I have truly missed you.”

You scoffed, “You’re only five minutes older than me, Ben.”

Kylo Ren started to circle around you, “And you are still as stubborn as the day I left you. Now tell me, were you with that Resistance pilot?”

You swallowed and clenched your jaw, “If you hurt him I swear that I will-“

“Interesting,” he interrupted, “the both of you were given the map to Luke Skywalker.”

“I have told you before to stay out of my head, Ben!”

“Ben is no more, little sister,” he stood in front of you, “now tell me where the map is.”

“You’re going to have to do better than that to get what you want from me, Ben,” you said, glaring at him.

“Very well,” he started to walk to the side of you and the last thing you heard before blacking out was the sound of Poe yelling for you.

Mission Control

A/N: So I’m thinking about starting a second series (besides my batman one) and am planning to do it in the Star Wars universe. Tell me what you think

(Y/n) sighed, looking around the room she was currently trapped in. It was simple, cold, and made of only metal.

“Would it kill them to put a pillow in here” (y/n) murmured as she lounged on the black bench that was built into the wall and waited, knowing now that she was awake it wouldn’t be long.

And she was right (y/n) had just started to count the seconds when General Hux appeared flanked by two storm troopers.

“Ah, morning Hux. What am I in for this time?” (Y/n) sat up straightening her jacket. (Y/n) had worked for the First Order every now and then, but more often then not she was brought onto the base to fix something or be reprimanded for one of her jobs.

“Can you just shut up for once?” Huh came over grabbing your arm and hurrying you down the hallway. (Y/n) pretended to be shocked at his harsh tone.

“Now, is that anyway to talk to a business partner?” (Y/n) stumbled, but quickly found her footing, years of smuggling and thieving helping to make the task easier.

“If that business partner is my sister, then yes” Hux huffed turning a corner. (Y/n)’s eyes scanned the hallway doing her best to memorize all she could, in case of emergency.

“I can walk you know, and I’d appreciate not being treated like a prisoner every time I come here. It’s not like I have any other place to be” (Y/n) huffed just like her brother, pulling her arm free. Hux narrowed his eyes but kept moving forward, knowing his sister would follow. (Y/n) let out a loud laugh when she sensed the storm troopers tense up.

“Do you have to laugh at my soldiers?” Hux glared, finally pausing in front of a door, quickly opening it.

“I’ll stop when you stop treating me like a child” (Y/n) waltzed into the room, not missing the small smile her brother allowed to slip through before becoming serious again. He nodded at the storm troopers, dismissing them. (Y/n) sat down at one end of the long black table, swinging her feet up onto the edge.

“So what am I in for now? Need me to smuggle something, get you guys some information? Oh, I know, you heard about me swindling some huts in the outer rim and you want me to give you a portion of my earnings?” (Y/n) smirked, watching her brother stand at the door, waiting for something or someone. You paused trying to figure out what was the hold up. It was then you heard the large footsteps of the only person in this huge place that your brother was forced to wait for.

“Hello (Y/N). Let’s get started” The man in all black sat at the other end of the table closely followed by your brother.

“You’re late Ren” Hux hissed through an almost closed mouth as he stood behind the enormously tall man. Kyle Ren simply ignored him, sitting down. You could tell that under the mask he was probably smiling.

“The mask Kylo” (Y/n) insisted, sitting up properly. She began to play with her fingerless gloves, picking at her nails. She smiled when she heard the familiar hiss.

“That’s a nasty habit to get into (Y/n)” Kylo set his helmet beside him on the table as he watched the smuggler. He did his best to suppress a smile, watching as the girl brushed back a lose hair locking eyes with him.

“Old habits die hard…” (Y/n) leaned back. It was a rare sight to see both her brother and Kylo in a room together and not fighting, she was enjoying it. “Speaking of old habits, what can I do for you?”

“We need you to get us some information” Kylo leaned forward, resting on his large muscular arms. Hux paced behind murmuring to himself before interrupting the conversation.

“I still don’t agree with this plan Ren. It’s too dangerous” Hux rested on his hand, trying to stop whatever was about to be set in place.

“It’s over your head Hux” Kylo quickly turned back to (y/n), scrambling to get the words out before the annoying twit behind him could stop him.

“We need you to get information from the Resistance. They’ve been recruiting lately and we need you to get inside of them” Well crap, no wonder Hux didn’t agree to this.

Ben/Poe & Al/Llewyn - Twins!! (for @tenukii based on this awesome AU idea post x)

Not quite the exact same college idea, but I couldn’t stop thinking about this concept: Poe and Llewyn Davis-Dameron are twin brothers. They are total opposites. Poe is out-going, charming and everyone loves him. Llewyn is moody, stubborn and only cares about his music and nothing else. Poe has a crush on the handsome Ben Solo, but Ben refuses to go out on a date with Poe unless he can help Ben’s twin brother, Al Cody, get a date as well. Of course Poe turns to his twin brother for help.

//crossover of Force Awakens with the movie “Inside Llewyn Davis

  • My Brother: If Kylo Ren gets redeemed, he'll probably die in the process.
  • Me: No he won't.
  • Brother: Why, so your ship can be canon?
I’ll Come Back for You Pt 5

Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: The group is now at Maz Kanata’s castle, hoping to find a way to get to the Resistance base. They are attacked by the First Order, but help comes and Y/N is reunited with the very people she had missed the most. 

Warnings: Curse words, a little wound.

I do not own anything!!!!

A/N: Sorry if it was a long wait, I know I promised it for yesterday but I was so exhausted from school! Enjoy!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 

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Hiya, can I get an imagine about the Ren brothers confessing their love to their s/o for the first time? Thanks!!!

For sure, dear! 

Ren Kouen: Kouen knew what he had to say. Of course he knew, he had repassed the words in his mind more times than he’d admit, and yet… He had no idea of how to say it. How does someone tell their s/o that they love them for the first time? Hell, Kouen had no idea. Should he create a perfect moment for it? Maybe tell it as soon as he saw them? 

In the end, when Kouen finally managed to do it, he ended up saying like it was a matter of fact, but he was able to put and express his feelings while telling to his s/o, after all.

Ren Koumei: Koumei was nervous, quite a lot nervous. His hands were sweating and for some seconds he forgot what he was going to say, but that was the right time. Koumei would hide behind his fan and blush a ton. When he actually told his s/o that he loved them, was kinda in a “there I said it” way.

Ren Kouha: Kouha was casually talking with his s/o and then, in the middle of the conversation… He just dropped it. He’d say something like “yeah, I love you” and smile right after.

- adm Sin & adm Kouen


These are basically “sibling relationship goals” that I can only dream of.. :)

I’ll Come Back For You Pt 6

Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: After Rey is captured by Kylo Ren, Y/N, Finn, and Han make their way to rescue her.

Warnings: Curse words

I do not own anything!!!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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