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NU'EST W’s 2nd ever win!!

They were just as shocked as yesterday, JR and the rest are really so used to losing for the past 5 years, it seems they dont believe it when they actually win. They all were holding back tears, Aron was biting his lip so hard trying to keep in the emotions. They all did very deep bows, even to juniors! I tried not to cry but seeing like this… i cant hold it in😭 I hope one day loves have given you so many wins you dont have to be in shock like this ever again! Always, forever, we will love and protect you. After 6 years of all the pain, and your OWN hard work and refusal to give up, you are finally standing on stage proudly. It wasnt luck, because few groups are as special as NU'EST- who stayed together for so long despite no success, who are closer than family and some of the most real, talented people in this industry. You’ll get wins from now on always, we’ll make sure of it! #NUESTW2ndWin


“KANG DONGHO YOU’RE TRULY SEXY!” -Legendary Fanboi 2k17

After #NuestW2ndWin

Leader JR: Guys, let’s take a photo together to commemorate this trophy and show it to LOVEs.

Baby Hyung Aron: I want to upload one too!!! But mine has to look different from JR’s, so I shall put 1 finger instead of 2. And tilt the angle 45 degrees woohoo

Maknae Ren: Ya, my body is entirely cut off and my head looks like it’s floating…. Why don’t we get our manager hyung to take a proper full body shot instead 

Cutie Baekho: Wait, are you guys all uploading a photo? I need to upload one too!!! Let’s take another one~~

*everyone is busy uploading on their instagram*

Fine, I’ll just upload the zoomed-our version of Ren’s photo


I have a hard time believing they actually finally got their first win. And now they got the second win. I hope they get many many more. This would not be possible without all the new fans and ofcourse the old ones too. I just want to thank every single new ㄴㅇㅅㅌ for joining and all the old ㄴㅇㅅㅌs for staying.

Thank you so much for making this possible.


Oct. 19, 2017

So… I’m gonna get really emo for a moment here.

So today, I saw one of the most hardworking groups I’ve ever seen finally be recognized for their hard work. Despite the hardships, despite the suffering, I can confidently say that NU'EST are achieving their dreams. And that makes me feel like I can do anything honestly. They inspire me so much. They’re the literal definition of hardwork and passion pays off if you really want something. They’ve been deserving this win for so long and it fills my heart with so much joy to know that they finally achieved one of their longest goals.

I’ll admit, I was watching the video in the middle of class and had to stop myself from outright crying right then and there. They have just done so much for us fans; they’ve put up a front of happiness and joy for us even when things got especially bad. They care so much about us and I’m so glad that we can reciprocate that love and appreciation.

I sadly can’t say I’ve been a LOVE for long; I wish I could though. Nowadays, I wonder just what I was doing before being a LOVE. It’s crazy how much I love them despite not being a fan for long and I don’t think any words can properly describe what I feel. NU'EST makes me want to achieve my dreams and put my passion into what I find important and that is something I’m SO grateful for, especially in this stressful part of my life.

I just wanted to come on here and say that I’m incredibly proud and filled with emotion witnessing this first win. And it only makes me want to support and love NU'EST that much more. I’m sorry if this is long, I just wanted to place my thoughts and feelings somewhere and I felt this was the place to do it.

Finally, congrats NU'EST W on your first win! You guys deserve the world and more, and even if you don’t get to see this, I hope you at least know that us LOVEs are gonna try our hardest to provide more happiness like this in the future. We finally hit the jackpot 🏆

❤ Love you NU'EST ❤