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I'll never understand why Kylo Ren is described as "lean" and "lithe" in official texts. The official art of him and Kylo Ren himself (Adam) are anything but scrawny. Yeah, Adam isn't Jason Mamoa, but he's both tall and wide. Not somebody I'd describe as "lithe".

Yeah…“lithe” is not the best word to describe his physique…However, “lean” is accurate to me. In TFA he had a lot of lean muscle and he was narrower than he is now. He lost a ton of weight for “Silence” and when that happens, and you bulk up again, you get suuuuuper big. So he did get bigger and more broad after he was in TFA. But “lithe” ?? No.


If Adam Driver was a cat.


The Force Awakens – self-promotion

I know that this is now the old Star Wars movie (!), but I’ve been working on this for most of the year (on and off) and thought it was about time I shared it. It was just done for my portfolio so isn’t for sale (unless I can somehow get it licensed!), but it was a bit of a labour of love and I hope you like it.