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Though it took nearly 7 months of off and on Fridays, my friend and I just recently finished rewatching the entirety of Ren & Stimpy together. From the classic pilot to the much derided Adult Party Cartoon. While the episodes varied wildly in quality over the course of the series, it spawned a lot of discussion and intrigue among the two of us about cartoon production, joke telling, and gross stuff.

It also made me realize I had never really drawn the pair before. I don’t know why, I guess I never felt like I could. Anyway, here’s a tribute to “Stimpy’s Fan Club,” home to one of my favorite scenes in the whole cartoon, where Ren contemplates the audacity of himself doing good deeds, and coming close MURDERING his friend simply because he’s the popular one.

moona-knight-13  asked:

I honestly can see why people think you're a bad person for liking the show mostly because of how effed up it became, but I just think they're overreacting, I liked the show growing up.

Okay. I’m glad you bring this up. Because I want to clarify something about being a longtime Ren & Stimpy fan.

I’m not a fan of the Adult Party Cartoons,that aired on Spike TV that came out in the early 2000′s. It was sexist and had animal abuse in it played up for laughs. And not in the way you should do black humor, but in a way that kind of made it seem like we should be actually laughing at the animals and not the situation. It was effed up. It’s hard to explain where to draw the line with black humor but the show crossed and crossed it badly.

Anyways, the original show on, the original, aired on Nickelodeon. That’s the one I like. Which is still relatively effed up considering the amount of violence. But it’s more weird than anything else. And if you look at old Loony Toons cartoons, grounded in slapstick and physical pain, there’s nothing much different going on there imo. R&S is FUNNY because it pushes what it could and couldn’t get away with in a cartoon. And the best seasons were the first two or three. 

To think I’m a bad person for finding something funny is an EXTREME call of judgment on the other person’s part. And shows how stupid they are. What a person finds funny and who that person is doesn’t mean anything. I have a very black sense of humor but I can’t kill a bug without feeling bad? So really? Do people want to go there?

In any case everyone’s free to think what they want and unfollow me for whatever reason. I still like the original show. It’s a big piece of my childhood and shaped the types of humor I got into later. It’s too bad the reboot was such shit.


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