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#5yearswithnuest Thank u boys for the most beautiful five years full of happiness, excitement, the coolest concepts, performances and EVERYTHING ♡ We love u and wish u all the best of course, happiness, successful life, hope all of ur dreams will come true. For members which take a part in Produce 101 Season 2…GOOD LUCK ♡

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My TOP 11 Produce 101 favorites (pre show)

Alright so now that all the contestants have been published, I thought it might be nice to do a top11 favorites. Except for a few of them that I knew before, this is mostly based on the promo videos, so it might change if a) one of the guys annoys me or isn’t as talented as i hoped, or b) if someone else who i didn’t notice catches my eye in the show.

Also, I should mention that I’m not even sure if I want someone from jjcc or nu’est to get into the final group, because I want them to have a comeback with their own group, but still.

Also it’s not really in ranking, except for maybe the top5-ish?

Alright, here we go~

1. Kim Chanyul (aka Yul from JJCC)

He’s mostly the reason I even watch this show. JJCC is one of my favorite kpop groups, and Yul is one of my biases (and technically my bias atm because my original bias left and idk if he’ll even come back). I love him with all my heart and I’m really sad that he went to the show because he’s really shy and awkward and I’m worried he won’t make any friends or that he’ll be too nervous and won’t do too well ;-; on the one hand I’m not sure I want him to get into the final group because I want JJCC to have a comeback already, but on the other hand I hope more people will fall in love with him <3
So he’s the most important one for me, I love him with all my heart and I will support him in this show as much as I can!

2. Choi Hadon (aka Sancheong from JJCC)

Again, I’m supporting him mostly because he’s from jjcc. I love our sloth maknae so much, and he’s genuinely really talented and sweet! I really don’t want both of them to get into the final group (because, like I said, I want a jjcc comeback), and if I had to choose between them I would go with Yul, but I still hope he’ll do well and that he’ll gain lots of new fans~ And I will support him as well as much as I can! <3

3. Choi Minki (aka Ren from NU’EST)

I’m gonna be honest, I’m still so fucking pissed that NU’EST are on this show. I’m not even in their fandom, but this is so fucking horrible and demeaning and just ugh. I’m gonna support all of them of course, but Ren is my bias and tbqh I don’t even recognize the rest of the members that well ^^; and I really don’t want all of them to be in the final group, but if one of them will be I kinda hope it will be Ren~ But I’ll support the rest of them as well, I just didn’t want to put them on the list… 

4. Jung Jung (Zhu Zheng Ting)

So, like I said I was only going to watch the show for Yul, but then I saw Jung Jung’s promo video and I F E L L I N L O V E. He’s definitely my favorite out of the trainees, and I really hope he will get into the final group! He’s like 100000000000% my type of bias (Chinese, can dance, he’s pretty, and he’s not too young) and just. ugh. I love him. I am already so deep in love with him I can’t even imagine what will happen to me if he’s not in the final group and he’ll disappear from my life T_T but I will make sure it doesn’t happen, even if I have to make all my friends vote for him even if they don’t watch the show >D

5. Takada Kenta

M Y S O N. I know he’s like 22 but idgaf ok he’s my son and I love him and I will protect him for ever and ever. I don’t know what it is about him but when I first saw his video I just decided to adopt him and I will love him and support him forever and ever! I really hope he’ll get into the final group so I can keep on supporting him for a long time <3

6. Lee Seokyu

My other son!!! Look at him okay he’s so cute?????? and his promo video was the most adorable thing ever I just. wow. Also yes I know he’s like 20 or 21 or something but shhhh he’s also my son. Precious baby ;-;

7. Kim Samuel (aka Punch)

Alright, gonna be completely honest now - I used to kinda hate him?? like not him, the idea of an idol that was born in 2001. Mind you, it was around… 2013? 2014? so he was super tiny. (I was born in 1992 so you can understand why it’s such a shock to me) In fact, back when he was still in Seventeen, I refused to get to know them because of him, because it weirded me out so much, and even now I find it awkward to watch videos of them with him (I’m a Carat now, I only started getting to know them after their debut).
But he grew up, and now I’m used to tiny idols like NCT Dream, and he’s so precious and adorable I can’t help but support him. Especially after everything he’s gone through with Seventeen and then 1Punch and just ;-;

8. Ahn Hyungseop

IDK I just thought he was cute, there’s no real reason other than that lol. But he sang DBSK’s Hug so he gets extra points for that ;_;

9. Justin

Again, no real reason other than that he’s cute. And Chinese. He’s tiny though, but… eh. Whatever. He’s too cute not to put him on my list ;; I’ll adopt him too if I have to. (also, I love those Chinese members who have such a thick accent that even when they speak Korean you still think they’re speaking Chinese lol)

10. Lee Daehwi

He was the center of Pick Me performance, and I assume for good reason. I think pretty much everyone is going to fall in love with him eventually lol. I’m not sure how old he is but I feel like he’s tiny.. but anyway, yeah. We’ll see if he’s really that good.

11. Jung Wonchul

I know there’s a controversy with him about a stolen choreography or something like that, but… idk I really liked him. Also, I didn’t really know A6P that well and I didn’t know the members and stuff, but I really liked their debut and I only found out recently that they disbanded, I was wondering what happened to them… ;-; I hope he’ll do well on the show because he seems really talented…

So, yeah, that was my top11 favorites so far from Produce 101 Season 2~

I’m curious to see who will end up in the actual group from this list. Hopefully at least a few ^^; 

Also, I should mention that I haven’t watched the first season (I might watch it when I have time before the second one but idk if I’ll have time) so I don’t even know what to expect…

But yeah~

I think one of the most powerful lessons I learned in high school and college was that academics are biased. In the lower grades they teach you that your curriculum is truth and the teacher knows everything, that by the time you get older you don’t realize that everything has a bias. 

Like sure, we know that humanities classes have a bias. There’s no one way to interpret a book, or a period of history, or a sociological concept. But even the pool we choose from in academics is biased towards white male authors and academics and philosophers. The bias is also in what’s never been given a chance to be viewed. 

And math and science are the same way. That math textbook? Intentionally left out some concepts and theorems because it didn’t have time to give you the full picture. That science journal? Only a subset of scientists could even write for it, and each of them have personal biases that they carry with them into their work. People are constantly making assumptions and decisions about what’s important, and those are influenced by their backgrounds and societies. There is no universal truth, even in the STEM fields where people laud absolutism.

The point is: don’t just accept truth. Think and investigate. If you see yourself being fed a narrow perspective, look for sources in other places. Suddenly something that seems universally true might look very biased from a different angle. Then, when you determine your truth, it’ll have an even stronger footing.

A Kpop group that I love (part 1)

This is an idea that I got this week. Each day for a week, I’m going to present a kpop group that I love. To start off, I’ll present the group that got me into kpop: NU’EST!

Name: Nu’est

Members: JR, Baekho, Aron, Minhyun, Ren

Bias: Ren

Favorite song: Face, Action and Goodbye (don’t make me choose!)

How I became a fan: A friend of mine made me listen to Face back in 2012 and after I went to see the MV, I got addicted. For a whole month I was just listening to this song.

Why I love them: They have great songs, they are so talented (and I know, I went to see them in concert in 2015) but so underrated. Also, I have a special feeling for Ren because of something that happened during the fansign that I went too. He did something that changed my life back then and that helped me a lot. And I also love the fact that he breaks gender stereotypes. 

Please, go listen to them, they are amazing!

Kougyoku this time, to go with Hakuei last time. I keep thinking of doing these whenever I’m driving to work. Been wanting to draw all most all some more of the Ren sibs with clouds… yeah….. sometime.

My favorite Produce 101 contestants - Updated after 1st elimination

I was gonna do a TOP11 list but idk if I can handle that, so… I’ll bold the ones I NEED to be in the final group. Also, in case you’re interested, here’s my previous list.
Again, I’m doing this with wikipedia to make sure I don’t miss anyone, so it’s not in rank but according to their companies.

Lee Insoo - I didn’t mention him in my previous post, but boy oh boy. I only realized after the show that he was in A6P as well (I knew Woncheol was), and I watched their mv again a couple of times since then and I’m so emo because I love this song so much and honestly I don’t understand why they disbanded ;-; but anyway yes, I love Insoo he’s so cool~ so I’m putting him on my list this time!

Noh Taehyun & Ha Seungwoon - I mentioned them last time, but I want to say that since then I have actually went and checked out HotShot and I’m just. Wow. I used to be so anti rookie groups during 2013-2014 so I completely gave up on them as soon as they debuted, even though I did listen to their debut for Moonkyu. But I really like them now, so that’s pretty much the only plus of having idols on this show!

Lee Daehwi - I just love this child so much okay he’s such a lowkey drama queen and I love his reactions and he’s so talented I love my son just ;;;;;;
Also I’m digging Lim Youngmin, he’s cute.

Samuel Kim - Another son of mine <3 I don’t have much more to say about him because nothing has changed, but can we talk about how pretty he is with blond hair? (also I’m a tiny bit bitter that he didn’t get 1st place but never mind that)

Ong Seungwoo - I’m still not 100% sure about him but we’ll see. At least he’s extremely beautiful (tbh I would have voted him for #1 visual but ok) and he’s so bright and sweet, so… I’m fine with him being in the top!

Yoo Hoseung - I didn’t initially like him but in the group performances he was really good! And I love FNC artists so much (hate the company though lmfao) so I’m sure he’ll prove himself in the future!


Park Woodam - I mean. Even though I was rooting for group 2 of mansae, I can’t deny how fucking amazing he is and wow just wow. Also he really reminds me of P.O from Block B lol am I the only one or is anyone else seeing it?

Byun Hyunmin - Again, nothing much has changed since last time… His flips are awesome and I hope to see more from him ^^

Lee Woojin - Tiny precious baby, my millionth son ;-; Like I said last time, I’m still scared that his voice will change mid-promotions if he’ll get into the final group, so I kinda hope he’ll wait a few years before he debuts, but he’s still adorable and I love his relationship with Daniel so much that my heart actually melts ;;;;;

Kang Daniel & Yoon Jisung - I just. I love Jisung so much okay. And Daniel too, damn that boy is killing me, but YOON JISUNG. MY NEW GOD. I AM SO HAPPY FOR HIM FOR BEING IN THE 3RD PLACE I JUST LOVE HIM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH.

Kang Dongho, Kim Jonghyun, Hwang Minhyun, Choi Minki - Again, tbh I don’t really care who gets into the final group from Nu’est as long as someone is there. I feel like Jonghyun will be the one in the end, but I’m still rooting for Ren because he’s my bias in Nu’est ^^

Lee Gunhee - I mentioned last time that I didn’t know who I love from the rbw boys but now that I have decided I love Dongmyeong of course he will be eliminated ;-; 

Takada Kenta - no matter what, I just want him to debut. My love for him is growing every single day ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Lee Gwanghyun & Jung Sewoon - my precious Starship boys ;;;;;;;;;;; Whatever happens, I just want to see them both debut this year! Starship, make it happen!

Jung Jung, Justin, Ahn Hyungseob, Lee Euiwoong - I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but Jung Jung is actually my bias from the show (especially now that Yul was eliminated). I mean it’s kinda between him and Kenta, but if he’ll end up in the group (which I hope he will), he’s 100% gonna be my bias. I just. I love him so much ;_; Justin and Hyungseob too, so so much ;; Basically I’m really hoping that eventually all 5 of them (including Seunghyuk) will debut together ^^

Alright, hopefully you enjoyed reading this :) I’ll probably only do another update post after the next elimination, unless something extremely drastic happens and I end up madly falling in love with someone else (like what happened to me today with Eunki god bless).

I know there are a lot of popular guys that I didn’t put in, but so far I just don’t feel as connected to them I guess? I’m slowly starting to like Park Jihoon and Lai Kuan Lin, and I’m on the fence with Joo Haknyeon and Bae Jinyoung, but I need to see more from them to decide. So for now, I’m leaving them out of my list.

Name Your Biases

I don’t know if this is a thing already but I thought it would be fun to do and to see how many people do it. 


  1. Select Ten or Five of your favorite kpop groups 
  2. After selecting your groups choose your bias, if you want you can choose up to four however your ultimate bias for each group would be number one
  3. Tag 10 people (or less or even more than that)

Note: This is optional so you do not have to do it if you do not want to. 


1. Jeonghan *Ultamite Bias*

2. Hoshi

3. Seungcheol

4. Chan


  1. Jaehyun *Ultimate Bias*
  2. Winwin
  3. Taeyong
  4. Yuta


  1. Ren *Ultimate Bias*
  2. Baekho


1. JB *Ultimate Bias*

2. BamBam

3. Youngjae


  1. Amber *Ultimate Bias*


  1. Kevin *Ultimate Bias even if he is not with the group anymore*


  1. MJ *Ultimate Bias*
  2. Rocky
  3. Eunwoo


1. J-Hope *Ultimate bias

2. Jungkook

3. Suga

4. Jimin


  1. Hyolyn *Ultimate Bias*
  2. Bora

Hello Venus

  1. Yoo-young *Ultimate Bias*
  2. Nara
  3. Joohee

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