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I think one of the most powerful lessons I learned in high school and college was that academics are biased. In the lower grades they teach you that your curriculum is truth and the teacher knows everything, that by the time you get older you don’t realize that everything has a bias. 

Like sure, we know that humanities classes have a bias. There’s no one way to interpret a book, or a period of history, or a sociological concept. But even the pool we choose from in academics is biased towards white male authors and academics and philosophers. The bias is also in what’s never been given a chance to be viewed. 

And math and science are the same way. That math textbook? Intentionally left out some concepts and theorems because it didn’t have time to give you the full picture. That science journal? Only a subset of scientists could even write for it, and each of them have personal biases that they carry with them into their work. People are constantly making assumptions and decisions about what’s important, and those are influenced by their backgrounds and societies. There is no universal truth, even in the STEM fields where people laud absolutism.

The point is: don’t just accept truth. Think and investigate. If you see yourself being fed a narrow perspective, look for sources in other places. Suddenly something that seems universally true might look very biased from a different angle. Then, when you determine your truth, it’ll have an even stronger footing.

Serious question

Why is Ren from Nu’EST so flawless? Like, half the time he just looks ethereal, like some mystical being that would be like carved on Greek statues or painted on ancient tapestries and just holy crap he’s one divine piece of creation tbh. 

Kougyoku this time, to go with Hakuei last time. I keep thinking of doing these whenever I’m driving to work. Been wanting to draw all most all some more of the Ren sibs with clouds… yeah….. sometime.