“I-I think I left them behind somewhere…I don’t know where though…”Carmine sheepishly mumbles. Then, seemingly from nowhere-

“Next time how about we try to remember to stay close. It wouldn’t be fun if we weren’t close behind.” Titus calmly says.

Seems they were fairly close to begin with, though apparently Carmine has a habit of wandering. All 4 characters are now open for asks and interactions.


6 years with the strongest boys, the group that went through a lot and never gave up, the group that went on a survival show because of their company’s bad managment and gained many more fans. Thank you for always taking care of your fans and showing how much of a family you 5 are. Happy anniversary and let’s go for many more years together! 💘

Sorry I’m a sucker for Reylo and dramatic lighting 💕
Sketch: http://emilyredekerart.tumblr.com/post/170770286472/ack-i-am-blown-away-by-the-amazing-support-this
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