NU’EST Reaction to you being on your period

A/N: This reaction is for Admin Sage who isn’t feeling too good… Let’s hope that Sage feels better soon!

-Admin B


He’d see if you wanted space or if he could get you anything. Growing up with two younger sister’s I think Aron would know how to make you feel better, but he’d also keep in mind that you weren’t his sisters and he’d just end up looking up ways to comfort you.


Tough guy JR would disappear into softy Jonghyun when you held your stomach tightly and muttered how you hated cramps. He’d bend by your side and ask you in a cute voice if he needed to go get painkillers and a heating pad.


He’d see you laying on the couch all grumpy and think it was somehow because of him. But then he’d remembered you coming home from the grocery store with chocolates and extra pads before he figured out you were on your period. Then he’d be all cuddles and kisses.

(A/N: You are Ren in the gif)


He didn’t know what was happening when he saw you crying over a movie you’d seen a thousand times before. He’d be sitting next to you watching at you used another tissue to wipe your tears at the ending of your and his favorite movie. It was a happy ending but that only confused him more.

“Babe why are you crying this is just a disney movie.”


Uses aegyo to make you smile.