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“I need a hero. I’m holding out for a hero ‘til the end of the night. And he’s gotta be strong and he’s gotta be fast and he’s gotta be fresh from the fight.”

Ie Naki ko Remi

Nobody’s Girl Remi 

by : World Masterpiece Theater 

anyone remembers her? Anyone even KNOWS the show?

Regardless, it’s a nice old school anime, I recommend it to anyone in want of a change of pace to todays animation ^_^

It’s a great slice of Life anime,

The  plot in short: a girl in search of her mother, and the adventures on the way

If you’re a 90′s child , you’d probably have seen that trending ( at that time) plot a lot

still a good show to give It a try 

If you did , leave a comment!  I’d love to connect with other Remi fans out there.  Please?


Inside Out easter eggs that I saw:

-Finding Nemo board game on top of a dinosar world game

-Remy the rat in Riley’s new house

-Grim,Grinning Ghosts playing in Riley’s nightmare

-When Joy, Sadness, and Bing Bong ride the Train of Thought, they ride on car 13. The door to the car stays open, making the car read 1 on the left side and 13 on the right

-HUGE dinosaur reference with the family vacation

-Andy’s globe in Riley’s classroom

-Collette from Ratatouille on a magazine! (Props to my sister for spotting this one!)

I hope to find more! (Pizza Planet truck, anyone?)


Darcy Lewis/Remy LeBeau

Darcy Lewis was prone to getting into trouble. It always seemed to follow her. She could only laugh when she stumbled into trouble itself. Remy LeBeau. And it should really come as no surprise that he’d taken an interest. And she had too. But she was trying to be good. Really. For Jane’s sake. So, she was just going to let that one go. But Remy had a different idea. And the more he popped up, the more she was thinking he just might be right.