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•  NAME: The Wicked Witch of the West (but my friends call me Jiggy)


1:  I’m a writer and editor professionally, which should come as a shock to anyone who has actually read anything I’ve put on this trash blog.

2:  I’ve gone whitewater rafting in class five rapids. 

3:  I met the Archduke of Austria at a Viennese Christmas Ball, but I was about 10000000 times more excited to meet Sophie Aldred. 

•   HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): Oh Lord I don’t have the slightest idea. I started while I was playing Neopets and that was in elementary school, I’m 25 now. 
•   PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: Neopets forums, a few other random online forums, IM, emails, and a good old fashioned notebook passed around.
•   BEST EXPERIENCE: Oh dang, the best experience has been writing Ace on here honestly. I’ve met so many awesome people and it’s lead to so many great experiences, like meeting friends at L.I. Who last year.

•   FEMALE OR MALE: I don’t have a conscious preference, but I have noticed that I write more female muses than male. 
•   FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: Crack. Obviously. Uhm, I guess I would say “fluff” of the three? I don’t write smut, it’s not something I’m comfortable with. And I’m just not…angsty? But I like writing threads with dramatic stakes so fluff sounds odd to say too. I don’t know what to tell ya.
•   PLOTS OR MEMES:  I’m pretty terrible at plotting, I tend to just make stuff up as I go. So memes. Honestly what I love most is just playing off whatever y’all throw at me.
•   LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: I would say short replies but every time I start to write some short starter I end up making novels. 
•   BEST TIME TO WRITE: Whenever I’m supposed to be doing something productive.
•   ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): I have been told so, yes. I mean I’ve definitely wanted to blow up a few classrooms before. 

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Spring Awakening Miscast- listen

a playlist of spring awakening cast members singing different arrangements of spring awakening songs

left behind - gideon glick / bitch of living acoustic - blake bashoff, anthony lee medina, andy mientus, ben moss, kyle riabko, and matt shingledecker / wake me up/touch me - ben fankhauser / mama who bore me - jonathan groff / don’t do sadness/blue wind - blake daniel and emma hunton / the dark i know well - andy mientus and ben moss / seasons of love/song of purple summer - spring awakening first national tour cast / touch me - christy altomare and kyle riabko / my junk/let’s get it on/london bridge/total eclipse of the heart - steffi d / a comet on it’s way - spring awakening first national tour cast / touch me -krystina alabado and andy mientus / left behind - matt doyle / bitch of living - lilli cooper, eryn murman, lauren pritchard, phoebe strole, jenna ushkowitz, and remy zaken / touch me - matt doyle and emma huntun / the song of purple summer - spring awakening first national tour cast reunion /

Rogue x Gambit headcanons

Done for @jeanwreakhavoc :)

• Before Anna Marie had full control of her powers whenever Remy went to touch her she’d spray him with water as if he was a cat.

•Remy likes to braid the white streak in her hair even though he can’t braid to save his life.

•When they’re kissing Anna Marie likes to be on top and she likes to bite, hard.

•When decorating the Christmas tree it’s a constant fight for who gets the best job, putting the star on top, and who gets the worst job, putting the tree up. Remy turns on the charm around the time they get the tree and has put the star on top three years running.

•The other X-Men have walked in on them having sex, numerous times.

•One year on Anna Marie’s birthday, Remy was short on money and was a second away from stealing an emerald necklace- that is until Logan caught him and literally KNOCKED some sense into him.

•Remy always has hickies all over his body after a night with Anna Marie, Scott and Kitty love to tease him about it.


“Touch Me” - Spring Awakening Reunion at ‘The Music of Lauren Pritchard’ at 54 Below

Can't Do This Alone || wolfnamedteddy

Rogue had known that she should probably think things through a little more when she got her powers handled, at least for the moment, but she hadn’t wanted to, especially not with Remy able to finally touch her for more than a second.

Six weeks later, she was having trouble keeping food down, especially in the morning, and she was having almost constant headaches. She didn’t want to admit the possibility that her and Remy’s spur of the moment idea hadn’t exactly gone without consequence, but she needed to know for sure what was up. So Rogue bought a test, and it confirmed her fear.

Upon telling Remy, he told her he didn’t want to be a father yet, he wasn’t ready, and that was going to get in the way of them. She’d been surprised and hurt that he would say that, and she yelled that he was being a coward. She didn’t want a baby at the time anymore than he did, but she didn’t see any other options. He told her she could think what she wanted to, and at that she’d stormed out.

Now she sat on her bed, rocking back and forth as she tried to figure out what to do. The School, although excellent for an older mutant like herself, did not seem like a safe place to raise a baby, not with how the X-men tended to draw fire. So now she had to figure out someplace else to live, she didn’t have a job or money, and she couldn’t rely on her mother because of how they’d parted ways last. Sighing shakily, she pulled out her phone. Maybe someone she’d met when she was traveling all over the country before Logan and the rest had found her could help her until she could get her own place figured out. She just couldn’t stay here with Remy being the way he was.

[text: Teddy]: Hey. Long time no see…is there any chance you’re able to talk right now?

i am so so proud of sam winchester i don’t even have words

he was stuck in hell with the devil, the same entity that tortured him for centuries upon centuries, who messed him up in god knows how many ways

who is now telling him that he’s gone soft, he’s not a hero anymore, and all of the worst things about the best parts of sam

who’s telling sam that his willingness to save his brother is borne out of guilt because of that year spent with amelia

who’s so convincing that sam himself said that he was almost sold for a bit there

and he still says no

he knows it means he might be stuck with lucifer forever

that his brother might die

everything might go to shit

and he still says no, he stands up to the one entity he is most terrified of, who tortured and abused him for centuries

and he stands his ground and he says no


It’s not particularly difficult to slip back into bed without waking your other half, when being sneaky is your bread and butter. Selina smiles softly as she pushes back the sheets with ease, sliding slowly underneath the cotton, moving closer to Remy without touching him - her body aches from earlier in the night and the subtle warmth he radiates soothes her. 

But it only takes a second for the thought to skip over her mind, the early morning sun pushing through the blinds as she grins. Still cold and slightly damp from the sink, she moves her hands forward with a hint of trepidation. Selina’s body follows to move up against him as she shuffles closer —

–  and without any hesitation, presses her ice cold fingers against the warm muscle of his chest.