Okay yeah I think I got things settled for Ahn!Con, at least cosplay wise. Haha.

If I scheduled this right, this will be posted while we’re on the road. We hope to get to the hotel by noon on Friday, gives us time to settle and get into cosplay. I’ll be rooming with OtakuBarto, YourTurnBen, and my friend Dawn who has no tumblr. If she does I forgot the URL.

I’m really excited because this is Ahn!Con’s first year and I get to see some friends and meet a few pals from Tumblr. o3o wooooo

Friday- Sollux (maybe paint)
Crossplay 101 panel at 6pm
May change into Queen Bee! Sollux/Mituna at night

Saturday- Male!ARadia 0r0di0

Sunday- The Master 

Also if I timed this right, this will be my 22,500th post. Ahahaha.