remus lupin x sister!

Sirius: It’s not gay if I wanna date Remus, but like as bros right?

Andromeda: I’m not an expert, but that does sound kind of gay.

Regulus [eating chips]: I’m an expert. That’s gay.



Peter Maximoff:

Idiots in love

Imagine being Peter’s best friend

Imagine comforting Peter

Imagine Peter Maximoff comforting you

Imagine Peter falling in love with you

Imagine your fist kiss with Peter

Imagine being a mutant and Peter Maximoff flirting with you

Imagine having the powers to control water and dating Peter Maximoff 

Imagine being Xavier’s nurse and Peter coming to see you with injuries often

Imagine helping Peter with his broken leg

Charles Xavier:

People make mistakes

Alex Summers:

Prompt request “"You are seriously like a man child!”

Hank McCoy:

Imagine being Hank’s girlfriend

Kurt Wagner:

Imagine taking a photo of Kurt mid teleportation 

Once Upon a Time:

Peter Pan:

Teaching Peter Pan to cuddle would include

Being curvy and dating Peter Pan would include

Imagine being Regina’s daughter and dating Pan

Imagine being the female version of Peter Pan

Imagine being stronger than Pan

Imagine Peter hearing you sing

Imagine being Peter’s ex and seeing him on Neverland again

Imagine Pan being very possessive

Imagine cuddling with Pan

Being Hook’s daughter and dating Peter Pan would include

Or at least, that’s what everyone tell me (Peter Pan x Reader)

Imagine Peter getting pissed at you

Imagine being crazy and Pan loving it

Tell Me You Need Me: Prompt Request

Imagine having a fight with Peter and making up after 

My Clothes: Prompt Request 

Killian Jones:

Being Hook’s daughter and dating Peter Pan would include

Imagine being Hook’s daughter and getting into trouble

Regina Mills:

Imagine being Regina’s daughter and dating Peter Pan


Bucky Barnes:

Imagine being the only one that can comfort Bucky

Imagine being Tony’s sister and dating Bucky

Imagine Bucky coming to save you

Tony Stark:

Imagine being Tony’s sister and dating Bucky

Steve Rogers:

Imagine Steve having an obvious crush on you

Peter Parker:

Imagine Peter being afraid of getting too close to you

Teen wolf:

Stiles Stilinski:

Stiles and Isaac both being in love with you would include

Being Stiles’ sister would include 

Love, isn’t it confusing?

Scott McCall:

Being Scott’s younger sister by 2 years would include

Imagine Isaac falling in love with you, Scott’s sister

Isaac Lahey:

Imagine Isaac falling in love with you, Scott’s sister

Being Scott’s younger sister by 2 years would include

Being Stiles’ sister would include

Stiles and Isaac both being in love with you would include

Dating Isaac Lahey and being a witch would include 

Wait what? (Isaac Lahey x Reader)

Star Wars:

Poe Dameron:

Jealous much? (Poe Dameron x Reader)

Prompt request “Welcome to fatherhood.” And “The store ran out of Easter eggs.”

Kylo Ren:

Imagine Kylo finding out that you’re force sensitive 

Prompt request “When did you become so badass?” And “Who did this to you?”

Prompt request “When was the last time you slept?” “I had a nightmare.” And “I can’t live without you.”

Luke Skywalker:

Prompt request “Stop being so cute, it’s distracting.”

Prompt request “Stop being so cute, it’s distracting.” And “You’re not interested are you?”

Imagine Han and Leia catching you and Luke


Lance Sweets:

Imagine dating Lance Sweets (personal favourite)

James Aubrey:

Imagine Aubrey loving you back

Cam Saroyan:

Imagine secretly dating Cam and getting caught by Angela

The Walking Dead:

Carl Grimes:

Imagine a little boy having a crush on you and Carl getting jealous

Dating Carl Grimes would include

Imagine taking a photo of Carl after he lost his eye

The Outsiders:

Ponyboy Curtis:

Imagine being Johnny’s sister and dating Ponyboy

Johnny Cade:

Imagine being Johnny’s sister and dating Ponyboy

Two Bit:

Imagine Two Bit teasing you because he likes you

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:

Newt Scamander:

Imagine pranking Newt

Harry Potter:

Fred Weasley:

Imagine being a Ravenclaw and dating Fred Weasley 

Imagine Fred Weasley falling in love with you

Don’t ever let jealousy change you, not even for someone you love (Fred Weasley x Reader)

Draco Malfoy:

Don’t ever let jealousy change you even for someone you love (Fred Weasley x Reader)

Imagine Being Harry’s sister and telling Draco off

Scorpius Malfoy:

Imagine being best friends with Scorpius and Albus

Albus Severus Potter:

Imagine being best friends with Scorpius and Albus

Harry Potter:

Imagine being Harry’s sister and telling Draco off

Remus Lupin:

Imagine watching the autumn leaves with Remus Lupin


Matt Murdock:

Imagine being a soldier and coming home to Matt


Jughead Jones

You’re so Cheesy: Prompt Request

I’m Sorry: Prompt Request

Hesitation: Prompt Request

A Puppy: Prompt Request

Being Jughead’s Best Friend Would Include

What? Am I hearing you right: Prompt Request

Mystery Incorporated: Riverdale Gang x Reader

Pants on Fire: Prompt Request 

Archie Andrews:

Mystery Incorporated: Riverdale Gang x Reader

Betty Cooper:

Mystery Incorporated: Riverdale Gang x Reader

Veronica Lodge:

Mystery Incorporated: Riverdale Gang x Reader

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Just like candy - Sirius Black x Reader(smut)

Requested by @underworldsheiress : Hi, can I request a story where the reader is Remus twin sister and she is in love with Sirius since the first year but is too shy to tall to him because she is his opposite. But Sirius is in love with her and won’t admit because she is the little sister of his best friends. And the reader and Sirius are doing a project together and somehow this ends up in smut and Remus finding them having sex and gets angry. (Sorry if is too detailed and maybe I had sent this incomplete by accident before.)
Warnings:THIS CONTAINS SMUT! My English as always and swearing(?) Lupin Sister? 
Gifs aren’t mine. Credits to their original owners.

 You were Remus’ twin sister. That’s all you could ever be. To him. He could never look at you in any different way. The shy, quiet and introvert sister. Little did you know that he thought of you as enigmatic, inspiring and exceptional.
  You were friends with the Marauders-your brother being one-since day one. They were lovely. Kind and funny, stupid at some point, even annoying. But they were your brothers. Well, not everyone. You held a bit more for one in particular. But so did every other girl in the school. That’s why you stopped holding on to hope. That and because Remus would flip.     Thankfully he hadn’t had the slightest idea. James though… he knew everything-he was a bit more of a brother than your own brother. You could actually open up about that kind of things. Yes, Lily was wonderful but the girl was utterly dense to her own feelings. James felt torn. He had promised you not to say a word-the same promise he had made to someone else as well. But of course, you couldn’t have known that.
  Slowly, you realized how different you two were. You were extremely private- he was all about the public. You valued knowledge and tried your best and therefore you were the ideal type of student. He, to simply put it, didn’t give a flying care about academic achievement. He was smart, very smart-just not interested in classes.  You were really uncomfortable when someone was flirting with you-he, oh Merlin, he was the absolute flirt. You never let out the sarcastic remarks you wanted because it was rude. He was more cunning than a Slytherin.
   You were far too different. Worlds apart. That, however, never stopped your heart from breaking whenever you saw a new mark on his neck or even a girl by his arm. You thought that as the years would pass, you would have managed to stop thinking about him. You have dated couple of guys-much to your brothers’ dismay. Remus didn’t really like the idea of you dating. Mainly because he knew what the boys were thinking about you. He had seen the way they were looking at you. You were his sister!
   You did everything you could to get over him. It was very hard. You knew him better than anyone. When he ran away from his house and went to James, you were the only person to get him to talk, or eat or function like a human being again.
Your heart had a bad, a very bad, habit of loving him. Because you couldn’t keep ignoring that word. You loved him. And just like every bad habit, it was so difficult to unlearn him. You had realized that you weren’t just in love with him. Being in love with someone, meant to you that you want them to be happy with you. Loving someone… you want them to be happy. And that’s all you wanted for him. To finally find happiness.
You had successfully avoided being paired up with him. Until a week ago. McGonagall had assigned you an essay on the Animagus thing-something both of you had mastered years ago.
  Naturally, even though you were a bit relaxed, you wanted to get it over with. He on the other hand… not so much. The essay was due tomorrow and you hadn’t even started. Your usually loving and shy self was nowhere to be found. You were fuming. You walked in their dorm without knocking. Just barged in.
“Sirius Orion FUCKING Black” you exclaimed, leaving the boys taken aback and terrified. All except Remus. He knew this side of you.
“Okay, folks. Let’s leave them to it” James said, dragging a very unwilling Remus and a confused Peter outside and closing the door behind him. You were glaring daggers at him.
“Hello love” he greeted you after a second. He had never seen you mad. Not even when Snape called your-no, wait. He had seen you beat the crap out of him when he called Remus a mistake. He ended up with four broken ribs, a broken leg and almost a broken skull as well. But you were never mad at him. He thought you looked sexy-you didn’t know this. Oh, how many things you didn’t know… He loved how different you were. Almost too different. But no. You were complemented each other. You were the solace he was looking for-even if he appeared to be louder than a thunder. You were everything he wanted. But you were his friends’ sister.
“Hello, my ass”. You didn’t usually swear but how dare he jeopardize your grades?
Again, he was looking at you like he wanted to devour you. You caught that much. You couldn’t have known that he indeed wanted to devour you-in every way possible. He licked his lips unconsciously. You blushed but blamed it on the madness.
“Easy baby. What’s wrong?” he asked you nonchalantly. Baby? Baby? Was he for real? You were furious.
You walked over there, one finger pointing him.
“You don’t even remember! Of course! Why would you remember me and the fucking essay when you clearly had better things to do? And by things, I mean girls. At least was she worth it?” you yelled at him. With every word that left your mouth, you were getting closer and closer until your pointing finger was poking his chest. He looked bewildered. Like he could never believe you would have actually said those things.
“You look hot” he mumbled. Your eyes grew wide and your breath was caught in the back of your throat.
“What?” you asked flustered.
“What?” he repeated as shocked as you. You took a step back. You were thrown off balance. What had just happened?
“You-you said… I look-I look hot” you said breathlessly. He blushed and lowered his head. He blushed. Sirius Black blushed. Now, you were even more stunned. He realized that it was now or never but he wasn’t good with this type of words. He was sure that if he tried to tell you what he wanted- he would end up falling off of the Astronomy Tower. So instead of that, he grabbed your wrist, pulled you close and kissed you feverishly. You froze for just a second before you tangled your fingers into his dark locks, tugging them. You kissed back with equal passion. You have waited for this way too long.  He was about to wrap his arms around your waist-but he pulled back, breaking the kiss.
“Listen. I like you. A lot. Like, A LOT. And I know I haven’t been the best person and your brother, oh Merlin. Remus will kill me-but I want you, love. Today, tomorrow and as long as you’ll have me. I-I am in love with you” he breathed out. Honestly, you couldn’t care less about your brother. You cupped his beautiful face.
“I know you, Siri. I know who you are and I’ve been in love with that person for a while now” you whispered a bit unsure. You were confessing. It’s not like you can take it back. This time he did wrap his arms around your middle, roaming your body with his hands, while your hands were already moving down to the hem of his shirt. You weren’t that innocent. He chuckled. His lips found their way. Your senses reorient themselves as you felt him cupping your ass, pinning your back against a wall. He settled perfectly in between your thighs and you instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist for leverage.  His tongue traced along your bottom lip frantically. A low moan escaped your mouth, something that turned him on. You could feel his member poking your thigh. And that was turning you on. His taste exploded into your mouth as he slipped his tongue in, caressing yours passionately, making you beg for more. His kisses made their way to your neck, biting your soft spot making you whimper. You threw your head back to the wall. This was far more intense than you could have ever expected. Biting, licking, kissing his way down, he moved his lips past your collarbone and to your chest. He tore your shirt open. You slightly gasped, looking at him with a burning sensation building up. There was… lust and passion and Merlin, you wanted more.
“I was afraid to ever make a move, even though I fell for you the first time I saw that gorgeous smile of yours” he husked. He was driving you insane.
“I want you” you breathed out. A beat passed between you two before you practically collided together, your hands buried in his hair, bringing his lips harder against your own. He took you both off of the wall, stumbling through your rough kisses to bring you over to his bed. He broke you away from him so he could lay you down on top of the sheets and soon you felt his warmth against you as he crawled on top of you. His hand brushed your hair from your face as he leaned down to kiss you again, slowly moving his lips over yours this time. You adjusted your body underneath him to be pressed against you, in all of the right places. His broad physique and warm muscles felt so damn good against your body and you did all you could to wrap yourself around him. 
      Eventually, his lips found their way down to your neck, sucking in all the places he had dreamt of. You had been dreaming of this as well. Too many nights, lying awake, trying to catch your breath when you were thinking about all those things he could do to you. Your thoughts were interrupted as you felt one of his hands making its way up your waist, massaging you as he reached for your breasts. He unclasped your bra within a matter of seconds. You kicked your shoes off and let them fell off the bed, leaving you in your panties and stockings. He stayed hovering above you, soaking in the sight of you laying out and open for him this way.
“We are keeping these” he said with a dominant tone as he pointed your stockings.
      He buried his face into your chest, leaving gentle kisses and nips across both of your breasts as his hands grasped your thighs. You opened your legs more and puffed up your chest instinctively, offering yourself completely to him. He brought your legs up around his waist so he could resume grinding his aching cock against you. He took your nipple into his mouth. His lips and teeth gently pulled against it and your hips started to grind harder into his own, the arousal pooling between your legs nearing unbearable. He switched his attention to the other one and used his fingers to pinch and caress the other. 
“Sirius, please” you begged but he wasn’t about to do anything unless you asked.
“What is it you want, doll?” he teased you.
“Your fingers inside of me” you confessed. Sirius seemed as shocked as you about this sudden confession, but he gave you a smirk in delight.
“Naughty girl” he growled and you felt his fingers sneaking into your panties. He easily slid his fingers inside you, crooking them to rub against your walls. You grasped tightly at his shoulders. He continued to thrust and crook inside, nibbling on your ear as you moaned and clenched around him. Once his fingers were nearly dripping of your excitement, he pulled himself out and away from you, posing above you as he brought his fingers to his lips and licked them clean, moaning at the sweet taste of you.
”Just like candy” he praised you. You felt so unbelievably close, just by his praises. 
  He finally stripped off his shirt. He was perfectly shaped and he knew it. He tossed it aside and made direct eye contact with you as he took his pants and boxers off.  At the sight of his cock, you finally felt inspired on what you wanted to do. How not innocent of you. You didn’t give him any chance to take control as you wrapped your hand around his exposed shaft, squeezing it tightly and giving it a slight tug. His mouth opened in a breathless moan and his hips instinctively thrusted forward into your hand, seeking more friction against you. You pulled yourself into a crouch at perfect level with his cock, peeking your tongue out to lap at the head. You looked up at him and kept your eyes on him as you continued to run your tongue along the bottom of his shaft, feeling jitters of excitement. You took him deeper into your mouth, hollowing out your cheeks as you began to take him down your throat. 
      You felt his body began to quiver and he cupped a hand on the back of your head. At his encouragement, you began to take him in deeper, reaching one hand to behind his hips to help him to thrust deeper into your eager mouth. Your other hand went to caress his balls. You would be lying if you claimed you hadn’t thought about this.
      It had you turned on so much that you were almost ready to reach between your legs to get yourself off before he practically threw you off of him. You stared over at him from your landing spot on the bed, panting and confused.
  You reach up to cradle his face in your hands, pulling him down to your lips to kiss him over and over.
  Your legs instinctively were wrapped around his waist. You wanted to hold him close to you, to feel him all over you. You needed him to fill you, to be with you, to love you in more ways than just sexually. You needed to offer and have him take your entire body and soul. You weren’t just a one-time thing. And he knew it.
      “Please, Siri. I want you,” you whispered to him between kisses. He kissed you to let you know that he felt the same, sweetly, tenderly as he finally slid himself into you.
“GET OFF OF HER”. It would be an understatement to say that you froze. Sirius shielded your body from view using his. Your brother was an asshole.
“That’s my sister! Are you insane?! What did you do to her?”. Remus was yelling at Sirius, not once looking over at you. Sirius was looking at you utterly shocked. He wanted to apologize. To you. Not to your brother.
“What kind of a friend are you? Sleeping with her? How dare-”
“I love her”. That made your head spin. Remus was left without words. Finally.
You cupped his face, ignoring the protests of your brother and kissed him.
“Sorry about that”. That was James who was dragging, quite literally, Remus out of the room.
“WHAT THE HELL PRONGS?”. You didn’t care. You couldn’t. All you could think about was Sirius.  When you were finally alone, you smiled at him, chuckling a bit.
“Where were we?”.

Being Remus’ twin sister, but Sirius' girlfriend would include...

-when he found out that Sirius liked you, he was grossed out

-and very surprised

-and overall, got really protective

- “Okay, well, you can feel that way, but never, ever, will you be able to date her”

-spoiler alert: you guys dated

-after your first kiss, you just said “shit” which was followed by a cocky Sirius saying “what, is wasn’t that bad, was it?

-because how are you gonna get away with this?

-when you both told Remus, he was just like “Nope,”

-he kept going on and on about how Sirius was an effing womanizer and that you are just setting yourself up to get hurt

-and you were just like “Okay, cool, but I think we all know that if he did hurt me I would just kick him in the balls and dump him so boom, problem solved”

-this is followed by Sirius staring at you, smiling, because he thought that was so hot

-and Remus just storms out

-later, when Remus realizes there is nothing he can really do, he kind of just sits next to you by the lake one day and takes an easier approach

- “I just- you’re my sister and he is one of my best friends. You can understand how that’s weird for me. Just be careful, alright? Men can be real wankers,”

-and for the rest of your relationship with Sirius, it was smooth sailing

-Sure, Remus got weirded out or protective sometimes

-but you were happy, and that’s all he ever really wanted for you anyways

Little Sister - Request

Requested by anon:  please could you do a Harry Potter imagine where the reader is Harry’s sister and they end up having a fight at Grimauld place over her wanting to join in the war and either Sirius or Remus comforts her? (Of course Harry apologises at the end, he loves her too much to stay mad at her!)

Word count: 1,350

Warnings: I changed the story timeline a bit.

A/N: As someone who grew up with Harry Potter and a brother, this made a knot in my throat and I almost cried. 


Originally posted by hermione9891

The war had started. Death eaters and Wizards all over England would be fighting. Everything was low-key, under the table, silent… Unlike the first time Lord Voldemort rose.

“I want to join.” (Y/N) spoke. The Order was having a meeting at Grimauld’s Place about the war, and (Y/N), unable to contain herself, had spoken out loud her secret desires.

“You…” Molly stuttered as her face fell.

“I want to fight.” She reassured, becoming more and more confident over her words and decision.

“No.” Harry stated.

“No?” She inquired angrily.

“You are too young, I won’t allow it.” Harry spoke.

“Only eleven months younger than you, Harry!” She cried.

“Doesn’t matter, I won’t let you do this.” He insisted.

“Why? Because I’m not the chosen one?” She argued, “I have lived all of this alongside you. I even had to wait for a whole year of living with Aunt Petunia while you were at your first year in Hogwarts… I was there when Voldemort killed mom…”

“You were hidden at the closet.” Harry interrupted.

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Bad Dreams - Remus Lupin

Warnings: (kind of) character death

James’ body hit the ground with a thud as Y/n Potter woke with a start, drenched in a cold sweat.

The nightmares, specifically those involving her twin’s death, had become a regular occurrence lately. Y/n had encountered that God-awful boggart lurking in the back of the quidditch changing rooms several weeks ago but she hadn’t been able to shake the image of James’ motionless figure from her mind since.

Hastily kicking back her quilt, y/n swung her legs over the side of the bed, grabbing her wand,  and started for the door out of the dorm. She wrapped a blanket around herself as she made her way into the Hufflepuff common room.

On any other given day, the warmth of the room was a source of comfort and reassurance. On nights like this, it was suffocating and the moonlight streaming through the windows did nothing to soothe y/n’s nerves.

On nights like this, y/n’s comfort was found only with her brother’s safety.

Her wand light was cupped in her hand to muffle the glow as she crept past the kitchens, through the deserted Hogwarts hallways, up and up the various staircases. The routine of the journey refused to let y/n’s mind wander unwillingly, her senses alert for any watching eyes, though there tended to be few at this time of night.

The Fat Lady frowned with a grunt as y/n whispered the password. Y/n had learned long ago that the portraits of the castle often mumbled as they slept, and only an attentive ear was required to learn the castle’s secrets. The portrait swung open with a whisper, allowing the Hufflepuff Potter to slip into Gryffindor tower.

Loosing a shaky breath, Y/n’s eyes darted round the Lions’ common room. Thankfully, it was deserted- as she should have expected at such an unreasonable hour. The last thing she wanted was to meet prying, accusatory eyes in her dreary state.

Climbing another staircase, Y/n arrived at her brother’s dorm. A pause - in which only the sound of a certain marauder’s snores broke the silence - and the door crept open, light from the stairwell spilling across the bare wooden floor and across the room to James.

That was all she needed. To see he was alive. To see he was safe.

A floorboard creaked and y/n turned to leave.

“Hello? Y-y/n?” A whisper from the shadows.

“Hey, Remus. Sorry, I was just leaving, I-”

The sandy-haired boy frowned, fumbling for his wand amongst the bed sheets, and pushed himself up onto his elbows. “Lumos. Are you alright? Did you need something?”

“It’s fine. I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to wake you, I just needed to check on him,” Y/n nodded towards her brother.

Remus softened as he glanced the snoring boy, who had thrown an arm haphazardly across his face. “Don’t apologise, I wasn’t sleeping anyway. You have a nightmare?” The frown retook its place on his scarred face as he scanned the features of the girl hovering in the doorway. The careful scrutiny told y/n that the marauder was awake for the same reasons as her.

A smile ghosted y/n’s face as she watched her brother sleep, before dragging her gaze towards Remus. “Yeah, something like that.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” There was hesitance in his voice when he whispered this time. He knew he was possibly pushing boundaries, as whilst the pair could be considered friends, the Potter twin tended to keep her friends and personal life separate from those of her brother.

“Not really,” she replied, perhaps too abruptly. “I should go, get back before the others wonder where I’ve gone,” Y/n’s grip tightened slightly on the door handle but she remained in the doorway. There was no real need for her to go back to the Hufflepuff dorms - her housemates had grown accustomed to her disappearing into the castle in the early hours of the morning when she couldn’t sleep.

Remus swallowed, pausing, to deliberate on his next action. “Yeah, well, you’re welcome to stay if you want. I know it can be..nice to have someone nearby.” His words felt too formal, too polite and rigid. Yet..

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“No. No, not at all,” Remus tugged his quilt to the side and edged to the side of the bed. “And, um,  I’m here to talk if you need me.”

He watched y/n hesitate in the doorway, her eyes scanning over each boy in their bed. She knew could very well stay, knew that Remus would be a comfort. She would just have to leave before another prying marauder woke the next morning.

Remus shifted as Y/n pressed the door closed behind her and made her way to the side of his bed, cutting off the light streaming through from the hall, his glowing wand now the only source. She perched on the edge, sliding her legs under the warmth of the quilt. Remus watched as y/n shifted back onto her elbows, her shining eyes trained on James, her body stiff.

“Thanks, Remus.” He would have doubted the existence of the words had he not seen her lips move, soundless as they were. Remus lifted his arm around y/n as she lay down, her body unwinding.

A minute passed before Remus replied. “S’no problem.” He glanced down at his best friend’s sister, already asleep. He smiled to himself. He never thought to ask her how she had managed to make her way into the Gryffindor’s tower.



Y/n was drowsy when she woke the next morning. Remus’ pyjama shirt had ridden up slightly as he slept, revealing the many more scars that littered his body, stark against his bare skin. Y/n had wondered how a boy so young had acquired so many marks, but it had never crossed her mind to ask Remus, or James, for that matter. She didn’t like to pry.

The continuous snores of James, and the rustling of sheets and bodies in the other beds told y/n the marauders were still asleep as she peeled Remus’ arm from her waist. His fingers tightened against her skin, trying to keep her close, but Remus did not otherwise stir. Y/n’s neck was warm where his breath had previously lingered.

Perched on the side of his bed, y/n turned back toward the sleeping marauder. His arm was draped across where her warmth had previously been. She pressed a kiss to his forehead, smiling into his sandy bed-head, before she slipped out of the dorm, back to her Hufflepuff dormitory. Before the rest of Hogwarts Castle woke.

Homemade Chocolate

imagine your Sirius’s twin and have a crush on Remus so you try to make him some home made chocolate frogs for christmas

  • it was two days before christmas and you and Sirius were home for the holidays
  • even though your parents were barely talking to the both of you ever since you both got sorted into Gryffindor 2 years ago
  • ”you know mum’s alive out of spite right? don’t mind her, this week will fly back and you’ll soon be reunited with your little boyfriend.” Sirius would say with a smug smile
  • ”he’s not my boyfriend” you would mutter. yet.
  •  you don’t remember when exactly your crush on Remus began but now it couldn’t be stopped
  • but you were afraid he didn’t like you like that
  • I mean you were Sirius’s twin, (although Sirius refers to you as his little sister just because he’s 5 minutes older than you)
  • so you’re basically the marauder’s little sister
  • would it be considered relative dating? you shuddered at the thought
  • basically all of the marauders knew of your crush on Remus, everyone but Remus himself.
  • after 2 years pining over the boy you decided it was about time to take matters into your hands 
  • everyone knows that Remus loves chocolate
  • so you decided to make a batch of chocolate frogs for christmas and owl them to him
  • okay but you weren’t exactly the best when it came to cooking, but for that sweater wearing dork you were willing to wrestle kreacher just to use the kitchen in peace
  • after begging Regulus to tell Kreacher to leave you alone, you had the kitchen to yourself
  • you didn’t know what the first thing to do was. 
  • oh fuck.” 
  • Sirius would peek into the kitchen every so often
  • who wouldn’t tbh with all the ruckus you were making
  • and the profanities echoing in the room
  • ”AGUAMENTI!!!” yup one of the rags caught on fire 
  • it would’ve been easier if you would’ve used magic but you really really REALLY wanted them to be 100% homemade
  • so there you were, grating cocoa butter 
  • and whisking 
  • ”how long till the poison is done” Sirius would ask chuckling, “oh shut up”
  • but then five minutes later he would barge into the kitchen and ask you again
  • ”I don’t know maybe half an hour?????”
  • ”OKAY THANKS!” and he would run off
  • flash forward half an hour and your chocolate frogs were nicely packaged
  • you really hope they tasted okay
  • no one wanted to try them out 
  • and Sirius was nowhere to be found so he couldn’t be your guinea pig
  • ”Oh dear merlin I really hope i don’t kill him…” you muttered as you tied a ribbon on top
  • ”WHERE IS SHE? IS SHE OKAY?” you heard shouting from the living room
  • to your surprise Remus was standing there, face full of concern
  • Sirius looked really fucking pleased
  • ”Y/N, YOU’RE OKAY!” he said as he ran to you and hugged you close to him, scanning you over looking for any injuries
  • apparently Sirius told him that a spat broke out between you and Regulus and you got injured
  • you blushed once you realized your brother was playing matchmaker
  • ”Did I say Y/N was in danger? my mistake, I meant to say Y/N had a present for you.”
  • you shyly smile, nodded and lead him towards the kitchen
  • ”Kreacher is going to flip out when he sees this mess. I love it.” 
  • you both ignored Sirius
  • you grabbed the box full of individually wrapped chocolate frogs and gave it to Remus
  • “Thank you, Y/N.” he said with a soft smile
  • he opened the present and gasped when he saw that it was chocolate
  • “Did you really made these for me?” “of course I did.”
  • he didn’t hesitate to tear one open and eat
  • both you and Sirius anxiously watched as he chewed and swallowed, because  lets be honest, no one knew how they tasted
  • “You’re gonna steal all of Honeydukes’ customers…” he said after eating one with the biggest smile on his face
  • Sirius would leave the room to give “you crazy kids some privacy”
  • one of the chocolate frogs had a little too much croakoa in it and started jumping all over the room
  • both of you were laughing by the mess it was making
  • “This is the best Christmas present anyone has ever given me, thank you, love.” he would say before leaning down and kissing your cheek
  • !!!!!!!!!!
  • of course Sirius would barge in and ruin the moment, “STOP SNOGGING MY SISTER, YOU WEIRD GIRAFFE.”
  • “of all the wolf jokes he could’ve made, he pokes fun at my height.”
  • “he’s not very bright after dark.”
  • Remus would leave soon after seeing at how late it was 
  • but not before asking you out on a proper date
  • “They grow up so fast…” Sirius would say, wiping a fake tear.
  • “don’t worry, James and I will chaperone the date.”
  • you promptly owl Remus letting him know of their crazy plan
  • you both really hope he was bluffing
  • if not you’ll just lock them in a room with Kreacher. or Snivellus.
She‘s Perfect

Pairing: James Potter x Lupin!reader

Summary: In which the twin of Remus Lupin falls in love with one of her best friends, who seems to be in love with someone else

Warnings: Jealousy, lil bit of angst at the beginning, some language, protective brother, insecurities


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A/N: So, I was going through my drafts and I found this, and I think this is okay??

Warnings: Swearing, SPOILERS ABOUT PJ IF YOU HAVENT READ THEM ALL (why wouldn’t you though, they’re amazing!!)

House of Reader: Hufflepuff (Sorry not sorry)


It wasn’t that you were quiet. It’s just you weren’t very open, and you were very shy. You liked to listen to what others said, other than actually speaking. Okay, maybe that qualifies as being quiet, but you couldn’t help it! It just always came naturally to let people talk, and you liked listening rather than when any attention was on you. And it got even worse when people found out that you were the younger sister or Sirius Black and twin to Regulus Black.

Nobody ever guessed that such a quiet Hufflepuff could ever be related to such loud and demanding people. But being loud wasn’t in your nature, you would much rather be the listener, knowing that that was always an important friend to be. Most of your friends would vent to you, and you would be perfectly fine with that. The only 2 people that knew that you were actually very loud and weird were your brothers. You loved them both dearly, so whenever one would complain about the other, you did your best to defend the other brother, and you desperately wished that they could get along, because you knew that if they did the three of you would have so much fun. 

But, the problem with having two overprotective brothers, was that any time any boy (other than them) came within 5 feet of you, the two of them would rush over, Regulus dragging you away, as Sirius threatened to kill the boy, then coming over to you and Regulus always asking if you were okay. It seemed that the two of them only ever got along when a boy was remotely close to you. The only time any boy was allowed near you was when it was either one of their friends that they trusted immensely and one of them was around. Every time this happened you would roll your eyes at them, before insisting that you were perfectly capable of taking care of yourself, thank you very much. And when they kept on talking you would roll your eyes before marching away from them, yelling at them that they didn’t have to monitor your every move. Often you would ignore them for days, feeling that they thought you were too weak, until they both apologized profusely and promised to never do it again. Until they did it again. It happened far too often, and you were sick of it.

You were walking to the Great Hall for lunch, nose buried in a book about an American boy who had to save the world because he was part Greek-god. You were currently reading the fourth book of the series, internally screaming when  the main female character kissed the boy.

“Annabeth glared at me like she was going to punch me. And then she did something that surprised me even more. She kissed me. 

‘Be careful, Seaweed Brain.’ She put on her hat and vanished. I probably would’ve sat there for the rest of the day, staring at the lava and trying to remember what my name was, but the sea demons jarred me back to reality.”

Hey, (Y/N).” You heard someone call, causing your head to whip up, seeing one of your brother’s best friend, Remus Lupin, jogging till he stood next to you.

“Hello, Remus.” You smiled meekly, waving slightly to the boy who was towering over you.

“Hey, watch’a reading?” He asked, peering over your shoulder to look at the book.

You stuck your thumb in the book to keep your page before showing him the cover. 

His eyes lit up. “Don’t tell me what happened. I’m reading The Titan’s Curse.” 

Your eyes widened. “How far have you gotten?” 

“Well, I’ve gotten to the part in the desert. I read yesterday up to where Bianca dies before I slammed the book shut and threw it across the room.”

You laughed a bit. “Let me guess, you ran over to make sure it was okay, and you haven’t read it because you refuse to acknowledge that Bianca is dead.”

He laughed a bit with you. “I did that right after I cried. God, that death messed me up.”

You laughed a bit, feeling sorry for him before placing your hand on his arm. “I’m sorry. That death was awful, but, not spoiling, you should prepare yourself.”

“Oh shit, yeah. The prophecy was something like: ‘Five shall go west to the goddess in chains,

One shall be lost in the land without rain,

The bane of Olympus shows the trail,”’

“’Campers and Hunters combined prevail,

The Titan’s curse must one withstand,

And one shall perish by a parent’s hand.” You finished for him. “Yeah, expect another death.”

“Shit, I don’t think I can take another death.”

“Yeah, the next one is awful.”

His eyes lit up with realization. “That’s why Chiron didn’t go! If Kronos was raised, then Chiron thought he would be killed!”

“Bingo.” You said, winking and snapping before pointing at him. 

He laughed a bit, patting your head. “I didn’t ever know you were so talkative.”

You rolled your eyes at him, punching his shoulder playfully. “Well you found my weakness; talking to another Rick Riordan nerd.”

“Well, forgive me,” he said jokingly, laughing a bit. “You’re hardly ever this loud.”

“Well, neither are you, Lupin.” You replied, a slight smirk on your face.

“Touché, Black.” He said, an eyebrow raised, nodding his head slightly, as if he were impressed. “I’m starting to see where the Hufflepuff ends and the Black begins.”

You laughed a bit at that, before lightly smacking his arm. “Oh, shut it.” You giggled a bit. “I’m nowhere near as bad as either of my brothers.”

He smirked, laughing a bit with you. “That’s true. You’re much sweeter and more adorable than either of them.”

You felt your cheeks heat up, as you looked at the ground, a grin creeping onto your face. You looked up at Remus, before leaning over to kiss him on the cheek. “Well, you’re pretty sweet and adorable yourself.” You said, your face feeling as it were burning up.

He singed his arm around your shoulder, pulling you into his chest as the two of you kept walking. He placed a kiss to the top of your head. “Well, whatever I am pales in comparison to who you are, (Y/N) Black.”

The beautiful moment between the two of you was interrupted as both of your brothers shouted out for you. 

“Oi, Moony!!” “Listen prat, hands off of her!” “Moony, you better fucking take your hands off of her, if you want to live!” “(Y/N), move away from him, now!”

They shouted very similar things, but the general idea was gotten, seeing as Remus removed his arm from your shoulder, lifting his hands in surrender, and you had stepped away from him, and turned to your brothers, your arms crossed, and looking pissed.  

The two of them had ran and caught up to the two of you. You turned to your brothers, thoroughly pissed off, and narrowed your eyes at them. 

“No, shut up.” You snapped, as both of them started to speak. “Listen, you two need to piss off. I’m not your daughter, so stop playing the overprotective card. Not to mention, we were fucking talking about books!” You yelled at them.

“Didn’t look like it from where we were.” Sirius all but snarled out. 

“Looked like he had his fucking arm around you and he kissed your head.” Regulus growled. 

You looked at them, and scoffed with disbelief. “I can’t believe you two. Do you think I’m so incapable of making my own decision!? I’m capable! If anything, I’m more capable than either of you! All the two of you ever do is rebel against everything, or follow all the rules, no matter how much that fucks either of you up! I do what is right! I’m always trying to stop the two of you from killing each other, but it seems like the only time you get along is when I’m involved! Just solve your own fucking problems, I’m sick of doing it for you! I just want to live my own fucking life! So, if you two aren’t going to let that happen because I’m your fucking sister, than, as of this moment, consider yourself sisterless!” You turned on your heel, “Good day!” You yelled before you stormed away from them.

Later you found yourself sitting on the leather couch, finishing up The Battle of The Labyrinth, in the Gryffindor common room, able to hear both of your brothers still yelling at Remus. You had gone up about an hour ago, to apologize, the guilt of what you had said crushing you. (You and Regulus both knew the password, due to Sirius’ and Regulus’ overprotective behaviour, when they tried to figure out ways to “protect” you.)

You heard a huff, and feet pounding on the stone stairs, as someone from the boys dorm walked into the Common room, muttering under their breath. You looked over the top of your book, to see Remus plop into a chair, still muttering and looking at the fire in the fireplace, a smoldering look on his face, before looking up, and screeching.

“Are you always this quiet!?” He asked you, one hand over his chest as if to stop his pounding heart. He wasn’t expecting anyone else to be in the common room, and seeing you, seemingly appear out of nowhere made him very jumpy and nervous. Well, more jumpy and nervous than usual.

You looked around the room, a look of confusion on your face, as you looked shrugged your shoulders before answering his question. “I was reading?” 

He nodded his head in acknowledgment, before apologizing. “Um, I’m sorry. That was rude of me. I just wasn’t expecting anyone to be in here, especially not you, after what you said.” He trailed off, as the two of you avoided eye contact, the awkwardness of the situation setting it. 

“Yes, well, I came here to apologize. I felt really fucking awful about it as soon as I said it.” 

“I understand. But, honestly, they kinda deserved it. They’re always very protective of you, and now they’re more suspicious.”

“Suspicious of what?” You asked, tilting your head slightly, thoroughly confused.

“Well, they’re always suspicious when you’re around other guys, and they made it clear that they don’t want you to be with anyone, and they told me that I need to fuck off, because I’ll only end up hurting you.”

“Hurting me?” You were still confused, because you already knew all of this, and he just seemed to be going around in circles not making any sense.

“God, and they say Sirius is the thick one!” He moaned out, burying his face in his hands.

“Excuse you!?”

“They know that I like you, and they don’t want us dating.” He whispered out, as quickly as he possible could, almost speaking incoherently.

You were still confused, and now it seemed that your brain was working faster by the second. Remus Lupin, your brother’s best friend had a crush on you? He actually liked you? As the revelation started processing in your head, you just looked at him, before standing up and marching up the stairs to talk to your brothers. 

Halfway up the stairs, you looked back down the stairs and saw Remus sitting in his chair with a stoic face, before you called out, “Oi, you coming, or what?” He immediately perked up at the sound of your voice, and stood up, following you up the stairs into the dorm of the Marauders.

“Sirius Orion Black! Regulus Arcturus Black!” You yelled as you stormed into the room, Remus standing meekly by the doorway as your two brothers looked at you with mixed states of shock on their face. “First off, I would like to apologize for what I said earlier.” You said, tangling your fingers together nervously. “You guys are plenty capable of making your own decisions, regardless of the outcome. I was very upset, because you two had ruined something between Remus and I, even though the both of you are very much aware of our feelings. I’m sorry for dissociating myself from you, and I would very much like to be your sister again. That being said, if you do want me to still be your sister, you would have to be understanding of my feelings and be a little less protective.”

They gaped at you for a little bit, before they both started hugging you and apologizing for being idiots. 

Harry Potter Masterlist

Golden Trio Era

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Draco Malfoy 

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Cedric Diggory 

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Fred Weasley 

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George Weasley

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Neville Longbottom

Marauders Era

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James Potter

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Sirius Black

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Remus Lupin

Cursed Child Era

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James Sirius Potter

How the Moon Fell In Love With a Star - Part 1

Fandom: Harry Potter, Marauders Era

Pairing: Sirius Black x OC (Remus’s twin sister)

Word Count: 1,297

Summary: Lilliana Lupin is just starting her seventh year with her twin brother and best friends. The only catch: she’s in love with one of them. When James hatches a plan to make both Lily Evans and Sirius Black notice James and Lillie, she is hesitant. Until it works.

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A/N: This will be updated slowly as I don’t have much time with school and work, but I will try to get one part up once a week or every other week. I’m very excited to write this as it’s an idea I’ve had in my mind forever.

Steam billowed out over the platform as I hauled my trunk towards the train. Remus followed behind me, our owl Murdoch on his shoulder. “Let’s hurry so we get some good seats,” I said, tugging on his sweater sleeve. Remus nodded and hurried up the steps into the train carriage. He turned and lifted my trunk up for me before rushing off to find an empty compartment.

I took the handle of my trunk in hand and started to wheel it after him, only to bump into someone. “Watch where you’re going, would ya, Moonbeam?” A very familiar voice grumbled. I glanced up to find the hazel eyes of none other than James Potter.

“Prongs!” I laughed. He chuckled and pulled me into a hug.

“Hey now, what about me?” Another familiar voice whined. “Lillie loves me more, Prongs.” My head swiveled to see my other best friend, Sirius Black, standing behind me. He grabbed my arm and yanked me into a bone-crushing hug.

“Sirius. Can’t. Breathe,” I gasped.

“Sorry.” Sirius stepped back. “Where’s Moony?”

“Getting a compartment. Come on, he’s probably found one by now,” I replied, leading the way down the corridor. We had to shove our way through a crowd of second years before finding my twin. He waved us into the compartment. I spotted Peter sitting by the window, staring forlornly out at the train station.

“Wormy, how was your break?” James asked, slinging his trunk onto the luggage rack and throwing himself down next to Peter.

“Alright,” replied Peter. I gripped my trunk and set it on the seat before preparing to lift it to the rack as well. Sirius quickly took it from me and shoved it up next to James’s trunk. “Thanks,” I mumbled, taking a seat next to Remus.

Sirius threw me a grin as he slung his trunk by mine then flung himself next to me. His arm draped loosely over my shoulders, and I tried not to shiver. “So, Moony,” Sirius said, “what have you and Moonbeam been up to this summer? Still both dealing with your furry little problem?” James and Peter chuckled.

“Unfortunately,” Reums replied. I hit Sirius’ shoulder, and he pouted at me.

“Just asking a question, Lills,” Sirius whined.

“Yeah, well, you can keep asking Remmie questions, but I’m going to find Lily.” I stood and stretched. As I slid the door shut, James called, “Say hi from me!” I rolled my eyes before setting off down the corridor. By the time the train whistle blew and the wheels started rolling, I had searched all but the last car with private compartments. I was about to turn around when I spotted a figure headed up the walkway to me.

His black curly hair was a dead giveaway about who it was, but I probably would have recognized him anyway just by the way he carried himself.

“Lupin,” Regulus Black greeted coldly.

“Black,” I replied.

“Haven’t seen my brother, have you?” He sneered. Behind him, the steel gray eyes of Lucius Malfoy glared at me.

“Of course not. He’s only my best friend, isn’t he?” I replied, crossing my arms.

“Send him my regards. I would do so in person, but I don’t want to deal with the riff-raff,” Regulus spat.

“Go run back to your cult, why don’t you,” I replied before spinning and waltzing down the corridor in the opposite direction. Halfway down the train, I was met by a head of fiery red hair barreling toward me.

“Ana!” Lily hugged me fiercely, and I returned the hug with just as much enthusiasm.

“Lils, I missed you so much!” I giggled. Lily pulled me into a compartment and I was greeted by three other girls: Alice Macmillan (A/N: there was a quora that explains how her maiden name is probably this), Marlene McKinnon, and Elizabeth Abbott.

“How was your summer, Lillie?” Alice asked me politely. I liked her alright. I didn’t consider her one of my closest friends, but we had shared a dorm together for what would be seven years, so I got to know her well enough.

“Not too bad. Yourself?”

“Frank wrote to her all summer so it couldn’t have been terrible, could it?” Elizabeth grinned at Alice.

Alice’s face turned pink, and she brushed her brown hair behind her ear. “Well, that’s not strictly true,” she replied. “We wrote each other maybe once a week.”

I snorted. “That’s more than I wrote James and Sirius,” I pointed out. “A lot more, considering the bloody gits don’t ever reply.” Lily laughed.

“Oh, really?” Marlene asked. “Sirius wrote to me every day. And he answered all my questions too.” She grinned and twirled a piece of hair, looking off into space dreamily. I felt my heart drop.

Lily glanced at me, frowning. She took my hand and tugged me into the corridor. Shutting the door, she turned to me and said, “You know they don’t actually fancy each other. She just likes it when he flirts with her,” Lily reminded me.

“I know, but…why would he write her when he didn’t write me?” I whined. “James wrote more than he did, and they were in the same house for Merlin’s sake!”

“I don’t know,” Lily replied quietly. She wrapped her arms around me and held me tight. “If he can’t see that you’re more amazing than her, then he’s a prat,” Lily whispered. I smiled.

“Thanks, Lils.”


From the train, the windows of Hogwarts looked like glowing eyes that you would often see at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. They reflected off the lake, mixing with the stars above. The train pulled to a screeching halt, and I was almost thrown into Sirius, who stood in front of me in the queue to exit the train. The crowds pushed forward and down the steps on to the platform.

“Firs’ years!” The familiar voice of Hagrid yelled over the crowd. “Firs’ years over this way! Come on now!”

“Remember when we were that small?” James asked. I nodded.

“It feels like forever ago,” I said.

“What’re you talking about, Lillie?” Sirius bumped my shoulder. “You still are that small.” The boys laughed as I shook my head in amusement.

“Thanks, Siri.”

“I’ll be here all week.” He grinned. “Now, hurry up, you lot. We’ve got to get a good carriage.”

James led us to one near the front and the five of us clambered in. “It’s strange to think that this is our last year,” James commented as the carriage started moving.

“Don’t remind me,” replied Sirius. “It means I have to think about responsibility.”

“Merlin forbid,” Remus chuckled. “Prongs will need to work hard this year. He is Head Boy after all.”

“Speaking of, weren’t you supposed to be up front with Evans and the Prefects?” asked Peter.

James’s eyes widened. “I what? Why didn’t anyone tell me?” He whined. The four of us laughed.

“You’ll get your chance, James,” I told him, patting his shoulder. He slumped in his seat and pouted.

Sirius scoffed. “Yeah, right. He’s been after her since first year. I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t kill him in his sleep.” I rolled my eyes and glanced at Remus. He was gazing out the window at the moon. I followed his eyes and noted that it was about halfway through the cycle. I sighed. Remus always had a harder time dealing with our condition. My transitions on the full moon were more painful, and Remus always blamed himself for that, even if it wasn’t his fault. It hurt my heart.

“Remus,” I whispered. I reached for his hand, causing him to turn his green eyes on me. When our eyes met, I knew exactly what he was thinking. “I know you’re not fine.” Remus closed his eyes and leaned into me. “And that’s okay, because neither am I.”

Part 2

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No Matter What

Summary: You’re Y/N Potter, the famous James Potter’s sister. You’re the more shy of the 2, but you trust the Marauders with your life. You grew up with all of them as older brother figures as they were all a year above you. You discover something about yourself that makes you distance yourself from the group in fear of rejection, but soon enough decide to tell them the truth.

Requested?: No, I just love writing coming out stories :)

A/N: I love writing about an LGBT+ reader and how they come out to other characters, feel free to request anything of the sort!

Warnings: general fear of coming out/ being bullied, but no actual homophobia by the characters outside of the reader’s fear pre coming out


You walked into the common room after another sleepless night to be met with 3 pairs of worried eyes. Your brother, James, and your two makeshift brothers Remus and Sirius were all staring at you.

You weren’t officially a marauder, but you were as close as it got. Most people would think that James wouldn’t want his little sister hanging around him and his friends all the time, but that couldn’t be more wrong. James loved you more than anything and was extremely protective of you. He knew everything about you, well, he thinks he knows everything about you.

You’ve been questioning who you really were since you first started at Hogwarts. You noticed how pretty the other girls were and imagined dating them instead of the boys.

You’ve done your best to hide it and keep it to yourself, but it just keeps getting more difficult. You don’t want to have to hide who you are from your family, blood or not. You can’t help but be scared about what their reactions would be, no matter how loving they were or how much they cared for you.

Saying one thing about yourself could change your whole life, but it was eating away at you. You hated having to casually leave the room when the boys would start talking about crushes in fear of being asked who you like. You hated feelings like you have to hide from the people you love.

Of course you wanted to tell them, you wanted to be able to be open and proudly yourself. That’s what being a Gryffindor is all about, right?

You forced a small smile on your lips as you walked over to your brothers and made the biggest decision of your life.

“James, can I talk to you alone for a minute?”

You didn’t mean for you voice to crack as much as it did, or for it to come out that quiet. You didn’t want to worry anyone, but their looks of concern didn’t fade.

James stood up and put his arm around your shoulder to comfort you. He always knew when you needed a little extra encouragement.

You opened the door to your dorm and sat up against the headboard and James sat at the foot of the bed. You couldn’t bring your eyes to meet his, so you stayed staring at your hands for what felt like hours.

“What’s up Y/N? You’ve been really quiet the past couple weeks. The boys and I are worried sick.”

“I’ve been keeping something from you guys…”

Your voice was very quiet and he could barely hear what you said. You saw the shocked look on his face, this was the first time you admitted to keeping something important from him.

“You know you can tell me anything Y/N.”

“I know, but I’m scared James, I don’t want you to hate me.”

“Nothing in this universe could ever make me hate you. We can fight and bicker, but I will never hate you.”

“You might after I tell you.”

You were starting to cry, but tried your best to keep it together. You didn’t like being vulnerable, and you didn’t want to make this even more of a big deal.

“Y/N please tell me, I’m really worried.”


You made eye contact for the first time with tears streaming down your face.

“I’m gay James.”

A simple three word sentence with the heaviest load attached to it. It was done now, he knew. You couldn’t take it back no matter how much you wanted to.

You saw him put his head down, and started to cry more. He did hate you, he hated that you were different.

James, after realizing what his reaction looked like to you, was quick to jump to the other side of the bed and engulf you in a hug.

“I’m not mad at you Y/N, just surprised, and frankly a little disappointed in myself.”

You were beyond confused at this statement, and your face showed it.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t do enough to show you that things like who you love would never make me hate you. I should have been better.”

You stayed silent, taking in what he said. His eyes were starting to tear up.

“I also should have figured it out on my own considering how you look at Mary.”

He chuckled to himself. In true James fashion, he was just trying to lighten up the situation.

You both stood up and hugged again. He didn’t need to say anything for you to know that everything was going to be ok. He was your big brother and he was always going to love and accept you.

“I want to tell Sirius and Remus.”

You said into his chest.

“I think that’s a great idea!”

He grabbed your shoulders and looked you in the eye.

“I’m so proud of you Y/N. I know this took a lot for you, but telling me that was about the most Gryffindor thing you could have done. You belong here, we’re your family no matter what happens. Sirius and Remus are still going to love you just like I do, ok?”

“Ok, can you bring them up here? Let’s just get this done and over with so we can go eat.”

He laughed again.


You heard him walk back downstairs to the common room then heard three pairs of shoes climbing up the stairs. There was a knock at your door and you quickly wiped your eyes yelling for them to come in.

Sirius rushed to your side right away and gave you a hug.

“Are you alright Y/N? James said you wanted to talk to us.”

You stood up a little straighter trying to give yourself some more confidence as you looked to James for reassurance. He smiled at you while nodding his head, encouraging you to tell them.

“So, obviously you guys know that I’ve been off for the past couple week. But what you didn’t know was that was just a result of something I’ve been dealing with since way back in first year.”

You glanced between Remus and Sirius’ eyes before continuing.

“I’m just going to come out and say it.”

You paused allowing yourself to take a deep breath.

“I’m gay.”

You couldn’t help but smile to yourself a little bit while looking down at your shoes. It did feel good to finally get it out and not have to keep it to yourself.

You quickly felt two pairs of arms around you and a third was added in less than a second. You were in the center of the most secure space you’ve ever been in. Everyone held you in the hug for what felt like a lifetime, but eventually dispersed back out.

You looked across the room at the three boys looking back at you and smiled.

“It feels so good to finally say it out loud.”

You’re crying still, but it’s a happy cry. You finally have the burden lifted off your shoulders that has been there for years.

“We love you so much Y/N, nothing will ever change that.”

It felt like Sirius was staring into your soul when he said that. James and Remus quickly agreed and smiled.

“Now let’s go get some food and find you a girlfriend!”

James laughed and put his arm around you, kissing your forehead, while Sirius started listing girls he thought were cute asking if you agree.

You laughed, finally being free to say that Mary was hot out loud and not being ashamed of your crush on her. The boys smiled along with you noticing the immediate change in your attitude. They finally had their little sister back, and you got your life back.

Until the Moon Part 4

A Marauders Fic

Remus Lupin x reader

Summary: Reader is Severus Snape’s little sister. There’s drama there of course, but history adds a lot to it.

Word Count: 1517

Warnings: character death, abuse, blood, verbal abuse, angst

Read the Prologue here. Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here.

A/N: Sorry it’s taken me so long to update pretty much anything. Hope you like this! Here comes the angst train!


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Being Remus Lupin's Little Sister Would Include...

- You were just a kid when Remus was bitten

- so young, you couldn’t remember it being any other way

- Remus used to read you fairytales when you were growing up

- Snow White, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid…

- Your least favourite was Little Red Riding Hood.

- The wolf had such a bad reputation. Where was his side of the story?

- And your favourite was Beauty and the Beast.

- ((even those who some see as monsters can have a happily ever after))

- That was all you wanted for your big brother

- For him to be happy

- you always wanted to be an Animagus

- Remus didn’t let you

- ((obviously))

- You got along well with his friends

- Perhaps a little too well for his liking.

- “Morning, love-” “Stop that.”

- “ Stop what, Moony? I’m not doing anything wrong.”

- “You know very well what you’re doing. Stop it.”

- You were incredibly proud of him when he became a prefect.

- Also a little jealous.

- there goes your perfect brother, with his stupid perfect grades, and his stupid awesome friends, and his stupid good reputation-

- But you were mostly happy for him

- Your sixth year rolls around, and you get your first boyfriend.

- Remus is not happy.

- He threatens the poor boy with months of pranks and slime in his hair

- eventually he quiets and looks in his eyes.

- in a quiet voice, he spoke.

- “Don’t hurt her. Please, just- make her happy. For now, that’s your job.”

-“You need to make sure she’s smiling, and sing her favourite song, learn all the words. Bring her her favourite flowers.”

-“they’re peonies.”

- “And if you can’t do that, you don’t deserve my sister.”

- You had overheard.

- You smiled softly as you heard your brother walk away.

- Then comes the breakup.

- You had immediately rushed to find Remus when he had told you he didn’t feel like their relationship was progressing, that he felt like they were moving backwards

- he held you as you cried into his shoulder

- he softly patted your hair and whispered into your ear.

- “Y/N- You- he didn’t deserve you.”

-because Remus had been right all those months ago.

- he hadn’t learned all the words to your favourite song

- he claimed he was an awful singer, but the wasn’t the point

- he had bought you red roses on your one month anniversary

- dark, mysterious, quite lovely, really.

- but not the bright peonies that you loved

- not the flower that you had pointed out to Remus when you were just little

- The red roses weren’t the peonies that Remus had used to fill your childhood bedroom

- peonies in vases all across the room.

- “Someday, you’ll find your prince charming, Y/N. Happily ever after.”

- “So will you, Remus. You’ll find a Belle.”

When Your Sister and Your Dad Both Ship Wolfstar
  • (Aftermath of https: // and )
  • Dad: (Holding my copy of Order of the Phoenix) He fucking stares at him for FORTY FUCKING LINES
  • Sister: Wow omg dad don't swear but ya
  • Me: Can I have my book back please
  • Dad: And in Prisoner of Azkaban Lupin just transfers the blame for the death of Harry's parents from Sirius to Pettigrew in like five seconds like honestly
  • Sister: True dat
  • Me: Guys I'm glad you found something to ship but stahp please
  • Sister: (Pointing at the page) And it specifically says Lupin is staying "with Sirius"
  • Dad: Oh I didn't even notice that you're right
  • Me: (Gives up) And did you notice in-
Never Again

Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauders)

Word count: 2218

Characters: Sirius x reader, James x sister!reader, Peter, Remus, Lily

Warnings: Reader getting drunk andd  doing silly stuff, pining.

Summary: James’ twin sister does not deal well with what she thinks are unrequited feelings for Sirius.

“Okay. I am so glad that term is over,” you announced, shoving your trunk into the luggage rack and then slumping into the seat opposite Sirius. “Honestly, it felt like the professors didn’t want us to get any sleep this month.”

“Well, if you didn’t leave all your essays to the last minute…” Remus suggested. You scowled at him.

“I like to have fun with my life, Remus. Unlike you.”

Sirius dipped his head, sniggering. You grinned triumphantly. “Speaking of, James and I are having a party a few days before New Year. You two are coming, of course.”

“Really? I didn’t know about this.” James, your twin brother, eyed you warily as he took the seat next to you. “Do our parents know?”

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Headcanons about dating Sirius and being Remus’s sister!

Asked by @cherrymartin, hope you’ll like this! <3

I don’t know which would be the worst over-protective big brother between James and Remus?

  • You would have tried to hide it from your brother at first because Remus could be very protective and you knew he wouldn’t approve of your relationship with one of his best mate.
  • And to this horror, you wouldn’t be kidding him.
  • But it was happening. The first time he saw the two of you kissed he pretended to vomit and turns away when Sirius wink at him.
  • Face it, he would come between the two of you as much as he can. Every time you would be about the kiss, or you were holding hands.
  • He would never let the two of you walk together (People could see you holding hands! What would I tell them!?)
  • He would be super upset about the age gap (The what? - The age gap between you two! - Rem’ he’s one-year older…- so? That’s still gross!- Oh come on stop it already!)
  • Then James would probably tell him that he needs to chill out a bit about all this because it was Sirius and he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. (Yeah, I’d like to see if you’d still say the same things if Sirius was dating your sister, James. Remus would groan.)
  • He would have figured it out, because he would have smell Sirius’s leather jacket on you. (Hang on… oh my god… this scent.. this is Sirius’s leather jacket!!? Y/N are you kidding me!?)

  • Remus would be: Nope, I can’t handle this, nope this is not happening!

  • Sirius would try to make some jokes about the two of you, nope, Remus would just go somewhere else trying to forget that Sirius had said your name and the word sex in the same sentence. 
  • He would probably lecture you about the fact that Sirius is a womanizer… and manizer too… well he sleeps around a lot with a lot of people. (You do know that right Y/N… I’m just concern about your health..)
  • He would never let the two of you cuddle… like ever.
  • But since annoying him would be your favorite hobby (little sis’ y'a know) you would wink at him everytime Sirius touches you.

  • And he would glare furiously at you (He is my best mate! What are you thinking! Don’t tell me this is serious! -Ohh right you are, this is indeed Sirius! -Don’t play the puns with me Y/N!)
  • You would be angry at him (Rem’ you are so fucking predictable! I saw you watching us from across the common room, we are going out together, whether you like it or not!)
  • Sirius would steal some of your brother’s chocolate to give it to you. (I’m risking my life for you right now Y/N, you know that? If Remus sees me steal his chocolate, I’m a dead man!)
  • Because you are Remus’s sister you loved a bit too much chocolate too!
  • You would often borrow your brother (XL wtf Rem’?) sweater and it would bother Sirius a bit, so he’ll try, casually, like you hadn’t notice, to let one of his own shirts in your sight, just so you could take it and claim it as your own.
  • Remus would certainly have a fight with Sirius at some point because of that.
  • They would yell at each other. (She is my sister! - I know! - I won’t let you hurt her! -I’m not gonna hurt her! - You better not or I’ll reap you apart! - Calm down now Moon’)
  • Then Remus would accept it. After a while, but still accepted it.
  • Mostly because you threaten to hex him once and for good if he didn’t stop being that stupid. But he didn’t mention it.
  • He would still turn his head away when you would kiss Sirius, but he would have a little smirk that wasn’t there at first.
  • You were happy, that’s all he ever wanted you to be.
  • He would put his hand on Sirius’s shoulder when he would tell him that he was, madly in love with you. (I’m happy Pads, but I’ll crush you if you hurt her, -We’ve already been through that conversation thousands of time, - Yeah I know, it was just a friendly reminder – Yeah I know. -I know you do you stupid arse)
  • And you would think that you definitely have the best brother in the world.
Until the Moon Prologue

A Marauders Fic

Remus Lupin x reader

Summary: Reader is Severus Snape’s little sister. There’s drama there of course, but history adds a lot to it.

Word Count: 424

Warnings: character death, abuse, blood

A/N: I’ve decided for time’s sake that I’m not going to use very many gifs this series, if at all. But yeah, check out the warnings! We are getting started right off the bat. This part is short because it’s the prologue, the other parts should definitely be longer. I’m really excited for this series! Let me know what y’all think!


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As Normal As They Can Be: James Potter x Sister!Reader

 It was supposed to be a prank. He had done worse things to her, like turn her hair pink for a week or charming her school robes to turn from Gryffindor to Slytherin ones. And she was mad at first, yes, but then she’d laugh with him and forget about it. But now she seemed more hurt than he had ever seen her before. And what did he bloody do? He turned her eyes from their normal golden brown to icy blue.

 James Potter, who was one of the happiest boys at Hogwarts, couldn’t help but feel the guilt, sadness and confusion after his twin sister, Y/N, run away from him and the marauders when she discovered what he had done to her.

 The marauders were all sited on one of the couches in the Gryffindor common room talking about everything and nothing as they usually do every Saturday morning, when James’ eyes suddenly twinkled with mischief when he remembered about the prank he had successfully pulled last night while his twin sister was asleep.

 “Ok, Prongs, I don’t like that look… What did you do?” Remus asked cautiously as he saw what one could only describe as James’ ‘evil’ gaze.

 “Now why would you assume that I have done something my dearest Moony?” challenged James but upon seeing his friends’ disbelieving stares, he sighed defeated and quickly explained. “Ok, ok, you got me. I might or might not have given our dear Y/N a sight to die for for when she wakes up” he said with his signature smirk.

 Sirius looked slightly worried upon hearing his best friend’s words. You see, him and Y/N have been dating since fourth year. James didn’t approve of course, mind you, but upon seeing their love for each other and of course making sure Sirius wouldn’t hurt his sister he eventually gave in.

 At that moment, Y/N came down from the girls’ dormitory, looking completely relaxed and… well normal. Three of the four marauders were staring at her intensely as she made her way towards Sirius, sitting on his lap, trying to figure out what ‘sight to die for’ James was talking about but everything seemed normal.

 “Morning” she said lazily, sleep evident in her voice.

 “Morning love” replied Sirius almost instantly, gazing in the eyes he always found himself getting lost in lovingly, and that’s when he saw it. The icy clear blue eyes that looked foreign but so familiar, filled with the same love that was always found in them.

 “What? Is there something on my face?” Y/N said self-consciously as she got out her pocket mirror out of her pocket.

 When she saw it her face fell completely, all sleep gone from her features, replaced by panic. Suddenly James’ laughter could be heard across the common room and when she looked at him she saw it; the mischief and satisfaction in his eyes.

 “…you did this?” Y/N asked softly, her voice laced with hurt and a bit of accusation.

 Upon seeing his sister’s pained expression, James’ smile quickly flattered from his face and his face was instantly filled with worry and slight guilt.

 “Relax Y/N it was just a joke. They will return back to their normal color in a few weeks” he quickly responded, the hopeful look in his eyes dying away as he saw the tears threatening to spill from her eyes.

 “A few weeks? A few weeks?!” She yelled frantically and then she all but run out of the portrait hole.

 And that’s how he found himself at the foot steps of the Astronomy tower where he knew he’d find his sister since that’s where she always went when she was upset; and he was proven right when he saw her looking out from the railing, her knuckles white from how hard her grip was. After hearing footsteps, she quickly turned around only to glare daggers into his head.

 “What the hell do you want James?” she spat his name like venom. James knew she was furious when she used his name considering she always called him ‘Jamie’, the only exceptions being when she was mad at him.

 If James wasn’t feeling guilty before, he sure as hell felt guilty now after he saw her bloodshot, red, puffy eyes, tears still running out of them, breaking his heart even more. He made her cry. The one thing he swore to always protect her from and yet he’d done it.

 “Y/N….” he says softly, walking up to her and bringing her to his chest, arms protectively around her, not even caring that she could hex his ass to oblivion.
“It’s ok. You’re ok.” he whispers in her ear as she quietly sobs, slowly gliding down the wall, bringing her with him until they’re sited.

 “Come on Y/N… It’s not that bad.. I think it really suits you..” he tries lifting the mood but when she glares at him he sighs again and wipes her tears with his thumbs. She got off him and sat next to him, her back against the wall.

 “I honestly don’t know why you took it so bad, I mean I’ve done worse things to you, I even turned your hair bloody pink once and you didn’t even react half as badly.” he says matter-of-factly. “Why are you taking this so bad?”

 “You don’t understand… He won’t see me the same.. ” she mutters over and over again, rocking back and forth with her knees to her chest, her arms around them, the tears now gone replaced by a look that he couldn’t quite understand. James gives her a quizzical look and she finally stops rocking, her full attention on him as she finally admits her fear to him.

 “What if he doesn’t love me, Jamie? What if Siri doesn’t love me anymore…?” she whispers, fighting back the new tears about to spill. James’ eyes wide as he quickly shakes his head.

 “What? No, Y/N. Absolutely not. I know how much he loves you. Why would you say that?” James asks, actually curious, trying to understand the young witch in front of him.

 “He always says that he fell in love with my eyes… What if now that I don’t have my eyes he’ll stop loving me?” she asked in a trembling voice, eyes darting down. James looks stunned for a moment, shocked by the witch’s confession before shaking his head frantically around.

 “What?! Y/N that’s ridiculous! Is this what this was about? Love, I know Padfoot better than I know myself, he loves you with all his heart. Trust me, there are better chances of Snivellous beating me at quidditch than Padfoot not loving you anymore.” James says softly, watching her features relax instantly. She gets up suddenly, shaking her head.

 “You’re right. This is ridiculous. I’m being stupid.” she said in a small voice, a small smile escaping her lips.

 James gets up too, looking at Y/N with the most brotherly protective look he could master, still angry with himself.

 “No, Y/N. You’re not being ridiculous or stupid. I know how you feel, I get the feeling that I might loose Lily by literally everything I do. I still can’t believe she said yes to me.” James said with a cold chuckle.

 Y/N’s eyes softened as she stepped in front of her brother, her turn to reassure him.

 “She finally said yes, Jamie, because you’re a great and amazing guy.” She said truthfully. “Sure, you can be a bit of an annoying git sometimes.” she joked “but- ouch” she said, playfully glaring at him after he punched her arm, the look of mischief back in his eyes.

 “Oh, you are on James Potter.” she said before she quickly punched him and run away, her laughter filling the empty corridors.

 “Wha- no way you’re winning this Y/N.” he shouted as he took after her, glad to see his sister was back to normal. Well… as normal as they can be.