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"You have something in your hair, umm... Do you want me to get it out?" + young!Remus Lupin? 💞


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You rolled over when you heard footsteps approaching, lying on your stomach in the grass. You smiled and turned over again when you saw Remus lower himself onto the ground next to you. He grinned back, crossing his legs and reaching his arms out towards you.

“Come here”

You sat up, moving over until you were leaning on him, your side pressed up against his. You dropped your head onto his shoulder, tucking your forehead into his neck. You felt his head dip as well, felt as he pressed a chaste kiss to your temple.

“Whatcha doing out here baby?”

You held up the open book in your hands, letting go when he took it from you.

“This is such a good book”

You hummed, lifting your head off his shoulder and turning sideways, laying your head in his lap. He smiled, his eyes twinkling as he breathed out a hesitant laugh.


“You have something in your hair.”

You looked at him expectantly, waiting.

“Um, did you want me to get it out?”


“Nah, I think it looks pretty good.”

You scoffed, reaching a hand up and feeling dozens of blades of dead grass tangled with your hair and your mouth fell open looking at him.

“Something? This is like the entire lawn!”

He laughed, throwing his head back and reaching out, beginning to pick a few blades out.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t notice.”

“Were you gonna let me walk around like this?”



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A sort of Lady and the Tramp one with Remus. Where she’s a pureblood witch and Remus is kind of seen as lower class because he’s half blood and he’s a werewolf? Thanks so much! I love your writing!

Disney Weekend! Full disclaimer, it has been years since I’ve seen Lady and the Tramp

Your mother would be livid if she found out that you were dating Remus. Not only was he a half-blood, but he was also a werewolf. She was Satan reincarnate and was not afraid to show it, so your dates with Remus had to be secret, just like tonight.

Remus drags you through the castle, much to your protests. “What the hell are you doing? Are you trying to get us caught?”

“Trust me, okay?”

“Fine,” you give in, as Remus pushes open the kitchen door. 

“Mr. Lupin,” a house elf greets, “your table.” He leads you to the back of the kitchen, where a table with a checkered tablecloth holds a candle lite spaghetti dinner for the two of you. Remus mutters a quick word of thanks, before pulling out your chair for you. 

“This is wonderful. Thank you,” you say, twirling your fork in the pasta. 

He mimics your actions, accidentally picking up the same noodle as you, though neither of you notices until your lips touch.

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Vine references: Harry Potter Characters

Harry: Well I’m doing just fine…I lied I’m dying inside

Ron: i don’t have enough money for chicken nuggets

Hermione: that is not correct. Because according to the encyclopaedia of pl-pl-pl-pl-pl-

Neville: Hurricane Katrina? More like Hurricane tortilla

Luna: he needs some milk

Ginny: Go back to sleep, and starve.

Draco: hey loser, say kid backwards! [dik?] Ha ha, that’s gay…

Dumbledore: [HoW dO yOu kNoW wHaT’s gOoD fOr mE?] THAT’S MY OPINIONNN!!!..

Snape: *to the ghostbusters theme song* I’m an adult virgin

Lily: oh my god why can’t you just take the freaking compliMEEEENTT

James: People constantly ask me what’s it like to be a sexy-

Sirius: All I wanna tell you is school’s not important… Be whatever you wanna be. If you wanna be a dog…RUFF. You know?

Remus: [dad, look! it’s the good kush…] This is the dollar store how good can it be?

Peter: I brought you Myrrh [thank you] Mur-dur! [huh…Judas..no]

McGonagall: smack that bitch

Flitwick: I said whoever threw that paper, your moms a hoe!

Hagrid: look at all those chickens

Arthur: road work ahead? Yeah I sure hope it does

Molly: every time you don’t yell at your kids, put a quarter in your sock and soon you’ll have a weapon to beat-

Bill: wOw

Charlie: So no head?

Percy: Hey everybody, today my brother pushed me, so I’m starting a kickstarter to put him down. The benefits of killing him would be: I would get pushed way less.

Fred: can I get a waffle? Can I please get a waffle?

George: I’m John Cena!

Tonks: This bitch empty, YEET!

Moody: I wanna be a cowboy baby

Colin: That was legitness

Cho: Chris is that a weed?

Cedric: Oh my god they were roommates

Fleur: hi, I’m Renata Bliss and I’m your freestyle dance teacher

Victor: *slides in* Good evening

Dudley: Whaddup my name is Jared, I’m 19, and I never fucking learnt how to read

Petunia: I saw you hanging out with caitlin yesterday!! [r-rebecca, it’s not what you think!] i won’t hesitate, bitch! * pew pew *

Vernon: the cheese of truth *puts cheese on newspaper* immigrants cause cancer

Dobby: Hi welcome to chilli’s

Hedwig: Bitch I hope the fuck you do! You’ll be a dead son of a bitch I tell you

Narcissa: two shots of vodka *pours in half a bottle of vodka*

Bellatrix: I love you bitch. I ain’t never gonna stop loving you….bitch.

Voldemort: I’m a bad bitch you can’t kill me

Me during the day: ughhh i want to sleep so baddd take me homeee i’m so tiredd

Me when i’m supposed to fall asleep: i’m going to read 538484829 fanfics because i can’t sleep !!!!!!1!1

remus lupin deserves the world, but the world does not deserve remus lupin.

Chew Toy

Request: “Could you please write something where the reader is best friends with the marauders, especially Remus and Sirius? And at a party after a won quidditch game they all get drunk and end up in a threesome.”

Pairing(s): Sirius Black x Reader, Remus Lupin x Reader, Sirius Black x Remus Lupin, James Potter x Lily Evans

Word Count: 3k


The pounding music had been ongoing throughout the entire night since the end of the Quidditch match, your dorm room door barely muffling the sounds of constant laughter, chatter, and overall rowdiness. Your friends had been prettying themselves up, hoping to at least make out with one of the boys or girls on the team, since everyone downstairs was too drunk to care who they had a little fun with.

“You coming (Y/n)?” Your roommate giggled after taking a shot of Firewhisky.

You huffed, rolling your eyes as you had stuffed up your lipstick for what had to be the third time. “In a sec. It was probably a bad idea to start drinking before I started my makeup, huh?”

Your friends laughed at your crooked grin, promising to meet you down there. You waved them off, knowing for certain that by the time you got down there, they would all be off getting laid.

After you finally finished your makeup, sprayed a little bit of your favourite perfume, and checked to see if your hair looked good, you filled your flask and headed out of your room. Standing up after having pre-drinks with the girls shook you into the reality that you had consumed a lot of alcohol, as the stairs wavered and you had to hold the wall as you descended into the Gryffindor common room.

“Hey! Look who finally decided to show up!” James exclaimed drunkenly as he spotted you, pushing past the crowd of girls that had grouped around him. Lily Evans was in the corner of the room, with her arms crossed and a shake of her head.

“Congratulations on the win, oh great Chaser.” You mockingly worshiped the boy who wore a wobbly smirk. He glanced over to the redhead who was not-so-subtly eyeing him, and chuckled as she blushed and looked away.

“Looks like I have a bit more chasing to do.” He said, nodding his head towards Lily. “Remus and Sirius are looking for you. They’re by the fireplace.” And with that he left you, staggering over to the now wide-eyed ginger.

The common room always looked so different after Quidditch matches, the boys having managed to add an extension charm to the place to enlarge it. The only bit of light that wasn’t artificial was the fireplace, which stayed the same, serving as a chilled-out section where the stoners hung out under a quieting charm. As you approached, you saw Remus sitting down and smoking a joint, and Sirius sitting on the arm of the chair with a glass in his hand.

“Good morning gorgeous!” Sirius smiled, his cheeks flushed from the Rum he was downing.

“It’s not morning yet Sirius. 2 more minutes left.” Remus noted, then turned to you. “My, you do look ravishing.”

Oh, you thought, so it’s going to be that type of night tonight.

“Stop it, stop it.” You hid your face. “…Okay, go on.”

“Delicious.” Sirius cooed.

“Sexy.” Remus added.

“Arousing.” Sirius tested with a cocked brow towards Remus.

“Fuckable.” Remus retorted.

“Is that even a word?” You questioned with a furrowed brow, sighing as Sirius pulled you towards him, running his hands over your sides.

“I’m fairly certain. I’ll have to check the dictionary when I get the chance-“

“You’re such a nerd Remus.” Sirius interjected.

“Hey,” you frowned, “I think nerds are quite fuckable, don’t you?”

“I never said they weren’t.” He winked at Remus, then pushed himself up to stand. “Alright, who wants to go dance?”

Remus blinked a couple times, his cheeks heating as a rogue smile creeped onto his face. Both you and Sirius had made quite the game out of teasing the consistently flustered boy, and to be quite honest, it endeared him like nothing else.

“Y-yeah let’s go.” He said, taking the hand you offered him.

The three of you clumsily made your way over to the tent flaps nailed to the wall, Sirius pushing them to the side to reveal an energetic dancefloor lit by flickering fluoro lights. Remus almost stumbled as you turned to him, his reddened eyes blinking a couple times as he took your face in his hands.

“You’re glowing.” He said, mesmerised. Sirius chuckled as he looked, cocking his brow at the way your red lips lit up under the black light.

“That’s just brilliant.” He said. Then a new song started, and he perked up. “Shall we have this dance, darling?” he purred, mockingly bowing at the waist and extending a hand. You giggled, taking it, Remus following close behind and keeping a hand around your other wrist as Sirius manoeuvred through the crowd to find a good spot.

You finally settled as Sirius stopped, turning around to the both of you when he found an area in the middle of the crowd. You began swaying your hips, then ultimately deciding that you weren’t drunk enough to really dance, so you took out your flask and began gulping down the burning liquid. Sirius bit his lip as he watched the amber liquid spill down your chin, coming forward after you were done to lick the wetness from you. He groaned, gripping your hips, then smashed his lips into yours. He snatched the flask from you while you were distracted, resulting in a scoff from you. Remus took this opportunity to begin dancing behind you, wrapping an arm around your neck as his height allowed him to do so. His hands then slipped down, tracing your curves as your bodies moved in sync. He leant down, beginning to suck on your neck as he grinded into your ass, his little whimpers only just audible over the loud music.

Sirius returned, pressing his front to you now as he attacked the other side of your neck, leaving it in glowing kiss marks as your lipstick had come off onto his lips. The loud music thumped through your body, adding to the stimulation you were currently receiving. Then Sirius turned his head, capturing Remus’ chin with his finger and thumb and pressing an open-mouthed kiss to his lips. Their tongues had their own dance, their breathing laboured as they kissed. Then Remus faced you, turning your head to the side so that he could make out with your glowing lips. His hold on you loosened as he moaned into your mouth, Sirius’ hands working to squeeze at your ass, and simultaneously at Remus’ bulge. The tall boy behind you made beautiful sounds as he bucked his hips into the touch, biting at your lip harshly to try to control his growls. Sirius pushed his face into the midst, initiating a three-way kiss where teeth clattered and tongues circled. You were sure your panties were soaked through by now, with your two best friends thrusting themselves into you from both sides. Eventually you had to pull apart to take heaving breaths.

“I’m going to cum in my pants if we keep up like this.” Remus mumbled, scraping his teeth over the pulse in your neck.

“I’d love to see that.” Sirius tittered, reaching round to squeeze Remus’ ass. He reacted by jolting his erection back into your behind.

“Remus is right.” You uttered, beginning to palm Sirius’ growing tent. “Take me to your room.”

Fuck.” Remus whispered. “Sirius?”

Sirius grinned, still swaying a bit as he relished the way you both looked; desperate and stirred. “I’d love to see you both cum in my bed.” He hummed, taking both your hands and leading you out of the crowd. Remus kept a hand at your ass, kneading your cheeks as you walked. Some of your peers turned and watched the three of you leave towards the male dorm rooms with glowing lipstick stains covering your faces, and although it was still a hot topic of gossip, everyone already knew about the type of relationship you three had.

Once you reached the room, Remus pounced, pinning you to the wall as he pressed needy kisses down your neck and towards your breasts. Sirius shook his head, turning on the light to find the both of you stained in red from the lipstick. He took a glance in the mirror, arching his brow as he cleaned himself up with a tissue, pleased to see his two friends going at it in the reflection.

“Come on Sirius.” Remus breathed, palming your breasts. “Don’t you want to join?”

“Mr. Narcissist would rather fawn over himself.” You replied, unzipping Remus’ pants. “But you can have me to yourself Moony. Would you like that?” He whimpered, nodding as you stroked his length through his boxer shorts.

“Oh no. That’s not happening.” Sirius announced, standing from his position. He stripped himself, both of you watching wide-eyed until his cock was finally released, springing against his stomach. He made a come-hither motion with two fingers, sinking back onto his bed. Remus scooped you up, carrying you over and dropping you onto the mattress. You squeaked, landing on something hard. You reached under your back, retrieving a bone.

“Seriously?” You threw the bone to the other side of the room, Sirius’ eyes following it there.

“Yes, okay, my bad.” He threw his hands up innocently, shrugging. Then he laughed to himself, “Looks like one chew toy is replaced by another.”

You rolled your eyes, patting the bed. “So… are you going to undress me, or do I have to do it myself?”

“Lazy girl.” Sirius chimed.

“Oh Merlin, yes please.” Remus piped, his hands immediately grabbing at your clothing. Sirius worked on your top while Remus pulled off your pants and underwear, both leaving lingering kisses and grazing touches wherever they went. When they were done, Remus licked a thick stripe over your slit, causing you to shudder. Then Sirius pulled you into his lap, the both of you turning to your still clothed friend.

“Moony.” Sirius uttered, licking his lips. “Your turn.”

Remus gulped, awkwardly fumbling with his top. The scars on his face turned stark white against his blushing face, and you couldn’t handle torturing your dear sweet wolf boy. You stood, silkily walking over to him. Sirius started stroking his dick as you began to kiss Remus softly. First on his nose, your lips dragging over the scar there. Then his lips, leaving a peck on his slightly agape mouth. He was a tall and lanky boy, with toned arms and a healthy weight, but he always seemed to be ashamed that he could never amount to Sirius’ level of “physical appeal”, as he put it. Sirius had rippling abs, the muscles in his arms protruding as he played with himself. But you made an effort to show Remus that he had beautiful prominent veins, and that all of his scars turned you on more than anything. So you kissed each part of him, each scar and bruise, helping him take off his clothes until he was bare and you were kneeling before him. Then you showed affection to his most prominent vein of all; the one that ran along the underside of his dick.

Sirius adored the way you gently handled Remus, because he thought it balanced out how rough he was with him. And watching you on your knees, taking Remus’ length with a ready mouth, and Remus’ head falling back to almost howl out your name; it was a sight so beautiful he wished he could capture it. But it was also a sight that drove him insane, and soon he was curling his toes, only lightly running a thumb over his leaking, swollen tip because he knew if he did any more he would be cumming right there and then. Then Remus grabbed a fistful of your hair, thrusting his cock into your mouth, and Sirius had to stop altogether because your choking sounds were too much to handle. He let out a string of curse words, jumping up and pushing Remus to the wall, restraining his hands above his head. Your mouth popped as his dick left your mouth.

“Dammit, why are you both so fucking hot.” Sirius, grumbled, biting hard on the edge of Remus’ jaw. Sirius turned to you, a demanding strength in his tone. “Get on the bed, babygirl.”

You did as you were told, Sirius following you, pulling Remus along by his throbbing cock. You loved the way they looked right now, their faces filled with pink and their hair tousled crazily. You also admired that they weren’t afraid to touch each other, they didn’t limit their affections just to you in order to maintain a “straight” reputation, as you had heard numerous other people’s threesome experiences being limited to.

“Now.” He purred. “Moony, my beautiful boy,” he paused to press a kiss to the sore spot on his jaw, “get underneath our sweetheart and fuck her silly.”

Remus didn’t need to be told twice, he climbed onto the bed, pulling you on top of him. Without hesitation, he pushed his long cock into you, his thighs trembling as he cursed at how amazing you felt. His arms had wrapped around you tightly, moaning into your mouth as he pressed up into you, his body shuddering to finally be joined with yours. Remus then hummed in confusion as he felt his arms being plucked from around you, and your body being lifted from his. His cock stayed buried inside of your hole, except now Sirius was propping you up, sitting behind you with his legs now over Remus’. His hands gripped your waist, helping you bounce on his best friend’s cock.

“Let him see those beautiful tits bounce, babe.” He said, biting on your shoulder. You moaned, loving the added delight of Sirius’ hands all over you while Remus’ dick twitched inside of you. Sirius then moved, rolling over to stalk Remus, moving down to lick the white stripes that littered his torso. “Gorgeous. Handsome.” He noted, giving a new compliment with each lick and suck. He reached his mouth, licking into it with a pleased sigh. After all the action, Remus finally came with a loud cry, his fingernails digging into both Sirius’ face and your shaking thighs.

“Holy-“ Remus said, out of breath. “I love you both so much.”

“Aw, baby.” You cooed.

“We love you too.” Sirius smiled. The two of you leant over, giving him a sweet kiss on each cheek. When you pulled back, there was a calculating smirk on Remus’ face. Your core jolted with excitement.

“You’re so great to me… I think it’s time to return the favour.” He sat up, pulling you easily to the side. He sat you up against the plush pillows, quickly going over to his own bed and grabbing extra ones. He bundled them under your head and back. “Comfy, darling?” You nodded, biting your lip. Remus then got on all fours, pulling your hips towards his hot mouth. His heavy breath against your wetness caused a tingling, but before he divulged into your eager pussy he turned his head, looking to his friend. “Sirius, fuck me hard, alright?”

Sirius gave a toothy grin, winking, “Don’t I always?”

And with that, Remus began ravenously eating you out, using his long fingers to fuck you while doing so. Your fingers laced through his mousy hair, pulling at the strands as his teeth nibbled at your sensitive bundle. The view was also a great asset, Sirius’ sweaty chest rising and falling rapidly as he pushed himself into Remus. The boy subsequently moaned loudly into your clit, stimulating it more to the point where you were writhing in your spot. It was a mess, with Remus desperately trying to keep you still with his strong arms, while he himself was struggling to keep it together with Sirius pounding into him. The breaking point seemed to hit you at the same time Sirius gave a taught slap to Remus’ ass, his cumming aligning almost exactly with yours. Both your orgasms rang out loudly in the room, tangled with rapidly uttered confessions of love and appreciation for each other.

Sirius placed a kiss on Remus’ scarred back before pulling out, collapsing beside you on the single bed. Remus haphazardly squeezed in on your other side, trying not to fall off. You giggled, pulling him into you and wrapping your legs around him, while Sirius spooned you from behind. A naked, sweaty mess of entangled limbs and fatigued lovers, and you wouldn’t have had it any other way.

With an adorable yawn, Remus asked, “How’d I do?”

“Amazing.” You said.

“Phenomenal.” Sirius rasped.

“The best yet.”

“You were entirely fuckable.” Sirius added.

Remus smiled, pressing a kiss to your forehead while stroking Sirius’ cheek. His movements then paused as the door to their dorm room opened, a staggering James walking in with his arm around Lily.

“Shit guys.” James slurred, covering Lily’s eyes with his hand. He then muttered an “oh” and covered his own eyes, slowly backing out of the room. The three of you burst into laughter as soon as the door closed. You’d all awake the next morning to find numerous bite and kiss marks all over your bodies.



Peter Maximoff:

Idiots in love

Imagine being Peter’s best friend

Imagine comforting Peter

Imagine Peter Maximoff comforting you

Imagine Peter falling in love with you

Imagine your fist kiss with Peter

Imagine being a mutant and Peter Maximoff flirting with you

Imagine having the powers to control water and dating Peter Maximoff 

Imagine being Xavier’s nurse and Peter coming to see you with injuries often

Imagine helping Peter with his broken leg

Charles Xavier:

People make mistakes

Alex Summers:

Prompt request “"You are seriously like a man child!”

Hank McCoy:

Imagine being Hank’s girlfriend

Kurt Wagner:

Imagine taking a photo of Kurt mid teleportation 

Once Upon a Time:

Peter Pan:

Teaching Peter Pan to cuddle would include

Being curvy and dating Peter Pan would include

Imagine being Regina’s daughter and dating Pan

Imagine being the female version of Peter Pan

Imagine being stronger than Pan

Imagine Peter hearing you sing

Imagine being Peter’s ex and seeing him on Neverland again

Imagine Pan being very possessive

Imagine cuddling with Pan

Being Hook’s daughter and dating Peter Pan would include

Or at least, that’s what everyone tell me (Peter Pan x Reader)

Imagine Peter getting pissed at you

Imagine being crazy and Pan loving it

Tell Me You Need Me: Prompt Request

Imagine having a fight with Peter and making up after 

My Clothes: Prompt Request 

Killian Jones:

Being Hook’s daughter and dating Peter Pan would include

Imagine being Hook’s daughter and getting into trouble

Regina Mills:

Imagine being Regina’s daughter and dating Peter Pan


Bucky Barnes:

Imagine being the only one that can comfort Bucky

Imagine being Tony’s sister and dating Bucky

Imagine Bucky coming to save you

Tony Stark:

Imagine being Tony’s sister and dating Bucky

Steve Rogers:

Imagine Steve having an obvious crush on you

Peter Parker:

Imagine Peter being afraid of getting too close to you

Teen wolf:

Stiles Stilinski:

Stiles and Isaac both being in love with you would include

Being Stiles’ sister would include 

Love, isn’t it confusing?

Scott McCall:

Being Scott’s younger sister by 2 years would include

Imagine Isaac falling in love with you, Scott’s sister

Isaac Lahey:

Imagine Isaac falling in love with you, Scott’s sister

Being Scott’s younger sister by 2 years would include

Being Stiles’ sister would include

Stiles and Isaac both being in love with you would include

Dating Isaac Lahey and being a witch would include 

Wait what? (Isaac Lahey x Reader)

Star Wars:

Poe Dameron:

Jealous much? (Poe Dameron x Reader)

Prompt request “Welcome to fatherhood.” And “The store ran out of Easter eggs.”

Kylo Ren:

Imagine Kylo finding out that you’re force sensitive 

Prompt request “When did you become so badass?” And “Who did this to you?”

Prompt request “When was the last time you slept?” “I had a nightmare.” And “I can’t live without you.”

Luke Skywalker:

Prompt request “Stop being so cute, it’s distracting.”

Prompt request “Stop being so cute, it’s distracting.” And “You’re not interested are you?”

Imagine Han and Leia catching you and Luke


Lance Sweets:

Imagine dating Lance Sweets (personal favourite)

James Aubrey:

Imagine Aubrey loving you back

Cam Saroyan:

Imagine secretly dating Cam and getting caught by Angela

The Walking Dead:

Carl Grimes:

Imagine a little boy having a crush on you and Carl getting jealous

Dating Carl Grimes would include

Imagine taking a photo of Carl after he lost his eye

The Outsiders:

Ponyboy Curtis:

Imagine being Johnny’s sister and dating Ponyboy

Johnny Cade:

Imagine being Johnny’s sister and dating Ponyboy

Two Bit:

Imagine Two Bit teasing you because he likes you

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:

Newt Scamander:

Imagine pranking Newt

Harry Potter:

Fred Weasley:

Imagine being a Ravenclaw and dating Fred Weasley 

Imagine Fred Weasley falling in love with you

Don’t ever let jealousy change you, not even for someone you love (Fred Weasley x Reader)

Draco Malfoy:

Don’t ever let jealousy change you even for someone you love (Fred Weasley x Reader)

Imagine Being Harry’s sister and telling Draco off

Scorpius Malfoy:

Imagine being best friends with Scorpius and Albus

Albus Severus Potter:

Imagine being best friends with Scorpius and Albus

Harry Potter:

Imagine being Harry’s sister and telling Draco off

Remus Lupin:

Imagine watching the autumn leaves with Remus Lupin


Matt Murdock:

Imagine being a soldier and coming home to Matt


Jughead Jones

You’re so Cheesy: Prompt Request

I’m Sorry: Prompt Request

Hesitation: Prompt Request

A Puppy: Prompt Request

Being Jughead’s Best Friend Would Include

What? Am I hearing you right: Prompt Request

Mystery Incorporated: Riverdale Gang x Reader

Pants on Fire: Prompt Request 

Archie Andrews:

Mystery Incorporated: Riverdale Gang x Reader

Betty Cooper:

Mystery Incorporated: Riverdale Gang x Reader

Veronica Lodge:

Mystery Incorporated: Riverdale Gang x Reader

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my date: so, what are your hobbies?

me: uhh,,,I like to read

my date: oh, what do you read?

me: *thinks of all the smut and fanfiction I read until the early hours of the morning* anything, really. Anyway, let’s look at the menu I’m starving-

Being Sirius daughter and Dating Remus' son would include

Being Sirius daughter and Dating Remus’ son would include

(so I guess you mean reader x Teddy right??)

  • It being so awkward at first.
  • Trying to keep your relationship a secret.
  • Sneaking around.
  • Until Harry walks in on you making out
  • And starts shouting “MY EYES”

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

  • James, Sirius and Remus all run up the stairs to see what all the shouting was about.
  • To find your legs still wrapped around Teddy’s waist and both of you still against the wall.
  • All three of the adults standing there with their mouths open.

Originally posted by peter-twerk

  • “What the fu- THATS MY DAUGHTER” Sirius would shout
  • “WITH MY BEST-FRIENDS SON” He would add
  • “THAT’S..” He would pause for a moment “.. Kind of great”
  • “What?” You and Teddy would say shocked.

Originally posted by deanthatsnotfunny

  • Everyone turning to look at Remus whose mouth is still hung open.
  • “Didn’t think you had it in you” He’d suddenly say causing everyone to laugh but teddy who blushed red.
  • “Thanks, dad..”

Originally posted by thelifeandtimesofmarauding

  • Everyone going silent for a moment not knowing what to say.
  • Then Sirius would start listing a thousand rules.
  • “No kissing-”
  • “Are you Serious!?” You would roll your eyes.
  • “What have I told you about calling me by my first name”

Originally posted by heart-ablaze

  • Sirius and Remus never leaving the two of you alone.
  • They would secretly follow you when you go on dates.
  • Or at least Sirius would
  • In dog form of course.

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💀 > Billy BONES



🏰 > Robb STARK

🏰 > Gendry BARATHEON

🏰 > Joffrey BARATHEON


✨ > Cedric DIGGORY

✨ > Draco MALFOY

✨ > Fred WEASLEY

> Hermione GRANGER


🌙 > Sirius BLACK

🌙 > Remus LUPIN

🌙 > James POTTER

🌙 > Severus SNAPE

🌙 > Regulus BLACK

🌙 > Tom RIDDLE


💣 >Tommy SHELBY

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💄 > Chris SCHISTAD

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⚠️ > Bellamy BLAKE

⚠️ > Finn COLLINS


  🔥 > Steve ROGGERS

 🔥 > Tony STARK

🔥  > Bucky BARNES

🔥  > Pietro MAXIMOFF

🔥  > LOKI

🔥  > Peter PARKER


🏹 > FILI


💍 > Emmett CULLEN

💍 > Jacob BLACK

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❌ > Charles XAVIER


❌ > Alex SUMMERS



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    ♏ > SCORPIO



    ♓ > PISCES

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    💋 > Matt MURRDOCK (Ben Affleck) 

    Harry Potter Prefrences - Part 5: Their nickname for you

    Draco: Princess. He loves to spoil you and to make you feel special, which is the reason why he calls you a nickname that expresses how precious you are to him.

    Sirius: Doll. He loves this nickname. It’s a bit cheeky, a bit suggestive but also kind of sweet (like the man himself), so it perfectly summs up his feelings for you.

    Neville: Sunshine. You brighten Neville’s days and there is no way he could be in a bad mood when you’re around. Because of that he chose a nickname to show you how much joy you brought into his life.

    Remus: Dear. Remus isn’t one for nicknames that are too ‘wild’ to say so, which is why he chose something classy but still loving to show you how much he cares about you.

    Cedric: Love. Plain and simple, when he thinks about ‘love’, your face is the first image that comes to his mind. You are the person who truly made him feel love, which is why this nickname was basically the only possible way to call you.

    Fred: Boo. To Fred this nickname is the perfect mix of cute and funny, just like you. It was meant more of a joke at first, but it somwhow settled since he enjoyed how you couldn’t help but chuckle whenever he called you this.

    George: Kitten. He thought it fits you well, not only because of certain parts of your personality, but also because he loves the way you blush, when he calls you ‘Kitten’ in front of other people.

    Harry: Honey. To him you are the sweetest person he ever met, which is why he decided for a nickname to show you how much he adores your loving personality.

    How they feel about PDA...

    this is the thingy in which i don’t overly describe things and actually stick to the plot. u can check my masterlist right here and request more preferences (and only preferences) right here. have fun reading and hope u like this unrequested piece. 

    j a m e s  p o t t e r

    Originally posted by chasingxprongs

    I think James would be completely okay with it, he is not one to mind what people think about what he does or who’s he with. James is the actual meaning of lover boy, and would definitely enjoy not only babbling and boasting his significant other to everyone he knows but he’d also be very touchy. Always a hand on your back, on your waist, on your arms, hands, hair, ass, anywhere really, he’d just have to be touching you somehow, to let you know he’s there and he doesn’t plan on leaving. He’d be the kind of guy that would grin like a huge dork while he chatted his friends if you had his arms wrapped around him or had your head laid on his shoulder/lap/chest just because. Would absolutely ask you at least twice to consider letting him owl everyone he knows to tell them he’s dating you and a list of all your qualities because lover boy is a show-off. He wouldn’t mind snogging in public as well, if you did, though, he’d respect it without questioning it and would never cross the line, but you know what they say about being between four walls, right? Because James knows.

    s i r i u s  b l a c k

    Originally posted by nellaey

    Sirius actually has a doctorate degree in PDA, a lot like James, except he’s worse. Would 10/10 snog you in an empty hallway, would not stop if anyone passed by. He wouldn’t mind it at all, he wouldn’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable for having his lips glued to your rosy ones, long hands wrapped around your waist with such urgency anyone who had to watch that (ridiculous) display of affection would think you hadn’t seen each other for months. Very touchy, very hungry, very sweet. Now, if by any chance you were against PDA or felt uncomfortable and shy Sirius would be extremely understanding. Even if he wanted to show everyone how much he cared for you and be close to you throughout the day, he’d be very sweet about it and understand if all it took you to believe his feelings for you were private reassurances. But he’d suffer if he wasn’t allowed to kiss and snog you, and would definitely eagerly push you against a wall and press his lips to all the places you didn’t allow him during the day the minute you entered his or your dorm. Desperate Sirius is what I’m here for.

    r e m u s  l u p i n 

    Originally posted by odettein-wonderland

    Remus would be adjacent, I feel as if he’d feel sort of uncomfortable in being touchy and affectionate in public. However, he wouldn’t be adverse having your hand in his, lightly pecking your lips and cheeks every now and then and having his arm permanently present around your waist, since being close to you was by far one of his favourite things to do, he just wouldn’t be fond of snogging in public. Not because he was shy or anything, just a personal preference of his. Nonetheless, privately, whether it was in an empty classroom or in his dorm, Remus would be extremely affectionate and open to show you all he’s been containing during the day, which means heart-stopping dewy lips against lips and playful touches, pink cheeks, muttering how much he missed and longed for you throughout the day, mumbling things such as “m’sweet girl” and praising you for all you are. An insatiable urgency to have you as close to him as he wishes, for as long as he desires.

    r e g u l u s  b l a c k 

    Originally posted by merlinss

    I believe Regulus would mind, he cares a lot about how people see him, specially his parents so I think he’d be quite conservative about the way he acts towards his significant one in public. He’d be almost agonizingly respectful, holding your hand and kissing your cheek and forehead were as far as he went, sometimes if the hall wasn’t so full, he’d peck your lips. He was very apprehensive in public; taught to worry about his status since he came out of his mother, he couldn’t help but feel as if everything he did was wrong, so as an extremely quiet person, he’d keep on that facette in public even if you were right there with him. He’d smile once in a while at you and put quirky strands of soft hair behind your ear when they brushed on your face, but that was it. Privately though, he’d be persistent to show all his affection towards you, clutching your body to his as if he hadn’t touched you in years. 

    (Aaron Taylor-Johnson as James Potter, Ben Barnes as Sirius Black, Matthew Hitt as Remus Lupin and Tyler Young as Regulus Black.)


    just a few reasons why sirius black and james potter were not ‘stupid’:

    • successfully became animagi at 15
    • was said to be the ‘cleverest students in the school’
    • made a magical map that revealed most of the castles secrets
    • sirius escaped what was supposed to be an inescapable prison and infiltrated a magical school three (3) times on his own
    • james defied voldemort three (3) times and escaped alive
    • sirius was incredibly skilled at non-verbal magic, a skill very difficult to master
    • harry, who became one of the best quidditch players hogwarts has ever seen, inherited his talent from his father so obviously james was an incredibly talented chaser
    • james’s reflexes and skill were fast enough to catch a snitch and make it his bitch
    • sirius was able to stick muggle and magical posters on his wall and not even the wrath of walburga black could remove them
    • he also charmed his muggle motorcycle so that it could fly etc. 
    • james’s wand was said to be excellent for transfiguration, so obviously, he was skilled at the subject
    • james was also so good, voldemort wanted him to join his death eater boy band

    so sure, go ahead and tell me that james and sirius were dumb, i’ll just slap you in the face with this post *drops mic* 


    being best friends with the marauders

    The Morning After.

    Marauders Era

    Fandom: Harry Potter

    Pairing: James Potter x Reader || Sirius Black x Reader || Remus Lupin x Reader ||  Lily Evans x Reader || Severus Snape x Reader .

    Warning: Somewhat sexually themed altho not explicitly described.

    A/N: I knew that these are more than 3 characters (as stated in the rules) , but I wrote these on my own according so … Ima break my own rules. That doesn’t mean you should, but just a a note, because I probably will do this again in the future. 

    Also I tried to keep the reader gender neutral, I hope I justified that idea. 

    Please let me know what you all think!

    Anyways Enjoy!


    - Admin Blue

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    anonymous asked:

    For the dirty talk, just to bring it up again: thigh riding. Who'd be up for it, and how do you think it'd go down?

    Sirius: you’d be drunk. both of you. unable to quite get ahold of your actions, but still needing each other.

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    being best friends with the marauders would include...
    • lets be honest, being best friends with the marauders would be a Wild Ride™️
    • everyday would be some new adventure
    • and you wouldn’t have it any other way
    • getting your own nickname would be your initiation
    • and then you slowly begin to develop special relationships with each one of them
    • they’d get hell jealous if you spent too much time with the other
    • “I think it’s clear that (Y/N) likes me the most…”
    • “Shut up, Padfoot, the only reason why she likes you is because of your firewhiskey stash!” 
    • oh, yeah, speaking of jealousy, you’re apparently not allowed a boyfriend because they are so. damn. protective. 
    • “I don’t like him. He smells funny…” 
    • “He smells fine, Prongs, there is literally nothing wrong with him…”
    • them giving you piggyback rides around the castle and between classes
    • and a crazy amount of hugs
    • especially from Remus - he’s super cuddly and soft
    • helping Peter with his homework
    • and helping James with Lily
    • “just treat her like a normal human being. Girls are surprisingly into that…” 
    • speaking of which, you and Lily are super close
    • like she is basically the James to your Sirius
    • James likes to take advantage of that
    • “Oh yeah, and tell her about the time I single handedly defeated a troll…”
    • they each have their own affectionate little mannerisms 
    • like James likes to bop you on the nose
    • and Sirius likes to play with your hair
    • Remus likes to massage your hand and shoulders
    • and Peter likes to pat your head affectionately
    • you all have inside jokes with each other
    • and they literally have no idea how to whisper 
    • *from the other side of the classroom* “(Y/N)! what’s the answer to question six?” 
    • They love teasing you especially because you’re the shortest out of all of them
    • 3am conversations where you, Remus, James and Sirius are all so overtired, you start talking whack 
    • or 3am deep and meaningful between the four of you
    • and Peter is just snoring in the background
    • somehow they find a way to sneak into the girls dorm
    • they like to surprise you at random moments
    • but you also have like no privacy
    • eating off each others plates (mainly just Sirius eating off your plate)
    • sneaking out with them during a full moon
    • Sirius likes to flirt with you 
    • a lot 
    • And you kinda like flirting with him too
    • exchanging books with Remus
    • and talking Quidditch with James
    • and basically being like a smol, cute family
    • *cries*

    The Marauders looking after you when you get sick would include…

    - Them demanding for you to lay in one of their beds, because they aren’t allowed in the girls’ dorm

    - James trying to cheer you up by making silly faces and telling you the worst jokes you’ve ever heard

    - “What bone would a dog never eat?”
    Looks at Sirius
    “A tromBONE”

    - Sirius being practically forced to slap him for this one (which actually made you laugh a bit)

    - Remus bringing all the blankets and chocolate he can find

    - Them forcing you to drink your tea

    - Making a whole tea party out of it, after you refused to drink at first because your throat hurt

    - Remus reading your favourite book to you when you can’t properly sleep

    - Sirius and James falling asleep before you though

    - Waking up the next morning to realize that all of you are sick now, since you probably infected them after all the time you spent together

    - The boys complaining how their cold is much worse than yours (which it isn’t)

    - Curling in a mountain of blankets together

    - They boys drawing on each other’s faces while the others are asleep, which soon causes some kind of war between them

    - Madam Pomfrey eventually picking up on your group being sick, and forcing you to finally come to the infirmary