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  • Peter: i want to grow a beard
  • Sirius: it's like james and lily ; not likely to happen
  • James: hey!
  • Sirius: tell me otherwise
  • James: well, if you must know.. lily and i kinda had a thing last night
  • Sirius: really?
  • Peter: what happened?
  • James: it was right after potions, she and i were alone in the classroom and we had.. eye contact
  • Remus: eye contact? i hope you were using protection
  • Remus: Oh my god, did you put glitter in our laundry detergent?
  • Sirius: Oh yeah, I'm experimenting with some new entrepreneurial ideas. That one's called sparkle suds. Dress loud.
  • Remus: Will you stop putting glitter in everything? This morning you put glitter in the butter.
  • Sirius: Disco dairy. Spread the party.
  • Dumbledore: I've found the perfect place to raise Harry until he's old enough for school.
  • McGonagall: With Remus and Sirius?
  • Dumbledore: Nope...
  • McGonagall: Hagrid's?
  • Dumbledore: Not exactly...
  • McGonagall: At Hogwarts with me?
  • Dumbledore: No...
  • McGonagall: I give up. Where?
  • Dumbledore: Well, now I'm not sure I want to tell you.

As Remus Lupin once said, “Eat. You’ll feel better.”


Today marks the 19th anniversary of the battle of Hogwarts. 
Lets take a moment to remember those that we lost for the Order side on this day during the final hour of the second wizarding war. 

Fred Weasley:

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Remus Lupin: 

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Nymphadora Tonks: 

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Colin Creevey: 

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Lavender Brown:

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Severus Snape: 

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And of course all of those not mentioned by name…. 

May you not be forgotten <3

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  • [in detention]
  • McGonagall: Alright, here are your lines.
  • McGonagall: Mr. Black- "I am not allowed in the girls' dormitory, even if I am wearing women's dress robes."
  • McGonagall: Mr. Potter- "I shall never again levitate a fellow student up the girls' dormitory staircase."
  • McGonagall: Mr. Pettigrew- "I am not permitted to see how high I can climb the girls' dormitory staircase before it turns into a slide."
  • McGonagall: Mr. Lupin- "I should not be friends with Mr. Black, Mr. Potter, or Mr. Pettigrew."

Lily: You don’t think I can fight because I’m a girl.

James: I don’t think you can fight because you’re wearing a wedding dress. For what it’s worth I don’t think Sirius could fight in that dress either.

Sirius: Perhaps not, but I would make a radiant bride.

  • Sirius: Don't worry Remus, if I was a girl I would 100% date you.
  • James: I thought you said you'd date ME if you were a girl?
  • Sirius: No, I said I'd have sex with you. Meanwhile, I would have a long and fulfilling relationship with Moony.
  • Remus: Meanwhile?
  • Sirius : You didn't deserve to win anyway, weak defense
  • James : Listen Sirius, I'm a chaser and you, you don't know anything about Quidditch so just sto-
  • Harry: Sirius, why didn't you ever have children of your own?
  • Sirius: You mean besides the whole Azkaban thing?
  • [Harry Nods]
  • Sirius: I promised my first born to some sketchy looking man under a bridge and I REALLY didn't want to make good on the deal.
  • Remus: Tell him the truth Pads.
  • Sirius: Okay fine! I want to stay single and let my hair flow in the wind as i ride through the glen firing spells into the sunset! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!?
  • Remus: Quite