MARAUDERS (James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew)

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Dating Remus Lupin would include:
  •          The Marauders pushing him to ask you out.
  •          Him being all shy when he does.
  •          His cheeks all rosy as he stuttered the words out.
  •          Him being surprised when you say yes.
  •          Cute little dates.
  •          “C-can I kiss you?” “Of course you can”
  •          “did he just ask her if he could kiss her?” “Yup” “Unbelievable Prongs”
  •          The Marauders being like brothers for you.
  •          Spending evenings in The common room with hot chocolate.
  •          Lots of kisses
  •          Stealing his jumpers, that were way too big on you.
  •          Remus being very cuddly.
  •          You finding out that he’s a werewolf after 2 months of dating.
  •          “I’m a monster” “Oh please, Remus, don’t be so bloody stupid”
  •          Helping him after every full moon.
  •          Cute nicknames for each other.
  •          James and Sirius calling you ‘Mrs. Lupin’
  •          Teaching him about Muggles and Muggle habits.
  •          Him being all scared when he meets your parents.
  •          You meeting his parents.
  •          Them immediately loving you.
  •          Having small little arguments, but never something big.
  •         Except that one time.
  •          “HE WAS FLIRTING WITH YOU!”
  •          “oh …”
  •          Planning on moving in together after Hogwarts.
  •         “where could we live?” “a chocolate house” “Remus …” “what? We’re wizards, I’m pretty sure we could do that if we want”.        
  •         Him actually thinking he could live in a chocolate house.
  •         You saying nothing to him cause he looks so happy with his thought of an actual chocolate house.
  •          Remus finally feeling loved and accepted for who he is.
Remus raising Harry AU pt. 2
  • Harry gets sorted into Gryffindor, as literally everyone on earth expected but it was quite a hard sorting as he had many different traits as well
  • Draco getting sorted into Gryffindor terrified everyone, him even more. 
  • Draco’s shocked when he learnt why because him befriending Harry and basically the Weasley twins were something very braver and very much against Malfoy traditions. 
  • Minerva watching Harry and the Weasley twins comfort Draco whose on the verge of crying
  • Other Gryffindors and Slytherins calling him out, distrusting him. 
  • Harry waking up in the middle of the night for a drink, instead, he finds his lover friend crying.
  • Draco getting a howler the next morning and running out because he’s terrified, all the Slytherins are snickering and shouting names.
  • Harry standing up for him.
  • “If anyone bullies Draco ever again you’ll have me and the twins to answer to.’’
  • Teachers being terrified of Harry because he’s literally all the Marauders (Minus Peter) mixed in one person, charismatic and cocky like Sirius, as obsessed with Quidditch as James and as smart as Remus so they know Harry’s a serious threat.
  • People not being impressed with Harry’s threat, the twins were great prankers but a first year wasn’t really a threat, even if he was the chosen one. Which is why everyone dismissed it, but the teachers knew he had a Marauder as a teacher.
  • The first victims are fourth years. Harry made a bomb explode around their seat during dinner in the great hall for everyone to see, once the smoke cleared the victims were left with pink, red, gold and purple hair which lasted around three months.
  • Harry gets permission to floo home every full moon to make sure Remus is fine.
  • Draco having studying session with Hermione alone and with Harry as well, Harry still goes along despite knowing it all already which is why those three are on the top of their classes.
  • After a month or so everyone in Gryffindor accepts Draco.
  • Draco already knowing much about the Philosopher’s stone which gives them more time to focus on other things.
  • Draco convincing them Snape isn’t bad, after all he’s still nice to him despite being a Gryffindor and he knew Snape wouldn’t do that kind of stuff.
  • The bullying stops after a few months and a lot of vicious pranks but Harry’s far from done.
  • The twins play along with a lot of fun as Harry’s a master at playing pranks, planning them and executing them.
  • Harry keeps dragging Draco along which he secretly loves and because of it the teachers start referring to them as the Marauders and soon it catches on and the whole school is doing it. 
  • “You know, they’ve even started to call us the Marauders.’’
  • Remus laughing extremely loud to the extent it hurts, despite it being a full moon.
  • Harry going home during Christmas and dragging Draco along.
  • Remus being rather hesitant at first, because after all Lucius was one of Voldemort’s trusted soldiers in the war. Soon though he realized Draco is a really massive nerd and an actual cinnamon roll
  • Draco and Harry getting a Weasley sweater
  • Draco helping make the banner for Harry’s first Quidditch match
  • At Hogwarts, Harry finds the mirror of erised and takes Draco to see it. Harry explains he sees his parents, alongside Remus without his scars and Sirius, Harry really can’t believe he’d sell his parents out.
  • Draco doesn’t get it, before he reads the title, as he just sees him and Harry.
  • Draco later realizing which mirror it actually is.
  • Draco and Ron playing games of wizard chess for hours.
  • Solving the puzzles on their way to the stone.
  • Harry asking Draco to stay with him during summer because he sees how scared and unhappy Draco is that he has to leave.
  • “Your dad could never find us, first of all, as he doesn’t know where to look for us. If he did, it doesn’t matter as much because Remus is amazing at dueling and I just don’t want you to get hurt.’’
  • Draco having the best summer ever.

222. We are not allowed to give Snivellus a haircut and dye it hot pink.

Honestly, I thought giving him some color in the greasy mop of … grossness that he calls “hair” was a good idea. - RL

What’s wrong with long dark hair? - SB

Nothing, it just looks horrible on Snivellus. But, why hot pink? - RL

And why shave parts of his head so it looked like he had a smiley face on the back of his head? - JP

Because Peter has to make everything happy. - SB

I think hot pink looks good on anyone. Except Snivellus. And I will not apologize for art when it comes to the smiley face. - PP

Credit for prank and commentary to @rosesilverpenrp. Why do I get the feeling that his hair won’t have grown back as fast as James’ would have. ;)


LILY & JAMES POTTER. WEDDING.  (J.K.Rowling  - “Harry Potter”)

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Could you do a young Sirius smut imagine? Where they’re studying for OWLs and it becomes a stripping game. (something like questions and right awnser = the other one takes of a pair of clothing) And then Smut. And like can you make James and Remus walking in on them going at it and Sirius yells at them to get out and they’re like “whoa shit” and runs out laughing. And then they tease the two about it the next day, like mimicking what they said during the act and stuff.

‘Babe…’ Nothing. 

‘Babe…’ Nothing.


‘WHAT?!’ Something.

‘Baby,’ Sirius whined in his best imitation of a child like voice. ‘What do you want, Black? You know I have to study.’ Sirius chuckled, twirling a strand of her hair. ‘Well, so do I and you don’t see me worrying.’ She smirked, ruffling his hair. ‘Sirius Black doesn’t worry about anything.’ She grinned at his features, blushing at the way his teeth dragged across his lip. Sirius noticed her tinted cheeks, moving his eyesight down her figure. ‘Now THAT’S something.’ ‘Baby, I have an idea.’ She groaned, looking back down to her books. ‘What is it now?’ He took the textbook into his grasp, a glint of mischief glittering in his eye. ‘Strip tease.’ ‘What?’ ‘Hear me out. Alright, there have to be rules.’ ‘Sirius Black is abiding by rules? Is it my birthday?’ ‘Oh, sod off. So, the rules are, if you get a question right, I’ll take off an item of my clothes. If I get something right, you show me that pretty little body of your’s.’ Y/n chuckled, condescendingly. ‘Really? A bet? Between me and you? Darling, you haven’t picked up this book since it was given to you at the beginning of the year. You’re going to be naked by the time I finish the first question.’ ‘Game on, L/n. Game on.’ 

Sirius was secretly thanking Moony for the private tutoring lessons they started two weeks before.

‘Right again.’ Sirius smirked, leaning back on the headboard, fully clothed, as his girlfriend dropped her skirt. ‘Are you cheating?’ Sirius rolled his eyes, smiling at her sour mood. ‘I’d never cheat on you, love. No one is prettier than you…’ She blushed. ‘And no one is dumber.’ Her grin turned into a growl as she snatched her book from Sirius. ‘What would you get if you added basilisk fang to a cauldron of amortentia?’ Sirius smiled while watching her. ‘You’re asking what would happen if I added poison to love?’ She looked up at him, an almost soft gaze. ‘I would get a naked girlfriend while I sit here still in trousers.’ Y/n threw the textbook to his head. He groaned, rubbing his head with sass as he grinned, devilishly, pouncing across the bed to hold her wrists down. ‘Get off, fatarse!’ ‘Make me, dimwit!’ They rolled across the sheets, not sure where any of their clothes went.

‘Checkmate.’ James rolled his eyes, flicking his wand to reset the board. ‘We get it, Moony. You’re good at chess. Sod off.’ ‘You’re just jealous.’ ‘You’re right. I’m jealous of your popularity, or lack there of.’ While Remus was about to respond, he noticed a…barren….common room. ‘Er..Prongs?’ ‘I’m not giving you a rematch.’ ‘No, just, haven’t you noticed its…quiet?’ The two shared a glance before bolting up the stairs to Sirius’ room. Y/n and her boyfriend were both surprised when two teenage boys burst into their..studying.

Remus chuckled from behind his book as James doggy paddled through the Black Lake. ‘Look, I’m Sirius!’ Y/n chortled as Padfoot flipped him the bird. The four had decided for a group outing to take a dip in the cool water while the sun was out. Lily was off in the library, and Peter had the flu. Really, though, no one seemed to notice. Well, except James. The three boys and Y/n all hopped into the pond, soaking in the sunlight. ‘Hey, Padfoot?’ ‘What do you want?’ James smirked, looking over to Remus. ‘I was wondering if you could tutor me.’ He chuckled, looking over to the other boy. ‘Wouldn’t you rather Moony teach you?’ James smirked, ‘No, big boy, I’d rather you teach me a lesson.’ Y/n sunk under the water, drowning out the boy’s laughter. Sirius blushed, wanting to hide as well. ‘Shove off, Prongs.’ James giggled, ‘I’m just not making good marks. I guess I need to study harder, daddy.’ The taunts and jeers cackled all through the afternoon, but all the while, Sirius couldn’t take his mind off of one point. He and Y/n really should study together more often.

anonymous asked:

14 and 24 Remus x Reader?

14: “You lied to me”, “No I just avoided telling you the truth, "That’s lying you bastard!”
24: “Because I love you okay!”

Pairing: Remus Lupin x reader
Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauders Era)
Warnings: fighting

You were both furious and extremely upset. You couldn’t believe Remus would keep something like this from you. You couldn’t believe he didn’t trust you enough to tell you! The only reason you knew the truth was that you overheard the boys talking about it. You’ve been keeping it in for a while but now you were finally going to confront Remus about it.

“Remus!” You yelled when you finally spotted him in the halls. You’ve been looking for him for over an hour. Remus turned around along with his three friends who were with him.

“Oh [Y/N]…”.
Remus began with a smile but you didn’t allow him to finish because as soon as you were a foot away from him you slapped him across the face. All the marauder’s jaws fell open in shock. Remus’ hand found its way too his now red cheek.
“[Y/N]?” Remus blinked “what?…”.

“Why didn’t you tell me the truth!” You demanded angrily. You lowered your voice a bit to make sure no one over heard “why didn’t you tell me you were a werewolf?”.

Remus didn’t do anything for a second, it was obvious he was completely stunned. He looked at his friends who all nodded then walked off leaving you two alone.

“Well?” You snapped tapping your foot.

Remus gulped “[Y/N] I wanted to tell you but…”.

You interrupted “you lied to me”.

“No I just avoided telling you the truth”.

“That’s lying you bastard!”.

Remus rubbed the back of his neck a sigh escaping his lips.
“Remus! Why didn’t you tell me the truth!” You questioned irritatedly.

“[Y/N] it’s complicated”.

“Did you not trust me?”.

“No! You’re one of the people I trust the most”.

“Then what?”.

“It’s because… Because…”.


“Because I love you okay!” Remus blurted out, his voice obviously much louder then he had intended.

It was now your turn to be surprised. You stared at him blankly and when you didn’t say anything Remus went on.

“I care about you a lot. I’m dangerous as ah… You know. I didn’t want to get you hurt” Remus explained a sad look appearing on his face.

At that moment you regretted being mad and for yelling at him.
“Remus… I’m sorry…” You said tears starting to form in your eyes. You quickly wiped them away and Remus pulled you into a hug.
“You could never hurt me understand” you whispered softly.

“I’m going to make sure I never do” Remus murmured back.

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