I’m so torn between clean-and-tidy-Remus and messy-oh-my-god-James-where-are-my-robes???????????-Remus

Like, imagine Remus, who the Marauders laugh at because “Monster? Really? Remus, you fold your socks. Forgive me for not trembling at the sight of you!" 

Who has his clothes organised in colour in his drawers, and his chest is SO asymmetrical and neat that it actually pains Sirius to look at. And everything has to be in the right place; a Remus who takes his books and quills out of his bag and always puts them in the same place in every class or he can’t work properly.

And when he isn’t paying Sirius any attention, the latter moves one of his pencils out of place because he knows it will irk Remus, and he preens under his gaze, irritated or otherwise, vindictively smug as Remus snatches his pencil back and positions it, shooting him a dark glare. Sometimes, Sirius goes one step further and throws his pencil on the opposite side of the classroom, JUST before the professor comes in, if only for the joy of watching Remus’ eye twitch throughout the lesson as he can’t retrieve it for another 55 minutes. 

But I’m talking about a Remus who is such a neat-freak because it’s the one thing he can control and it doesn’t quite make up for that little thing he can’t control, but he pretends it does.

But what about a Remus who wears EVERYONE ELSES clothes because he can never find his own and mumbling because ”Merlin, James, you have incredibly skinny legs,“ and wincing every time he walks because there is honestly no oxygen flowing to certain areas, like "hOW CAN YOU MOVE IN THESE?? I CANT EVEN BREATHE!”

a Remus who leaves his underwear wherever he takes them off and has a clucking Sirius trailing after him, picking them up and telling him “you HAVE A DRAWER for a REASON”

And Peter (having the bed closest to the bathroom) ALWAYS finds pieces of his uniform around his bed: a tie under his pillow, an odd sock under the mattress and it will be 2 in the morning, when Pete suddenly goes “oh” and the other three boys can only just see him in the darkness get out of bed, walk over and hand Remus back his boxers

Messy hair, looking like he’d just apparated or flooed or stepped out of an avalanche, and his tie is never properly done because it’s too fiddly for him in a morning and he barely sleeps and honestly, who can be bothered to tie a tie???? James??? How do you do that? and so James ends up tying his tie for him EVERY morning, since he’s the mother hen of the group and one of his babies is struggling.

And he’s not scruffy, but his robes are shabby (after his dad lost his job at the ministry, they had always struggled financially so his clothes were secondhand or handmade by his mum). His trousers are either two long so he has to roll them up a bit or barely brushing his ankles, and his shirt is never tucked in (unless Sirius manhandles him and forcibly shoves it down his waistband because “dear MERLIN remus is it THAT difficult to look presentable, you mongrel tosspot!” because he’s a Pureblood, no matter how hard he tries to reject it, and he retains that obsession with perfect appearances so messy Remus kills him.

(deep down, he finds Remus’ long and scraggly hair very endearing, though he wont admit it and protests to his dying day that he needs a haircut)

The worst though, by far, is when Remus starts growing a beard and mustache. And it’s not by choice!! it’s just he can’t see the point in shaving it off, especially once the war starts and they’ve got bigger things on their mind. but the others hate it, like HATE IT. Sirius always complains that it thaws his chin when they kiss, and Peter strokes it in lieu of a hello. James sees it and exasperatedly says, “really Moony? wasnt one furry problem enough??”

I dunno man, just a Remus who can have some leeway in his life and doesn’t have to worry about these things because he knows his friends are there to watch his back

…………and shave his beard off at 4 in the morning when he’s fallen asleep because honestly, remus we ARE DOING YOU a FAVOUR !!!!!!!! now hold still

leather & gasoline

@captofthesswolfstar ‘s idea:

Harry passed Sirius’ bike down to Teddy. This is just a fact. 

But can you just imagine Remus (in heaven I suppose…) seeing his son on Sirius’ bike…probably wearing Sirius’ leather jacket…can we talk about the emotions!?! 

Teddy has Tonks’ eyes and her smile which happen to be the same was Sirius’ thanks to genetics…
And yeah I’m not the biggest Remadora fan, but all I’m saying is Remus loved Tonks and all that but Tonks knew that Remus would never stop loving Sirius after he passed away, so it’s not a sensitive issue or anything…
Seeing Teddy grow up into a mischievous little punk and riding Sirius’ bike in Sirius’ jacket would have made Remus’ heart explode

*Teddy comes to the age he can ride a motorcycle and he’s nagging about it constantly, so Harry gives him Sirius’ old motorcycle so he can fix it and leave him alone for a bit because he is sure he won’t be able to fix it*

Sirius: My baby! Harry kept my baby, look at it Prongs isn’t it still so pretty?

James: Are you sure you haven’t reincarnated as Teddy, Padfoot? Look at him go with your leather jacket and everything. It’s like you had a child with Tonks instead of M–

Tonks: Did someone say Tonks? Wotcher, lads? Is- Is that Teddy working on a bloody motorcycle? This is awesome 

Lily: So Tonks is a cool mom, right? I would have died once more if Harry decided to ride a motorcycle?

Sirius: *pouting* They are seriously misunderstood creatures Lily-kins.

Lily: Don’t you pout. I have been on that- that thing! You can’t fool me.

James: Harry underestimated Teddy’s talent. Someone go get Remus!

*Teddy fixes the motorcycle and takes it out*

Remus: What? What’s going on? If this is about Teddy having sex aga-

Sirius: Shut up and look down Moony

Remus: That’s.. Teddy? But that looks like–

James: Pads! I know right?

Remus: *with shining eyes* Yes you

Tonks: “takes a good look at Sirius, grinning* Well I’m not complaining he takes after Sirius to be honest.

Sirius: How can he take after me Dora? don’t be ridiculous

Tonks: Would you just accept the compliment, Sirius? If we were alive he would have been your son as much as he’s ours.

*Sirius gives Tonks a warm smile, for the first time they are not quarrelling over something concerning their relationship with Remus. Remus is watching Teddy in a state of trance*

Lily: Is Remus alright?

Remus: *smiling* I- I am alright Lils, I just can’t understand how he grew up to be this punk rock without meeting the king of it.

Sirius: I may be the king but Dora here is worthy of being a princess at least.

Remus: *confused* Why aren’t you fighting?

James: Blue hair can be very uniting Moony.

Remus: So you two were waiting for him to get the motorcycle to stop all the shouting?

Tonks: Cousins fight Remus, especially if they have Black blood in their veins.

Sirius: Also being your ex and her being your wife doesn’t help either.

Tonks: Ex?

Sirius: *jokingly* Figure of speech, he still loves me.

Tonks: I know he does.

Lily: I am in complete shock right now, I am not dreaming right?

James: No, love you aren’t.

Remus: He has the Black family trademark grey eyes and your smile Sirius, and Tonks’ hair. This kid is going to be a womaniser.

Sirius: *smirking* If he’s like me as much as he seems to be, he probably won’t be able to even walk straight.

Remus: He’s fucking perfect.

*Tonks and Sirius high five*

Remus: For the love of-

James: They might even turn on you one day, mate.

Lily: We should have just let them be

They were my age...

You know what freaks me out… Sirius and Remus are depicted so old in the movies…. they were only in their 30s.. 21 when James and Lily died.. and then 12 years later.. Sirius was probably 35 when he died and Remus probably 37..
literally when Sirius black shows up he is 33 years old.. 1 year older than me.. when Remus starts teaching Harry.. he is my age..

Something I'd like to talk about...

The marauders with muggle magic tricks. Think about it. Sirius would be amazing at them. James would be fascinated. Peter would be so confused. Remus would be annoyed as hell. Sirius and James putting on magic shows completely without the use of actual magic for the whole of Gryffindor house. Everyone thinking that they’re the biggest losers ever. Lily actually enjoying the shows and cheering them on. Remus teaching them the few tricks he knows despite his grumbling. Just. The marauders with muggle magic tricks.

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Imagine getting into an argument with Remus

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“I can’t believe you! How dare you!” you screamed, tears streaming down your face.

“How dare I?! How dare you?!” he shouted back, eyes shining with unshed tears, face bright red in fury. “I can’t believe you did that! I trusted you!”

“Yeah, I thought you did!” you replied quietly, turning on your heel and walking out.

He glared at your retreating back, torn between apologizing and staying angry. By the time he decided, it was too late.

You were gone.

(A/N: I thought this had got deleted and I almost cried, but I found it again so here you are)

“Excuse me, have you seen James Potter anywhere?” You asked a second year Gryffindor you had stopped in the courtyard.
“Uh, I think he’s over by the Black Lake,” She said, before running off to join her friends.

“James!” You called to the brown haired boy sitting with three other guys who seem vaguely familiar.
All four heads turned to you, and your face grew a slight red as you walked over to them, fiddling with your Ravenclaw tie absentmindedly.
“Mum said to tell you to tell your mum that we would love to stay round during the holidays and to send an owl to her as soon as possible,” You said, smiling at James.
“Uh yeah sure (Y/N), is your family owl ill again?” He asked, remembering talking about your pet at the last meal your families had together.
You nodded, before turning to face the other boys you had forgotten about until now.
“Hi, I’m (Y/N) (L/N),” You told them, waving awkwardly.
They all started to introduced themselves.
“Sirius Black, a pleasure to meet you,” A dark haired cocky boy winked at you.
“Peter Pettigrew,” A small, rather chubby boy squeaked, eyes darting everywhere.
You turned to the final boy; he looked nerdy, but in the cute attractive way.
“Remus L-Lupin,” He stuttered, his face flushing a bright red as his chocolate brown eyes met your (Y/E/C) eyes.

*Time skip*

“Hey boys,” You say, walking next to the group of four.
“H-Hey (Y/N),” Remus spluttered, making you giggle at his awkwardness.
“Ignore Remus here, (Y/N),” Sirius started, lightly pushing his friend.
“He just doesn’t know how to act around pretty girls,” James finished, coming in between the the two of you and pulling you into a suffocating hug.
“Can’t breathe here James,” You laughed, pushing him away.
“Sorry about them,” Whispered Remus, looking apologetic.
“Aw no it’s okay Remmy,” You smiled at him, hugging his side.
“Shit look at the time, gotta go,” You rushed, waving goodbye to the group and running down corridor.

*Another time skip*

“Just ask (Y/N) out, the worst she could do is say no,” You heard a voice say as you were about to turn the corner; it sounded an awful lot like James Potter.
You stopped in your tracks, you knew you shouldn’t be eavesdropping but you couldn’t help it, it did involve you.
“Yeah, she could say no, that’s why I’m not going to do it,” You heard another voice say, however this time it was muffled so you couldn’t hear exactly who it was.
Pretending you hadn’t heard anything, you skipped round the corner cheerfully, smiling slightly as you saw it was Remus James had been taking to.
“Hey,” You sung, dragging out the ‘y’.
“Hey (Y/N), Remus wants to ask you a question, bye,” James said, a smirk plastered on his face as he ran off, leaving the two of you alone.
“What did you want to ask me then, Remus?” You asked the red faced boy, already knowing what he was meant to be asking.
“I uh I um will you uh,” He stuttered, a light giggle coming out of your mouth at his awkwardness.
You placed a hand on his arm, giving him a smile, indicating for him to speak again.
“Okay here it goes,” Remus started, “Willyougooutwithme?”
“What?” You asked, a smile playing on your lips.
“Will you go out with me?” He asked again, slower this time, voice shaking a bit.
A wide grin appeared on your face, “Yes yes yes.”
He hesitantly pulled you into a hug, whispering thank you over and over again in your ear.

Jilytober 9- My Deer

“Oh! Potter, it’s beautiful!” Lily gasped as her boyfriend took the necklace she had just unwrapped from her to put it around her neck.

She pulled her hair aside so that he could secure the clasp for her.

James had clearly spent quite a lot of time on the gift he had given Lily for their first Christmas together. From picking out the delicate chain and the small circular pendant in Gryffindor red and gold, even down to the wrapping. She had seen the way he had wrapped presents for his friends, and they looked rather more like he had covered them in red paper and then circled it all in copious amounts of tape, yet the box her present had been in was wrapped so carefully that the corners were sharp.

She had put thought into his gift too.

“Come on, Lily! Lets see if you can top that!” Sirius cheered, already wearing the flannel pajamas that Mrs. Potter had sent him for the holidays.

“I don’t know that it would be such a good idea, I think I-“ Lily didn’t want to embarrass James in front of his friends.

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How the Marauders react to seeing each other in the afterlife

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Stupid Peter will regret what he did to James and Lily Potter.

New Post:

Chapter 19: The Stag [ AO3 ] | [ ff.net ]

He took a step closer, speaking into her ear. “Later, then?” he murmured.

He felt her sway helplessly towards him before stepping away without a word, firm in her thoroughly unconvincing opposition. She yanked the portrait open and gave him a brisk shove before stepping through it, evidently intent on not answering.

Not that he would ever let that stand.

“Well, Evans?” he called after her, and she turned, groaning petulantly as he flashed her what he knew to be a thoroughly expectant smirk.

“Yes, Potter, okay?” she growled, looking furious with him, herself, and everyone within a twenty foot radius before finally letting her scorn melt to a small, barely perceptible smile, a stunning mix of what he suspected was both affection and exasperation. “Yes.”


memento-amare said:Houses: Gryffindor/Thunderbird Blood status: Muggleborn Patronus: osprey. Romantic ship pls I’m a straight, plus size girl w/ red hair/blue eyes. I love books, rock/pop punk music, musicals, & spending far too much time on tumblr. History nerd. Love kids & animals. I’m quiet & sweet to most but around my bffs I’m also really sarcastic & self depreciating. I have a morbid/dry sense of humor but puns are cool too. I have a temper/violent tendencies that I mostly can hide but not always. Thanks <3

Marauders Era: Remus Lupin | Gryffindor

You and Remus didn’t really know each other in School and it wasn’t until you joined the order that you really talked to him, you stol glances at each other from across the table during meetings and when you were out together for a mission you got to talking, obviously you already knew about him being a werewolf, every one in the order knew, you didn’t care though. You had a love for history in common, even though you both agreed that Professor Binns never did it any justice. You went on mission with him a lot since the first time and you got to know each other better. It wasn’t until you were hurt during one of the missions that Remus realised how much he actually liked you, he sat by your bed until you woke up and then confessed his feeling. You’ve been dating since then.