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Imagine Remus being traumatized after he barged into the bedroom where you and Sirius were making out.
“Why would you.. I mean.. what did you do with her- why do you do this to me, padfoot? I can never sleep again..I loved to sleep”

Remus Lupin Headcanon:

Imagine that Remus and Tonks didn’t die in the war and are raising baby Teddy like every other average wizarding family. 

Tonks telling everybody how happy she is being a mother.

Tonks telling everybody what a great baby Teddy is, and how hes already sleeping through the night.

Remus smiling at his glowing wife and beautiful son happier than ever. 

Remus’ sensitive ears waking him in the middle of the night to the sounds of baby Teddy beginning to fuss. 

Remus looking down at Tonks as she sleeps with a smile before racing off to care for his son before his cries can reach her. 

Remus Lupin for the first time ever, not damning himself for his werewolf curse.

Remus Lupin x female reader - His Awakening (Rated M)

Just some smutty smut!! Remus can’t sleep, a night before the full Moon appears and he feels restless while you tease him so.

Warning- SMUTTY SMUT SMUT!! I MEAN IT! Sex from behind, oral, forced strong Dom!Remus, Sub!Reader, lots of semen, many semen

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The first few nights before a full moon always left Remus Lupin feeling irritated, twitchy and energetic. His sexual libido hit the roof and shot to the sky, a mix of emotions tore through him, something he thought he would have been used to after being a Werewolf since an early age, but his body could never control these wild urges. The older he became, the worse the side effects.

He lay in bed, on his back with a thin sheet strewn over his naked form. It was already a warm Summer night which enhanced his already hot sweats and after pulling off his sleepwear, he felt the cotton bedding cling to his moisture.

Remus’ eyes fixed on the ceiling and even though it were dark, his vision begin to enhance as he picked out details of the pattern above.

You slept soundly, light adorable snores left you, which Remus likened to the tiniest slumbering mouse and you whimpered gently from your dreams. He smiled, turning his body toward you and pulled himself gently toward your form. You wore a T Shirt and a pair of panties, and as his fingers trailed the waist of your underwear he buried his nose into your hair, enhaling your sweet scent. You were his favourite smell, a treat to his now feral senses and he began to ache for you.

“Remus” you moaned gently, dreaming of him and he wondered what images filled your mind as you slept “please” your begs were enough to send him over the edge. Remus was suddenly jealous of the version of himself in your dream and he worried he was fulfilling your desires far better than the real Remus Lupin.

Tugging at your panties, he wanted to tear the fabric and remove them from your body, without realising his strength right now he had already completed that task with little effort so he pulled them from between your legs and screwed the panties up in his fist, keeping a tight grip on them, before pulling them to his nose, inhaling the sweet scent from your pussy.

You let out a small gasp, and Remus felt your flesh shiver beneath his touch. You changed position, rolling onto your back and your arms spread above you, fingers grasping unconsciously to the top of the pillow you lay your head on. His blue eyes scanned you, a flash of green sparked within his gleaming orbs as his feral vision took you in, his breath heavy, rasping with need. Remus’ fingers gripped at your hips, one hand slid between your legs and parted your thighs which pressed together. Even asleep you teased him so, making yourself so unavailable to him sometimes, which made him want you more.

Your eyes flickered open at his touch, the vision of his silhouette in the darkened room taking position between your legs as he parted your limbs with force aroused you instantly.

 “Remus” you exhaled, a flash of green from his eyes sparked in the darkness. His breath now heavy, a slow, panting rhythm fell from his lips and a hungry growl burned deep within his throat.

“My beautiful ____________” he grunted your name, his fingers parting your cunt, pulling your lips aside “Why do you do this to me?”

“Do what Remus?” You asked, fingers grasping hard on the pillows still. His free hand pushed up your T Shirt, freeing your tits, nipples already hardened, protruding from your flesh. You gave a soft squeal as Remus flickered his finger over your clitoris rapidly.

“Turn me on so fucking much” he burned, another animalistic growl roared from between his lips.

Remus, usually such a docile, sometimes timid and sensible man, who never usually believed in cursing, turned his personality before the Moon awoke the other side of him. The wolf in him desperate to get out, waiting for the exact cycle of the month to burst from the skin which cocooned it. You had fallen for Remus in his natural state, the kindest, most gentle man you had ever know, but you had to admit you enjoyed this wild side of him. Many times you had woken with him looming over you, his thick dick throbbing, twitching to be inside you, to feel your begging pussy and give you what you deserved.

“Hands and knees” he ordered, his voice deep and strong “Now!” he ordered with reassurance you would do as he commanded.

With a swift whimper and nod, your pulled yourself from around him, flipping yourself onto all fours. Remus grabbed your hair, pulling your head back as he practically roared his command “Scream for me, tonight…” he paused to take a breath “I want to devour you”

“Yes” you gasped with command.

Remus released your hair, and pushed your head down, into the pillow and leant weight on you. His fingers parted your lips once more, massaging your clit causing your hungry cunt to flood over his fingers.

It wasn’t long before he pushed his thick, hard length into you, his weight still on your head to keep you down and he fucked you. Harder than he had fucked you in a long time, he howled gently as he felt the surge of pleasure run through him. Remus growled once more, bearing his teeth viciously and snarls left him as he fucked you with vigour, his thrust became more forceful until his dick filled you entirely.

You felt yourself close, your cunt pulsated against Remus’ cock as he pushed into you and he grabbed your hair once more. His fingers entwined around your locks as he pulled you back up “Scream!” he roared “Scream my name my love!” his command both forceful and desperate equally. You were his, and only his. He needed to hear you cry his name, to know you felt the hunger for him, and he felt for you.

“Remus” you gasped, your cunt juice trickled down your leg, merging with his own flesh as you soaked his cock, across his balls and matting his thick hair.

“Louder!!!” he snarled, his fuck harder than it had been, slow, strong thrusts burst into you and he tugged your head back further, arching your back and his teeth met the flesh of your neck. Remus held his arm across your chest, his fingers pinched your nipple severely, rolling your flesh between his fingertips and he sunk his teeth into your flesh gently, still fucking you like his own possession.

“REMUS!” You cried, squealing his name. The mixture of pleasure and pain seared through you as you cried an orgasm “REMUS!!!” you shrieked once more, followed by a string of grunts and moans, spilling your remaining juice across his thick cock.

Remus grabbed your waist, slicking his cock from your cunt and hurled you onto your back. He straddled your head, pulling your mouth apart, dragging your lips at the side with his fingers and pushed his dick into your mouth. The meld of your tastes danced on your tongue and you struggled to see Remus in the dark as he fucked your mouth. His hands grabbed either side of your head as he rolled his hips into you, banging the tip of his dick into the back of your throat. Your chokes and struggled aroused you both further, your entire body still tingled from your orgasm and it wasn’t long before you felt Remus throb wildly between your lips.

 He grunted, panted and let out a whimper as he spurted his white cum inside your mouth, thrusting himself deep, allowing it to trickle down your throat “Taste me my love” he whispered, running his fingers through your hair as he emptied everything he possessed into you as you swallowed, marking you as his own.

  • Remus, severely sleep deprived: I bet I could raise a Golden Snidget on my own
  • Sirius: wait what?
  • Remus: you'rE NeVER HeaR FOR THiS FaMIlY!
  • Sirius: let's get you to bed...
  • Sirius:
  • Sirius, to James: Prongs! Please, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me you got that!
  • James: *reviewing footage* five gallons for the whole video.
  • Sirius:
  • Sirius: deal.

I wanted to write @asktheboywholived an angst-free wolfstar thing because I like them and because I could. Also they, like everyone else, could use a daily/weekly/monthly dose of wolfstar.

Sirius got back from the Great Hall on his own after James ditched him for Lily and Peter ditched him for… whatever it was Peter could ditch him for. When he arrived at the Common Room, he dived straight for the couch next to the fireplace, laughing when he heard Remus, who had been drifting off to sleep while reading a book, huff under his weight.
“Hello my sleeping Moony,” he said, nuzzling his nose against Remus’s neck, making him yelp.
“Ungh, geroff, Sirius. I was sleeping,” Remus said drowsily, trying to push his boyfriend from on top of him. Sirius laughed at his sleep-weakened attempts, but got up and sat on the floor next to the sofa, looking lovingly at Remus, who was falling asleep again.
He ran a hand through Remus’s hair. “Moony you’re going to get neck cramps if you stay here. Let’s go to bed.”
“Mmm, don’ wan’ move,” Remus mumbled, and shuffled on the couch, finding a more comfortable position. Sirius sighed, stood up, and grabbed one of his boyfriend’s hands.
“C’mon, Moons.”
Remus pouted but stood up, never opening his eyes. As soon as he was on his feet, he let his dead weight fall over Sirius, who stumbled but caught him. “Git.·
He could feel Remus smile against his shoulder, and he started to take him up the stairs, trying his best not to kill either of them. When he got to the dormitory, he let Remus fall heavily on his bed.
“Noooo, stay,” Remus said as Sirius started to pull away, and he found his hand trapped in the surprisingly strong grip of his boyfriend’s hand. “’S cold.” Remus moved aside on the bed, leaving an empty space, and pulled Sirius next to him. Sirius sighed again, sat on the edge of the bed, removed his boots and his cloak, and slipped under the spell-warmed blankets. Immediately, Remus curled up into him.
“Not cold anymore,” Remus whispered hoarsely, and Sirius repressed a shudder. He felt rather than saw Remus frown. “You cold?”
“No,” Sirius whispered softly.
“Why you shiver, then?” Remus whispered, mouth pressed against Sirius’s shoulder.
Sirius smiled at the air and said, “Your voice is sexy.”
Remus smiled against his skin and whispered in Sirius’s ear, “your ass is sexy.”
Sirius gulped. Before he could say anything, though, he felt Remus press closer to him, tighten his grip around his waist, and exhale deeply against his neck. He turned his head slowly and kissed the top of his boyfriend’s head, and settled to sleep himself.


The fire crackled in the fireplace as I sat on the couch, resting my legs on the cushion. I struggled to keep my eyes open but pushed through my exhaustion. I had an exam tomorrow and I had made the stupid decision of joking around with Remus for three hours, pulling a nasty prank with Lily on a boy who had tried to slap her butt earlier, and annoying people in the library with James, Sirius, and Peter.

Remus was sleeping with a book open on his chest on the cushy armchair opposite of me. He had fallen asleep while quizzing me on my exam. I smiled at the sight of him sleeping. He looked so peaceful, like nothing could ever wake him up.

I turned my attention back to the book in front of me. I yawned and stared at the pages. The words floated off the pages but never registered in my brain, and I found myself falling asleep . I needed a glass of water to wake up. 

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Bisexual Remus Lupin having a crush on Sirius

-Bisexual Remus Lupin having a huge crush on Sirius Black
-And Remus would be fucking terrified because Sirius is one of his only friends and he’s already a werewolf but now he’s got a crush on a guy too
-And after the others find out about his lunar problems they begin to see something is wrong with Remus again
-Sirius is so nice and tries to comfort him and find out what’s wrong
-Remus falls even harder for this kind boy
-And he’s so funny, and Remus sees every small movement
-from the way he ruffles his hair to mess it up to Sirius’ laughter to how his tongue pokes out when he’s sleeping
-Remus is so far in and finally James decides something needs to be done
-because he notices everything wrong with his friends and this was no exception
-so he stays awake one night, real late, and keeps Remus up with him
-and he asks him “what’s wrong, mate? you’ve been acting strange and we’re all worried. especially Sirius.”
-and he’s right Sirius is worried beyond compare. he’s been tugging at his hair and biting his nails trying to figure out what’s wrong with his Remus
-and Remus feels tears well up in his eyes but he looks back at the homework he’s working on and ignores the gentle expression James gives him
-“nothing’s wrong”
-And James can’t get it out of him no matter what so he switches positions and wakes up Sirius
-Sirius sits too close to Remus and he can feel his heartbeat and the soft material of his pyjamas
-He sits quietly with him, letting Remus sniffle for a few minutes
-“why are you sad?”
-Remus already feels tears go over the edge of his eyes and Sirius reaches over and wipes them away before grabbing his hand
-Remus is overcome with so much emotion that he can barley talk
-and he hides his face into Sirius’ hair, for what he thinks is the last time
-“I love you.”
-it’s barely a whisper but Sirius is sitting up against him and he can hear Remus’ breath against his ear
-“I love you too”
-and Remus stiffens and relaxes in the timespan of a couple seconds
-he slips his hand out of Sirius’
-“no, not like I love you.”
-Sirius understands
-Sirius grabs his hand again
-Sirius smiles and hugs Remus hard
-“It’s okay. I still love you.”
-James creeping down and seeing them hugging
-He makes himself known and Sirius tells him
-“Moony has a crush” he gloats
-And Remus blushes and laughs with them
-“yeah, I’ve got a crush”
-And it’s not awkward between them ever
-but maybe James catches Remus staring for ages
-and maybe once when they were drunk Peter saw them snogging in the corner
-and maybe Remus didn’t quite get over his crush quickly
-But Sirius and James and Peter and even Lily when she found out were always supportive of him

-(also Bisexual Remus Lupin crying harder than anyone when Sirius Black died because maybe it’d been over a decade since he’d been with him but he still loved that man more than anything)

Night of the Full Moon

Summary: The Marauders are out keeping their friend company on the night of the full moon. Though when Remus escapes the shrieking shack and they can’t get him back in, Sirius goes to the reader for help. When Remus finds out what has happened the next day he obviously isn’t thrilled. 

Need to Know: So this is gonna be a two part story :) Also [Y/N] = Your Name. 

Part 1 

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“Wake up!” A firm voice hissed. You opened your eyes trying to make out the blurry figure hovering over you.

“Sirius?” You yawned. “It’s the middle of the night. What are you… Wait How did you get into the girls dormitory?”

“Never mind that now. It’s Remus.” Suddenly all the sleep that had recently consumed you was gone. Sirius grabbed your wrist pulling you along after him. Together, the two of you ran through the castle. He guided you towards one of the secret passages which led out into the cool night air.

“Sirius,” you panted. “What’s happened?” He gave no answer. Glancing his way, you noticed Sirius was frantically scanning the castle grounds. Then you saw what had him so worried. A great stag came bounding across the yards. It paused a moment to stare at you. You could tell there was anger within his gaze as he glanced first at you then Sirius. It’s anger was short lived for an intense howl echoed in the distance breaking his concentration. Without a second thought, the noble stag went charging towards the howl.

“Remus got out?” You asked horrified. Sirius nodded. “Sirius, we need to get him back to the shrieking shack! We can’t let him hurt anyone!”

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  • remus: *sleeping*
  • sirius: *whispering* pssttt... moony.
  • remus: *still sleeping*
  • sirius: *still whispering but just a bit louder* hey! moony! are you up
  • remus: *still asleep*
  • sirius: reMUS JOHN LUP-
  • remus: WHATTT!!
  • sirius: happy birthday
  • sirius: *bops remus on the nose and leaves*
  • remus: oh bother