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top 5 Bones moment

1. I really Bones being really flirty which happens often, so I’m lumping all that into one ‘moment.’ “As we both know, I’m a bright young medic with a miraculous touch…”

2. “I’m a doctor. Not an escalator.” Just. What.

3. Bones making his little speech to Spock in The Search for Spock. So heartfelt!

4. That one time Bones made both Kirk and Spock shut up in sickbay. “Well, what do you know? I finally got the last word.” JUST COME HERE YOU SOUTHERN BEAUTY AND LET ME LOVE YOU

5. “You treat her like a lady, and she’ll always bring you home.” AKA that time in Star Trek: The Next Generation where every viewer ever dissolved into a heap of their own tears.

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have you ever thought about a Milly/Nicholas fanmix? because I feel the need of a soudtrack fot THE OTP

I don’t have a full soundtrack for them, but I have two songs I really associate with them. The happy one is She’s An Angel by They Might Be Giants and the sad one is If I Ever Leave This World Alive by Flogging Molly. I have a few songs that I just associate with Wolfwood (Cool Blue Reason by CAKE and Rebels Of The Sacred Heart by Flogging Molly) but like I said I really need to create a full WolfXMilly playlist.

(I also want to make a full Trigun fanmix sometime!)

remtheunicornwhisperer  asked:

I was wondering, do you have a daily mantra? as a quote or something that inspire you every day?

Hmm, there are so many! I really like “It’s not about perfect, it’s about effort” because it just applies to so many other life situations, not just fitness. “The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do” also really helps me get through those days when my limbs feel like lead and my lungs feel like they’re going to collapse. :)

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I always thought that Knives, more than his brother, would need a perso like Milly next to him to finally understand that there is good in this world. I just tell you this because I really love your Knives and your gentle draws shows that you care about him.

yes, i agree ;v;! im sure if he spent enough time with her, he’d eventually come around to at least tolerating them!!

ohh ohh gosh thank you! that really means a lot to me, and yeah i do haha EVERYONE SHOULD CARE ABOUT KNIVES THOUGH!

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Ana’s questions -> Here we go! :D

1.Favorite tv-show?

I would say supernatural but actually.. I think there are days when I like Doctor Who more, so I’ll say Spn and DW (sorry I cheated)

2.Favorite food?

3.Favorite book?

So far, a french book called ‘Et soudain tout change’ (And suddenly everything changes) by Gilles Legardinier, this guy is awesome and so are his books(they’re kind of like John Green’s, they make you cry and laugh at the same time, you see?)

(look how cute the cover is. actually there’s a least one cat in every one of his books so there’s always a cat on the cover, which is also one of the reasons I love his books)

4.Game of thrones or Lord of the rings?

I’ll say LOTR but to be honest I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, nor LOTR

5. Favorite movie?

Howl’s moving castle

(look how cute these idiots are asdfgjkl)

6.Jeans or Skirts?


7.Do you play video games?

8.Favorite Marvel movie?

The Avengers

9.Favorite Band?

Imagine Dragons

10.Favorite song(at the moment)?

Animal - Neon Trees

11.Steve Rogers or Tony Stark?

Ugggghhh hard question! Tony for the sass

Aaaand my turn! *rubs palms against each other*

1.Favorite season?(not of supernatural :p)

2.You’re alone at home, Harry potter or Jason Bourne marathon?

3.Favorite ice cream flavo(u)r?

4.Favorite companion of the Doctor?

5.Favorite actor/actress?

6.Sloths or guinea pigs?

7.Favorite song of all time?

8.Favorite color?

9.What are your hobbys?(oh god this sounds so much like a school english-learning question, sorry)

10.Favorite disney/dreamworks movie?

11.If you watch Teen Wolf, who do you ship as couple or bromance?

Good luck sweeties :3

remtheunicornwhisperer  asked:

16 - 31 - 47

Hello :) Thank you so much for the questions! <3

16. Favourite Quote?

Ooh, I love this question! My favourite quote is ‘This too shall pass’ - I think it very often and it is very useful in getting me through lousy situations!

31. Last book you read?

I’m currently reading Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte! The last book I finished though was The Fault in Our Stars - John Green. :)

47. Last song you sang?

Please don’t judge me but it was Problem by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea. (Ariana is so super duper uber pretty!) 

PS I like how you are a unicorn whisperer, the ponies on my blog would love to talk to you I think ;) 

Send me random numbers and I’ll answer questions, pretty please! x