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Au where Numbers was a dancer at Juliard, once kicked off he found Fargo and try to hide his past at ballet, but when Wrench finds out, of course he mocks the dead out of him, but he lives to see the day Numbers will perform something for him

I love it! Can’t decide what I like more: The idea of a smol, clean-shaven, tattoo-less ballet dancer Numbers, who bulks up, grows the beard and gets the tattoos as a way to distance himself from his old ballet persona. Or bearded, muscular, tattooed Numbers the ballet dancer. But why not both: Numbers starts out smol and clean shaven and tattoo-less, but soon he grows tired of all the guys making fun of him for being a “prima ballerina”. So he grows the beard, bulks up and gets some tattoos to develop a more gruff and hardy exterior. 

Also, Wrench totally found out that Numbers used to be a ballet dancer because one time Numbers was all sore from a hit and he did some stretches on their motel room floor, and of course he’s practically a contortionist from having done ballet. Wrench is shocked- he never imagined that Numbers would be more flexible than he is, so he asks jokingly, “how did you get to be so good at stretching? Did you do ballet or something?” and Numbers’ face gets all red. His hands fumble a bit as he tells Wrench he’s never danced before but Wrench can totally tell that he’s lying.

"How do you stay healthy on your period?"

Rem Giuditta from theunicornwhisperer

This picture summarises how I feel during shark week:

I’m on shark days right now. Look cute is hard on red mornings. Or evenings. Or ever.

How I adapt my usual workout routine when I’m on my period:

Honestly, I kinda forget about it most of the time, because I’m the one who can’t even live when the shark attacks. But when it gets better, or I take some drugs, I go for a long walk. Nothing hard, but it really help and makes me feel less guilty.

If I get cravings, how I deal with them:

The shark needs to be fed, and I’m really indulgent. I take the time to have a 2 days comfort food marathon, then detox.

Any general period survival tips:

Bananas. Bananas helps a lot while having cramps and a hot water bag on my belly. Plus, ibuprofen

My favourite euphemism for being on your period:

I like the shark mood (not common in Italy). I also use Tarantino’s days or Dario Argento’s days. A friend of mine use “Garibaldi has arrived”.

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top 5 Bones moment

1. I really Bones being really flirty which happens often, so I’m lumping all that into one ‘moment.’ “As we both know, I’m a bright young medic with a miraculous touch…”

2. “I’m a doctor. Not an escalator.” Just. What.

3. Bones making his little speech to Spock in The Search for Spock. So heartfelt!

4. That one time Bones made both Kirk and Spock shut up in sickbay. “Well, what do you know? I finally got the last word.” JUST COME HERE YOU SOUTHERN BEAUTY AND LET ME LOVE YOU

5. “You treat her like a lady, and she’ll always bring you home.” AKA that time in Star Trek: The Next Generation where every viewer ever dissolved into a heap of their own tears.

poorbeautifuldean replied to your post “Oh. My. God. Apparently I clicked some random button on my laptop and…”

:( *insert ‘why do we even have that lever’ gif here*

No seriously, I was so surprised, it didn’t even give a warning. I still don’t know which button I pressed, lol!

sillyme6 replied to your post “Oh. My. God. Apparently I clicked some random button on my laptop and…”

Ooh, that’s terrible. (I feel like I can’t appropriately convey how terrible I think it is. Imagine a sad face with that statement ;) )

Lol! I was more shocked than anything. :’) 

remtheunicornwhisperer replied to your post “Oh. My. God. Apparently I clicked some random button on my laptop and…”

i’m sorry girl

I’ll live. ;D *does a sad Castiel pout* 

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how do you imagine fem Spock hair style? because I'm up for long hair Spock, with practical yet vulcan hairdo (more like T'pring then T'pol)

I think Spock would do braids. I have a headcanon that there are Vulcan braids for everything. Like, a braid to indicate how old you are, if you’re married, if you have/are expecting children, etc.

I’ll trade you a headcanon for a headcanon

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What's the star trek's item in your possession that you care the most?

I’m gonna count TOS as ‘in my possession’ even though it’s downloaded, because it’s one of the very few things that has permanent residence on my computer. I don’t delete/re-download when I need to, I just keep it. It’s mine. All mine.

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