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What people think James Potter was like:

James: Revising for exams? Pfft, I am the James Potter, I don’t revise. I go in and wing that bitch.

What James Potter was actually like:

James: No Moony, I don’t care that chocolate soothes stress, fuck off. If I don’t pass this shit I’m going to die homeless and lonely. Don’t let me die lonely.

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What is your name? Kristin
How old are you? 23
What houses are you in? Ravenclaw
What kind of blog do you run? My blog is 100% Harry Potter! I might be a little too strict with myself on that.
Your patronus? A manx cat. It kind of surprised me, but I like it!
Your Pottermore house results? I got Hufflepuff once a while ago, but Ravenclaw currently! I definitely identify more with Ravenclaw.

Which book is your favourite? I think Prisoner of Azkaban? Second is probably HBP.

Which book is your least favourite? I really struggled to get through Goblet of Fire for some reason, it just seemed to drag a little bit? But I didn’t hate it.

Which movie is your favourite? Not really sure? PoA again maybe?
What is your least favourite movie? I guess I have to say Half Blood Prince, but also Goblet of Fire because calmly
What is your favourite quote? Too many! But I really love “We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.” and “The things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.”
Favourite Potter? Ugh this is a tough question but I think I just have to say Harry.
Favourite Weasley? I really like Bill, I guess I’d say him?
Favourite Malfoy? Draco, if I have to choose one.
Favourite Black? Of course I have to say Sirius, but I really really love Andromeda too!
Favourite Marauder? Remus of course!
Favourite Golden Trio? Hermione
Favourite Silver Trio? Neville! My sweet sunshine child.
Favourite female character? I really like Fleur a lot, but also Hermione if I’m choosing a more main character.
Favourite male character? Remus or Neville, I can’t choose!
Favourite professor? McGonagall is my QUEEN.
Favourite House? Ravenclaw, which works out well! (the common room ugh)
Which character do you dislike the most? Umbridge
What ships are your favourite? Wolfstar, Bleur, and Jily are my top 3!
Is there a movie you liked more than its book? No! I couldn’t stop pointing out the differences.
If you could make up your own house what would be the traits? Probably organized, level-headed, astute, honest… stuff like that?
What would your Amortentia smell like? A campfire in the middle of the woods, the way the air smells at the beach, and the way oranges smell as you’re peeling them
Which do you prefer, owls, cats or a frog? Cats
Which is your favourite harry potter era? Lightening era, by just a hair.

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Okay hear me out, the whole Sirius/Remus pairing is more important than someone would think. I’m having a HP nostalgia, don’t ask me why :>

I re-read the whole series in german in like a week, beacuse it’s more fun to practice language that way yaaaay

I honestly feel like this is the most Remus-ish picture though because…just imagine him coming back to his room from leaving you during a full moon, just to find you sitting in his bed and waiting for him. He’s all beaten and scarred and bruised and sore and tired and…you’re there for him, cuddling him, listening to him, helping to heal his wounds (physical and mental) and you’re the one he can always come back to for comfort, no matter what. He lays down on the bed, completely exhausted, as you clean all of his wounds and then, eventually climb under the covers next to him. He mumbles inaudible things as he snuggles up by your side, you taking him in your arms, rubbing his back and playing with his hair, until the both of you are lulled to sleep.

Kiss Me // Ed Sheeran ~ Falling In Love With The Boy

And my heart’s against your chest, your lips pressed to my neck

I’m falling for your eyes, but they don’t know me yet

And with a feeling I’ll forget, I’m in love now

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