removing the text took forever


i finally finally finished removing all the stuff on top and making this transparent! I had to recolor everything even after removing all the text because the original was so low quality so this took forever and was a huge pain in the ass, but im finally done.

Feel free to use it if you want, but please credit me for making it transparent!

i’ll kill anyone that gets in my way. i’ll be number one.
inferiority complex; a mello fst.
songs to be the best to.

oh no!; marina and the diamonds // kill of the night; gin wigmore // kiss the ring; my chemical romance // the ruler and the killer; kid cudi // patterns;  band of skulls // the fallen; franz ferdinand // heaven knows; the pretty reckless // bottom of the river; delta rae // broken crown; mumford and sons // everybody wants to rule the world; lorde // seven devils; florence + the machine // empire; alpines // this is our legacy; zack hemsey

[do not remove this text]