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My school district refuses to remove confederate symbols from my high school campus

I am a student at Robert E. Lee high school in San Antonio, Texas. When you walk into Robert E. Lee high school, the first thing you will see is a giant statue of Robert E. Lee. Imagine being an African American student and having to walk into school every day looking at a man who fought for the enslavement of your ancestors. Robert E. Lee high school is the oldest school in the North East Independent School district. The school mascot is a “volunteer” appearing in a red and gray confederate army uniform and looking a lot like Robert himself. The school colors are red and gray which are the confederate colors. The pep squad is called the “confederettes”, The JV drill team is called the “dixie drillers” and the varsity dance team is called the “rebel rousers”.  Progress this summer was made when two confederate emblems were removed from the campus. This summer, a peer of mine, Kayla Wilson, sought to get rid of all confederate symbols from my school and change the name. At first, the district wouldn’t even put the name change up for discussion. After a long battle of board meetings and a petition with over 11,000 people, the school board voted not to change anything about my school. “Dec 11, 2015 — On Monday night NEISD Board voted NOT to rename Robert E Lee H.S . Board Trustee Wheat pleaded with fellow Board members to give the students and faculty an opportunity to voice their opinion and grievances. He requested a committee made up of teachers, administrators, and community to do surveys, obtain facts, and submit alternate names. He stated"we have not done enough to make this decision". Board Trustee White gave his testimony, as a African American the name offended him, and “we should not have to constantly defend the name of our schools for someone who is so controversial”. White reiterated Robert E Lee was the general of the confederacy, and fought to continue slavery. 

Superintendent Gottardy and Board Trustees Grona, Bresnahan, Hughey, and Perkins stated they had done enough research to make this decision and felt burdened to continue any additional effort. Board Trustee Perkins mocked Trustee Wheat attempt to add the voices of the students , teachers, and PTA.

The board meeting ended with an item being place on the Agenda to look into all symbol, icons, and songs tied to the confederacy. This Agenda item will be reviewed in the spring.

Please review the video below and review the response of the Board members. Unlike other communities like , Houston, Austin, Princeton, UT and even Robert E Lee’s Washington and Lee University recommended a discussion.

San Antonio NEISD refused discussion. Board Trustees did not feel the voice of its students or faculty matter for this decision.

Please email your Board Members why community matters. Why facts are important. Please tell them ALL are children voices’ matter.”

Robert E Lee was a confederate who fought for the enslavement of black people in the United States. He fought to maintain the continued subjugation of Blacks in America’s south. My school district perpetuates a racist culture by keeping racist symbols on my campus. 

The dance team and cheerleader coach threatened to their students that if the name change was posted about on social media or talked about at school, girls would be kicked off the team immediately. 

Faculty members were fired for talking about it on social media as well. 

The petition didn’t make a difference. The school board meeting didn’t make a difference. Very few individuals in San Antonio, Texas want to change the school name to make African American students comfortable. 


The Confederate Flag & Other Relics That Belong in a Museum

In a few hours, the Confederate flag that flies on the grounds of the state capitol in South Carolina will be taken off its specially-designed flagpole and moved to a museum. While we’re in a curating mood, I’d like to suggest a few more items to send to a museum with the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia: the use of “girl” to describe anyone over the age of 18,  the Robert E. Lee Memorial anything, the word “tranny,” terms like “man up,” Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill, various sports team logos… 

All of the above may be symbols of larger issues, but symbols matter. They’re a shorthand for what we value or de-value as a culture and when they fly above a state building or hang on a bathroom door, they reinforce beliefs and norms that are best left in the past. 

To those who say that removing a symbol from public view won’t substantively change anything, I would argue that the very act of removal changes something. The act of putting the Confederate flag in a museum says to the world and more importantly to ourselves that we as a culture seek to learn from the ugliest episodes of our past. Moving the Confederate flag to a museum doesn’t mean we’re hiding the symbol of the white supremacy that continues to dog us. It means that we are no longer willing to celebrate it. 


I didn’t even realize this until I watched this for the second time…

We all endure phases through self-discovery. In creating who we are, we often get lost and make choices based upon influence and pressure rather than our own truth. Because these actions don’t align with us, they feel like a mistake and we stand as blank as Alex does the first half of this song contemplating everything. This is all represented from 1:30 (when Alex just stands there while being poked and prodded by what seem like a bad crowd) til 2:11 when Lisa comes back (I believe it was also Lisa in the beginning, just in her mirrored process of self-discovery and pressure to be something she truly is not). The reason they come back together in their different phases expresses their souls being connected even when their actions don’t match their truth.

At 2:37 we see a younger Alex being him the clothing to replace the old shell of a tshirt that Lisa removed as a symbol of inviting him into a safe place for him to be his true self regardless of his skeletons. We’re then greeted by his parents who dress him and Jack who puts on his jacket… all developmental people who have always been there through the evolution of the man they see today. The song starts building and we see Rian and Zack now, and then at 3:16 Alex breaks into what all older ATL fans see as the true Alex or we become nostalgic to the sound and elements we all fell in love with.

This video meant more to me right now in my element of self discovery than I realized until watching it twice over. I’ve loved this band since I was 14 and I love them even more at 24. 

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maybe he does have a rose, but they cropped it out maybe? the rose was maybe in his other hand?

I don’t know that it would make much sense for them to crop out the singular consistency between the photos, especially when that consistency is the name of the album… why would they physically remove the thing symbolizing the album name from one photo just in the name of cropping it? and even if that were the case, Jae’s photo is strangely different
Like daehyun jongup and zelo all have vaguely similar expressions while Jae’s seems to be different. The other teasers don’t have a lot of negative space but Jae’s does (daes does have some, but it seems more to be trying to get his whole body in the shot then just having empty space. Jae has a lot of space in his teaser that’s just not him, and it’s not like the photo contains most of his body either. In fact, the other teasers contain a good portion of each boys body while Jae’s is quite limited… why would they crop the rose and his body out for more carpet? Especially when the album is literally named “rose” not “carpet”. The other boys are in similar rooms — sort of run down looking places with messy paint, while jae is against a clean carpet.
Even discounting the fact that Jae’s rose is missing, his picture is purposely idealogically different from the others, making it hard to connect his teasers to the rest. The creative team has proved to me that they know what they’re doing, so I think this might be important

Templar’s Dog || Part 1

Pairing: Jacob Frye x Male Reader

You glanced up when there was a knock on the door before you, realizing that your hand had rose to rapt your knuckles against the wood. Your eyes caught on the flashing assassin symbol on your gauntlet, hand freezing where it hovered in the air. A wave of guilt washed over you before you clenched your fist, moving your arm back to your side to remove the symbol from your sight, burying the feeling deep down and out of your mind.

There was no room for distraction.

The weight around your neck reminded your of that, the black leather choker around your neck bearing the red cross that hung there, clear for anyone to see. It burned against your skin, the leather digging into your skin. You were just another pawn in his game, another dog to take orders from him.

And it made you sick.

Pushing the door open with the “enter” that resonated through the door, you entered his office, taking the few steps it took for you to cross the room. Your black coat swished around your legs, eyes glancing at the snobbish looking woman that stood beside him, her face screwed into one of displeasure and distaste. You payed her little attention, knowing it would only rile her more when you were unresponsive to her clear display of distrust. Stopping at the front of his desk, you stood, feet shoulder width apart, shoulders back, chin up. Your hands were placed behind your back, left hand grasping your right wrist firmly. Taking a breath, you lifted your eyes to meet his cold grey eyes meeting your (e/c) eyes, eyes hardened by the years of bloodshed and mandatory orders.

“Ah, (y/n). And not a moment too late.” He said, proceeding to glance back down at the knife he was sharpening before he embedded it into the surface of his desk. You forced yourself to be unphased, knowing it was a show of dominance and warning. Cross the line and that desk wouldn’t be the only thing to be impaled.

“Mr. Starrick.” That’s right. Crawford Starrick. British Grand Master of the Templar Order.

“I hear the recent smuggle of cargo was a success.” He said and you gave a curt nod. “Good. I hope you will not fail me this time either.” Clearing his throat, he leaned back in his chair, hands folded before him as he stared up at you with an oblique downward look. It made your blood boil. “The assassin twins are a thorn in my side, one that needs to be eradicated as efficiently as possible. As you know, Whitechapel and Lambert have fallen to the assassins.” You’ve heard little about the twins, only catching information about the fact that they run a gang called the Rooks and that they were assassins. “The ____ borough is leaderless, making their chances at winning this gang war minimal. You need to be there to make sure things go smoothly.”

Your gaze shifted when there was a rude click of Lucy’s tongue, seeing her step forward to address Starrick in front of his desk, a few feet away from you, though she was close enough for her strong perfume to hit your nose. It was repulsive.

“Mr. Starrick, I don’t disagree with your with your decision to send a potential leader to help in the fight, but I should be the one to go, not him.” She sent a glare your way, something you were unable to keep an eyebrow from raising at her. “Besides, I doubt your dog would be able to lead anything but his own tail.”

Your lips drew back at that insult, a growl forming in your throat. You rarely broke your composure but when you did, she seemed to be at the head of it most of the time. Any sense of retort was shut down when Starrick called her name sharply.

“Ms. Thorne! This is not the time to let ill grudges get in the way of conducting business.” He hissed, before he took a breath to compose himself once more, his tone turning more steady and professional. “(y/n) will be going and that is final.”

You almost wanted to snort at her expression but he started talking once more. “(y/n).” Standing a little straighter and whipping your face into one of expressionless once more, you met his eyes. “You know what to do.” Nodding, you steeled your nerves and proceeded to do the one thing that was mandatory of your with every farewell.

Gritting your teeth you bent down to one knee, head bowing as your right hand rose to lay against your chest. “As you wish, Mr. Starrick.”

The words tasted like bile on your tongue and your body was on fire.

* * * * *

The Blighters were leaderless, that much was clear from the way they mulled together in a disorganized line, anxiety coming off them in waves. They were lost without their leader and they wouldn’t stand a chance. The fight was taking place under one of the many bridges in London, the sound of carriages hopefully working to cover up the noises of the battle from drawing the police’s attention.

You got there not a moment too soon, your eyes catching sight of the many Rooks that stood on the opposite side of the tunnel, their colors of green and yellow swarming together to create a thick barrier. Swinging yourself towards them, you heard the sound of a strong voice calling out into the air, filled with confidence and strength. Your eyes caught sight of a man dressed in a black coat with a green undercoat and a cane in one hand. Gauntlets that no doubt held hidden blades within them sat proudly on his wrists.

“This is our turf! Rooks with me!” It was only moments before you saw the swarm of green converge on his words. Catching sight of the way the Blighters seemed to freeze in slight fear and you took that as your que. You dropped from your line, landing on the top of the carriage behind the line of Blighters. Your knee took most of your weight thought your hand was out to steady you. The reaction was immediate. Glancing from beneath your hood, you saw the Rooks falter, their eyes widening as a newly awaken fear rose in their eyes, their unsure glances flitting from one another. Your uniform was unmistakable, widely known throughout the streets of London all because of Starrick. Everyone knew not to mess with the Grand Master’s dog.

The Blighters on the other hand rose with renewed determination and strength, faces lighting up as they cheered silently amongst themselves. You could feel the assassin’s gaze on your as you stood, staring down at the crowd of people below you.

You had a job to do.

Pulling out one of your pistols from their holster, you held it steadily at the first Rook in sight. Aim. Cock.


The shot rung through the air, sound seeming to cut off as all attention was on the Rook whose head now had a bullet sized hole, watching as their body started to fall. The body hadn’t even hit the ground before the Blighters were setting off their battle cry, charging forward while the Rooks were still stood stunned. You met the shadowed face of the other assassin, watching as he stared at you with an expression that was a mix between anger and disbelief at what you’d just done. You held his look, meeting it with a blank one of your own.

He charged.


‘The Sims’ latest update just broke gender barriers. 

The update removes gender symbols from the game’s Create-A-Sim menu, the part of the game where you create and customize characters, and removes the barrier that previously designated certain physical characteristics and mannerisms to male or female characters. This is a powerful step for equality

Have you ever wondered why Grace left in this scene? Like really left.

Would you say it’s because Tristan was talking about something steamy? Maybe the topic was too girly for the queen of darkness after all?
Or… What if her physically removing herself is actually symbolic of what she’s been doing this season concerning her CF and Zoe?

Let’s see :)

1x04 didn’t focus on the two girls, but because they had upcoming episodes that heavily focused on them, we were blessed with a couple or so scenes for continuity. From these scenes, especially the one at the Dot, we were able to see where they were on a narrative level.  
You’ll be surprised by how much information this scene at the Dot actually has.

  • Sharing the same colour palette: they are two items of the same story and currently, they are on the same page with one another (recall gracevas’ ending during 1x02)
  • Zoe reminds you of her own storyline by reacting to Tristan’s iconic sexual innuendo made on Grace’s muffin 

Now, how about Grace? She excuses herself and leaves the moment Tristan talks about wanting to start a relationship (or at least, something a bit more) with Vijay. 

Relationships. And. Grace. How could we forget!

How coincidental is it that the girl you can’t start a relationship with is sitting right beside you when the topic of starting a relationship arises lol.

It makes sense Grace left. Throughout the season, it’s become apparent that Grace ‘runs’ away when the opportunity to progress her relationship with Zoe comes. It’s been established since the beginning

And ever since then, her CF has interrupted each time

Her absence during a relationship talk reminds the audience of this little motif. 
In fact, the entirety of the scene seems to remind the audience of the Gracevas story, which is good because that’s what continuity should feel like.

Notice how we catch Zoe’s reaction when Grace leaves 

Cutting to Zoe immediately, links the action (Grace leaving) to her. Action. Reaction. Character A throws a ball at Character B’s face. Cut to Character B falling from the impact. 2 shots demonstrating a relationship.
Since we’re now under the impression that Grace leaving relates to Zoe, it is safe to speculate that maybe, just maybe Grace isn’t exactly leaving because the conversation was no longer PG-13.. but that she’s actually leaving because it echoes her story with Zoe. Her insecurities. Her view on relationships.

I mean was Grace really just uncomfortable about the supposedly ‘adult’ content coming from Tristan’s mouth?

Odd, she sat through it.
If you think about it, it should have cut back to Tristan when Grace left since he’s the one telling the story. So why did it cut to Zoe? Because Zoe’s line was next? True, but again, Tristan’s telling the story and was interrupted. He should be reacting to the action.

Bonus: Eating muffins and then leaving. Sounds familiar.

Foreshadowing at its finest.

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HC + Crown

When Xander first got his crown, it felt very odd to have since he never wore it before, but he liked it since he and his mother picked it out when she told him he’s going to crowned as the next heir of Nohr and his father liked it as well saying it suits a future king.

When his mother passed away, he still wore it, but he was at a point to toss it away because during the concubines war a lot of siblings knew who he was was and tried to kill him because of the crown on his head and wanting to be the crown prince/princess instead of him, mocking his shyness and his terrible sword technique, but he didn’t remove the crown, symbolically, as he came to terms that he has to change to help better his country and himself.

When he was finally crowned king of Nohr, he got a new crown, but he passed his old crown to his son since his father never gave him his old prince crown to him as a child.



“Are you not afraid of this monsterous face?”

The drama has released a new highlight teaser which is similar to the Chinese preview, however, there is also a lot of new footage. As a whole, the trailer is brilliant and intriguing, the instrumental music is sublime as is the new ballad by Davichi featured in the preview. LEE JUN KI AS THE WOLF PRINCE WITH HIS GLORIOUS MANE OF GLORY, WEARING BLACK MASK AND FLOATING ROBES AND BEING COVERED IN BLOOD IS PRETTY MUCH MY RELIGION! AND THE OTP!!! Hae Soo and Wang So already own me and the show doesn’t even premiere until Monday! All the longing and angst! Him being insecure about his scarred face and her taking his mask off! HE KILLED EVERYONE WHO SAW HIM WITHOUT IT AND HE LETS HER TO REMOVE IT! THE SHEER SYMBOLISM! This romance is basically all my fantasies coming alive! 

“Want to run away like this? I can if you want.” - Wang So to Hae Soo

Kylo Ren's face

I was just thinking about the symbolism of removing a mask. Clearly when Kylo removes his mask for Rey is a good faith gesture–as if to say “look I’m not a monster in a mask chasing you. Let’s talk”

But it has a much deeper metaphorical meaning in the language of the film. When Finn breaks down and turns to the light side he removes his storm trooper helmet. Phasma even chastises him for it on the spot.

Kylo removing his mask in that scene was a subtle hint at his redemption arc. He will remove that mask for good at some point–just like Finn did. Ultimately, he does not want to be a monster in her eyes.

This is a page from a history book I borrowed from my school library. It depicts the ceiling in King’s college, Cambridge that exists the last remanent of the “HA” symbol of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn’s marriage. If you look closely you’ll be able to see it. Henry ordered that the “HA” symbol be removed from everything when Anne was executed, in time for his new wife Jane Seymour. He didn’t want any remnants of her existence…is that become is pained him too much? We don’t fully know. But, this “HA” symbol survived, and escaped his notice!
Also, on the left side of the image is Anne Boleyn’s Falcon image, crowned.

what i find interesting is that the protagonist is ripping off the mask he wears throughout the game before awakening his persona. which made me think of the quote i saw earlier:

We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.” - André Berthiaume

the “mask” has been a major symbol in the persona series, but persona 5 seems to give it a bigger and explicit role throughout the story. My guess is that due to the theme of “being free from modern society”, the protagonist sheds the calm and sort of nerdy-look he shows throughout the day to fit into today’s society’s expectations, and reveals the more smug nature we’ve all come to love.

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I don’t know if someone else has already pointed this out, but I noticed something after my nth rewatch of the Civil War trailer. Steve and the Avengers’ symbol on his uniform. 

During the scenes of the attack on the IFID (which presumably take place at the beginning of the movie) the symbol is there

but then at a certain point the symbol is removed. You can see it clearly when he’s standing between the police and Bucky

during the shoulder grab scene

and in the confrontation with Tony

I know it makes sense since he’s essentially going rogue to help Bucky/oppose the Accords. I wonder though, do they (Ross? Tony? idk who would have that kind of authority) kick him out of the Avengers? Or is it a decision he takes himself? either way, for some reason, the only thing I can picture is Steve sitting in a corner morosely, but carefully, unstitching the patches from his uniform orz