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Is it bad that I sorta want Hydra cap? Obviously not cap willingly being apart of it but maybe similar in a way that Clint was brainwashed?

If what marvel was doing was akin to Clint being brainwashed, with a scene where Steve was forcibly mentally overwhelmed via comic book science it would be a different matter, but that’s not what marvel’s doing. What they are doing is monstrous, they are blatantly using Nazi imagery, influences from Nazi propaganda and a complete disregard for everything Cap is meant to be to create a narrative where fascism is the new exciting thing and our hero is and has always been our oppressor. This isn’t darkfic published under heavy warnings on AO3 intended as an exploration of character and morality under stress, Hydra Cap is intended as a deeply shocking and deliberate corruption of a character with incredible meaning to the oppressed, to be sold as the official byline of an influential company. More than that, Marvel is saying one of their historically most moral and justice loving characters is and has always been a Nazi. They have removed a powerful symbol of allyship and told us he was never with us foolish oppressed people anyways. They have made a character steeped in Jewish culture into a Nazi. They have explicitly shown Hydra Cap as “righteous” holding Mjolnir, thats literally saying Nazism is just and explicitly glorifying it. Its telling any white supremacist and racist and Nazi that they are righteous. That is incredibly, monumentally disgusting and inexcusable.

The fact that they have also made Magneto, a holocaust survivor into a Hydra operative is evil. It’s part of an effort to move Hyrda away from it’s alignment to Nazism, which honestly just makes Nazi ideology even more appealing to white supremacists. While they try and distance Hydra from Nazis, they also have really doubled down on their use of Nazi imagery, ideology and rhetoric in Secret Empire. I mean they have Inhumans being put in camps and operatives hail-ing all over the place for fucks sake, marvel it’s not subtle. By attempting to remove the association with Nazis, Marvel is making the ideals of Nazism something exciting, entertaining and appealing to a larger audience. It’s much easier to be a Nazi when you don’t consider yourself one and Captain America is backing you up.

If marvel was presenting Steve as having been brainwashed and his unwilling support of Nazism as a horrifying thing, I still wouldn’t be thrilled, but i wouldn’t be angry and afraid the way Hydra Cap makes me. Marvel is empowering real life Nazis through this storyline, and I can’t think of anything more incredibly monstrous and sinister. 

Don’t support it. Ignoring Secret Emipre’s connection to the rise of fascism in the real world is reckless and ignorant at best.

@marvelentertainment and @nickspencerly have ignored the Jewish roots of the characters they are dealing with with cries of “it’s just fiction, don’t take it so seriously” and “good you’re angry, that means I am successful”. (i am paraphrasing here, their irl replies are much nastier) while either ignoring or revelling in the strong negative effect their explicit support of fascism has.

So Hyrda Cap in fic, before it was canon, with Steve as an unwilling participant is a whole different beast than the canon, loaded with Nazi rhetoric Hydra Cap. I’m not sure it can anymore be considered just to give any support to any form of Hydra Cap, even in fic, even in your scenario. 

Real life Nazis use Hydra symbols and Hydra cap as images to justify their cause! It’s terrifying and marvel doesn’t seem care at all about the effect they are having on real life facism! I’m an art historian i KNOW how powerful images are and this is fucking terrifying especially since the creators are denying the power of their images!


Each pic has a caption!

A more in depth Post-Trespasser/game outfit chart for Feyrien. Tried to age him up a little since he’d be in his early 40′s by that time (or I assume so in DA4 lol). He kept the Inquisition under the Chantry as a peacekeeping force, so I merged the two styles together.

Some believe Feyrien’s eye going blind after the Mark’s removal is more symbolic and spiritual than it actually is. He just thinks it’s painfully ironic.

My school district refuses to remove confederate symbols from my high school campus

I am a student at Robert E. Lee high school in San Antonio, Texas. When you walk into Robert E. Lee high school, the first thing you will see is a giant statue of Robert E. Lee. Imagine being an African American student and having to walk into school every day looking at a man who fought for the enslavement of your ancestors. Robert E. Lee high school is the oldest school in the North East Independent School district. The school mascot is a “volunteer” appearing in a red and gray confederate army uniform and looking a lot like Robert himself. The school colors are red and gray which are the confederate colors. The pep squad is called the “confederettes”, The JV drill team is called the “dixie drillers” and the varsity dance team is called the “rebel rousers”.  Progress this summer was made when two confederate emblems were removed from the campus. This summer, a peer of mine, Kayla Wilson, sought to get rid of all confederate symbols from my school and change the name. At first, the district wouldn’t even put the name change up for discussion. After a long battle of board meetings and a petition with over 11,000 people, the school board voted not to change anything about my school. “Dec 11, 2015 — On Monday night NEISD Board voted NOT to rename Robert E Lee H.S . Board Trustee Wheat pleaded with fellow Board members to give the students and faculty an opportunity to voice their opinion and grievances. He requested a committee made up of teachers, administrators, and community to do surveys, obtain facts, and submit alternate names. He stated"we have not done enough to make this decision". Board Trustee White gave his testimony, as a African American the name offended him, and “we should not have to constantly defend the name of our schools for someone who is so controversial”. White reiterated Robert E Lee was the general of the confederacy, and fought to continue slavery. 

Superintendent Gottardy and Board Trustees Grona, Bresnahan, Hughey, and Perkins stated they had done enough research to make this decision and felt burdened to continue any additional effort. Board Trustee Perkins mocked Trustee Wheat attempt to add the voices of the students , teachers, and PTA.

The board meeting ended with an item being place on the Agenda to look into all symbol, icons, and songs tied to the confederacy. This Agenda item will be reviewed in the spring.

Please review the video below and review the response of the Board members. Unlike other communities like , Houston, Austin, Princeton, UT and even Robert E Lee’s Washington and Lee University recommended a discussion.

San Antonio NEISD refused discussion. Board Trustees did not feel the voice of its students or faculty matter for this decision.

Please email your Board Members why community matters. Why facts are important. Please tell them ALL are children voices’ matter.”

Robert E Lee was a confederate who fought for the enslavement of black people in the United States. He fought to maintain the continued subjugation of Blacks in America’s south. My school district perpetuates a racist culture by keeping racist symbols on my campus. 

The dance team and cheerleader coach threatened to their students that if the name change was posted about on social media or talked about at school, girls would be kicked off the team immediately. 

Faculty members were fired for talking about it on social media as well. 

The petition didn’t make a difference. The school board meeting didn’t make a difference. Very few individuals in San Antonio, Texas want to change the school name to make African American students comfortable. 


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Something I noticed on my second viewing of the movie--after Yondu takes the Ravager flame patch off to show to Baby Groot, he never puts it back on. What's he thinking? Does removing it symbolize anything in particular to Ravagers? (I have so many questions about how the whole Ravager code/society works...)

Just when I think this movie has run out of ways to hurt me …

For his entire adult life, Yondu has worn the flame patch of the Ravagers. He doesn’t have to look down to know it’s not there after he hands it to the little tree kid. He can feel its absence, like a missing limb.

Or maybe it’s the phantom pain of a limb that was cut off years ago.

Some things you can’t go back from.

He tried to walk too many lines, that’s all. Broke the code and knew it. Tried to go on being a Ravager anyway. Told himself he was one.

Let a scrawny Terran kid stay on his ship even though he knew it was a bad idea, because the little bastard wormed his way into that cold empty place in his soul before Yondu knew what was happening. But he couldn’t go all the way to actually be the dad the kid needed, hell no, which was why Ego could take Peter and twist him around his finger the way he’d wanted to all those years ago, like all those other dead kids.

Did a shit job of being a Ravager, shit job of being a father, and this is where it gets him: half his crew is dead, other half is gonna be dead as soon as Rocket’s little tree friend gets done bringing him everything in his quarters except his spare fin, and Quill’s run off and got himself in the one place in the universe where he’s most likely to end up dead.

Tried to be two different things and ended up being none of ‘em.

Stakar’s right. Yondu can dress like a Ravager, but that doesn’t make him one.

He leaves the flame patch to burn in the real flames of his dying ship. There is no going back, only forward.

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Hi, I have a question about NDE that maybe you/followers could answer? If it wasn't just a chemical reaction in our brains, why would we see nature, trees, flowers, etc, if nature is proper to earth and to the physical world? I mean the universe is infinite, why would we see nature? I think it proves that it's just something which happen in our brain before we die

Some people see nature other people see other things.Perhaps people see these things like grass or cities because they are familiar with them and seeing everything at once maybe overwhelming. 

Regardless from what I’ve read a lot of people see things in an unearthly way. It’s impossible to describe to us because it would be like explaining a new color. 

I think that a lot of what people see they interpret it based on what they were grew up with, so there are some cultural human interpretations Like some people may describe the bright white light as Jesus and others Buddha. But I don’t think that means NDE’s are a just a physical things that happens to the brain, I think it meant there’s a lot more to it and people use what they know to describe it once coming back. And their descriptions will never quite cover what they actually felt. Words are symbols twice removed. Somethings you can only experience. 


A kagune is composed of Rc cells, which flow just like blood, can become as solid as teeth and can be described as “liquid muscles”. A kagune can be repeatedly hardened and softened at will by the ghoul.

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What is Euron's obsession with ripping out people's tongues and when did? The murder of his younger half brother in the crib would imply that he's always had some obsession with silencing people but where does this obsession stem from?

(TWOW spoilers)

I don’t think Euron killed Robin to “silence” him, but yeah, given the name of Euron’s ship (and its figurehead), this is clearly an atrocity near and dear to Euron’s tentacled heart. 

There are several layers to this. One, of course, is purely sadistic: Euron finds intense gratification in hurting, humiliating, and subjugating people, raising (for example) Falia’s hopes high before bringing them crashing down. It’s common for abusers to demand silence and then take any deviation from that as an excuse to inflict pain. That he focuses specifically on removing tongues suggests that he’s hiding secrets; of course, as @nobodysuspectsthebutterfly pointed out, cutting out someone’s tongues doesn’t prevent them from communicating, but when taken in combination with the rarity of literacy, the fearful awe Euron instills in his crew (Cragorn, for example), and the ongoing mystery of where exactly Euron has and hasn’t been in his travels, I think it’s fair to say that silencing is his goal. “No one must ever know.” 

The last layer I’ll touch on here is religious: the silence of the gods.

“Who knows more of gods than I? Horse gods and fire gods, gods made of gold with gemstone eyes, gods carved of cedar wood, gods chiseled into mountains, gods of empty air…I know them all. I have seen their peoples garland them with flowers, and shed the blood of goats and bulls and children in their names. And I have heard the prayers, in half a hundred tongues. Cure my withered leg, make the maiden love me, grant me a healthy son. Save me, succor me, make me wealthy…protect me! Protect me from mine enemies, protect me from the darkness, protect me from the crabs inside my belly, from the horselords, from the slavers, from the sellswords at my door. Protect me from the Silence.

“I think if I drowned you, you’ll stay drowned. All gods are lies, but yours is laughable. A pale white thing in the likeness of a man, his limbs broken and swollen and his hair flipping in the water while fish nibble at his face. What fool would worship that?”

“Harlon was my first. All I had to do was pinch his nose shut. The greyscale had turned his mouth to stone so he could not cry out. But his eyes grew frantic as he died. They begged me. When the life went out of them, I went out and pissed into the sea, waiting for the god to strike me down. None did.”

“Kneel, brother,” the Crow’s Eye commanded. “I am your king, I am your god. Worship me, and I will raise you up to be my priest.”

When Euron removes your tongue, he’s symbolically cutting you off from the gods, who now cannot hear your (vocalized) prayers, and he’s saying that those gods don’t exist anyway or they would’ve stopped him, so worship him instead.

I’m reading more about history. So this happened around 1559-1560.

“ Frederick II envisioned the resurrection of the Kalmar Union under Danish leadership, while Eric wanted to finally break the dominating position of Denmark” 

Frederick II was the guy who “replaced” Christian III as king of Denmark, while Erik XIV was the sucesor of Gustav Vasa.

So can you imagine???

APH Denmark: Sweden, come back. I’ll still be the leader and you’ll have to obey me, but come back to me.

APH Sweden: Fucking no. 


“(Erik XIV) was pressing  Frederick to remove the traditionally Swedish insignia of Three Crowns from the Danish coat of arms (…)  In retaliation, Eric added the insignia of Norway and Denmark to his own coat of arms, and refused Danish requests to remove these symbols.”

So they also fought about their national symbols. Quite mature. Denmark refused to move on, so Sweden decided to annoy him by adding dane-norwegian symbols in his own coat of arms. 

APH Sweden: Take my symbols away. 

APH Denmark: No, because you are coming back.

*Some time later*

APH Denmark: Take my symbols away.

APH Sweden: Why? 

APH Denmark: Because i don’t like it!

APH Sweden: You do it first and then I’ll do it.

APH Denmark: *screams* 


APH Norway: Don’t you feel second hand embarrassment? Because I do.

APH Finland: Yeah, this is so inmature.    

I’m going to try to buy a book about this, but I’m not sure if there any in my country. I love history, specially nordic history and I want to learn more. 

[ Happy Holidays!

As Christmas Eve is upon us (and Hanukkah starts tomorrow!), I hope that all of you will have happy and safe holidays, and if you do not celebrate, I still hope you’re having a good time and are healthy! 

Ludwig is dressed up as the Christkind**, Gilbert as 19th century Santa Claus*!

For the occasion I thought I might share some information with you about German Chirstmas! 

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When blacks bring up things about the racism oppression they’ve suffered throughout American history, they are always told, “get over it.” The reason blacks bring up the history is because it affects their lives today. Lately the racist supporters of the Confederate flag have been protesting after Nikki Haley had it taken down in South Carolina. This shows how racists are inhumane for protesting the removal of a hatred symbol while telling blacks to get over the killing and oppression then and now. Since when does an object become more important than a life? Share if you agree.

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do you have a favourite screenshot?

One of my favorites is the last shot from the final cutscene in Unwound Future. It’s such a short scene, but its very important, story-wise. It’s the moment of catharsis for the game and for the whole series, really. There is no spoken dialogue, no music, nothing except faint birdsong. Nothing else is needed. Layton gazes out at a blue sky, his hat removed, symbolizing his release and freedom to start a fresh future for himself. I can’t think of any better way to end the series. 

If everyone attending a protest decides to wear a face covering, at every protest, we remove control of its symbolism from the state and the media, from those who want to denigrate and undermine our movements.

Instead, we turn it into a symbol of our collective solidarity and of our rejection of intrusive police surveillance.

Rather than waiting for an organisation like Netpol to start producing face coverings, we need people to use their own initiative to make their — and not just in black, but in every colour. And then to keep doing so.

The next opportunity to act is the next protest that faces intensive surveillance. It’s the ideal time to start resisting.

—  Kevin Blowe

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Hey there,I'm downloading TS2. Could you suggest me good simblrs/sites for TS2CC ? c:

May I first suggest you check out this page so that your game recognizes your graphics card so you can play properly. You should also (after downloading things you want) remove all of the symbols such as []()&#@., (- and _ are fine!) using the bulk rename utility because the game doesn’t like those and will cause crashes if it has to load too many of them. :) 

Ok now onto the actual CC. ;D

Trappingcrushes is a good place to start as it was a very good cc finds blog and you can find stuff by each tag (trappingdownloads has trappings cc in a convenient to use layout!). The simscave has lots of cc in the updates section which is up to date. :) + Older updates! For defaults you should check out the sims2defaults dreamwidth so you can replace Maxis clothes, hair ect with CC so you can save space in your catalogue and your townies will look good! :) Modthesims has lots of good stuff: mods, clothing, furniture ect. Cyjon’s mods are must haves as they fix a lot of EA goofs in the game and add useful things! The s2cc tag on tumblr will yield lots of great finds as well!  An_nas and luasims have lots of lovely EA object recolours in bright colours which make them more usable! You’ll need CEP for EA recolours to work though. :) 

If you want some more specific CC you just have to ask! :) (i’m going post this in case it could be useful to other people starting out with cc if that’s ok :3)

True Colors

Type: Gabriel x Reader
Can we have an AU where a person’s world is black and white until they meet their soulmate and one day Gabriel happens to pop in on the reader and the Winchesters researching and they’re never meet before and Gabriel starts acting dramatic cause he thinks somethings wrong with him cause as soon as he layed eyes on the reader he started getting color and when he tells them what’s wrong Dean laughs and explains what’s going on since he’s gone through it with Cas?
As said in last post, I’m so sorry if I’m this late! I’ll try to be more present in the next weeks. ~ Also sorry for eventual mistakes.

There was no doubt of it: the bunker was, most of the times, a marvellous place to live in. It had big spaces, a placid atmosphere, and, most of all, Sam even felt so comfortable with its kitchen that he liked to delight himself by making awesome sandwiches. The fact was, though, that the bunker hadn’t been designed for such a strange company as yours:  the Men of Letters didn’t really consider bringing angelic boyfriends to the place, so, when Dean had first tried to get Cas into the building1 , he had had quite a problem.
With time you and your brothers had managed to remove all the symbols and marks that in the bunker prevented angels from their entry, and Castiel had managed to come and live with the three of you. It hadn’t been an easy choice, to be honest: Cas could get in now, yes, but other angels could too.

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we talk a lot about how jack feels about bitty and about the moment he realized, about how he’s so so so in love with him he ran across campus just to kiss him, but we don’t seem to talk about how bitty felt?

like bitty has been falling for this boy for so long now, and jack’s leaving. and he’s heartbroken and miserable, and he can’t quite bring himself to tell jack at graduation even though it’s probably his last chance. he’s going to let jack walk away oblivious to the love bitty feels for him, how much bitty adores him and that’s just so sad? bitty won’t even say it for his own peace of mind to, what, spare jack that conversation? to spare himself the look of horror and regret on jack’s face? oh man. oh bits.

and he’s so desperately in love with this apparently completely straight and unattainable boy who’s about to become the NHL star he was born to be, fulfill a great legacy and probably leave all thought of his lil southern baker buddy behind. there are a million people cooler than bitty who jack will be rubbing elbows with frequently, so many beautiful women flocking to dangle off his arm, and bitty’s just. unimportant, in comparison.

so bitty doesn’t say anything about it, wishes jack well - and is pleasantly surprised jack’s actually coming back for a visit before the new season, fuck - and chooses to help turn jack’s room into chowder’s. he’s supposed to be leaving soon but he’s there, folding chowder’s clothes, sorting through boxes. we know bitty loves chowder and would help him with anything but really? at the end of the year? seems weird. seems like more than helping out a friend. seems to me like bitty needed to do that, needed to brace himself for the fact that jack was gone by physically being a part of the process of removing jack’s presence from his old room.

and he’s crying, of course he’s crying, because it’s so painful. removing jack. physically and symbolically making the point that jack will no longer be a great presence in his life, that bitty won’t be a great presence in his. that they’ll just be old hausmates, old college friends, that jack’s going to go on and be happy and bitty’s got to try, hasn’t he? that’s why he’s doing this. he’s in love with a boy he can’t have and he’s got to start packing jack away now otherwise he’ll spend his life pining in front of a screen whilst jack cuts up the ice, oblivious. 

but he listens to halo, too, can’t help it, it’s his song - in some other world, might have been their song - and then-

and then. jack. the man he’s deeply in love with, who he’s resigned himself to losing, turns up ruffled, out of breath. stares at bitty like he’s his whole world. and bitty still doesn’t get it in that moment, has to ask if jack’s okay, because he cares, he always cares so much, and jack just. kisses him. 

and every dream he ever had about love comes true.