The boys force Jimin to make a move after your single drops 

Hey @belle997! Thanks for sending this in, sorry it took so long to make it 😩 but I hope you like it 💙 (let me know you want the tag removed btw). 

Fake texts are back! (Finally 😫) I will be catching up with the requests I still have (about 7 left) and once those are done I will re-open them, so most likely next week. Thank you so much for waiting and staying 😭💙


Me: makes a post about not liking Jon and Dany together with the tag Jonerys because I want to reach as many people as possible and get a rush from getting notes

Jonerys fan (aggressively): if you don’t like them, that’s fine, but next time don’t use the tag Jonerys !!!! It’s not cool



this is what happens if you remove a mattress tag btw