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Hey uh. Yeah, everybody stims, but if you aren’t autistic, adhd, manic, etc then you really need to reconsider why it’s so important to you to make posts like “Everyone stims so quit acting like it’s only for you people!!”

Like… it’s dead obvious you’re referring to paint mixing videos and stuff ?? Like I promise you most of the people making a big deal abt how “Everyone stims” are the same people who would genuinely never feel the need to rock/flap/etc

Even if you have anxiety/etc it’s quite frankly disgusting of you to remove something from highly stigmatized groups and act like it’s ‘totally normal!!!!!!!!’

Things Derek Nurse has done that has caused him to be blocked and/or removed from the SMH group chat
  • gone into Lowes or some fucking where that has deck displays and taken a picture of himself standing on it and then sent it to Dex with the caption “Still wanna deck me?” along with several winking emojis
    • Dex blocked him for a week
  • taken a video of himself turning off the lights somewhere and going “guess you can’t punch my lights out when they’re already off”
    • He was immediately removed from the group chat
  • sent a picture of the night sky filled with stars from fucking Utah or somewhere with the caption “no need to hit me until I see stars, I just had to travel”
    • he was removed from the group chat and Dex blocked him for a week
    • He then sent another similar snap to Dex that said “fuck me until I see these all night long” and Dex deleted himself from existence
  • opened an actual can of gummy worms and sent the picture to the group chat whenever someone brings up something unpleasant with the caption “don’t”
    • He gets removed and then added right back because “no no he’s right”
  • He didn’t get removed or blocked for this but one time he got in a fight with someone (coughoneofhisroommatescough) and he sent a picture of himself to the group chat meaning to send it to just Dex with the caption “Should’ve rolled with the punches” and he has a blackeye in it and the entirety of the Smh was in an uproar
    • It took less than ten minutes for them to track down the person that beat him up
    • He’s sitting in the kitchen at the Haus with Dex bandaging him up and Bitty stress baking and then laughs and says to Dex “when did we get married? I didn’t know you were a Nurse”
    • Dex said, verbally, “I’m blocking you”
    • Bitty nearly choked on the word “Fine”
Why We Hate YG

As most of you know, Kpop entertainment companies get a lot of hate for their mistreatment of idols all the time. SM has probably gotten the most shit for abuse in the past, but lately YG Entertainment has come under a lot of fire for his actions. 

Let’s start with Black Pink. Now I have nothing against the girls themselves but they were literally put together as a backup for 2NE1. They’re all very talented but let’s be real here, for every Black Pink song there’s a 2NE1 song that sound extremely similar to it or at least gives off the same vibes. 

YG took advantage of Bom’s mental illness and drug scandal as an excuse to debut Black Pink and then blamed Bom for 2NE1′s disbandment.

Next let’s talk about Winner. 

YG has always liked iKon more than Winner. If iKon had won the survival show then Winner probably would’ve disbanded. He’s always treated Winner like shit for no good reason and recently removed Taehyun from the group because of his mental illnesses. 

Basically, YG doesn’t understand that mental illness needs to be treated, not condemned. 

Not to mention that he has no respect for his idol’s opinions and only listens to G-Dragon.

So, to sum it all up, we hate YG because he is a massive pile of horse shit.
Exclusive: Trump to focus counter-extremism program solely on Islam - sources
The Trump administration wants to revamp and rename a U.S. government program designed to counter all violent ideologies so that it focuses solely on Islamist extremism, five people briefed on the matter told Reuters.

So you realize that this means:

Donald Trump Just Removed White Supremacist Groups From the Terror Watch Program…

FLYING SKY HIGH is a oc small group set in the sky high universe. high in the heavens above lies a school like no other – an airborne institute for teenagers with super powers. while sky high prides itself on raising the next generation of superheroes and sidekicks, every so often there are the black sheeps – supervillains who defy the very principles that were ingrained in them. but before their fate is sealed on them, there is the beginning. there is high school.

additional information can be found under the read more. 

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Dr. Dan Edmunds is a psychotherapist in Pennsylvania whose work focuses, among a few other things, on the autism spectrum. He is highly praised for his approach to dealing with autistic patients, which involves a “drug-free, relational approach.”

What you see here is the same Dan Edmunds inserting himself, unwelcome, into a facebook group known as Autistico, which is intended to be a safe, autistics-only space. While many of us are trying to have him swiftly removed from the group, the fact remains that Edmunds has blatantly disrespected and disregarded the feelings of the people he claims to support. Many of his posts come off as condescending, inappropriate, or occasionally fetishistic- especially when he speaks praise of himself for helping a non-verbal boy learn to speak to him.

In a world where it is already often so difficult to find a good therapist, I shudder to think of the damage a man who is praised and well-known for his practices could do when he is so clearly uncaring about the actual feelings of his patients. If you think this guy is a gross as I do, please spread this shit like wildfire so we can try to bring some attention to this guy’s horrible behavior. 

EDIT: There isn’t a screenshot unfortunately, but apparently the situation escalated on one of the posts and he said something to the effect that we’re “all a bunch of [R-slur]’s who need to learn their place” 

EDIT 2: The last picture was recently added; it was a post screenshotted from Edmunds’ page after he was banned from the group.

Hey guys remember...

Make sure you stand by your friends, even if you get exiled from some groups.

They deserve to know the things that are being said behind their back and I don’t regret my decision in ‘leaking’ the rude comments about him and his fursuit.

I bet you I will probably have bewares on me for this… 

I may add pictures to support my decision to this post at some point but I don’t know…… Meh.

Big Fashion Turn Offs
  • Adult Sizing/Child-Briding/Sexualizing Children

I don’t care what context you have chosen to justify your campaigns but in a country where issues like child marriages are grave, you don’t trivialize or perpetuate them. The campaign below caused such bad taste that the brand had to remove group photos from their social media pages because it was hurting their business (was proper proud).

  • Whitewashing/Brown facing

Just a visual comparison of the same model in two different fashion campaigns. Not to mention brands that hire foreign white models to sell traditional clothing or designers that go as far as brown facing a white passing model because… standard beauty ideals and commercial market woos.

  • Using underprivileged people as props

Unless you’re economically/socially empowering them, using them as props to make your campaigns look provocative or interesting is.. vomitrocious. I’m all for making social statements and pushing boundaries but doing that tastefully will only make your campaign more powerful. 

  • Overpricing Everyday Wear

An everyday fabric like lawn that wears out in a few months has become an out of reach luxury because it has been hijacked by high end designers and Birkin wearing socialites. No matter how much you adorn that lawn jora with embellishments, it will remain a lawn jora. 

I went home for a dentist appointment so I was able to get access to this drawing again. Haha… This is from like a month ago I drew it on my mom’s laptop and forgot to upload the file before going back to school.


Here’s how the residents of Manbij, Syria celebrated after the city was freed from ISIS

On Friday, US-backed forces succeeded in driving Islamic State militants from the town of Manbij, Syria. Residents immediately took to the streets to celebrate their newfound freedom, burning long black robes and shearing off the unruly beards they had been forced to wear during the occupation. Removing the radical group from the city was a lengthy process.

Lee Hwayoung Gets Kicked Out Of BOYS24 Following Controversy

Lee Hwayoung Gets Kicked Out Of BOYS24 Following Controversy

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On November 24, a source from BOYS24’s agency revealed that Lee Hwayoung has been removed from the group.

The source said, “We apologize for hurting BOYS24 fans deeply and causing them to worry due to Hwayoung’s personal problems and offensive comments about fans. We would like to inform you that he has been removed from BOYS24 and his contract has been canceled after discussing Hwayoung’s future…

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autisticsupportgroup is up!!!

However, since so many autistic people are surrounded with ableism (especially from many facebook friends), the privacy settings are on secret. This means that to join the group, you have to be added by a current member. If you would like to be added, send me an ask off anon or message me with:

  • the name you currently have on your Facebook profile (first and last)
    or the email address you signed up with
  • a description of your profile picture (since there are usually multiple people with the same name on Facebook)

If you’d like to, please reblog this post so other autistic people can join if they want to. I will be adding any and all autistic people from anywhere on the spectrum who ask to be added, whether you are professionally diagnosed or self diagnosed. Keep in mind that anyone being abusive or hateful will receive a warning and if they do it again they will be removed from the group. This is a place for love and support (hence the term “support group”), not hatred.

Misc. Headcanons Nobody Asked For

(But they’ve been in my head all day so I figured why not)

- Lev actually knows a pretty decent amount of Russian. He just says that he doesn’t because he’s tired of people asking him to speak it.

- Yachi grows up to be a children’s book writer/illustrator.

- Daichi will adopt a silvery Great Dane that looks suspiciously like Suga.

- Tendō wears really obnoxiously patterned boxers.

- Mattsun and Makki had to be removed from the Seijō group chat because they kept spamming it with memes.

- Additionally, Oikawa’s contact name in their phones is “Ayyyy lmao”.

- Ushijima regularly babysits for the people in his neighborhood. Kids love him.

- Bokuto only eats fruit loops because the mascot is a toucan (and that’s kind of close to an owl).

- Kuroo is proficient in sign language. He doesn’t know anyone who is deaf/hard of hearing, but he thinks it’s interesting and started studying it in grade school.

- Akaashi plays an instrument in the school orchestra.

- Tanaka knows a little bit of guitar, but will never play for anyone because he’s afraid he’ll mess up.

- Yamamoto likes to help Akane style her hair. He’s really good at it, too.

- Suga gets a back tattoo during his first year at university and when Asahi sees it he nearly passes out.

I’m so sick of this infighting in the LGBTQ+ community. It’s disgusting and it sickens me. People are hurting each other because they don’t fit “their narrative”. Because they don’t fit their ideas.
I’ve been removed from trans support groups and told to kill myself because I support that transmen can have their own families and still be valid. I have had other transmen tell me that I am not a member of the trans community because I don’t feel the need to change my name and I am not willing to lose my family in order to transition.
I couldn’t go to a resource center because these attitudes were reinforced. They supported the trans narrative and Gender Dysphoria as a mental illness. I have been forced to be isolated because people are ignorant and hateful beings.
Now this kind of person is harassing my friend. It’s absolute bullshit. Why are people trying to erase the B in LGBTQ+. You don’t decide another persons experience because it isn’t your own.

anonymous asked:

Thank you for getting back to me. Same abortion anon. Personally I do believe that it boils down to whether you view the fetus as deserving of the protections that people are entitled to. By not thinking it's a person your argument is solid. It is in fact the woman's right to have dominion over herself. But say if it was the opposite case, then the woman has no right to the autonomy of another person, only to herself. This is where I think a lot of the arguments both for and against are derived.

Well, she has autonomy over herself and that means she can choose to remove the creature that depends on her for sustenance from her body. I mean, even if you do believe that thing deserves protections for being a person, giving it those rights takes away an astonishing amount of rights from the pregnant person, and we reinforce structures that punish women for their bodies, and no matter what kind of compensations you give, you have effectively removed rights from a whole group of people based on their bodily functions, and because that is the cost of banning abortion, I don’t see why anyone can oppose it without feeling like a disgusting, horrible person who is probably hated by whichever divine force they believe in.

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Hi, I hope you can give me some guidance on this. I've recently integrated a couple of new mice into my existing group, my first time doing it. All are sleeping together and getting on except one of the new mice. She keeps chasing and making the others squeak, it looks like bullying. she will actually go out of her way to go into their house and make them squeak so it is not a territory issue. Should I be worried? Is this normal behaviour? Can I do anything to prevent this?

if it continues for more than a couple weeks or escalates to drawing blood or barbering, i would remove her from the group.  you may end up having two colonies or rehoming her.  sometimes overly dominant mice never really find friends they get along with, unfortunately, and there’s not a lot you can really do to discourage them from being mean.