I was tagged by bucky-u-bitch in the 20 beautiful people tag! Thank you very much :3 (you tagged me like a month ago sorry) This was an old selfie of me on snapchat. I removed the embarrassing caption and put a more embarrassing one on it.

I tag: (not 20 people even if everyone of my followers and followed blogs are beautiful)

hannibalsapron, handsomedylan, alien–boy, howxll, philswhiskers

+ everyone who wants to do it too, because you’re all beautiful <3

subtlekitten asked:

says ur name in the source. so what r u talkin bout 😂 if u didn't want me to self promo. message me to take it down Hun

uhm, rebloggin is a form of messaging, “Hun.” 

and my original caption has been removed, which is an important part of the source. some people cant even see the sources at the bottom. let alone do they click them. and generally self-promoting on original content is pretty rude when artists go thru enough hell trying to get their illustrations out there. so. 

krimsteinbelt replied to your post “[[MOR] @people that‘re like ‘don’t remove captions from posts EVER…”

oh god definitely delete that shit from posts. like obvs if its someones art or something dont take off the op’s caption but like. f u c k you can delete any comments you want from rebloggers for fuck all.

oh man it’s so gross sometimes though like………………………… did you really need to write that…………………………… because i did not need to read that

So, Daddy made a rule for me to “make” him something everyday, so, this is today’s gift! A cute drawing of us at a picnic by a lake c: He realllly wants to take me on a picnic, but I imagine us snacking and cuddling the whole time ^u^ I love how he talks about taking me places, and I hope when we see each other, we can fulfill his wishes <3 

(Story behind the “like” instead of love: We are taking our time ^u^ Let the feelings grow, and let whoever say the l-word first cx)

Drawn by me c: Plz do not remove caption or steal vnv