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2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: Jensen tries to convince the reader to be his pretend girlfriend.

Prompt: "You’ve given up being sexy a long time ago haven’t you?“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,266

Requested by: @starswirlblitz

Work today was fucking torture. It was too long, too boring and filled with too many morons. You can only fake being nice for so long, it’s exhausting.

Trying to get into a more relaxed head space, you decide to pamper yourself a bit. You down a much needed glass of wine then take a soothing bubble bath. Soon after you throw on a black mud mask that clarifies, it’s weird looking but it works awesome.

Deciding to give yourself a pedicure, you pick out a dark red nail polish and get yourself settled on the couch. Finally feeling a little more relaxed, you breathe a happy sigh for the peace and quiet.


Son of a bitch.

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We Can’t ~ Sirius

Did you hear about the masquerade at the Black Manor?“ Your best friend or Meadows asked one morning.

“I did. Are you going?” You replied, sitting next to her on the sofa.

“Do you really think my family got invited.” Se scoffed.

“I don’t know,” You teased, “maybe Walburga was feeling generous.”

“Well! I may not have been invited, but it’s the event of the year, and I still want to go.” She laughed.

“We don’t, have invitations, so we can’t get in.” You told her.

“We could sneak in through the kitchens.” She mused. This finally sparked your interest.

“We could.” You sang, thinking of the possibilities.

“Just think of it, (Y/N)! Fancy dresses, the elaborate decorations, the mysterious boys.”

“Let’s do it!” You were sold.

After thinking for a few moments and fantasizing about the night you would have, you came up with a question.

“Where are we going to get the money to buy dresses?” You asked.

“Oh,” Dorcas’ face fell into deep thought, “We could borrow some money from my parents.”

“Yeah,” You scoffed, “because your parents would be perfectly fine if you snuck into a party wearing dresses we shouldn’t even have, using money from their bank account. Especially if the party is hosted by the richest and meanest family in the country.”

“They don’t have to know! I can just take some sickles from their account and transfer it to muggle money so we get more bang for our buck! It’s about two pounds to a sickle right now and that will get us great dresses at half the wizard price!” She theorized.

“Sounds good, but if we get caught, you take the blame.” You smirked, laughing at your friend’s mischievous look.


Your plan ran smoothly. A week before the masquerade, you two went shopping around muggle stores to find dresses. You were both buzzing on the night of the party.

Your hair as done up nice and your makeup was applied by Dorcas flawlessly. The dress you had picked out fit your figure perfectly and Dorcas had bought you both Venitian masks.

You mqade your way to the Black Manor and instead of sneaking into the house by the kitchens, you made your way into the house through the back door you two stumbled upon. You followed the music until you reached the ballroom
“Oh. My. God.” Dorcas breathed, taking in the view of the gilded room.

This has been your best idea yet.” You said in equal amazement.

The ballroom was bustling with moving people. They were all dancing in perfect timing with one another and the music guided them. The walls were decorated with the accent color green, representing their Slytherin pride. You two walked down the steps into the room.

Twirling around together and laughing was the first thing you and Dorcas did.

“I can’t believe this actually worked.” You muttered to yourself.

Looking around the room more, you backed up to get a better view but ran into someone. You lost your balance as your body collided with another and slowly turned around, hoping no one would recognize you as the muggleborn you were. But you had your mask and a dress, no one would suspect a thing, right?

“I am so sorry.” You said, looking at the figure you ran into.

“No problem.” It said.

It was a boy, who was a little taller than you and who wore dress robes. He had long black hair and his mask was formed specially for his face.

“NO, really, I didn’t mean to run into you, I was just looking at the beautiful ballroom and-“

“You don’t come here often do you?” The boy laughed.

You idiot! You gave yourself away.

Or that’s what you thought.

“This is my first time.” You admitted.

“Well, then, it is only natural for me to ask you to dance.” The boy smirked roguishly.

“Oh you don’t have to.” You tried to get yourself out of the situation, because, in truth, you didn’t know any fancy dances.

“Of course I do! You’re a beautiful girl without a partner.” He said, trying to convince you.
“I don’t really know how to dance well.” You confided in the stranger.
“Well, you’re lucky that you’re a girl, because all you have to do is follow me.”

He took your hand in his and led you out. After fumbling around a little bit, you actually found the rhythm with the music and started to dance like you knew what you were doing.  

“So,” He opened the air for conversation

“So.” You repeated, not sure what to say.

“Who are you?” He asked.
“It’s a masquerade, “You smiled, “You’re not supposed to know who everyone is.”

“But that’s no fun.” He flirted, “besides, I want to know who this pretty girl is.”

“You’ll never find out.” You said mischievously.

“That’s no fair.” He pouted.

“It’s the nature of the game.”

“I’ll just have to find you at another dance.” He said, spinning you around in time with everyone else.

You laughed to yourself at the irony.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.

“Nothing.” You replied, stifling your laughter.

“You wouldn’t laugh at nothing.” He smirked, catching you in your lie.

“Touche.” You narrowed your eyes through your mask, “truth is, kind sir, you seem absolutely smitten.”

“Is that a crime?” He asked as you continued dancing.

“Not necessarily.” You smiled up at the stranger.

For the rest of the dance the stranger kept asking you questions about your identity, which you brushed aside gracefully.

When the dance ended, the stranger pulled you to an alcove in the ballroom and blocked the view of the room.

“You take off your mask, I’ll take off mine.” He negotiated.

In all honesty, the spunk and confidence of the boy made you curious to see who he was, but you didn’t want to take of your mask.

“I can’t do that.” You told him softly.

“Why not?” He asked.

“Because, I shouldn’t be here.” You sighed, telling half of the truth.

“Is it your parents, because I won’t say a word.” He promised, taking your hand in his.

You laughed, “NO, it’s not like that.”

“Please.” He whined.

You thought about it for a while. It was silent, even the music and the chattering in the back seemed to quiet down.

You reached up to his face and pulled his mask off, revealing a familiar, handsome face.

“Sirius Black.” You scoffed, “just my luck.”

“What do you mean?” He asked, looking deep into your eyes, partially covered by your mask.

“You’re not going to like who I am.” You laughed lightly.

“I bet you I will.” He whispered, untying the string wraped around your head and removing the mask fro your face.

His face fell when your identity was revealed.

“Told you that you wouldn’t like the results.” You looked down, “Now, if I could please have my mask back, I’ll leave you to your party.”

As you moved to take your mask from his hand, he snatched it away, so you moved out from the wall to find Dorcas an leave, but Sirius blocked you from leaving.

“Sirius, this is embarrassing. I’m a muggleborn who snuck into the Black’s party! Of all houses, I chose yours, now let me be.”

But his kissed you instead of letting you pass. His lips like fire forced you to stay and you kissed him back slowly. Deciding the angle of the kiss, his nose brushed against your cheek and left a tingling sensation in its wake. He bit your lip softly and you forced yourself to stay quiet, pulling away from him.

“We can’t do this.” You said to him, “I have to go.”

There may be a part two if you guys like this so….

Peter Parker Imagine

Requested: @love-superwholocked-bypercy

Imagine: Can you please write one where Peter is called in as Spider-Man to handle a hostage situation at a bank with some first time robbers, and the reader is there and she and Peter start bickering like a married couple when he realizes what’s happening. And then the robbers are trying to shut them up and they both yell at them. Also the hostages and the police are like wtf? Sorry it’s so specific but I had a dream about it 😂😂

A/N: hehehe, this imagine made me smile :)

Warning: None

For the past week, you’ve been avoiding and ignoring Peter because he’s been annoying you about the last mission you’ve had with him. When you went with him, you got a black eye from a punch one of the bad guys threw at you. You still completed the mission, but Peter was absolutely outraged with you getting punched in the face. Although he cared about your black eye, it seemed that he cared a little to much.

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BTS Reacts to You Showing Up at a Fan Meet Pretending to Be a Fan Girl

Hey guys! So, this is part two of the request I received. Just like the last one, there is a bit that needs to be established before you read the reaction so that it will make more sense. Details will be in bold below. (I DON’T OWN ANY OF THE GIFS OR PICTURES USED, I SIMPLY FOUND THEM ON GOOGLE!)


     Anonymous:  Bts and Big Bang react to you going to one of their fan-sign events pretending to be a fangirl

     For this reaction, it is going to be assumed that your relationship is public. The staff of the event knows what is going on, but none of the members do. You are wearing a BTS t-shirt, a hat, sunglasses, and a face mask. The order will stay consistent in order to preserve my sanity so, from the starting point, the order is: Jin, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, V, Rap Monster, and then Jungkook.

1. Jin

     “You’re so pretty, Oppa. You have such a nice voice,” You would gush, your hands clasped together. This would cause him to offer you a warm smile.

     “Thank you,” he would say, holding up a tiny heart.

     You would raise your sunglasses to wink at him before moving on to J-Hope, leaving Jin confused. It wasn’t until you reached V that he realized why you looked so familar. He didn’t want to draw attention to you so he let you go. He decided to confront you about it at home.

2. Suga

     “You’re so handsome, Oppa,” You would say, offering up a copy of his album to be signed. You would remove your sunglasses and lower your face mask, smiling at him. He would grab your wrist and drag you closer.

     “Really, Jagi? Did you say all of that just to embarrass me?” He would grumble, his eyes meeting yours as he hands back the album. 

     “But I still want it signed,” You would pout. He leans his mouth next to your ear.

     “I’ll sign it at home. I wouldn’t want to make anyone upset with what I write,” he would say, smirking as he sent you on your way.

3. J-Hope

     “Saranghae, Oppa!” You say excitedly, making a heart with your hands. He would smile brightly, making a heart and wiggling in his chair. You laugh, which he instantly recognizes. 

     “Jagi!” He would shout, jumping over the table to hug you tightly. This would cause Jimin and V to laugh while Suga just rolls his eyes. 

     “I’m so glad you’re here, Jagi! Come sit here!” He would drag you behind the table and have you stay with him for the rest of the fan meet. He would introduce you to every fan.

4. Rap Monster

     “Oppa, you’re so cool! You’re girlfriend must be so lucky!” You say, supressing a laugh. Your voice would be familar to him, and he would end up putting two and two together after a few moments. He would motion you closer, his lips lingering near your ear.

     “I think I’m the lucky one, Jagi,” His lips brushing your ear,” Try not to get in to too much trouble.”

     He would brush his fingers across your cheek before letting you go on. He would plan on bringing home some kind of gift to spoil you for doing this for him.

5. Jimin

     “You’re such a good dancer, Oppa!” You would say before leaning forward,” I bet you have some other moves that are even better.”

     Jimin would realize who you were immediately because you’ve made this joke before. He might get up and do a little dance just to tease you. He would wink at you before sitting back down. 

     “If you want, we can try out some of those ‘moves’ at home tonight,” Jimin says suggestively, wiggling his eyebrows at you. You would roll your eyes at that snorting. He brushes a kiss on your cheek before sending you on your way.

6. V

     “Oppa, can you say something in your deep voice?” You ask cutely. You would remove your mask and sunglasses, doing bad aegyo. He would stand and lean toward you over the table.

     “Hi, Jagi,” He says, his voice going deep. He would grab your shoulders and pull you closer to him,” Get up here.”

     He would drag you up on the stage with him. He would make you stay for the rest of the meet, but you have to keep him on track because he keeps getting distracted by your presence.

7. Jungkook

     “Oppa, I have a secret to tell you,” You lean forward,” You don’t know all you need to know. You are a small bean.” (I couldn’t resist, lol) His expression would get a little irritated until he recognized the beanie on your head as one of his own.

     “Jagi,” He would whine,” That’s not fair and you know it.”

     You would laugh and lower your face mask to give him a quick kiss on the lips. He would blush bright red as you walk away, feeling smug. He would definitely get payback later, though.

I hope you guys enjoyed this! I have a few more requests to take care of, but my inbox is open for any requests!

Relatable struggle

         A/N: This is a keith x reader oneshot for @looking-for-todd! By the way, I’m so glad you enjoyed ‘cake by the ocean’ and everyone else too, it’s doing so well at 70 notes! Thank you all for supporting my new blog!

Keith x reader

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Being a part of the Blade of Marmora was so familiar to you that you forgot what life on Earth was like…you forgot the sky, the earth itself beneath your feet…the oceans. Eventually, you even forgot what human food tasted like, you were basically becoming an alien to your own home world. It was saddening. You never knew your parents; your father you never knew but your mother had died shortly after giving birth to you. Meaning you were all alone at an orphanage, up until the day you got abducted by aliens. It was sudden, you were outside playing in the fields when a ship just appeared out of nowhere, a masked figure told you to come with them. And you have never looked back or regretted your decision.

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late night kiss pt. 1

A/N: This isn’t a request, but rest assured, the next request is being worked on! I just couldn’t get this idea out of my head, it seemed super cute. Enjoy!

summary: Spider-Man came crashing through your window at midnight and you had no idea what to do.

pairing: peter parker x reader

part two. part three. part four. part five.

You’d changed into your fuzzy pajamas at 10pm and it was now almost midnight. Deciding you should probably go to sleep, since you had school the next day, you sighed and turned off your laptop, plugging your phone into the charger on your small desk.

Your window was still open, but you lived on the seventh floor, so you weren’t too worried about anyone getting up, considering the fire escape had been broken off from the first level to the fourth during a gang fight that Spider-Man had intervened with.

You nuzzled up into your bed after brushing your teeth and turning the lights off. You closed your eyes and let out a breath, sleep almost immediately claiming you.

A loud bang erupted from near your window and your body startled awake again. You looked over at your window and saw nothing, groaning since you’d just been about to fall asleep.

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Who Will Protect You? || Peter Parker x Reader

{summary: After Peter Parker witnesses a young superhero who goes by the alias Midnight quickly diffuse a hostage situation at the bank, he begins to admire her while searching for her true self.

His search for Midnight’s identity leads him to Hagstrom Academy [1], where he briefly sees a young woman who reminds him of his favorite superhero. Convinced that she is Midnight, he takes a photograph of her and keeps her picture at his desk to always inspire him to do what’s right, no matter how difficult the situation may be.

However, things start to get a little awkward for Peter when his aunt May sees Midnight’s picture on his desk, and she is completely convinced that Midnight is Peter’s girlfriend! Unable to explain the true reasoning behind why he keeps a photograph of her, Peter must find a way to introduce her to his Aunt May…

Could things get any worse for him?}

warnings: none, just a half naked Peter near the end. But it’s nothing too explicit or sexual, really, I promise.

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story; reblogs are fine!


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Imagine waking up from a coma and seeing your boyfriend, Sonny, and your family, the Reagans, again

(A/N: For @samanthaofanarchy . I hope you and everyone else enjoys this and that it meets your expectations! Sorry if it’s a bit too long. I had a lot of fun with it. And fair warning. The continuity may be off because I wrote the first two so long ago and I’m not a medical expert and despite the reserach I did some of the details may be off and I apolgise for that!) 

Unofficial part three to these imagines. 

Part One HERE

Part Two HERE 

Imagine waking up from a coma and seeing your boyfriend, Sonny, and you family, the Reagans again

As soon as Sonny left your doctor returned to check up on you. He’d only given you a brief examination while Sonny was there so not to intrude on your reunion. He gave you a proper once over this time. Talking you through all your injuries and your expected recovery time.

As you continued to talk you began to find it harder and harder to do so. He explained it was because of your collapsed lung and that you would need to try and limit talking and continue to wear the oxygen mask. He motioned to your skin which was tinged blue due to your lack of oxygen. He explained that you would probably have to stay in the hospital for at least a week. Which usually you would have hated, you hated being inactive, idle but you were so glad to be alive that you didn’t even care.

Your doctor propped your bed up slightly but cautious not to do bring it up too much as he didn’t want the sudden motion of when you put it back to sleep to tear your stitches. You being you asked if you could eat. He explained that you couldn’t go straight to eating normally straight away for a while because of your lack of eating for so long. You would need to be gradually introduced back to food and then you should be able to eat normally again.

He left you after reattaching your mask to your face, handing you a remote and warning you not to move too much before he left. You couldn’t move much anyway due to all the bandages, pain and injuries. From your new position however you could see the room much better.

You looked around the empty room. There was a seat beside you where Sonny had been sitting before he left and where your Father had been stationed for the days beforehand. The other side of you was a side table covered in flowers and get well soon gifts. From all the people you heard come and visit you while you were in a coma. You glanced around the rest of room and it looked used. Your family and Sonny had been basically been living in this room. Waiting for you to wake up and of course, you being you decided to wake up at the only time they had left you completely alone.

You could practically hear Danny saying ‘typical Y/N’.

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Catch Me If You Can (Peter Parker x Reader)

Prompt: Hi!! Could you do a bit where the reader has the spider powers, like Spidergirl or Spiderwoman? And she and Peter go to school together and she’s been crushing on him, and one night she’s on patrol and she saves him or something but he recognizes her voice. Love love love your blog!! Thanks so much!

Originally posted by ageofsuperheroes

You were known as Spidergirl to the citizens of New York City, but really? You were (Y/N) from Queens. The girl who wore baggy sweatshirts and nerdy tees with ripped skinny jeans and the same shoes everyday. Nothing like the red-and-blue clad superhero that young girls admired.

The final bell rang and you were out of your chair instantaneously so you could get to the city for your patrol. While sprinting down the hallway you lost your footing and fell into a row of lockers, erupting laughter from your fellow students. Your books and random papers scattered on the floor, nobody stopping to help pick them up. When you’d almost finished, another set of hands picked up the rest of the papers from the other side of the corridor. You looked up to see the sweet, chocolate eyes of Peter Parker. “Uh, thanks,” you told him as he handed you your work. “No problem,” he replied and stuck his hands in his pockets, rocking back and forth on his heels. You hurried off after a quick mumble of a goodbye, only to hear him calling after you. You didn’t look back.

You’d been on patrol since six that evening after you’d finished your homework. With a tingle of your spider senses, you headed over to help the victim. Surprisingly, you did not find anyone in the alleyway. You were about to turn around and try to search some more but you heard someone struggling and mumbling. You looked up to see Spiderman hanging by his own webbing from a fire escape. A chuckle erupted from your mouth as you swung up to the platform below him. “Seems like you’re in a bit of a pickle, Spiderman. If only there was someone who could help you,” you joked. His mechanical eyes widened in surprise. Leaning forward, you began de-webbing him until he fell flat on his face. With a groan, he flipped himself over onto his back so he could look at you. “Thanks for that, some muggers got handsy.” You giggled before lying down next to him. “Yeah,” you replied, “they usually are.”

“So Spidergirl,” he said but you interrupted him before he could say anything more. “It’s Spiderwoman, actually Spiderboy.” “It’s Spiderman,” he mumbled. “I know, now what were you going to say?” you asked. “You sound familiar. Do I know you?” You shook your head against the metal before standing to sit on the railing. “Don’t think so. Probably not, I’m not very noticeable,” you told him. Suddenly, he jumped up from his lying position to point a red finger in your face. “I do know you!” he exclaimed. “I helped you with your books today! Hey (Y/N)!” His knowledge of your identity caused you to lose balance and you almost fell backwards. Peter’s arm shot out around you to stabilize you, which meant his masked face was extremely close to you. You slowly removed your mask before pulling his off his face to see a goofy smile spreading across his lips. He leaned forward expecting a kiss but you fell backwards, shot a web towards the building across from the both of you and yelled, “Have to catch me to kiss me, Parker!” before running along the rooftops.

Golden Ember // E2!Barry x Reader

Request: Can you do an E2 barry imagine where the reader is central city’s hero maybe she has fire powers and during a hostage situation at the ccpd she gets wounded trying to “save the day” and e2 barry grows a pear and decides to help her after seeing her trying to play it off and she later “thanks” him

Warnings: more smol sweet BBY E2 Barry
Author’s Note: I’m (probably??) going to make more parts to this because I’m loving this character tbh.

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anonymous asked:

So, umm, may I have a request? well, just imagine that instead of Gabriel his S/O became Reaper and once Overwatch was rebuilt again they just walk in his life again saving him during a mission and after that they just appear at random times when he is alone and just keep him company and do little things they used to do back in the day. (I LOVE your blog, keep the amazing work!!!)

Gabriel grunted as a bullet lodged in his shoulder, reaching for his shotgun. Smoke drifted across the battlefield and he groaned, having heard about the infamous Reaper. He heard a snap and a body fall to the ground and a familiar voice called out.

“You gonna sit there all day,” and he stood up in confusion, swearing that it’s your voice.

“Is that?” he peered forward at you, hand in his greying hair.

His eyes widened as you removed your mask, showing him your undead face. He quickly ran towards you, pulling you close. Feeling the leather rub against him as you rubbed your face in his shoulder, smelling that familiar husk that you missed so much.

“What happened?” he asked and you gently pressed a kiss to his forehead.

“I’ll explain in a bit,” you said, “I’ll see you later.”

You drifted away in smoke, leaving him aching for you. He sheathed his gun and made his way to the dropship, waiting for you to come to him.

You gently ran your fingers through his curly hair and he stared up at you, you smiled at him as held his head between your heads. Leaning forward to press a kiss to his lips he returned it, deepening by pushing into your cold lips.

Your mask was beside the bed, gloves shed to not hurt Gabriel. He sighed in bliss as you returned to gently massaging his scalp, his eyes closing shut. You just watched him fall asleep, missing this terribly over the years.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I remember a McCree request you Did a while back where the new recruit was a nurse & at first he questioned why he was there but saw them & faked sick. I was wondering if you could do this again but w Genji? If this isn't allowed then delete!

Oh My Lord YES!! I can’t believe I didn’t see this until now.

(f/n)-full name

(y/n)-your (first) name


He walked into the office thinking about the new nurse who would be performing his check-up.  It wasn’t that he didn’t want a new nurse or didn’t trust that Angela had good judgment, it was just he didn’t really need to be checked.  He stared blankly out the window of the office waiting for them until he heard the door open and close.  He turned his head and what he saw was breathtaking.  He couldn’t describe how amazing the sight was. 

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How the Batboys would react to their s/o dying the same way they did- Damian Wayne



Clanks of your weapons meeting the assassin’s blades echoed throughout the night, along with many of the grunts that escaped your lips.  You and Damian were on patrol when the assassins jumped the two of you.  Damian had requested backup minutes ago, but you knew that you couldn’t handle this much longer.  It’s true that you left the League of Shadows to join Damian, wanting a better life, but the League did not appreciate your actions.  You kicked one of the assassins in their throat and caught the katana that was forced out of their grip.  Now with two katanas, you continued to fight the assassins until you reached Damian’s side.

“Where is your family when we need them?!” you asked Damian and punched one of the assassins in the face, knocking them out.

“They said they would arrive in less than two minutes!” Damian shouted and dodged a kick.

“We need to get out of here, now!” you said while receiving a cut on your face.

Damian nodded and grabbed his grappling hook.  You followed him to the edge of the building, still fighting the League’s assassins.

“Beloved, we must go now!  Father is-”

Your screams interrupted him, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand.  The sight of you collapsing on the ground with a blade pierced through your stomach made his skin crawl, but also caused him to feel an unrelenting amount of rage.  He dropped the grappling hook and picked up two discarded katanas from the roof of the building, his hands hurting from how hard he was gripping the katanas.  He smited any of the assassins that were close to your body, causing a wave of fear to crash into the assassins.  The surviving group fled immediately after witnessing what Damian had done.  The katanas clanked on the ground, droplets of blood flicked onto the ground.  Damian dropped onto his knees and cradled your cold body.  Your shaking hands removed his mask, revealing his jade eyes that always made you safe.  Tears were falling down his cheeks, knowing that you would not make it, for he had attained the same injury years ago.

“I’m sorry, Dami,” you coughed out, leaving blood all over your lips. “I love you…”

Your hand slowly lost its grip from his face, but Damian held onto your hand and kept it close.  Tears fell onto your face, causing the blood to flow onto his uniform.  His sobs were quiet, but the heartbroken scream he let out filled the silence.  He held your body close, not caring if your blood was staining his uniform.  He removed your mask and looked into your eyes, as you did to him only minutes ago.  Your once bright (E/C) eyes were now dull and faded and focused on Damian.  He continued to tighten his hold on you until the sound of his father’s voice caught his attention.

“We need to take her home.”

Damian nodded and stood up, pulling your body close to him.  His father offered to carry her to the Bat Wing,  but Damian denied.  Many thoughts were swirling around his head, suggesting to bring you back using the Lazarus Pit, but he knew it would be impossible to.  He tightened his fist, vowing to bring you back, no matter what the cost.

(Kylo Ren x Reader) Prompt Request 79: "When did you become so badass?" & Prompt Request 99: "Who did this to you?"

This was a request from a friend. Feel free to request a prompt, but please be specific when requesting, please send in the prompt with the #. XOXO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 You and Ben went way back. You were like a sister to him, and he was like a brother to you. When Ben became Kylo Ren, you knew it was him. Most refused to believe it, saying that Ben had died, that Kylo Ren had killed him, and in some ways he had, but no one but you seemed to understand.

 The general was angry with herself for letting anything like this happen, for letting her baby go. She had raised you, and for that you were eternally grateful. Being part of the resistance was the only way you could repay her, but you needed to see him again. Whether he was with the first order, you needed to see for yourself that Ben was dead, that Ben was not coming back.

 "No.“ The General’s voice was firm. 

 "But General-” She cut you off. 

 "No (Y/n). It’s too dangerous,“ she looked up at you, "I can’t lose you too.”

 "I think she should go.“ 

There, with his arms crossed stood Han Solo. Leia hadn’t known that he had returned. Her eyes filled with tears. 

 "Han,” she said ever so quietly, “You can’t be serious. I-" 

 It was your turn to cut her off. 

 "I need to know General. Please, mom." 

At this point you were crying. You didn’t call Leia mom often, but it meant the world to her when you did. And so, in the morning you were off, geared up, and heading to the First Order’s base. 

 "Excuse me. I’m going to need to know who you are, to be able to let you in." 

A robotic voice, most likely from a storm trooper voiced. Somehow, you knew he was there.

 "Let me in Ben. You know who I am." 

The door opened almost immediately. The base was enormous. You stood near the entrance, only to get pulled away by two storm troopers into a large, empty room. You weren’t going to play nice, you came here for answers, and if acting unafraid and cocky was going to get you there, then so be it. 

 "I would highly suggest that you never call me Ben again, unless you have a death wish." 

 His void like voice resonated through your ears like a wild fire. He took off his mask and you stared. His face was the same one that you once knew, older, and more defined, but still the same. 

 "Last time I checked, I can call you whatever I want, Benny Boy.” You spat at him and removed your own mask. 

 He searched your face, you had become even more beautiful than the day he last saw you. Kylo had known you from a young age, when his mother took you in after your family had abandoned you. You were always cheerful, what had happened to you now? That look of pure hatred for the man in front of you scared Kylo, even if he knew your hatred wasn’t entirely real. He wasn’t afraid of anyone, but here he was, scared of you. 

When did you become so badass?” He gawked at you. The way you held yourself with such confidence was nothing like you were before.

 "Save the jokes Ren.“ Kylo was taken aback.

 "What happened to calling me Ben?” You stiffened and he knew you were losing your confidence. Kylo smirked at your annoyed stature.

 "Who did this to you?“ You had finally shouted. "What happened to the person I fell in love with?" 

 "No. Sweet (Y/n). The question you should be asking yourself is, who did this,” he gestured to you dragging his hand up and back down in the air dramatically, “to you.


 "I am who I’m meant to be. You, you are lost,“ Kylo smirked, "You need guidance." 

 "I-” He cut you off again. 

 "Poor old mother never could teach you.“ Your facade was crumbling. "Oh how she tried, but oh how she failed. You are of no threat to me, or the First Order." 

"Ben, I-" 

 "I did love you, I still do, but love makes you weak. I have no room for weakness." 

 He exited the room with such fury. Kylo sent you off. He didn’t think you were of any threat, so he let you go. You stood there shocked. 

 As soon as you got back to the resistance base, you crashed at Leia’s feet, Poe and Han watching. 

 "He’s gone. Dead and gone,” you cried to her as she knelt beside you, “I’m so sorry mom, there was nothing I could do." 

 Leia cried alongside you, but then she smiled. She may have lost a child, but she gained one in you. She loved hearing you call her mom. It made her feel as if she did something right. 

 "It’s okay. Mom is right here.”

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Originally posted by hardyness

Okay, so I just wanted to say, I know the transistion in this isn’t great but oh well.  If you want to request a Drabble, I’m all for it.  All my requests are open.  This was for a friend, so I hope you like it.  Thanks loves for being so supportive.  If any of you just wanna talk, I’d love to talk. XOXO ~maximoff-pan

As the World Falls Down - Ryan Haywood x Reader

Name: As the World Falls Down

Pairing: Ryan Haywood x Reader

Word Count: 3541

A/N: Holy shit this got away from me. This was meant to be 500~ words but I love masquerades and Ryan and aaaaaaah, so here you go. flashfic prompts are still open.

Prompt: Meeting at a masquerade with Ryan.

You took a deep breath and smoothed your skirts over your knees nervously. Your feathered mask sat on the bench next to you, waiting to be donned when you arrived at the masquerade. Your invitation sat alone on the bench in front of you, secured by an ornamental letter opener that was to be your thank you gift for the host.

Lord Haywood’s Masquerade Ball drew nobles from four kingdoms, and sometimes beyond. The parties were attended by lords and ladies, princess and princesses, and sometimes kings and queens, themselves. It was the best chance for nobility to socialize without the burden of politeness and etiquette. You, like many other young women, had been sent to gain potential suitors. Your name on the guest list would be enough to garner some interest, but attendance was mandatory.

The footman brought the horses to a halt in front of Haywood Manor. You positioned your mask over your face and took a breath. Gathering your skirts in both hands, you let the footman help you out of the carriage. When you were steady on the cobblestone, he retrieved your invitation and gift for you. One of Lord Haywood’s servants dressed in a blue waistcoat and a simple mask stepped forward and took both your invitation and your gift with a bow. Another offered his arm and whisked you off into the party.

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Imagine Sonny being the first person you talk to when waking up from a Coma

Unofficial Part Two to this imagine

Imagine Sonny being the first person you talk to when waking up from a Coma

You heard every word. Every heartbreaking word. You’re families pleas for you to wake up. Sonny’s prayers to God, for you stay with him. You’re Dad hushed begging, when you were alone. Begging you not to let him bury his second child. You kept trying to say something, trying to comfort them. Stop their pain.

But you stayed put, unable to move or open your eyes but you were still listening. They were either talking to you or about you. You heard the doctor, tell a bunch of what you could only assume were Med Students.

You had suffered two gun shot wounds. One in the abdomen and one in the chest. You’d fallen to the ground causing major head trauma. One of the bullets hit your ribs causing it to break and penetrate your lung leading to a collapsed lung. They also had to remove your spleen due to the damage cause by the bullet. They’d put you in a medically induced Coma to prevent your brain swelling any more than it had. Your prognosis was mixed. Your gunshots would heal but they feared you may have permeant brain damage because of the lack of oxygen due to the collapsed lung.

You felt well enough despite not being able to move or speak. You kept slipping in and out of lucidness. Sometimes you could hear everything and everyone, sometimes it felt like you were dreaming and sometimes it was a mixture of the two.

You don’t know how long you were like that. It seemed like a long time. Everyone, had their moments, coming to see you. You were awake for most of them, you fear, you might have missed a few.

A lot of people had come to see you. Your family, who mostly stayed at the hospital, the squad, Liv,Fin, Barba, Rollins and even Jessie, once. Your friends, Sonny’s family and your Dad’s colleagues. From what you could hear he’d made your bedside his new base of commands. All of his colleagues came in offered their sympathies before launching back into work talk. It had to be done, the city didn’t stop for you.

You wanted to wake up and let everyone know you were okay so everything could go back to normal. Heard everything they said. You heard your Dad tell the tale of the day you were born and happy your Mom was to finally get another girl. Danny, talked about how he used you to attract women when you were a baby. Erin, telling you how sorry she was for shouting at you when you were kids for always reading her diary. Jamie, told you how even though you were his baby sister he was glad to work under a detective like you. Your Grandpa told you about the time when you first beat him at chess at age nine. Linda, thanked you for the umpteenth time for how you drove her to the hospital when she was in labor with Sean after he came three weeks premature.

Sonny got the most time though. Much like your Father, he didn’t leave your side. Though your Father was forced to leave but Sonny you assumed had always stayed at the hospital. Any time he was gone it was only for twenty minutes maximum. He told you the stories of how you met, how he asked you out, your first date, your ‘i love you’ exchanges, meeting your respective parents, moving in together and all the highlights of your three year relationships. Apparently, the doctor said that if you woke up, you might not remember anything. So he was practising telling you everything. Even though you know he couldn’t see it, you were smiling.

You didn’t know how long you were going to be like this.

You almost got used to it that was until what you can assume was last night. Of course the whole time you were in pain. Your head especially but suddenly their was a sharp pain in your chest. You felt your body moving for the first time and then you stopped. It was like falling asleep really but different. Their was a lot of of shouting and then their was nothing. Just silence

It was just bright lights and then you saw your Mom and your brother Joe. They were telling you that they were okay but you didn’t understand,why. Telling you stories about things you’d never heard of before and how sorry they were. Then suddenly you were back.

You could hear the beeping on the machine besides you and people chatting. You could feel the pressure of the oxygen mask pressing down on your mouth.

It was the next morning when you woke up. And it wasn’t the darkness awake. It was awake awake. You felt your eyes open and the light finally hit you. The picture of a hospital room came into view. It took you awhile to adjust.  When it finally did. You looked to around to see that you were alone. The on your right was empty but the table beside it was covered in flowers and small gifts.

You turned gently to the other side of you. The chair was empty as well but Sonny’s coat was hanging of the back of it. The clock read that it was round 7:00 in the morning. Pain was searing through your body but at least you were awake. You couldn’t move. You gently moved your head back into it’s position. You attempted to remove your mask from your face but it was strapped on hard and your inability to move the majority of you body rendered you unable to do so.

Then suddenly the door of the hospital room opened and you watched as Sonny slipped in quietly cautious not to wake up anyone else up. You watched as he turned and glanced at you sadly. So, quickly that he didn’t notice your open eyes at first. You let out a weak chuckle as he did a double take at the sight of your open eyes.

You lifted up your hand in a small attempt at wave. He dropped the coffees and bags of breakfast foods he was harbouring on the side-table next to the door. He rushed over to the side of your bed and grabbed your hand. For a few seconds all he did was stare at you. As if he was shocked to see you looking back at him. Maybe he was.

“Y/N?” He asked loudly and surprised.

You put a finger up to your mouth.

“Sorry.” he apologized a smile breaking out on his face.

You gestured to the oxygen mask on your face. He jerked into action to remove it. Pulling the mask gently off your face.

“Hi.” you whispered coarsely.

“Hi.” he breathed continuing to stare at you in awe.

“Are you okay?” you asked concerned looking up at him

“Yes, Yes. I’m fine. You just came out of a coma and you’re asking me if I’m okay.” Sonny chuckled breaking out of his daze, grabbing your face and cupping it in his hands.

“How long was I out?” you asked.

“Five days now.” Sonny informed.

“Five days? You haven’t left this hospital in five days?” you questioned shocked.

“How do you know I haven’t left this hospital?” Sonny asked equally as shocked.

“Well it’s kind of weird, actually. I was awake the whole time but I wasn’t. I could hear everything that was going on but it didn’t seem like five days.” you tried to explain still slightly dazed.

“You heard everything?” Sonny asked.

“I think so. I heard you, talking, talking about us. That’s how I know you didn’t leave.  you tried to explain, piecing your fragmented knowledge together.

“I knew you could hear me. The doctors kept saying you couldn’t but I knew you were. You were listening. I knew you could hear me. ” He beamed down at you before placing a kiss on your forehead.

“If I knew that all I had to do was listen to you to make you this happy I would have done it earlier.” you joked.

You went to laugh but as your body jerked you felt a sharp pain and winced.

“You shouldn’t move. You’ll tear your stitches.” he warned easing back down into the hospital bed.

“For when they removed my spleen?” you asked looking down at yourself, adjusting your sheets.

“So you heard the doctor too?” he smiled raising an eyebrow, “Let’s test this out. What else is wrong with you?”

“Well I had my spleen removed.two gunshots.  A major concussion and a collapsed a lung.” you recited slowly watching his reaction to check you were right.

“What didn’t you hear?” Sonny chuckled.

“Not much. Actually, you know what I didn’t hear. Well I heard but didn’t understand, really.” you began to explain.

“What?” he prompted.

“The argument.” you offered assuming that he would know what you were talking about.

“What argument?” he questioned confused.

“You know, last night. Well I think it was last night. My Dad was talking to me and then there was shouting. I think I went to asleep before I heard what was going on.” you sighed, looking up at him.

You watched as his face fell.

“What is it?” you asked sensing something was wrong.

“No one was arguing, last night.” he said sadly.

“Then what was…?” you began to ask but stopped.

You looked up at his face. Filled with pain and sadness. Then it all just clicked. Those screams were doctors and that dream with your brother an mother wasn’t a dream. It was something else. An afterlife, maybe even heaven.

“Did I die?” you whispered holding back the urge to cry.

“Technically, for two minutes. Last night this is.” he informed sadly, with a bowed head.

“I’m so sorry.” you apologised shaking your head lightly.

“Why are you apologising?” he asked confused and upset while simultaneously giving your hand a quick and comforting squeeze.

“I have no idea. What happened? I was alright, at least I felt like it. How could I have died?” you tried to comprehend but all you did was get yourself worked up.

“It’s okay, Y/N. Please relax, you’re going to hurt yourself.” he warned cautiously.

“It didn’t feel like dying. It felt more like sleeping.” you sighed still not able to comprehend.

“Well how would you know what dying felt like. You haven’t died before have you?” he chuckled lightening the mood.

“No and I don’t plan on doing it again any time soon.” you sighed.

“Good, you scared the life out of me.” he smiled tucked your hair behind your ear.

“Sorry about that.” you apologised once again.

“Why are you still apologising?” he asked confused.

“Because I know how it feels to think you’ve lost the person you love.” you sighed looking up at him.

“Sorry about that.” he chuckled, “Though you shouldn’t apologise. I wasn’t even here.”

“Where were you?” you asked curious.

“Downstairs, getting something to eat. Your Dad’s orders. He was with you.” Sonny informed.

“That’s even worse.” you sighed.

“Are you okay?” Sonny asked examining your face.

“No, I’m not. My Dad’s already buried one child. I saw what it did to him. He pretend that’s he’s fine but I know it still effects him.  I promised myself that I would never put him in that position because I saw what it did to him. Even while I was under he  begged me not to die. And I let him down. Even if was for a two minutes.” you explained sadly.

‘You can’t blame yourself for that. I know your Dad isn’t going too. You’re alive, Y/N. That’ all he cares about, trust me. I just spent five days with him.” Sonny tried to reassure you.

“I know. I know. It just brings back some things. Where is my Dad?” you sighed forcing out a smile.

“Erin and your Grandpa made him go home and get some rest. Do you want me to call him?” Sonny asked.

You nodded gently before wincing in pain once again and going still again. Sonny watched you as if he was in pain himself.

“Hey, I love you.” Sonny smiled down at you.

“I love you too.” you beamed up at him before he leaned down to kiss you.

“I’m glad you’re the first person I saw.” You grinned as he pulled away.

“Me too. I’m going to get the doctor and after that I’m going to call you Dad, okay?” he explained heading towards the door and once he reached it he turned round to look back at you.

“And after that you need to go home and take a shower. I love you and everything but you smell so bad.” you added.

“Says you. You’ve been in bed for five days.” he fired back.

“I was in a coma.” you reminded.

“Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. You’ve always got an excuse. Don’t you Reagan?” he joked.

“Always.” you said.

“Alright, alright. I’ll go home but I’m coming right back. Are you sure you’ll be okay?’ he asked looking for a reassurance.

“With the people who’ve known me since birth. You know my family. I’m sure I’ll be fine.” you reassured sarcastically.

“It’s shocking that their not in therapy.” he joked before slipping out the room to go get the doctor.

When he came back, he had the doctor in tow. He checked you out before telling you that you’d probably have to stay in the hospital for another week. After he left Sonny made the calls to your family and then he started lingering.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to wait until they get here?” he asked once again to make sure.

“I’ll be fine.” You said.

“I’m glad you’re alive.” he said suddenly leaning against the side of your bed and looking down at you.

“Same. I have a lot things I still want to do like beating my Dad at poker. ” you winked.

“Seriously, though. I’m glad you’re still here. I don’t know what I would have done without you. “Sonny admitted.

You pulled on his shirt forcing him to lower down. You wrapped your arms around him and he buried his head n your shoulder. You kissed the side of his head and you held him tight. You continued to hold until he released himself.

“I love you.” he repeated.

“Right back at you. Now go. Have a shower and take a nap.” you ordered as you waved him off.

 You rested your head as you waited to finally see your Dad again.