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The Interrogation Room

SPN FanFic

~Officer Winchester has a few more questions for you…~

Dean x Reader

1,807 Words

Warnings: NSFW! Playfully Dom!Dean (trust me), bit o’spanking, handcuffs… ya know, SMUT.

A/N: Here’s your Pick-A-Smut 2.4K Winner! Special thank you to @tennesseewhiskey-and-pie​ for the beta!

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Dean shut the door and threw the deadbolt closed. The click echoed through the empty room, ricocheting off of the ugly green painted cement walls and ringing in your ears. The interrogation room was cold and dark; a single light fixture hung above the plain table, swaying in the breeze that Dean had created when he slammed the door shut.

You were pacing behind the table, fingers rubbing your temples as you went over the case. Something wasn’t adding up, something about the perp you’d just interviewed wasn’t sitting right with you. Your head was a jumble of facts, your body tense and aching, and then there was Dean, locking the door and grinning at you with that smirk you so loved. You knew exactly what that look meant, and while it did send a wave of heat through your core, you also knew you didn’t have time for his games.

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grandpataeyang : Seungri and 34 please


34: “I’ll take you against this fucking wall if I have too.”

WARNINGS: Smutty smut smut, 18+ content, NSFW, and swearing.

Here you go! I hope you like it!  -Admin Sierra

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The night was dragging on and you just wanted to go home to your cat and make some hot chocolate and watch some TV. But no. Your boss decided to give you every damn case file in the history of this company to do before you went home. You where about half way done when you needed a break. You back hurt from being hunched over your desk and your head hurt from reading so much. You stood up and stretched. Your skirt rode up when you stretched your arms up. You quickly trued to fix it when your boss walked in. “Jesus. Y-you startled me.” you sputtered fixing yourself. “Sorry, are you done yet? Id like to go home.” he said glancing over at your desk. “No, not yet.” you admitted. “Hurry up.” he demanded and left slamming his office door in the process. You groaned loudly. Not caring if he heard or not. You stomped to the coffee machine and started it up.

You made yourself a cup and decided to make him one too. Even though he was an ass you where still nice to him. He was your boss after all. You lightly knocked on his door but you didn’t hear a sound. You knocked a little harder. Nothing. “He’s probably sleeping.” you thought out loud. You slowly and quietly opened the door and peaked in. His chair was to the door and you could see the top of his head. You took a step in but stopped immediately when you heard a deep groan coming from his direction. “SHIT SHIT SHIT” you thought. You thought you had woke him up. You started to back away when you heard something that shocked the hell out of you. He moaned your name. Your eyes bulged out of your skull and your jaw dropped. You nearly let go of the coffee cup but you got a grip and held your breath as you stepped out and closed his door as quiet as possible. You sprinted to your desk and threw yourself in your chair. You sat there for a good 3 minutes trying to process what happened. He moaned your name. YOUR NAME!

You slowly looked over at his office door. You started to feel butterflies in your stomach. You trued to shake off the feeling but it wasn’t working. You started thinking about what he was doing and what he might have looked like. Jerking off, all sweaty and muscles flexing. Moaning. You felt your undies start to get wet from the mere thoughts of him. It was wrong and you knew it but you couldn’t help yourself. You turned so that your chair was blocking his view of you if he happened to walk out. You dragged your fingers down your tummy, you pulled up your skirt to get better access of yourself. You parted your legs and took a deep breath as you rubbed yourself. Your breathe hitched when you stick a finger in the side of your panties. Gliding in between your folds. You where soaked. You’ve never been this wet before and he didn’t even touch you. You slipped your middle finger inside and started going at an even pace. You added another and threw your head back.

You had your eyes closed imagining what he looked like behind that chair. You slowly opened them to see a smirking Seungri. His arms crossed staring directly at your face. You gasped and removed your hand and tried to compose yourself. “Sir, I-” you started to try to come up with an excuse but he snatched you up by your arm and pulled you into his office. You stumbled due to your heals you had on. He threw you in the chair behind his desk. “Did you have fun y/n?” he asked in a low voice. You gulped. “Did you get all hot and bothered when you heard me? Hmm?” he asked. Your face was tomato red and your heart was beating uncontrollably fast. He started to unbutton his shirt revealing a toned and tan chest and stomach. You scanned it and looking away as quick as possible. “You can look y/n, I’m showing it to you.” he said taking your chin gently in his fingers and turning your face towards him.

You slowly looked back at his exposed chest and your pussy started to pulse a little. You needed him and you needed him now. Enough games. You don’t know what came over you but you stood up and shoved him into the wall behind him and started to kiss him. Hard. He was caught by surprise but quickly complied. He gripped at your hair, shoulders, back, hips, anywhere he could touch he touched. You moaned into his mouth when he reached your ass. He squeezed and lifted you with ease. You wrapped your legs around his waist. He turned so that you where against the wall now. Your hands where on his shoulders but the slipped up his neck, sides of his face then to his hair. You pulled at it. Not too hard but enough to earn a groan from him. He pushed his hips against yours. Causing well needed friction. You detached from his lips and moaned loudly. “Mm that’s it baby girl moan for me.” he growled in your ear while dry humping you and pushing his hard member against your soaked panties.

Seungri…” you moaned. He smiled in your neck when you did that. “My name sounds so good coming from your lips.” he said encouraging another moan to escape. “I need you y/n.” he stated. You froze. You couldn’t. Hes your boss, this is wrong. You leaned away from him slightly. “No.. We can’t…” you tried to say. “I’ll take you against this fucking wall if I have to y/n.“ he said sternly. You looked at him and simply nodded. “Okay.” you said. “Okay.” he replied. He kissed you while he unbuttoned his work pants and shimmied them down enough to release his dick. He was fully erect at this point. His underwear has a little wet spot from the pre-cum that leaked. You shifted slightly in his grip so he could pull his underwear down. He let out a sigh of relief when his member was free. You gawked at it. “Seungri, I don’t think it’s gonna fit.” you warned. He chuckled. “Wait, are you a virgin?” he asked searching your face.

No, it’s just the guys I dated weren’t this big.” you stated. Looking back down at it. He smirked. “I’m about to fuck you into oblivion. You’ll never go back to them once I’m through with you.” he said in a deep voice. You shivered and nodded. Slightly scared it’ll hurt. He lined up and braced you against the wall firmly and slowly pushed his way into your wet warm pussy. You both let out satisfied groans. You gripped his shoulders as his fingers dug into the back of your thighs. He stopped once he was all the way inside. Balls deep. You threw your head forward onto his left shoulder. “You’re so fucking tight y/n. I don’t think I’ll last too long.” he warned. You nodded and reached down to start rubbing circles on your clit to build up your orgasm.

He caught sight of you doing that and he started to move in and out slowly at first but the more he watched you touch yourself the more he wanted to see and feel you cum. He started pounding into you. Your body slamming into the wall with ea h powerful thrust. The noises you where making made him see stars. He buried his face in the crook of your neck as he slammed his dick all the way into you every single time. Hitting that spot over and over. “Say my name.” he said. You tried but every time you did it came out strangled and inaudible. The sound of skin slapping against skin was too much for your scenes. You had a tight grip onto his shoulder with your free hand and you threw your head back against the wall and moaned extremely loud. He went faster if that was even possible.

He bit into your skin on your shoulder, sure as hell to leave markings behind. He did that a few times then you started to feel that familiar knot at the pit of your stomach. “I’m close.” you managed to say. He nodded. “Cum for me, cum all over my cock baby girl.” he coaxed. You did exactly as he said you came and you came hard. You screamed his name. Your body jolted forward and jerked a bit. He came as soon as you finished his name. He loved it. He filled you up with his cum. You briefly thought about it but by that point it was too late. He had already came inside you. You knew you had taken the pill. It’s apart of your morning routine. You relaxed as you came down from your orgasm and he held onto you for dear life. Like you where going to disappear. “God that was amazing.” he breathed into your neck. You nodded. Not trusting your voice just yet. He carried you over to his chair he had pulled out setting you down. He pulled up his pants and tucked himself away and walked to the table and grabbed some tissues to clean you up. You watched in awe at how tentative and caring he was. He caught you looking.

What? Did I do something?” he asked looking a little scared. You shook your head and took his face in your hands. You pulled him into a kiss. But its wasn’t like the one you shared before, this one was soft and caring. He squatted in front of you and held your thighs in his large hands he rubbed circles with his thumbs on them. “Hmmm as much as I want to keep doing this, you need rest. Ill take you home and we can finish those case files together tomorrow.” he said slowly standing and helping you to your feet. You where a bit wobbly. You whispered a thank you when he held your hand to keep you from falling. He drove you home and walked you to the door. He hadn’t meant to come in but it just happened that way. You two ended up calling in sick and going for another 2 rounds and sleeping the rest of the day.


Yoongi x reader

CEO Yoongi AU (Be prepared…)

Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Smut

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 //  Part 4

Your fingers moved quickly across the keyboard, the report you were to turn in your main focus. Director Min was very particular about how and when he wanted things done so you were intent on the report being above par. You had just finished when your intercom buzzed. 

“Y/N. Director Min would like to see you.”

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