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I've seen the hairstyle swaps, and I was wondering if you could try swapping Ed and Riza's bangs? Thank you

You say that but all I hear is “Mama!Hawk” and so here’s Riza showcasing her new braiding skills :D

When non-kin look at otherkinity from a biological or socio-political stand point instead of taking it on at an anthropological, psychological, or theological angle.

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Malec Appreciation Fortnight: Day 14 → AU
  ↳ Alec dying  [insp]

Octavia Blake, The Sword

I want to talk about Octavia’s line here, because I think it pretty much encapsulates where the character is right now.

“The sword doesn’t care what you meant, it just cuts.” (S4E06)

This is the belief system that Octavia is operating under right now, the one she is applying to everything, her brother in particular. It’s the first time that I’ve started to see how Octavia is justifying blaming Bellamy. She’s removed intent, motivation, even past from the equation. It’s the result that matters. Another version of the ends justifies the means. So regardless of every action Bellamy took to prevent it from happening, everything he’s done for her for her entire life and is continuing to do, all Octavia sees, all she is willing to see, is that Lincoln is dead. What was meant doesn’t matter.

Further, she views herself as the sword. I’ve seen, and made posts myself, about how Octavia is unaware of the repercussions, and in some cases the hypocrisy, of her actions. This line, however, has actually made it pretty clear that yes, she is all of those things, and she doesn’t care. That’s the point. Not thinking, just acting, has always been one of her defining traits and now that she’s spiraling and determined violence to be her outlet that flaw is manifesting in murderous ways. She’s made herself the sword, and all she does is cut.  She can kill with impunity with this mindset.

The Signs as Weasley's Wizard Wheezes Products
  • Aries: Weasley's Wildfire Whiz-Bangs; a large collection of magical fireworks
  • Taurus: Extendable Ears; used to eavesdrop on private conversations through a magically enhanced ear 
  • Gemini: Boxing Telescope; when squeezed, gives the user a black eye which is almost impossible to remove (comes with Bruise Removal Paste)
  • Cancer: Patented Daydream Charms; creates highly realistic, virtually undetectable daydreams
  • Leo: Skiving Snack Box; a box filled with sweets designed to make the user ill so they can get out of class
  • Virgo: Headless Hats; used to scare unsuspecting victims by making the wearer's head (and hat) disappear
  • Libra: Sneakoscope; light up, whistle and scream when someone nearby is doing something untrustworthy 
  • Scorpio: Weather In A Bottle; unleashes a multitude of furious storms when the bottle is uncapped
  • Sagittarius: Trick wands; turn into a variety of unnerving things when waved
  • Capricorn: Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder: creates an unpenatrable cloud of darkness when thrown into the air
  • Aquarius: Pygmy Puffs; specially bred miniature puffskeins (make wonderful pets)
  • Pisces: Portable Swamp; creates a terribly large and smelly swamp around the user when detonated
I’m looking for the source of the following images:

if anyone wants to help me out. No, PokéJungle is not a legit source. He even thinks they’re probably fake. Anyone else I’ve seen post these is like “I saw these on /vp/”

I want to know where /vp/ got them. I’ve seen them before (like a while ago) but I can’t remember where


The first official Forest of the Dead Friday post for tardis-ten


Kira is officially not apart of this blog anymore.

It solely belongs to Cicero once again. I’m still working on her blog just a lil bit, but it is official. Any asks sent here will be answered by Cicero and Cicero only. Kira’s threads have also been moved to her blog. For the time being, you may still use Cicero’s tag to answer her threads till I give out the new blog link.

This blog has been updated with all traces of her removed. (Except past rp’s/queue stuff/etc etc; do you know how long it would take for me to delete everything like that? Not happening. I mostly mean in the rules. Her bio/verses page is gone. Stuff like that.)

I figured this would make things easier and less confusing for those who send asks or interact with both Cicero and Kira.

As soon as I am finished with her blog completely, I will post links and begin to follow all you lovlies on her blog.

(( alrighty gang I think the updates are p much done.

TL;DR of things that have changed:

- This blog is now a singleverse blog.
- While there will still be occasional wall threads here, they will be very sporadic.
- Most of Eli’s interactions will take place on discord/rabbit.
- Eli has decided he’s not really interested in all that dating business.
- He’s received an entire makeover on his past, including removing Pea from said past and encountering a doomed timeline due to that.
- That’s right, no more Pea in relation to Eli, he is now a standalone muse.

I think that’s about it. Please take a moment to re-read my rules and about page here for Eli, they’ve been adjusted significantly for these changes! ))



Back in his Deadlock days, McCree got a tattoo on his left arm to show his allegiance to the gang. The design is derived from the Deadlock’s symbol, tweaked slightly to suit McCree’s personality. After being caught by Blackwatch, the gang developed a sour opinion of their former comrade.

Some time after Jesse left Overwatch and the organization disbanded, he ran into one of his old buddies from the gang. The gangster was displeased to see Jesse, and during a heated argument, he pulled out a shotgun and blew off McCree’s arm, purposefully aiming at his tattoo and claiming Jesse was “no longer worthy of bearing it”.

Nowadays, when his prosthetic is removed, past the scarring you will be able to see the remnants of the inking. The severed wing of the Deadlock symbol branches out from his stub, and the last four letters of the gang makes itself known in bold, capital letters: “LOCKED”.

It serves forever as a reminder that his past is locked onto him, and it will never fade. At least those empty eye sockets of that dreaded skull would never stare back at him.

Doodled some quick references to my personal headcanon for McCree’s tattoo that I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog ( X / X / X )

Gf update:

She had her wisdom teeth removed yesterday. I spent these past 2 days with her. Mostly napping lol. She’s so pretty when she’s asleep. She mumbles and holds my hand a lil tighter too. I love her so much <3


“I’m a one eyed hunk of burning love. I was born blind in my right eye and it had to be removed. If you can get past that, then we can be friends. I enjoy being with you and I tend to be a little clingy cuz I fall in love at first sight.“

If we were supposed to fully support and accept Mary as a heroine, they would have told us what was in that usb stick.

The only way for a character to redeem themselves fully is if the audience knows and understands what a person did in their past, and can forgive them for that through their current actions.

Keeping Mary’s history in the past may (and I emphasise the may) have been enough for John to forgive her, but the people watching the show will always want to know what she did, why, how and with who. Otherwise we will never be able to forgive her for it.

If, instead, we had been given a flashback where we had seen assassin Mary doing all her assassin things, but she explained that she knew that she wanted to leave that life and regretted it now, we could accept her as a friend to our heroes, because we understand what she went through and appreciate her attempt to remove herself from her past.

What we were given is an unexplored history of an assassin who hasn’t shown any regret and was willing to go to any length to cover it up. So I repeat:

If we were supposed to fully support and accept Mary as a heroine, they would have told us what was in that usb stick.