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I've seen the hairstyle swaps, and I was wondering if you could try swapping Ed and Riza's bangs? Thank you

You say that but all I hear is “Mama!Hawk” and so here’s Riza showcasing her new braiding skills :D

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Call me terrible, but aces who like and seek out sex make me, a sex repulsed ace, feel invalid. They are almost no different from anyone else, yet they ace like they're so ace. How can their asexuality be so important if it hides under how they're "normal"? Why are we so protective of these aces when they're at best almost allos(I don't mean to insult allos in any way), or at worst exclusionists? It just appalls me how we act like they're hated when really, they're treated so normally.

I really debated just deleting this and blocking the sender because it is so utterly antithetical to everything this blog stands for, but I think it needs to be addressed, because attitudes like this are a warning sign to me that history may be poised to repeat itself, and that will happen over my dead body.

I’ve been around a long time. Like, before tumblr, before AVEN, before aces had anything like the community we have today, before we even had a consistent word for ourselves. That means I remember some of the early politics that Kids These Days weren’t around for, have no way of really knowing–including the downright ugly fights that dominated the mailing list days about how to define asexuality. There was a contingent of people, you see, that held that the only way to be Truly Asexual was to completely lack any sort of libido, and to abstain from sex entirely. These people were. Not nice people. They were the exclusionists of their time, and I mean that very seriously. Nearly every hateful, cruel, and self-spiting tactic you see in REGs on tumblr today was also levied by nonlibidoists and antisexuals at the time. They were absolutely vicious toward not only anybody within ace circles who wanted a broader definition of asexuality [the one we use today, eventually] but also toward non-aces or anyone who wasn’t celibate by choice, which resulted, among other things, in exactly the sort of homophobia and sex shaming that REGs accuse us of to this day.

We, as a community, fought tooth and nail against defining ourselves in this way, and against both the ugly infighting it produced and the abhorrent behaviour it encouraged. We have been fighting tooth and nail ever since to move past that stain on our history, to define ourselves in a way that is safe and welcoming to all aces, and to ensure that we conduct ourselves in a way that aligns with the ethics of the communities we ally ourselves with, and to what we have decided is the ethical core of our own community. It sickens me to the core to be hearing views like this espoused again from inside our community. I will not stand for it. We will not stand for it. We didn’t then, and we won’t now. 

There is no right way to be asexual. There is no wrong way to be asexual. There is nothing at all wrong with aces who have, want, or seek out sex. There is nothing wrong with aces who are so repulsed by sex that they can’t even think about it. There is nothing wrong with aces who have no feelings about sex whatsoever. There is nothing wrong with aces who never have or will feel attraction. There is nothing wrong with aces who do occasionally feel attraction but still feel that ace identities best represent their experiences or that the ace community best addresses their needs. Asexuality is not behaviour. Asexuality cannot be hidden under behaviour, or opted out of through behaviour, and if some people feel like they need to try to do that, that is a reflection of an aphobic society pressuring people into closeting or otherwise denying themselves in an attempt to escape that oppression, not proof that they’re “normal” [also, feel free to never juxtapose “ace” and “normal” again, that’s gross].

And, finally, this frankly drips of exactly the kind of sex-shaming we’re so often accused of, no matter how hard you try to hide it behind “no insult to allos.” It’s gross. Don’t do it. 

This is one of the most unsavoury asks I have seen in my time on this blog. Everything about this sentiment is unwelcome on this blog; keep it out of our inbox and keep it out of our community. Our gates are open. Our arms are open. Every ace is welcome, every ace is valid, every ace experience is a genuine ace experience, one worthy of consideration, protection, and acknowledgement. We have worked hard to build this community into what it is today. The gatekeepers of the past removed themselves from the rest of us and faded into oblivion and that is where I want their sentiments to stay.

I’m not going to call you terrible, because I stand for a community where every ace is welcome and finds the resources they need to navigate their life and identity. But that cannot, will not, come at the expense of others.


When non-kin look at otherkinity from a biological or socio-political stand point instead of taking it on at an anthropological, psychological, or theological angle.

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“A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out” – Theodore Roosevelt

Wear something ‘ironically’
Geek glasses, Hawaiian shirts, 80’s retro sportswear, you name it – a gentleman wouldn’t be seen dead in something purely for the sake of ‘irony’, leave this look to the likes of pop-up-store-come-vintage-clothing-come-speakeasy-bar-owners.
Get any part of you body  pierced
Do what you like in your teenage, ungentlemanly years, but beyond these rebellious times and into the years of being a gentleman, remove all trace of past rebellions and never, we repeat never, pierce a body part.
Take up a seat while a less stable person suffers
This is more common manners than anything else, but a gentleman would never sit (on a tube or otherwise) whilst a woman, less-able or elderly person stands.
Break your word
A boy speaks, a gentleman acts on his word and stays true to it.
A real gentleman stays loyal, faithful and honest at all times.
Spend far too much time in front of the mirror
Vanity is deeply ungentlemanly.
Easily forget his roots
No matter how much a gentleman earns, or how much success he has garnered, a real gentleman will stay humble to his past.
Kiss and tell
Because a gentleman never tells.
Have one too many at a wedding, especially your own
Someone once told me that there is nothing tackier than a drunk bride, but in retrospect this applies as much to gentlemen as it does to brides to be. A gentleman knows his limits.
Be too proud to apologise
A true gentleman will apologise after a fight, even if he wasn’t in the wrong.
Urinate in public
Unless you’re an 18 year-old having his first beer, there is simply no excuse.
Drive recklessly with a woman or child in the car
You are not clever or rebellious. You are dangerous, and not in the cool, ‘rebel without a cause’ way.
Get a visible tattoo when you’re far too old to do so
Similar to number 2, it’s best to avoid this one too. If you did get drunk on a beach in Thailand and get your name in Arabic branded across your back, then consider keeping it covered up.
Sit cross legged
Unless you’re doing yoga, which is OK by the way, try and avoiding sitting like a child. There is just something strange about seeing a grown man sitting like a schoolboy.
Referring to yourself in the third person
Annoying doesn’t even begin to describe how unbecoming this is.
Drunk dial
Not classy, just embarrassing. A gentleman does not need to be inebriated to communicate.
Cancel at the last minute
A real gentleman makes plans and sticks to them, no matter what.
Swear in public
A gentleman would never let his mood dictate his manners.
Believe in luck, or chance
A gentleman knows the power of cause and effect.
Your age does not define your maturity.

His rock

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Summary: Dean x Reader: Dean finds comfort in the reader’s arms after a hard day.

Word Count: 1962

Triggers: Not really, a bit of fluffy angst, or flangst if you will.

Y/N = Your name 

Note: I’m actually pretty proud of this one so I hope you like it! Please let me know what you think!!

Dean was tired, not only physically, but mentally. You could see it easily in those green eyes whose light was a little duller than normal. Somehow you could always tell which days it was harder for the hunter to keep up appearances. He called it your special little gift, you just called it love.

On days like that one you knew he needed to just be held, be loved, feel safe. Out there, in the real world, he had to stay the soldier, the hunter, the big brother. But in the room he shared with you, he was just a broken man. And he needed your help to pick up the pieces.

Dean was exhausted, and so you’d made up some lame excuse to return to your room earlier than normal to Sammy and pulled Dean along. Seeing the signs of exhaustion easily on his face the minute you shut the bedroom door behind him. His smile falling away and the armour he’d so carefully crafted through jokes and physical strength crashing to the floor the minute you were alone.

Moving to the bed you sat up with your back against the wall and stretched your arms out. An open invitation for him to hide in your embrace and just let go of all his worries for the night. No words were spoken as he climbed onto the bed and into your arms. Staying low, he buried his head in the crook of your neck, arms around your waist as if you were the life raft keeping him afloat in stormy weather.

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can you do tatinof sex, like after the show and dan rides phil in the dressing room or a closet ?💕 I'm in love with your blog 💖

bless this, ilyy 💖

- they’re breathless, ebullient and extraordinary, radiant, riding out an overdose of emotion- want, pride, need, and absolutely every other emotion in between. so, it’s not much of a surprise when dan’s back hits the wall almost as soon as the dressing room door swings shut. the door slams, lock clicking shut, and dan’s pinned to the wall, with phil’s lips pressed against his own, sucking dan back into the incredible hum of ecstasy they’ve just come from.

- there’s a slight gasp from dan that seeps through his parted lips as he kisses back, too messy, too eager, and breathes a moan out against phil’s lips. it’s been years, but dan’s still not over how phil can be so delicate even when he’s got him against a wall, hands wrapped dan’s hips, steadying him front and center, feet tangled into each other. honey and molasses drips from dan’s tastebuds, has them parting for air suddenly, when he thinks he may suffocate them both. 

- dan presses his thumb into the dip of phil’s back, traces the way his spine cuts off and the curve of his arse begins, swallows deep when phil presses his torso to his own. dan’s hand’s sink lower then, press in between both of their stomachs and he grins at the way phil sucks in a tight breath of air when dan’s fingers ghost over his trapped prick. the thriving bulge that’s held prisoner behind denim fabric, dan’s fingers prop at the waistband of phil’s jeans, they tug lightly and dip low, pushing the fabric down,

- phil loops a finger into dan’s belt buckle, tugs down along the fabric, and frees dan of his jeans in a few yanks. his shirt is next, easily removed, shackled past dan’s torso and lost somewhere in the corners of the dressing room. it’s then when dan feels hot skin along his, bare legs that tangle along his own, that dan realizes how lucky he is, to be here, with phil, and really, he wouldn’t want it any other way.

- suddenly, they’re sinking, down, down, until dan’s settled on phil’s lap, sat on the floor.  dan shutters when he feels the print of phil’s index curve down past the base of his cock, the way both of his hands work to cup dan’s balls and carry him through this massive quake of ’fuck, phil’ that bounces along his tongue, chest lifting and dropping profusely.

- and neither of them are used to this; the buzzing feeling that comes along with actually having their own show, the breathless grins, cherry lips, and bright eyes. they’re used to smogged out cities, not enough oxygen between each breath, but it’s okay, when they have each other.

- slowly, phil eases one finger in, and then another, tight heat engulfing dan’s skin and tingling along his every fiber. dan’s mouth props open and his eyes flicker, his vision blurry along the ceiling when phil begins to wiggle his digits, slow at first, but a scissor-like effect within minutes of warming up and dan’s properly impatient by the time phil’s palming himself with his opposite hand, tip slick with precum. lemme ride you phil, please, just, want you, dan chases out, voice beat, raspy and fucked over with pleasure as he shifts, sucks in a deep breath when phil groans, loosens his fingers and slips them out of dan’s glossy entrance. slicked up and ready to be ruined.

-  he keeps his eyes set, drilled on phil and the way he strokes his cock, curving his fingers along his thick prick, pressing his thumb to his sticky head and parting his lips when he reaches for the folium packet, allows his cock to rest, erect along his stomach while he lathers himself up, presses the tip of the condom to his head and rolls down slowly. too slow and dan groans, impatient.

- finally, dan pinches his eyes closed and sinks onto phil, focusing on the way his skin flames along phil’s and makes him feel alive. it stretches, and it’s tight, bit uncomfortable really, but he can’t help but want it. his lips part and he mewls out something ridiculous, as he starts to move on phil’s cock.  it burns in all the best ways, shocks that run up through dan’s spine and tickle the hairs on the back of his neck and really, this might be phil’s favorite version of dan. when he’s so out of it, so strung out, body flushed, a mess of overwhelming sensations. 

- they’re breathless, stuck in a bubble of pure ecstasy that’s swallowed both of them up and kept them squeamish, ragged, and fucked. phil gulps, his eyes focus in and he cums to dan’s slow deep movements, ripping a deep groan out of him. every pinch, every stretch, every sloppy thrust gives dan a head rush and sends twitches along his fingertips, carries him up, up and to his orgasm.

- their ragged breaths carry through the empty room, as both of them sit, ride out their highs and just breath through the title wave of pleasure. i love you, phil hums after a few minutes of nothing, sitting in a room filled with stuffy air that’s almost suffocating but isn’t.

- and dan can’t help but think, through his hazy and beyond fucked thoughts, that there’s no place on earth he would rather be than here in this moment. with phil, in a room that has their costumes, and their clothes, and their names all over it. i love you too, he mutters, pressing a kiss to phil’s lips

Just Alter Things

me, in denial: im not real im fake im faking it i dont have alters im just an attention whore i hate myself why am i like this i should just stop im fine

the protector, sighing: kiddo im right here how the fuck do you think i exist

me, panicking: not real not real not real noT ReAL nOT REal NOT REAL NOT REAL NOT REAL NOT REAL

the protector, kicking me out of the front: okay buddy time for you to take some time and rest

me, two hours later: what happened

my protector: nothing i just removed your memory of the past three hours. also your room is clean now.

Dripping Wet - Sebastian Verlac (Shadowhunters)

Pairing: Sebastian x Female!Reader

Requested by: anonymous

Request: Can I get a smut imagine for sebastian verlac where they just got home from mission and they’re like cleaning up and they do it in the shower?

Warnings: SMUT!

A/N: I hope you like it, darling ;) ENJOY!

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*gif not mine*

The mission had been a grimy one for sure. The rain that kept pouring down hadn’t exactly been of any assistance either. Or the muddy ground. It had only been the two of you. 

You and Sebastian. 

 The mission itself had been an easy one, and the one who assigned it to the two of you had known it too. Sebastian hadn’t gained the rest of your fellow New York shadowhunters’ trusts just yet. 

 «I don’t think I have ever been this dirty after a mission before.» Sebastian breathed out as the two of you entered his apartment. 

 «I can most definitely agree with you on that.» You said as you began walking towards the bathroom. There was no way any of you could take any of the layers of clothes off any other place, one would have to be washing the floors for days if not. 

 Sebastian followed suit. 

 «Who will take the shower first?» You asked as you pulled your soaking wet jacket off your arms. When Sebastian didn’t respond, you turned around to see him looking at you intently. 

 «What about we shower together.» 

 It wasn’t a question, that’s for sure. 

He strode over to you, his hands quickly reaching out to help you remove the rest of your dripping wet hunting gear. 

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“I’m on to them, Beryl! They think they’re being so bloody clever, but I’M ON TO THEIR GAME!”

Vegan bliss ball RECIPE!

-330g medjool dates
-40ml boiling water
-50g peanut butter
-70g oats
-20g desiccated coconut
-10g chia seeds
-20g cacao nibs
-1tsp vanilla essence
-extra coconut for rolling

1. Pit the medjool dates and place in a stick mixer
2. Add 25ml boiling water
3. Pulse this mixture 15-20times to combine and then blend together until it becomes a thick paste (You may not need to pulse if you have a very powerful stick mixer/food processor etc)
4. Add the peanut butter and 15ml boiling water and pulse 10-15 times before blending together well
5. Remove the thick paste from the stick mixer into a medium sized bowl
6. Add all other ingredients and mix very well with a spoon or clean hands. Now your mixture is done!
7. To make the balls, use a teaspoon and scoop a heaped teaspoon of the mixture and roll into balls
8. Roll the balls into extra coconut for some extra coating
9. Repeat this process until all the mixture is used and place them in the fridge once complete
10. You can eat them straight away or wait until they set and go a little harder! YUM!

Perfect for snacking, adding on top of smoothie bowls, eating with fruit, yoghurt, peanut butter, whatever! Enjoy! If you recreate them make sure you tag me! 🙂


℃-ute’s Top 5 Best Songs (English Translation)


(1) Jump - All of the fans smiles appear, so let’s sing to the end!!

(2) Massara Blue Jeans - A song that we suffered a bit through due to pressure. I was afraid of failing and this nervousness even appeared in my dreams.

(3) Tadori Tsuita Onna Senshi - A song from Tsunku specifically for Budoukan. As this “light” appears before my eyes; thank you for such an amazing song.

(4) Wakkyanai (Z) - Actually, this was the first track I recorded. The first time I had a recording. I was impressed as everybody practiced hard for the first original song for ℃-ute. 

(5) Sakura Chirari - Here it is, our major debut song! I have strong memories of performing this at many various places. Actually, it was originally “Yuki ga Chirari.” 


(1) Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko - I like cute songs, so this one has the best feeling to it. 

(2) Kanashiki Heaven - I hardly sing in this one, LOL. But I can focus all my power on dancing!! 

(3) Massara Blue Jeans - This song is essential since it was our first song. 

(4) Iron Heart - I love the feeling it gives off when everybody is singing. 

(5) Jinsei wa STEP! - The song, dance, outfits, and the ℃-ute of today all make this GOOD! 


(1) Namida no Iro - I get nervous when singing in falsetto, but this song is my favorite. This includes “Juliet Juliet.” 

(2) Wakkyanai (Z) - When I sing this song, it makes me nostalgic for when I was a child. I naturally smile once the introduction starts. 

(3) SHOCK! - This is a song that can’t be removed from my past. So, I would like to cherish it even more from now.

(4) Kanashiki Heaven - A powerful battle song that can be embarrassing no matter how you put it. I sang it at festivals and various places.

(5) Iron Heart - Everyone is free to join this song. So we can all be a part of a ℃-ute performance. 


(1) Jinsei wa STEP! - A song that shows some great points. Like ℃-ute’s teamwork. 

(2) Bokura no Kagayaki - I always get courage and energy when I hear everybody cheer “Chisato!” 

(3) Kanashiki Heaven - A song where I thought that I won’t lose to Airi. We both worked hard together!

(4) Final Squall - It seems like the end has come!

(5) To Tomorrow - It’s truly Tsunku!  It conveys a message of “Thank for everything you’ve done.” 


(1) Gamusha LIFE - A song with lyrics that are purely about ℃-ute. When I sing it, I cry.

(2) Iron Heart - The setup for the stage is fun. It’s a relaxing song. 

(3) EVERYDAY YEAH! Kataomoi - It’s the first main song that filled me with happy memories. 

(4) JUMP - It reminds me of “Megu.” It’s an important song. The second half is pretty intense, but it always makes me smile. 

(5) SHINES - Despite the fact that I sang this as a child, I feel good with the lyrics. You can become energized from this song. 

*I apologize for any mistakes in my translations*

Acheron Water

Acheron is one of the five rivers in the realm of Hades. It is the River of Woe, and is described in the Suda as a place of healing, where the dead may purge the sins of their lives. Acheron is the river made famous as the crossing into Hades, where Charon rows the souls of the newly dead across.

Acheron Spell Water can be used to help cleanse and remove past sorrows, it can be used in healing, or it can be used in retribution spells and curses.

*Not For Ingestion*

  • Representation of wings (this can be feathers, bug wings, ect…)
  • Morning Glories/Jimson Weed or similar plant
  • Tears
  • Some form of clear alcohol (everclear, rubbing alcohol, ect..)

Wings are in there for a few reasons. Wings represent travel, being able to move (or move on), and freedom. These all reprresent the ability to heal and move on from sorrow. The fact that this representation is also a partial or incomplete part of a wing (if it’s something like butterfly wings then they’ve been removed and are no longer functional) is VERY strongly indicative of loss. Loss is the biggest association for me with sorrow. So the wings represent both sorrow, and the ability to overcome it.

Morning Glories, or Jimson weed….these are night or early morning blooming flowers that are poisonous. Again, the dawn is a symbol of hope, and in Greek mythology the River Acheron afforded souls the chance to cleanse themselves of things causing them sorrow. However, when left un-checked, sorrow can be poisonous, thus the use of poisonous flowers.

Tears are pretty straight forward. Unlike the other rivers, Acheron sources outside of Hades, so I don’t feel the need to connect it strongly to death. Since it is the last leg of the journey for souls before entering the underworld though, I feel that tears are an appropriate binding method because it lodges it firmly in the realm of sorrow, grieving, and loss.

Put all your components together, charge, and let set for three nights. The night before the new moon, the new moon, and the night after. Strain out the solid bits and store in a dark bottle. 

And again, because this one contains known poisonous ingredients, DO NOT DRINK THIS keep the bottle clearly labeled as such.

And here are the links for all five rivers (current post included)

  • Acheron-River of Woe (personally associated with Air)
  • Cocytus-River of Wailing (personally associated with Earth)
  • Lethe-River of Forgetfulness (personally associated with Water)
  • Phlegethon-River of Fire (personally associated with Fire)
  • Styx-River of Hate (personally associated with Spirit)

laurenzakrin: Every three days, the Phoenix gets removed. Welcome to the past four years of my life. @justaddwigs@greatcometbway #followthecomet