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The car ride

I have actually written something happy! It’s an idea I got a long time ago, but I finally finished it. Enjoy a cute fluffy piece with Tyler

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You should have taken your driver’s license.

You really, truly should have taken your driver’s license.

This you realize as you’re standing outside of your apartment, waiting for the ride to a concert you’re going to. The wind is punching you in your face, and you have to hold down the skirt of your dress so it doesn’t blow away. How fun, standing outside in this particularly… nice weather. You blame Mark of course. He’s the one who invited you to the concert, and then yesterday he called you, saying his car was full.

But not to worry!

He, of course, had a friend who could give you a ride. Tyler Scheid apparently. You had met him twice before, and as far as you knew, he wasn’t an asshole.

Well, except, he wasn’t really showing up.

Mark gave you his number so you could tell him where to come pick you up, and everything seemed fine until just about now. You feel your phone vibrate, and you reach in your pocket to check it.

Tyler: I’m here.

You look up. There’s no one there.

You: I can’t see anyone.

A couple of minutes later, you see a car driving through your street, with a familiar face behind the steering wheel. You smile, relieved, until he drives straight past you and pulls up in front of another building. Rolling your eyes, you walk up to the car, but just as you’re right behind it, Tyler puts it in reverse and almost crashes into you.

“Hey!” You yell as he hurriedly gets out the car, apologising.

“I’m so sorry; I’m just looking for someone named (Y/N). Do you know her?” He looks at you confused, and you don’t know whether to be offended or amused. “That’s me alright.” For three seconds, Tyler stands there, confused. Suddenly he starts apologising even more, and you can’t help but grin. This man is just a giant ball of floof, isn’t he? You tell him that it’s fine, and you get into the car.

As Tyler starts driving, he’s still babbling on about how sorry he is and how he’ll make it up to you. You’re just laughing, telling him that it’s fine, but he can buy you an ice cream to make up for the little heart attack he gave you. When he finally stops apologising, a comfortable silence falls over you. Some music is playing on the radio, more specifically (Y/F/S), making you hum along to the tune. Even though none of you were talking, it didn’t feel awkward. You’re just staring out the window, looking at the beautiful scenery.

After a long time of silence, Tyler starts talking. “So how do you know Mark?” He glances quickly over at you. You smile a little, remembering how you first got to know that doof of a man. “We met through a youtube convention. I remember bumping into him while he was hiding from Ethan. When he showed up, Mark hid behind me and I had to protect his ass. It was pretty traumatizing, because Ethan threw ice water on me. After that, we just kept in touch. I lived far away, and then like 3 months ago I moved to LA.”

Tyler nods along to the story and smiles a little. “I actually remember Mark telling a bit about that day. Wish I was th-“ He was interrupted by a ringing from his phone. Without taking his eyes off the road, he hands you the phone. It’s Mark. You answer the call, and his voice is heard over the speakers in the car.


“Speak of the devil, we just talked about you,” Tyler says.

“I take that as you found (Y/N)?”

You chime in, “Yeah, the big, mean giant found me and kidnapped me. He’s torturing me, help!”

Tyler looked utterly offended. “I am not a big, mean giant! I am a big, friendly giant!”

“You almost hit me with the car when you came to get me; you didn’t even know who I was!”

“But that was an accident! Stop insulting me, or I will drive us off the road.”

“That wouldn’t be too surprising, I mean, you’re pretty b-“

“Stop with the flirting! I need to know where you are.” Mark exclaims. There’s a little bit of silence before you speak. “If that’s how you flirt with Amy, then I feel real sorry for her.”

Tyler bursts out laughing, and gets trouble breathing. He’s shutting his eyes from laughing too hard, and you instinctively reach for the steering wheel to help keeping you on the road.

“That’s right! He sucks at flirting. Please save me!” Amy shouts into the phone. Mark is yelling at her and you, offended that you would say something like that. You’re still holding onto the wheel, as Tyler is collecting himself.

“Anyway, apart from your insults, when will you be here?”

Tyler looks at the clock. “I think we’ll be there in an hour or so,” he says, while grabbing your hand and removing it from the steering wheel.

“Great, we’ll be there in maybe 40 minutes, so we’ll wait for you. Just call if something happens.”

“We will!” You say, before hanging up the phone. Tyler smiles goofily at the road, and laughs for himself. “You have a lot of sass for being such a small human being,” he says as he looks over at you for a brief moment, still smiling. Laughing, you softly punch him in the arm, calling him an idiot.

For the rest of the car ride, you talk about everything and nothing, laughing and occasionally sassing each other. As you arrive at the concert, Mark excitedly hugs you, rapidly talking about how great everything is going to be. For some reason, you don’t really care about the concert, you’re more interested in your chauffeur. You keep close to him as you walk into the concert area, being cautious of the people everywhere around you. As the concert starts, you can feel people pushing and pressing all around you. At one point, a very drunk man stumbles into you, trying to grope you. Tyler pushes the man away, and keeps his arm around you for the rest of the night. You can’t quite explain it, but you just feel safe.

As the concert ends and you start driving home, you take a longer route. You have absolutely no problem with that at all. When you finally arrive at your apartment, you sit in the car, talking. You don’t really want to leave at all. But, as the time closes in on two a.m. the both of you are feeling very exhausted.

“I had a great time today,” you say and smile.

“Me too. See you around?” Tyler asks, and your smile widen a little bit.

“Well, you do have to buy me ice cream, so I do hope we see each other soon.”

Chuckling, Tyler looks at you. “Next Saturday? I can come pick you up, without almost hitting you.”

You burst out laughing at his response. You don’t know if you’re just way too tired, or if that was actually funny. “It’s a date,” you say, as you collect yourself.

He smiles. “It’s a date.”

What a lovely day


Friendly race, adrenaline, confession, fluff

Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road

Request: “ Oh that’s wonderful thank you. :) My request is for Mad Max - Nux x Reader and it’s where Nux x reader have a race just for the hell of it, and it ends up as a tie they have a second race and to make things interesting, the loser has to give up their steering wheel [I was thinking Nux can win and reader has to give hers up] But he refuses to take it and kisses her instead, then he confesses he really likes her. :) I hope that wasn’t confusing and detailed enough darling.”

Word count: 548

gif is not mine.

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Lotus Announces the Exige 360 Cup

Lotus Motorsport redefines the Exige V6 Cup with the introduction of the Exige 360 Cup. New lightweight panels and an increase in power mean the Lotus Cup model continues to provide a benchmark in handling & performance.

The Exige 360 Cup bespoke styling signals an evolution in design, with an option of four colors (Metallic White, Metallic Grey, Metallic Black and Metallic Silver) and stealth matte black roof, front access panel and louvered tailgate. This design is a limited edition run of 50 vehicles and each of these special Exige 360 Cup cars will receive a numbered Lotus Motorsport build plate.

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Do You Know Where Your Love Is, Do You Think That You Lost It?

I couldn’t help myself. This is inspired by this post, as well as my ramblings with @qqueenofhades
Also: @camerongooodkin @towalkinyourlight @ashlehd @e11evenseggos @quorrakenobi

She’s gone.

She’s gone.

She’s gone.

His blood soaked hands skimmed the leather steering wheel as he slid in to his car. How was he getting back home? Did he even know the way anymore?
She was home. And now she’s gone.
A cloud of dust in the ruins of Lux would have been an easier home to lose. Because home isn’t just walls and plaster and a piano, it’s her smile and the way her seafoam eyes light up when she’s come across a break in the case. It’s that silly sandwich she made him and her arms wrapping around him.
But she’s gone now.
Her last words, his name, running through his head; cycling themselves in a whisper that he couldn’t shake.

What was he going to do without her?

When he realized he had pulled in to Lux’s alleyway, he killed the engine. His trembling hands slowly removed themselves from the steering wheel and he couldn’t help but study them in the soft glow of the city lights. The drying crimson flaking from his hands. The last bit of her falling away from him.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. She wasn’t supposed to be gone.  
His body pulled him through the motions of getting out of the car, getting into the building, getting him up the elevator. He needed to be away from everyone and anyone.
The elevators familiar ding signaled him to exit and he pushed himself, bare faced into the penthouse. Maze at his side at once. She examined him and he looked down, his eyes finally breaking from the stunned trance they were in, to notice his crisp white shirt splattered with blood.
Her blood.
Because she’s gone.
He could hear Maze speaking, could see her mouth moving, but couldn’t comprehend what she was saying; he felt his feet pick themselves up and push past her.
Felt him shrug her off.

His body carried him as far as it could before he plopped himself down on the couch. Exhaustion taking him over. Each breath beginning to fill with poison as he thought about how much harder this, all of this, would be without her.
Maze was by him once more, throwing questions his way, with a drink in her hand. She placed the glass down and sank next to him. His haunted face being something she hadn’t truly seen in many, many, years.
What had happened had shaken him to his very core, which was saying something for someone who used to run Hell.

His head spun slowly to Maze’s direction and she sat up, waiting for him to address her.
“Get out.” He hissed.
Maze opened her mouth, thought twice about saying what was actually on her mind, and closed it. She rose and before he knew it, she was gone, too.
Trixie would need Maze right now.
He picked up the glass that she had sat down and swirled it a few times around, watching the droplets hit the sides before settling once more. His mind felt numb, his body, too. But there was also something else, something bubbling within him. Sending sparks through his blood. Something he wasn’t sure he was even capable of feeling anymore. Not since being on the Earthly plain, anyway.
The truest anger that only the Devil can feel.

At once he threw the glass, as hard as his weakened state would allow, against the marble fireplace. The silence was shattered by the glass colliding and sending shards in each direction. The hole that he had created in the marble, now a permanent fixture in the décor.
He had his full strength back.
Because she was gone.  

He felt his phone vibrate and pulled it from his suit jacket and glanced down. Dozens of missed calls and texts from Dan, Ella, and Linda. But anger got the best of the Devil and he threw that too. Shattering it against the stone so that it lay in ruins next to the glass.

How was he supposed to face them? How would he explain to them that he watched the light leave her eyes? How her last words were crying out his name as the pain took her over? How could he live with the guilt that if he hadn’t kept his mother here that The Detective would still be alive?
How could he keep going?

He rose, pushing out a hard, poisoned breath, and pushed forward. Because if Chloe Decker had taught him anything; it’s to keep moving forward and even though she was gone; he vowed to move Heaven and Hell to bring her back.